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Who Can Beat Trump Biden Or Sanders

Opinionhow A Socialist Candidate Can Win The Us Presidential Election In 2020

Who can beat Donald Trump: Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden? | UpFront (Arena)

The social forces that propelled Sanders to the national stage in 2016 after years as an obscure voice for progress seemed to surprise even him and even more so than last time, hes running to win, not just to start a conversation.

Of course, his candidacy would never have taken off the way it did in 2016 or again in 2020 if grassroots movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter hadn’t empowered regular, working class people to talk about our political-economic system’s failure to deliver on their promises for all but a lucky few. And, more recently, the nationwide wave of teachers strikes both fed into, and was fed by, the movement behind Sanders.

Why Sanders Doubts Biden Could Create A Turnout Wave

Vice President Joe Biden launched his campaign on the pitch of saving “the soul of this nation” from eight years of Trump at the helm, and his candidacy hinged on being uniquely positioned to do that. Sanders said he doubted Biden could generate the enthusiasm for a broad voter turnout he thinks is necessary to defeat Trump.

Sanders called Biden a friend, but singled out his votes for the Iraq War, disastrous trade agreements, and a terrible bankruptcy bill critics, including fellow candidate U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, argue prioritized credit card companies over people seeking bankruptcy protections.

To win, we need energy, we need excitement, we need the largest voter turnout in American history, Sanders said in the interview. And I don’t think Joe’s record will allow him to do that, and I think we are the campaign to do that.

Sanders Backs Biden As Ex

WASHINGTON Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Bidens presidential campaign on Monday, encouraging his progressive supporters to rally behind the presumptive Democratic nominee in an urgent bid to defeat President Donald Trump.

I am asking all Americans, Im asking every Democrat, Im asking every independent, Im asking a lot of Republicans, to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse, the Vermont senator said in a virtual event with Biden.

The backing came less than a week after Sanders ended his presidential campaign, which was centered around progressive policies such as universal health care. There were early signs that some leading progressives werent ready to fully follow Sanders lead. And Trumps campaign was eager to use the endorsement to tie Biden more closely to Sanders, whose identity as a democratic socialist is objectionable to Republicans and some Democrats.

Still, Sanders embrace of Biden was crucial for someone who is tasked with bridging the Democratic Partys entrenched ideological divides. Democratic disunity helped contribute to Hillary Clintons loss to Trump in 2016.

Sanders said theres no great secret out there that you and I have our differences.

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With Midterm Elections Approaching Heres Where President Biden Stands

Persistent and unyielding in pushing his agenda, Mr. Sanders is loath to admit defeat his withdrawal represents a tacit concession that without a chance of overtaking Mr. Biden, he would have more leverage to advance his priorities if he ceded the race and joined forces with his rival.

His exit is also a sharp contrast to his bid in 2016, when he stayed in an increasingly acrimonious race against Hillary Clinton even after it became clear she would be the nominee. Talks between the Biden and Sanders camps this time around were eased by the cordial relationship between the two principals. Mr. Sanders has told people close to him that he appreciated the fact that Mr. Biden did not overtly pressure him to quit after Super Tuesday.

% Of Democratic Voters Believe Bernie Sanders Would Beat Trump In 2020 Election New Poll Shows

Super Tuesday 2 Results: Biden Expected To Win 5 States, Democratic ...

Nearly three-quarters of Democratic voters believe Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont would defeat incumbent President Donald Trump if Sanders were selected to be the partys presidential nominee, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday.

Pollsters asked respondents who were Democrats or leaned Democratic which candidate they thought would win against Trump if that candidate were to represent the party in November. Seventy-two percent said that they thought Sanders would defeat Trump in a one-on-one match-up, while 24 percent thought Trump would win and 4 percent had no opinion.

Of all the Democratic candidates, Sanders was the one who respondents said they believed had the best chance of defeating the incumbent. Billionaire businessman and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg performed second-best in this question69 percent of respondents said they thought he could beat Trump in the general, while 28 percent said they thought the victory would go to Trump and 3 percent said they did not have an opinion.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who performed first in most national polls prior to the February 3 Iowa caucuses, was third. Sixty-eight percent of respondents to this question said they expected him to win against Trump if he were selected to represent the party, while 28 percent thought Trump would win and 4 percent had no opinion.

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What Is Biden’s Message

Joe Biden’s campaign looked all but lost at the start of the primary season in February. The former vice-president, 77, finished a poor fourth in the Iowa caucuses and fifth in the New Hampshire primary.

But the turn came with South Carolina – where he won due to the support of the large African-American community – and on the 3 March Super Tuesday he won 10 out of 14 states at stake, establishing a sizeable lead over the Vermont senator.

Thanking supporters from Philadelphia on Tuesday evening, Mr Biden said Democrats, including supporters of Bernie Sanders, could beat Donald Trump.

“It’s more than a comeback, this campaign,” he said. “It’s comeback for the soul of this nation.”

