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How Can I Talk To Trump

How Can Trump Reach His Followers

Trump: I Have A ‘Good Ideaâ About Kimâs Health, âCanât Talk About It Nowâ | MSNBC

Immediately after the Twitter ban – a platform the president has been obsessed with since he first ran for office and where he regularly spoke to his 88 million followers – Trump vowed he would not be SILENCED! and promised a big announcement soon.

But striking out on his own will take time. For the moment, Trump, who leaves office on Jan. 20, is left with alternatives such as online conservative platform Gab, a free-speech network with almost no censorship rules, that has far less of a reach.

Aides and supporters are already turning to Gab and the platform MeWe to amplify his messages in the coming days, experts said. Other likely outlets are video platform Rumble and video streaming service DLive, along with alternate news sites such as American Media Periscope, said Monica Stephens, assistant professor at the University of Buffalo, whose research focuses on topics including social media.

I dont think Trump will join these smaller platforms himself. It is more likely he will create something on his own as opposed to joining something subjected to somebody elses controls, she said.

In the meantime, he can tap Trump-friendly networks such as Fox News, OAN and Newsmax to get his message out. The other underutilized option is the White House press office, experts said. He can continue to hold briefings or distribute statements and videos until the end of his term.

Rule #3 Avoid Frontal Attacks

If you are about to say Trump is an idiot or Trump is a Russian puppet or the like, then bite your tongue. Incidentally, if you want to know, I tend to think Trump is both an idiot and a dangerous puppet but Kimberly is not ready for this harsh reality. If you have to tell a relative that she has a serious disease, you will try to do it nicely, with tact and gradually. With Kimberly, any other approach with the Trump disease will send her in denial, and you will not make any inroads.

Ways To Talk To A Never Trump Voter Without Screaming

Conservative commentators have spent a lot of time these last months debating how to reach out to alienated Donald Trump supporters. It still feels like I can hardly go 48 hours without reading another reflection on this problem.

Heres what I dont get. Supposedly were in the middle of an all-hands-on-deck, do-or-die, future-of-America-is-at-stake moment. But were still talking about how to appease the folks whose preferred candidate tops the ticket.

Meanwhile, the Never Trump camp should probably stay away from debate-watch parties. Their name is mud. Withering epitaphs rain down from every corner for the traitorous Never Trumps. Theyre self-righteous, cosseted elitists who dont care a fig about the future of the country.

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Trumps Speeches Can Be Appealing Because He Uses A Lot Of Salesmens Tricks

Lakoff, for his part, has an explanation for why Trumps style of speaking is so appealing to many. Many of Trumps most famous catchphrases are actually versions of time-tested speech mechanisms that salesmen use. Theyre powerful because they help shape our unconscious.

Take, for example, Trumps frequent use of “Many people are saying…” or “Believe me” often right after saying something that is baseless or untrue. This tends to sound more trustworthy to listeners than just outright stating the baseless claim, since Trump implies that he has direct experience with what hes talking about. At a base level, Lakoff argues, people are more inclined to believe something that seems to have been shared.

Or when Trump keeps calling Clinton “crooked,” or keeps referring to terrorists as “radical Muslims,” hes strengthening the association through repetition. He also calls his supporters “folks,” to show he is one of them .Trump doesnt repeat phrases and adjectives because he is stalling for time, Liberman says for the most part, hes providing emphasis and strengthening the association.

These are normal techniques, particularly in conversational speech. “Is he reading cognitive science? No. He has 50 years of experience as a salesman who doesnt care who he is selling to,” Lakoff says. On this account, Trump uses similar methods in his QVC-style pitch of steaks and vodka as when he talks about his plan to stop ISIS.

Why Trumps Speeches Are Incomprehensible To Some And Make Perfect Sense To Others

Parched Trump Takes Quick Sip From Pudding Cup Between ...

Only a few of Trumps big speeches are scripted. At many of his rallies, by contrast, he speaks off the cuff. We get a lot of unscripted moments, with fractured, unfinished sentences, moving quickly from thought to thought.

To some , this style is completely incoherent. But not everyone feels this way. Many people clearly walk away from Trump rallies having seemingly understood what he said.

