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What’s Trump Doing Right Now

When Did Donald Trump’s Florida Home Get Searched

All Anime Watchers Should Be Doing This Right Now

Trump said the FBI conducted a search on his Mar-a-Lago home on August 8, 2022.

“My beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents,” Trump said in a statement, adding: “They even broke into my safe.”

A person familiar with the situation told CNN that investigators appeared to be focused on one area of the estate, particularly his office and personal quarters.

Trump’s son, Eric, said in a Fox News interview that “the purpose of the raid, from what they said, was because the National Archives wanted to, you know, corroborate whether or not Donald Trump had any documents in his possession.”

Trump’s attorney, Christina Bobb, told CNN the FBI had seized documents during their search.

Bobb told the outlet: “President Trump and his legal team have been cooperative with FBI and DOJ officials every step of the way.”

She continued: “The FBI did conduct an unannounced raid and seized paper.”

The Sample And Margin Of Error

Pollsters cant realistically contact every American adult throughout the country and ask their opinion on a given issue. Instead, they try to contact a representative sampleusually anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 individualsthat accurately represents the countrys population as a whole. Pollsters, with the help of statisticians, demographers, and data experts, use a variety of techniques to create a representative sample. This typically involves using probability formulas and algorithms to ensure random sampling and to increase the likelihood of contacting an accurate cross-section of the U.S. adult population. Some pollsters also create panels of respondents that they believe reflect the actual population and poll them repeatedly over a span of time. These polls are usually called tracking polls. Oftentimes, pollsters weigh their respondents to account for various demographic measurements. For example, a pollster might weigh more heavily the responses from a specific demographic group if that group was poorly represented in the random sample in relation to the countrys estimated demographic composition. The same might be done if a group appears to be overrepresented.

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Has Donald Trump Been To New York Since Ending His Presidency

On March 9, 2021, Trump was seen at his first trip to New York City since exiting the White House.

Trump was seen leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan in the afternoon after spending two days to look under the hood of his family company that is under investigation by state prosecutors, The Daily Mail reported.

The 45th president had arrived at Trump Tower the night of March 7, with Security Service and New York Police Department personnel and was not spotted again until he departed on Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

It marked the first time Trump has visited New York City since he left the White House and moved to Florida.

On March 9, 2021, Secret Service and NYPD vehicles parked around the building as Trump waved to fans that gathered near his car.

Trumps son Donald Trump Jr trailed his father and got into another vehicle in the motorcade.

A source told the New York Daily News that Trump wanted to re-familiarize with the Trump Organization and his various business interests since returning to civilian life.

The source told the newspaper: “Hes quite curious about his businesses and his employees, his organization, and is eager to look under the hood.

“Hes not entirely sure of the role he will play, but he misses it, for sure.”

Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance and New York state attorney general Letitia James have active investigations into Trumps business dealings and recently issues subpoenas for the former President and his two children, Ivanka and Don Jr.

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Trump Has Consolidated His Role As The Republican Partys Godfather

Plenty of Republicans, both in politics and on the street, view Trump and his policies with distaste. But, as the saying goes, when you have them by thewell, lets say by certain soft parts of their anatomytheir hearts and minds will follow.

Trumps leverage is in the Republican primaries. In most congressional districts, a single tweet from the president can make life difficult for a Republican who annoys him. A Trump denunciation can bring forth one or more primary challengers. An endorsement can make the difference between winning and losing, or between winning comfortably and squeaking through. Trumps demands and proclamations influence who runs for office, how they run, and how they behave in office.

Two Different Paths To 41%

What Trump is doing right now: delegitimizing our electoral process and ...

President Biden and former president Trump dont have a lot in common. But, they share the inauspicious distinction of having the lowest approval ratings in modern history for a president 500 days into his first term. The tracker has Bidens net approval rating at a dismal -13.3, two points lower than Trumps -11 in June of 2018.

But, the paths they took to these dismal ratings are very different.

Trump began his presidency with little support from independents and some skepticism among his own base. By the 2018 midterm election, Trump had consolidated his base, but remained deeply unpopular with independent voters. Meanwhile, Biden started his tenure with strong support from his partisans and decent approval ratings among independent voters. But, Biden lost altitude with both in the late summer/early fall of last year and has yet to regain that support.

The question now is whether the different routes their subpar approval ratings can tell us anything about the likely outcome of the November midterm.

However, opinions of Trump among independents started low and remained low throughout Trumps first two years in office. Gallup polling from the spring of 2017 found Trumps job approval ratings among independents at an anemic 36 percent. By the summer of 2018 they stayed in that same range . By October, just 38 percent of independents approved of the job Trump was doing in office.

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Redirecting Middle East Diplomacy

Donald Trump was far less interested in a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a struggle that has outlasted every postwar president and far more in a 22-state outcome, normalizing Israels relations with the Arab world, especially Persian Gulf countries. Building on ties between Israel and key gulf states that had been developing for two decades, and propelled by a common interest in restraining Irans regional ambitions, the Trump administration invested heavily in cultivating close personal relationships with leaders of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It approved weapons sales to those nations, exerted maximum pressure on Tehran and served as a facilitator between gulf Arab nations and Israel.

