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What Is Trump Polling At

Trump Approval In Iowa Poll Higher Than When He Was President

Trump’s approval rating drops 6 points in new poll l ABCNews

Former President Donald Trump has increased his appeal with Iowa voters since leaving office, recently reaching a historic high approval rating in a Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll.

Trump is set to hold a rally in Iowa on Saturday amid increased speculation of a 2024 presidential run, but he’s unlikely to make any official announcement at the rally. The former president turned Iowa red in 2016 and while President Joe Biden is struggling in the state, Trump’s approval has increased over the past few months.

A new poll from the Des Moines Register and Mediacom found Iowans gave Trump a 53 percent approval rating. This marks the highest approval rating Trump has ever received since the Register and Mediacom started conducting the poll, this most recent rating was two points higher than the one from March 2020, which was Trump’s previous record high.

Trump’s current approval rating is eight points higher than it was in March, the last time the poll was conducted. Among Republicans, Trump is more popular than Senator Chuck Grassley, who has represented Iowa in the Senate since being elected in 1980.

“I did not foresee the day when Donald Trump would be 10 points more popular with Iowa Republicans than the venerable Chuck Grassley,” pollster J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co., told the Des Moines Register.

Both polls surveyed more than 800 Iowans and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Presidential Campaign And 2011 Hints At Presidential Run

In 2000, Trump ran in the California and Michigan primaries for nomination as the Reform Party candidate for the 2000 United States presidential election but withdrew from the race in February 2000. A July 1999 poll matching him against likely Republican nominee George W. Bush and likely Democratic nominee Al Gore showed Trump with seven percent support.

In 2011, Trump speculated about running against President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, making his first speaking appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2011 and giving speeches in early primary states. In May 2011, he announced he would not run, and he endorsed Mitt Romney in February 2012. Trump’s presidential ambitions were generally not taken seriously at the time.

Lafayette Square Protester Removal And Photo Op

On June 1, 2020, federal law enforcement officials used batons, rubber bullets, pepper spray projectiles, stun grenades, and smoke to remove a largely peaceful crowd of protesters from Lafayette Square, outside the White House. Trump then walked to St. John’s Episcopal Church, where protesters had set a small fire the night before he posed for photographs holding a Bible, with senior administration officials later joining him in photos. Trump said on June 3 that the protesters were cleared because “they tried to burn down the church and almost succeeded”, describing the church as “badly hurt”.

Religious leaders condemned the treatment of protesters and the photo opportunity itself. Many retired military leaders and defense officials condemned Trump’s proposal to use the U.S. military against anti-police brutality protesters. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General , later apologized for accompanying Trump on the walk and thereby “creat the perception of the military involved in domestic politics.”

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United States Presidential Election

2020 United States presidential election
51.3% 46.9%
President before election

The 2020 United States presidential election was the 59th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Democratic ticket of former vice presidentJoe Biden and the junior U.S. senator from California Kamala Harris defeated the incumbent RepublicanpresidentDonald Trump and incumbent vice president Mike Pence. This was the first election since 1992, and the fifth in the past century, in which the incumbent president failed to win a second term. The election saw the highest voter turnout by percentage since 1900, with each of the two main tickets receiving more than 74 million votes, surpassing Barack Obama‘s record of 69.5 million votes from 2008. Biden received more than 81 million votes, the most votes ever cast for a candidate in a U.S. presidential election.

The election results in each state and the District of Columbia were certified by December 9. The presidential electors formally cast their votes for president and vice president on December 14, and their votes were officially counted by Congress from January 67, 2021, before and after pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the Capitol. Biden and Harris were inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

Trump Viewed Favorably By More In Iowa Gop Than Chuck Grassley

Donald Trump

Trump has always been a polarizing figure in the state the percentage of all Iowans who viewed him favorably topped 50% only once before in polls dating to January 2018. That was in March 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic began to surge in the U.S.

But he has maintained popularity among Iowa Republicans throughout his time in office, and the vast majority continue to view him favorably.

According to the Registers Iowa Poll, 91% of Iowa Republicans have a favorable view of him and just 7% view him unfavorably. Another 2% are not sure.

Those marks put Trump in league with Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, who is viewed favorably by 90% of Iowa Republicans. And it surpasses Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, who is viewed favorably by 81% of Iowans.