What Are The Choices For Democrats

The Democratic Party has been involved in a lengthy internal debate aimed at deciding which candidate has the best chance of denying Mr Trump a second term in office this autumn.

Once a crowded field of more than two dozen, celebrated for its women and candidates of colour, the Democratic contest is now a race between two white male septuagenarians.

Mr Biden, a moderate, and Mr Sanders, a staunch left-winger, offer starkly different visions for America’s future.

Mr Sanders’ detractors say a self-described democratic socialist cannot win over the swing voters needed to capture the White House.

He is planning to transform the American economy with a multi-trillion dollar, higher taxation blueprint covering everything from healthcare to education.

Mr Trump’s election campaign issued a statement on Tuesday, saying both rivals for the Democratic nomination were “two sides of the same coin”.

“The Democrat candidate for president will be running on a big government socialist agenda regardless of the name on the ballot,” the statement read, ending with: “President Trump is on an unstoppable drive toward re-election.”

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Biden To Sanders Voters: ‘i Hear You’

Sanders might be able to get further concessions, as well, either as part of a deal to drop out or at a convention where he’s seen as a strong ally of the nominee. “Medicare for All” is probably out of reach, unfortunately. But Sanders might be able to get Biden to commit to embracing free college for all or eliminating some part of college debt or restoring voting rights for those who have committed felonies. Sanders has a range of exciting, progressive ideas that would materially help Americans in need and make the country more just and more equitable. If he can use his current leverage to get Biden to embrace any of them, it’s a win.

Just as important as policy wins is the future role of the left within the Democratic Party. Sanders ran an ambivalent campaign, in which he and campaign surrogates sometimes positioned him as an outsider who intended a hostile takeover of the Democratic establishment. Whether true or not, this hurt him with an electorate and a party that wants to present a united front against Trump. It made it look like the left wasn’t part of the team or wasn’t sufficiently focused on victory in November.

Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders

To Defeat Trump, Biden Recruits Sanders Supporters â And Finds Some Are Game | MSNBC

Warren and Sanders arent as likely to win as the candidates above. The reason is that the extreme right-wing will do everything they can to scare the American people into believing that America will turn into Venezuela if either of these people is the Democratic nominee. Unfortunately, too many Americans will fall for this foolishness. Warrens best running mate would be Cory Booker or Julian Castro. Bernies best running mate would be Andrew Gillum or Stacy Abrams, though I hesitate to even make a guess about who Bernie will pick.

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Opinionnot Sure What Socialists Believe You Might Already Be One

But as Bidens case for his superior electability collapses, it makes sense that voters would take a second look at Sanders, who, in addition to polling well against Trump, aligns more closely with the Democratic Party base particularly, according to some polls, black and Hispanic voters on key policy issues like immigration and “Medicare for All.”

Are voters right to believe in Bernie? While polls can only tell us so much at this juncture, the latest one from Quinnipiac University surveying all registered voters shows him doing well in a head-to-head against Trump, beating him 51-43 percent in the same poll, Biden bests Trump 50-43 and Bloomberg does so 51-42. Sanders, however, polls the best against Trump with independents which makes sense, as hes the longest-serving independent member of Congress in U.S. history.

‘medicare For All’ Versus A Public Option

Sanders also argued for his signature “Medicare for All” plan over public options like Biden’s or soon-to-be former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s proposal. Medicare for All would create a single-payer health care system and in the process eliminate the “massive and chaotic bureaucracy that currently exists in our health care system,” Sanders said. It was a theme he returned to in a walking press gaggle Tuesday.

“The current system, which are defending with minor tweaks, is far and away the most expensive system in the world,” Sanders said.

Biden and Buttigieg argue their plans would cost the nation less and preserve choice. Sanders says his proposal broadens consumer choice by letting individuals, not insurance networks, choose health care providers, and that the taxes to pay for it will be far less than what private plans cost now.

On the trail, Sanders will frequently ask audience members what their health care premiums and deductibles are he reserves a particular ire for deductibles being an additional barrier to care after premiums are paid and contrasts it with out-of-pocket costs he says typical families would pay in Medicare for All taxes. The stump comparisons of insurance costs to Sanders’ example of families earning $60,000 a year is generally about 10 to 1 ratio.

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Can Sanders Beat Trump A Growing Number Of Democratic Voters Say Yes

By Joseph Ax

6 Min Read

NEW YORK – Bernie Sanders Democratic presidential rivals warn that nominating the self-described democratic socialist will ensure President Donald Trumps re-election, but a growing number of the partys voters see the senator as their best chance of winning in November.

Sanders dominating performance in last weeks Nevada caucuses, powered by growing support across age, race and ideology, has set off alarm bells among Democratic Party officials who believe putting the progressive stalwart at the top of the ticket will harm the partys chances up and down the ballot.

Sanders electability was a prime topic at Tuesdays Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina. Rivals contended his ambitious liberal policy ideas, such as Medicare for All, which would replace private health insurance, would be an electoral catastrophe, costing the party the White House and control of Congress.