The costs of such an approach were clear. The Israeli-Palestinian issue wasnt so much ignored as it was undermined by a Trump peace plan comically biased in favor of Israel, leaving it dead on arrival. Meanwhile, Trumps catering to Saudi Arabia allowed its reckless and ruthless crown prince to pursue a disastrous war in Yemen and repression at home with tacit American support. Washington also recognized Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara region in a questionable quid pro quo that helped spur Morocco to begin establishing diplomatic ties with Israel.

That Must Be Everything Right

Not quite. A long list of other investigations and potential lawsuits includes:

ââ¬Â¢ The Washington DC attorney general’s criminal investigation into the 6 January attack. Last year, he said Mr Trump could possibly be charged for encouraging the violence but no action has been taken

ââ¬Â¢ Various lawsuits by police officers who have accused Mr Trump of inciting the 6 January attack in which they suffered injuries

ââ¬Â¢ A lawsuit by Mr Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, who says her uncle and his siblings allegedly cheated her out of inheritance. Mr Trump has sought to dismiss the lawsuit, which was filed in a state court in New York City

ââ¬Â¢ A lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court by Mr Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who alleges his old boss sent him back to prison in retaliation for writing a tell-all memoir

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Us President Joe Bidens Approval Rating Tumble And Go Down Below What Former Us Prez Donald Trump Ever Managed To Achieve

Facing heat from several quarters, US President Joe Bidens popularity has dipped spectacularly. Now, his approval ratings have taken a tumble as well. Reportedly, Bidens current approval ratings fare lower than what his infamous predecessor, Donald Trump, ever managed to achieve during his four tumultuous years in the office, where he was impeached twice.

The poll conducted by CNN shows that Bidens approval rating stood at 38 per cent while 62 per cent disapproved of his presidentship. On the economic front, Biden has an approval rating of only 30 per cent. The figures become grim when one notes that Trumps lowest economic approval rating was 41 per cent which came way back in 2018.

Moreover, ahead of the midterms, the swing states havent been kind to Biden either. His net approval ratings in Ohio , Arizona , Wisconsin and Pennsylvania paint a grim picture and suggest that the battle may be uphill.

Democrats starting to lose confidence

While the palpable public anger is understandable, it appears that Biden is also losing the confidence of his colleagues. Reportedly, the Presidents approval rating for the handling of the economy has dwindled from 71 per cent, earlier this year to 62 per cent amongst the Democrats in the recent survey.

Donald Trump Jr & Kimberly Guilfoyle

Heilemann: Everything Trump Is Doing Right Now Wreaks Of Desperation | Deadline | MSNBC

President Trump’s eldest child, 43, and his girlfriend, 52, recently purchased a $9.7 million waterfront home in tony Jupiter, Florida, not far from Mar-a-Lago.

Of the former president’s children, Don Jr. has emerged in recent months as his most vocal surrogate on issues and reportedly remains involved in his political decisions.

Don Jr. and ex-wife Vanessa have five kids Donald Trump III, 12, Chloe, 6, Spencer, 8, Kai, 13, and Tristan, 9 and Guilfoyle shares a 14-year-old son, Ronan, with ex-husband Eric Villency.

The couple spent Easter with their children and President Trump at Mar-a-Lago and are active on social media, with Don Jr. continuing to push back at critics on Twitter. In mid-April, Guilfoyle announced she would be joining disgraced former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens‘ campaign for the Senate.

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Trump Explicitly Promotes Qanon Conspiracy Theories On Truth Social

In one slide, it says that under a Trump presidency, “America comes first” and “not illegals” and “not refugees” and “not foreign workers.”

Another image says that the “real insurrection” is “how the Democrats cheated in 2020” and adds, “Never Forget.”

The montage then says that people should prepare for a “storm” and then displays a graphic showing the U.S. Capitol: “It’s going to be biblical.” Many of thosearrested in connection with the on the Capitol were QAnon followers.

Two other posts he promoted on Truth Social included explicit religious connotations including one that stated: “I believe God can do it through him.” And another post with a meme of Jesus and the words: “Jesus is the greatest. President @realdonaldtrump is the second greatest.”

Trump has posted and reposted QAnon-related material before, but it’s now becoming a consistent embrace for him.

The QAnon conspiracy theory was built around Q, an anonymous account that posts periodically on 8kun, often with vague or symbolic language that is then interpreted by followers. The account claims to document a secret battle being waged by Trump against the Democratic Party, which followers of the theory contend is run by satanic, child-eating cannibals who run a pedophile ring filled with celebrities and political elites who have been covertly running the United States government for decades. None of the posts concrete predictions has come to fruition.