Iowa Poll:Chuck Grassley leads Abby Finkenauer in test of possible US Senate matchup

I did not foresee the day when Donald Trump would be 10 points more popular with Iowa Republicans than the venerable Chuck Grassley, said pollster J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co.

That Republican goodwill contrasts with Democrats feelings for Trump, 99% of whom view him unfavorably. Just 1% view him favorably.

Independent Iowans are nearly evenly split, with 48% viewing him favorably and 49% viewing him unfavorably. Another 3% are unsure.

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Trillions At Stake: Biden Meets With Democrats Little Progress On Big

President Biden and former President Donald Trump are tied in a new poll looking at a potential matchup in the 2024 election with Trump surging past Biden among independents.

If the election were held today, 40 percent of likely voters would punch Bidens ticket, and 40 percent would pick Trump, while 14 percent said they would choose another candidate, a Grinnell College National Poll released Wednesday found.

Both also registered strong support from their respective political parties with 80 percent of Republicans backing Trump and 87 percent of Democrats in Bidens corner.

But among independents, Trump has the edge with 45 percent to 28 percent for Biden.

Another 20 percent of independents said they would vote for someone else and 4 percent said they would not cast a ballot.

Neither Biden nor Trump has announced his candidacy for 2024.

The Grinnell survey and a Quinnipiac University National poll also show that Bidens job approval rating continues to fall.

Thirty-seven percent of American voters give Biden a thumbs down on his job performance while 52 percent approve down 1 percentage point from Oct. 6, the Quinnipiac poll revealed.

In May, 49 percent held a favorable view of Biden and 42 percent had an unfavorable opinion of him.

In Tuesdays Quinnipiac poll, 38 percent said favorable and 50 percent listed unfavorable.

Asked about Trump, 39 percent of Americans said they have a favorable view of him and 52 percent said unfavorable.

Majority Of Americans Support $15 Minimum Wage Reuters/ipsos Poll Shows

A majority of Americans support the idea of more than doubling the minimum wage to $15 per hour, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Thursday as Senate Democrats await a ruling on whether they can tuck that measure into a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

A slim majority of Americans say former President Donald Trump should be convicted by the Senate of inciting an insurrection and barred from holding public office, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, which showed a sharp partisan divide over the issue.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans want Republican President Donald Trump to be immediately removed from office after he encouraged a protest this week that escalated into a deadly riot inside the U.S. Capitol, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

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Most Americans Trust Elections Are Fair But Sharp Divides Exist A New Poll Finds

“You are responsible for maintaining your election not me, you!” said rally speaker Mark Finchem, a Republican member of the Arizona Legislature who is also running to be that state’s secretary of state. “You need to be at the polls. You cannot leave this to someone else.”

Officials in Virginia say there’s been an influx of interest in patrolling voting locations this year, especially among Republicans.

A conservative group called the Virginia Project even released a series of videos on how to become an election observer, specifically focusing on how to look for fraud in this November’s election.

No evidence of widespread or meaningful cheating in any jurisdiction has come to light in the year since the 2020 election.

“Remember if any of our theories about potential fraud are true, the cheating can happen at every precinct,” says Ned Jones, the Virginia Project’s election integrity director, in one of the training videos. “Having 100% coverage and eyes on every ballot, we can mitigate the potential for fraud.”

Another method of oversight some Republicans are pushing is canvassing, or informally polling a community about how they voted in an effort to sniff out absentee ballot fraud.

“If we have fictitious votes in a county, in a state, you need to canvass and find out are there really people behind that door,” Finchem said.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

President Donald Trump Poll Numbers Slip As He Ups Pressure For A Deal | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Americans tend to view presidents more favorably in retrospect than they do while in office, Gallup polling has shown.

In addition to leaving office, another factor has kept Trump from a continuous spotlight: Social media giants Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have all banned the former president from posting on their platforms, a decision they enacted shortly after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in January. The companies have argued the move is necessary to prevent the spread of dangerous misinformation, though its raised questions about free speech and censorship on social media.

Trump has remained an active guest on conservative platforms, and he briefly posted thoughts to a personal blog. But stripped of his Twitter account and the White House megaphone, hes largely receded from mainstream attention.