Why is that? Its the difference between reading Trumps remarks and listening to them in real time. University of Pennsylvania linguist Mark Liberman has explained this in more detail:

This apparent incoherence has two main causes: false starts and parentheticals. Both are effectively signaled in speaking by prosody along with gesture, posture, and gaze and therefore largely factored out by listeners. But in textual form the cues are gone, and we lose the thread.

In other words, Trumps digressions and rambles are much easier to follow in person thanks to subtle cues.

Trumps style of speaking is conversational, and may even stem from his New York City upbringing. As George Lakoff, a linguist at UC Berkeley, told me, ” thing about being a New Yorker it is polite if you finish their sentences for them. Its a natural part of conversation.”

This may be why Trumps sentences often seem, in transcript form, to trail off with no ending. “He knows his audience can finish his sentences for him,” Lakoff says.

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Biden Condemns Acolyte Of Trump In Crucial Virginia Governors Race

At rally for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, president paints tight election as referendum on his own tenure

Joe Biden has framed a nail-bitingly close race for governor of Virginia as a referendum on his young presidency and an opportunity to rebuke his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Seemingly liberated from the formal trappings of office by a return to the campaign trail, Biden used a rally in Arlington, Virginia, to launch an unusually scathing and sustained attack on the former president.

Biden had made the short journey from Washington to speak in support of the Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who faces a tight election against the Republican Glenn Youngkin next week.

Just remember this: I ran against Donald Trump, he told an estimated 2,500 people gathered in a park on a chilly Tuesday night. And Terry is running against an acolyte of Donald Trump.

The election in Virginia is seen as the most important of the year, offering a window on to public sentiment about Bidens first nine months in office and a preview of what to expect in next years midterm elections for Congress.

McAuliffe, a former governor seeking to return to the post, is a career politician and establishment Democrat long associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Youngkin, by contrast, is a business executive who has never held elected office.

Biden said: Hes gone from banning a womans right to choose to banning books written by a Pulitzer prize and Nobel prize-winning author, Toni Morrison.

Lets Talk About The Elephant In The Room

In his book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided By Politics and Religion, the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt offers a useful metaphor to explain why reason so rarely prevails in political debate:

he mind is divided, like a rider on an elephant, and the riders job is to serve the elephant.

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Finding Common Ground Is Key

Instead of using facts, find common values and go from there. “Most severe disagreements are about values even more than facts,” Thagard said. “You can use value mapping to understand the other person’s position, look for common ground overlapping values, and provide evidence that might help to shift them.”

It’s tempting when arguing with people whose ideas are vastly different than yours to make them out to be separate from you. But when we do this, we just push ourselves further into our own echo chambers. You can’t change minds when everyone around you agrees with you.

As master debater and TV host Reza Aslan told Vanity Fair: “If the goal is to truly change someone’s mind . . . argue with them on their turf, meet them on their turf, use their own ideas to point out the flaws in their thinking.”

“So when you’ve got someone like Paul Ryan lauding himself as this devout Catholic, and yet he’s willing to turn back orphans and widows who are being slaughtered by their own government, it’s not that hard to point out the fallacy of that viewpoint,” Aslan said.

People Understand Trump On An Emotional Level

“DON’T TALK TO ME” President Trump shuts down CNN reporter, calls FAKE NEWS

To some extent, Trump’s style has been successful Trump beat out a highly competitive field of lifelong Republicans to become the partys nominee. He’s confident enough to address large crowds conversationally and ad-lib on stage.

That said, his rise cant be attributed purely to his speaking style. It certainly has a lot to do with what he is actually saying. “If the content were different, I think it would come across as rambling and flabby and ineffective,” Liberman says.

In other words, when Trumps audience finishes his sentences for him, the blanks are filled with sentiments that resonate: fears of joblessness, worries about the United States losing its status as a major world power, concerns about foreign terrorist organizations. Trump validates their insecurities and justifies their anger. He connects on an emotional level, Du Mez says.