Donald Trumps Approval Rating Plunges To Lowest Point In Over A Year: Poll

Donald Trumps positive approval rating is at its lowest point in more than a year, whereas President Joe Biden is seeing his highest score in months, according to a poll.

A survey released by NBC News found that Trump currently has a 54 percent negative approval rating, with a 34 percent positive approval.

Trump had the same 54 percent negative approval rating in an August NBC News poll, but with a slightly higher positive approval of 36 percent.

In comparison, Trump also had a 36 percent positive approval rating in May and March 2022, 37 percent in January 2022, and 38 percent in August and October 2021.

The former presidents overall favorability rating of 54 percent positive and 34 percent negative has not been as low since an April 2021 NBC poll, when he recorded 55 percent negative and 32 percent positive numbers.

The poll also found that while Bidens overall approval rating is still underwater, he is currently seeing the highest positive score in nearly a year.

Bidens latest NBC favorability rating has him at 45 percent positiveup 3 points from last month and the highest it has been since October 2021and 52 percent negative.

Elsewhere, the poll revealed that voters are currently split when asked who they back in the midterms, with the GOP and Democrat Party at 46 percent when voters asked who they believe should control Congress.

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Donald Trump Told Us All *exactly* What He Was Going To Do In November 2020

Say this for Donald Trump: He isnt subtle.

That lack of subtlety was on display during Thursdays committee hearing, when evidence was presented over and over again suggesting that Trump had long planned to simply declare victory no matter what the results on Election Day 2020 actually were.

It was a premeditated plan by the President to declare victory no matter what the actual result was, committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren said during Thursdays hearing. We also interviewed Brad Parscale, President Trumps former campaign manager. He told us he understood that President Trump planned as early as July that he would say he won the election, even if he lost.

Which, when you look back at what Trump was saying and doing in the summer and fall of 2020, should surprise exactly no one. He wasnt keeping the plan he eventually executed insisting the election was stolen a big secret.


* In a , Trump was asked directly whether he would accept the election results whether or not he won. No. I have to see, he responded. Look you I have to see. No, Im not going to just say yes. Im not going to say no. And I didnt last time, either.

* At an , Trump said this: So this is just a way theyre trying to steal the election, and everybody knows that. Because the only way theyre going to win is by a rigged election, he said.

Its all right there! The whole plan:

1) Declare victory no matter what.

Promotion Of Conspiracy Theories

Trumps false claim that theres nothing to learn from his tax ...

Before and throughout his presidency, Trump has promoted numerous conspiracy theories, including Obama birtherism, the Clinton Body Count theory, QAnon, the Global warming hoax theory, Trump Tower wiretapping allegations, a John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory involving Rafael Cruz, linking talk show host Joe Scarborough to the death of a staffer, alleged foul-play in the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, alleged Ukrainian interference in U.S. elections, and that Osama bin Laden was alive and Obama and Biden had members of Navy SEAL Team 6 killed. In at least two instances, Trump clarified to press that he also believed the conspiracy theory in question.

During and since the 2020 presidential election, Trump has promoted various conspiracy theories for his defeat including dead people voting, voting machines changing or deleting Trump votes, fraudulent mail-in voting, throwing out Trump votes, and “finding” suitcases full of Biden votes.

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Walker On Insulin: ‘you Got To Eat Right’

Warnock and Walker also jousted over insulin and drug prices.

Warnock touted his legislative record, specifically his support forthe Inflation Reduction Act, which included a provision he backed to cap prescription drug prices, such as insulin, for seniors.

Walker opposed the legislation and was challenged byWarnock to explain that to voters.

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“You know, I believe in reducing insulin, but at the same time you got to eat right,” Walker said. “Because he may not know it but I know many people that are on insulin, and unless you have eaten right, insulin is doing you no good.”

Warnock pounced on the comment, saying that many of his church parishionerssuffer from diabetes.

“I think we’re hearing from my opponent tonight that it’s their fault that prices of insulin are being gouged,” he said. “I don’t think it’s their fault. I think it’s the fault of these pharmaceutical companies.”

Upending The Trade Debate

President Donald Trumps approach to trade weakened key alliances, destroyed jobs and damaged the U.S. economy. It was as if he had used a sledgehammer for heart surgery. But Trump also changed the debate about nonmarket behavior like state subsidies and that was long overdue.

Advanced economies have experienced massive surges in imports from low-wage countries in the past half-century. This is partly a natural result of nations integrating into the global economy under the relative peace maintained by American military might. Export-led growth helped eradicate poverty. But U.S. manufacturers became an open target, some argue, with cheap rival imports overwhelming aging marquee American industries.

Developing nations like China, India and Indonesia created a latecomers quandary for advanced economies. They entered the global trading system after the United States and its allies drastically lowered tariffs on manufactured goods for all members of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and its successor, the World Trade Organization. This left rich countries with little leverage to entice newer members to let go of the production subsidies they still view as key to their miraculous rise from poverty.

No one has had a good solution. Some allies quietly let the problem slide. Trumps trade war made that impossible.

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