Selzer said none of that appears to be hurting Trumps favorability numbers in Iowa.

It doesnt seem to be a case of out of sight out of mind, she said. Maybe its a little bit more of absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In a December 2018 Iowa Poll of registered Republicans, only 19% of respondents said they thought posting potentially inflammatory messages on Twitter on a regular basis was a good move for Trump. Far more 72% said doing so was a mistake.

Karen Moon, a 32-year-old Indianola resident and poll respondent, said she was never a fan of Trumps public persona.

She would definitely vote for him if he ran again for president, Moon said.

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Promotion Of Conspiracy Theories

Before and throughout his presidency, Trump has promoted numerous conspiracy theories, including Obama birtherism, the Clinton Body Count theory, QAnon, and alleged Ukrainian interference in U.S. elections. In October 2020, Trump retweeted a QAnon follower who asserted that Osama bin Laden was still alive, a body double had been killed in his place, and that “Biden and Obama may have had SEAL Team Six killed.”

During and since the 2020 presidential election, Trump has promoted various conspiracy theories for his defeat including the “dead voter” conspiracy theory, and without providing any evidence he has created other conspiracy theories such as that “some states allowed voters to turn in ballots after Election Day that vote-counting machines were rigged to favor Mr Biden and even that the FBI, the Justice Department and the federal court system were complicit in an attempt to cover up election fraud.”

Biden Fares Better Than Trump Over First 100 Days

NEW YORK -More than half of Americans approve of President Joe Biden after nearly 100 days on the job, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling, a level of support that his Republican predecessor Donald Trump never achieved and one that should help Democrats push for infrastructure spending and other big-ticket items on Biden’s agenda.

Far left candidate Pedro Castillo is leading the Peruvian presidential race, according to a fast count conducted by pollster Ipsos, with conservative Keiko Fujimori in second place.

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Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden By 5 Points In Texas Ut/tt Poll Finds

The president leads the former vice president 50%-45% in Texas, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

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President Donald Trump leads former Vice President Joe Biden with the support of 50% of the states likely voters to Bidens 45% in the 2020 race for president, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

The Republicans Trump and his running mate, Vice President Mike Pence had strong support from white and male voters, while the Democrats, Biden and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, are the favorites of female , Black and Hispanic voters in Texas.

Among Republican voters, 92% favor Trump, while 96% of Democratic voters said theyll vote for Biden. The states independent voters prefer Biden, 45%-37%, over Trump.

Despite the dramatic swings in events and issues during 2020, the contest for the hearts and minds of Texas voters has changed little in the race for the nations top elected office. The latest poll is a case in point the survey was conducted during a period that included the first presidential debate and Trumps hospitalization for COVID-19. Even so, the result is in line with previous UT/TT surveys. In February, a UT/TT Poll found Trump ahead of Biden 47%-43% in what was then a hypothetical head-to-head race, because the Democrats had not chosen their nominee. In April, Trump led 49%-44%, and in June, 48%-44%.

Biden Leads Among 2016 Validated Voters

BREAKING: New Poll Has Trump Beating Biden in Pennsylvania ...

Trump and Biden mostly hold onto their partys coalition of voters in 2016, though there are some modest differences: About 6% of Trumps 2016 voters currently say they support or lean toward Biden for president, while 2% say they are supporting a third-party candidate.

Similarly, about 4% of validated Clinton voters say they prefer Trump for president this year 1% say they are supporting a third-party candidate for president.

Biden also holds a modest advantage among those voters who say they supported Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or someone else in 2016: 49% say they lean toward or support Biden, while 26% say they support Trump. A quarter say they plan to vote for a third-party candidate again in 2020. Among those voters who did not vote in 2016, Biden also leads by 16 percentage points .

Among validated 2018 midterm voters which shifted decidedly toward the Democratic Party compared with 2016 Biden captures 54% of these voters, while Trump garners 42% support.

Again, Trump and Biden mostly hold onto those voters who cast ballots for their parties candidates in the midterm. However, about 10% of verified voters who cast a ballot for a Republican candidate for House in 2018 say they are considering voting for a candidate other than Trump in 2020. In contrast, Biden holds onto 94% of those voters who cast a ballot for a Democratic candidate for House in 2018.

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