“For listeners who identify with Trump, there is little they need to do but claim what theyre entitled to,” she says. “No need for sacrifice, for compromise, for complexity. He taps into fear and insecurity, but then enables his audience to express that fear through anger. And anger gives the illusion of empowerment.”

In style alone, however, this “emotional” appeal may not be enough to portray a strong leader. As much as the American people look for authenticity and spontaneity in a president, which Trump seems to have mastered, they are also known to value discipline in their leaders.

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Donald Trump Scores Obscene Payday To Provide Ringside Commentary For Evander Holyfield Boxing Match On 9/11

Tonight, President Donald Trump will be taking over the airwaves to deliver a presidential address about the ongoing government shutdown, now in its third week, as well as what he described as the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern border. After some back and forth on Monday, most networks chose to air Trumps speech, but their decision prompted sharp criticism from the left. The Democratic response to Trumps speech announcement was anything but positive, with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer demanding that their partybe given equal airtime to respond to Trumps statements of malice and misinformation. According to Variety, NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC will be broadcasting the Democratic response after Trump concludes.

If you were hoping to spend your Tuesday evening watching black-ish, Ellens Game of Games, The Gifted, or anything on a broadcast network, youll be sorely disappointed. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and more will be preempting their regularly scheduled programming in order to air Trumps speech tonight, so you could say that Trump is causing a TV shutdown in addition to a government shutdown. But what if youre not near a TV? Heres how to find a live stream of Trumps primetime address online.

Opinion: Stop Insulting Trump Voters And Their Concerns Talk To Them

When supporters of former president Donald Trump hear media pundits analyze them with the usual collection of belittling observations, they must be tempted to respond, Hey, were right here! We can hear you!

Yes, they are indeed here, and living among us. And they have every right to be insulted by being accused of believing a big lie, and by the implication that they are violent, or traitors, or mindless sheep racist sheep, of course. Theyre fed up not just with the overt insults, but also with more subtle digs, such as former defense secretary Leon Panetta saying last week that he worries that Trump will continue to try to somehow sway his followers to attempt another Jan. 6-style uprising. Followers? No one refers to President Bidens followers. Its a word generally reserved for adherents of cult figures.

I live in Trump Country. I was a Trump supporter, until he lost me with his actions after the 2020 election. But most Trump voters have stuck with him. With Trumps encouragement, they sincerely believe the election was stolen. Theyre not racists. Theyre not traitors. Some of them think anyone who accepts Bidens win is a traitor. Some of them think Im traitorous or at the very least Ive succumbed to the evil influences of the mainstream media for accepting Trumps defeat.

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Ways To Talk To Your Pro

It may be extremely difficult, but important to use any pull we may have with pro-Trump family to try to limit the number of people supporting his policies or voting for him in the future.

While it might be tempting to avoid the subject of politics completely, I do think its important to use any pull we may have with pro-Trump family to try to limit the number of people supporting his policies or voting for him in the future. If the worst thing youre facing is being screamed at by a racist cousin, its time for you to stand up and speak out.

Here are five ways to talk to your pro-Trump family.

1) Arm yourself with facts, but convey emotion with personal stories

If youre going into a conversation with the knowledge that it will turn into a political debate, its important to be informed. Stay up to date by reading reputable journalism. Now is the perfect time to buy yourself a New York Times subscription. Anticipate what your familys arguments for Trump will be and read up on those arguments.

2) Ask open-ended questions and listen to their responses

You need to understand where they are coming from or youre just going to end up shouting at each other for three hours and then driving back to your respective bubbles until the next family get-together. Ask, “What do you like about Trump?” It may feel impossible, but you probably want to ask this without sounding sarcastic.

3) If theyre misinformed, question their sources

5) Dont argue to win

How Can I Find A Live Stream Via Directv Now

I am so happy I can barely speak: Trump whacks Romney ...

DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service from AT& T that you can enjoy for as little as $40 per month. Available to watch on your TV, computer, or while youre on the go, DIRECTV NOW offers flexible packages like the Live a Little package which features 65+ channels for $40 month and the Gotta Have It package which features 125+ channels for $75 a month. Interested? DIRECTV NOW is currently offering a free seven-day trial.

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