But the latest Reuters/Ipsos polling shows Sanders rising momentum in the race – a near win in Iowa, a narrow victory in New Hampshire and a decisive win in Nevada – has given him more credibility with Democratic voters.

Some 26% of Democrats and independents polled Feb. 17-25 said they believed Sanders was the strongest Democrat in a head-to-head matchup with Trump, compared with 20% who picked billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg and 17% who named former Vice President Joe Biden.



Could Bernie Sanders Win This Time Around

Bernie Sanders apoya la campaña de Joe Biden para la Casa Blanca

In the same poll, 29 percent of Democrats thought Sanders was likely to beat Trump, while only 17 percent thought Biden would a precipitous 12-point drop for Biden from the organizations post-Iowa poll and a six-point increase for Sanders. .

The change in the two men’s prospects is even more pronounced among black voters, who have been some of Bidens strongest supporters their perception of Biden as the most electable candidate fell 10 points to 21 percent, while Sanders rose nine points to 32 percent. That is especially bad for Biden considering that hes centered much of his pitch around being the safest bet against Trump a consideration many Democratic voters, particularly people of color, rank highly in their thinking.

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Joe Biden Extends Lead Over Rival Sanders In Democratic Presidential Race

Biden calls for unity with Sanders: “Together we’ll beat Donald Trump.”

Joe Biden has cemented his position as front-runner in the Democratic race to take on President Donald Trump in November’s White House election.

The former vice-president won Michigan, the biggest prize of primary voting on Tuesday, extending his lead over main rival Senator Bernie Sanders.

Five other states – Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho and North Dakota – voted on Tuesday.

Mr Biden also swept aside Mr Sanders in Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho.

Mr Sanders won North Dakota, with results from Washington state still outstanding on Wednesday morning.

The Democrats’ next big election milestone is in a week’s time when 577 delegates are up for grabs.

To secure the nomination, a candidate needs the support of 1,991 delegates. Before Tuesday’s vote, Mr Biden had 648 to Mr Sanders’ 563.

The former vice-president had lagged behind his Democratic rivals in early voting states, but rebounded after big wins on Super Tuesday and endorsements from several former nomination rivals.

Sanders Under Pressure To Drop Out After Biden Sweeps Tuesday Primaries

The real risk from Sanders’ continued campaign is not to public health but to his own standing and influence. In 2016, Sanders continued his campaign long after he had much chance of defeating Hillary Clinton. But while he couldn’t win the primary, he continued to rack up impressive victories in many caucus states and a huge upset win in Michigan’s primary. He was able to demonstrate that progressive ideas and candidates had a strong appeal, which put him in a good position to push the party platform left at the convention.

This year, though, Sanders lost Michigan by double digits, and he has lost in former strongholds like Washington state. When he goes out week after week and gets badly beaten, he doesn’t make the progressive movement look strong. He makes it look anemic and ineffectual.

Part of Sanders’ problem is that the Democratic electorate is very focused on Donald Trump. After a huge, diverse field shrank quickly this spring, there is little appetite for a long, drawn-out primary with Democrats sniping at one another. After Biden won South Carolina, the Democratic Party â elected officials and voters alike â coalesced around him immediately because they wanted the primary process to be over.

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Any Of These Candidates Can Whip Trump

Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, Klobuchar, Bloomberg, or Steyer are all far more intelligent than Trump. They all have the capability of beating him. They all have baggage. Except for Elizabeth Warren, there is a weakness for each. Sure there are some silly scandals that the far-right tries to exploit about Warren, but the American people see through such foolishness now. My ranking of the candidates that are most likely to beat Trump is in the following order:

1. Bloomberg

4. Klobuchar

5. Warren, Bernie, and Buttigieg

Now, as the reader jumps up and says hes crazy, let me explain. I have thought the matter through. To see where each of these candidates stands on the issues, this tool from Politico is the best I have found.

Who Can Beat Trump Who Knows

Smerconish: Why Trump can beat Biden in 2024

The Democratic candidates are all debating a singular issue. New polls offer insights, not answers.

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By Giovanni Russonello

Hi. Welcome to On Politics, your guide to the day in national politics. Im Giovanni Russonello, your morning newsletter writer taking over your afternoon edition.

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At Wednesday nights Democratic presidential debate, the candidates bickered and battled over health care policy over Michael Bloombergs record and his right to represent a party that he only recently rejoined over the possible dangers of nominating a democratic socialist.

But in a way, it all seemed like just window dressing around one big question: Who has the best chance in November? Every policy critique seemed to lead inexorably back to this issue of electability.

In his very first comments at the debate, Mr. Bloomberg didnt just criticize Senator Bernie Sanderss plan to create a single-payer health care system he said it would cause Democrats to lose the general election.

I dont think theres any chance of the senator beating President Trump, Mr. Bloomberg said. You dont start out by saying Ive got 160 million people, Im going to take away the insurance plan that they love.

If thats a way to beat Donald Trump, wow, I would be very surprised, Mr. Sanders said.

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