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What Has Trump Accomplishments As President List

Trump Canceled The Democrats Hr6666 Bill Known As The Covid

Which of President Trump’s accomplishments are the media not talking about?

The TRACE Act, introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., in May, is still active.

The bill would provide $100 billion in grants to organizations that perform COVID-19 testing, tracing and at-home services. Eligible entities include some health centers, nonprofit organizations and some hospitals and schools, according to Congress summary of the bill. It also could be used to pay staff or purchase personal protective equipment.

Fact check:‘Plandemic’ sequel makes false claims about Bill Gates

It was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on May 1. To become law, next, the bill will need to pass out of the committee and pass in the House and Senate. Then, it will need to be signed by the president.

USA TODAY has previously reported that Bill Gates was not involved in crafting the bill.

“In our home state of Washington, our staff have provided advisory support to public health officials on their COVID-19 response efforts, the Gates Foundation told USA TODAY in a statement. This has included participating in discussions about epidemiological approaches, such as testing, isolation, contact tracing and quarantine. The Gates Foundation has not provided grant funding to expand contact tracing in the U.S.

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Fact Check: Trump Accomplishments List

There is a post being shared on social media that is being called Trump Accomplishments and urges readers to verify each of the accomplishments and to share the list with others because the media isnt talking about these accomplishment. When I received the list, I knew some of the things but hadnt heard of many of them so I was curious.

I dont agree with all of these policies or actions but some of them are damn good, like getting us out of the destructive Paris Accord, tax cuts and others. Because Im a sadist , I decided to research each of the statements to verify. I also organized them into categories because this was not Kim-sui.

Each of the accomplishments in this list are true. Of course, we wont know the full effects of some of these Executive Orders, guidances or legislation as its too early to tell and others may still need some work to be done in the future, but at their face value, everything on this list was easily verifiable and from a variety of different sources as well. Some of these may be controversial but thats an entirely different conversation.

There are other items that could be added as well like dumping the Iran Deal or removing the destructive and racist Critical Race Theory from federal government training but I figured this list alone was long enough and my point was really to verify all of the items ON the list.

Reminder: This was all happening before the Communist Chinese Government sent COVID-19 to our shores.

**ive Updated This To Reflect Latest

The democrats have claimed that Donald Trump has brought the economy to a new low.

We all agreed to shutdown the economy to slow down the virus. This was a joint decision by everyone. We voluntarily decided together to chop our head off temporarily.

Liberals cannot blame Trump for the loss of 16 million jobs because we jointly agreed with this. If democrats are saying they were against the shutdown they should have said something because it seems to me everything they are saying is they want to keep the shutdown going not have never done it.

In fact astonishingly we are not officially in a recession because a recession is 2 quarters in a row down. Recessions have to last longer than a quarter slowdown.

We are coming out of this blip faster than many thought. In fact one of the most stunning facts is that the May jobs number was off by 10 million jobs. Instead of losing 7.5 million jobs we gained 2.5 million jobs. We are in a massive comeback that is so fast it cant qualify as a recession.

The Democrats have said the President is a mortal and present danger to the republic. What they mean is that he is a danger to their plans because he is going to win the presidency and accomplish more things that make them look really bad and he will likely uncover more crimes that they the liberals have been involved in.

They claim he was trying to unfairly use foreign influence like in 2016 to defeat them.

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Reduction In Food Stamps

A year into Trumps tenure in office, food stamps usage in America fell by 1.3 million. In February 2018, the food stamps used in America was less than 20 million. Trump also cracked down on nefarious activities in the food stamp market, bringing down the number of fraud incidences. It was estimated that Trumps successes in bringing down food stamps usage saved the American public more than $8 billion in the Fiscal Year 2018.

Record Number Of Regulations Eliminated That Hurt Small Businesses

Is this list by Hannity of Trump

This appears to be true.Mr. Trump has made reducing regulations a signature part of his legacy. He signed an executive order directing all agencies to repeal at least two existing regulations for each new regulation issued in the 2017 fiscal year and thereafter. A list of regulations that have been removed is being compiled by the Brookings Deregulation Tracker.

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Negotiated A Deal To Block A Nuclear Iran

Led six nations in reaching an agreement with Iran that requires the country to end its nuclear weapons program and submit to a rigorous International Atomic Energy Agency inspections regime in exchange for lifting global sanctions. The dealwhich resulted from first toughening sanctions against Iranalso blocked Irans pathways to building a bomb, slowing down the development time for a weapon from three months to one year if Iran were to break its commitments.

Accomplishment: Defeating Isis’s Caliphate And Killing Abu Bakr Al

ISIS shocked the world in 2014 when it took over a large swath of territory across Iraq and Syria and declared a caliphate.

The terrorist group’s territorial holdings were the basis for its so-called caliphate, and provided it will a major base of operations to conduct attacks across the world.

After a five-year effort led by the US, ISIS’s caliphate was finally defeated in March 2019.

Trump at times falsely claimed that ISIS is totally defeated, embellishing the extent of the US military’s success against the terrorist organization during his presidency. Though the terrorist group has lost its territory its so-called caliphate it’s still estimated to have up to 18,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria.

In late October, a US raid led to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Baghdadi was the world’s most wanted terrorist up to that point and his death represented a major blow to the terrorist group.

“Last night, the United States brought the world’s No. 1 terrorist leader to justice,” Trump said at the time. “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead.”

“Capturing or killing him has been the top national security priority of my administration,” he added.

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Strengthened Womens Right To Fair Pay

Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, giving women who are paid less than men for the same work the right to sue their employers after they find out about the discrimination, even if it happened years ago. Under previous law, as interpreted by the Supreme Court in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., the statute of limitations on such suits ran out 180 days after the alleged discrimination occurred, even if the victims never knew about it.

Reduced The Threat From Nuclear Weapons

List of the president’s accomplishments the media is not talking about

Initiated the biannual Nuclear Security Summit to address the global threat posed by nuclear terrorism and advance a common approach to strengthening nuclear security. As a result, weapons-usable highly enriched uranium has been removed from sixteen countries. Signed and won ratification of a 2011 treaty with Russia to limit each country to 1,550 strategic warheads and 700 launchers . The treaty also reestablished a monitory and transparency program that had lapsed in 2009.

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Trump Issued An Executive Order To Reopen States Governors Who Refuse Will Be Sued

Trump did not sign an executive order requiring states to reopen, according to the Federal Register, which archives executive orders, and even if he did want to open states, its not likely hed have the power to do so.

“Trump has no authority to ease social distancing, or to open schools or private businesses,” Kathleen Bergin, a professor at Cornell Law School, told NPR. “These are matters for states to decide under their power to promote public health and welfare, a power guaranteed by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. Despite what he claims, no president has absolute authority over domestic policy, and he certainly has no power to override the type of measures that have been taken across the country that have proved successful in flattening the curve.

The idea of taking legal action against governors COVID-19 lockdown plans, however, was raised by Attorney General William Barr in April, USA TODAY previously reported.

“Were looking carefully at a number of these rules that are being put into place,” Barr said in an interview with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt on April 21. “And if we think one goes too far, we initially try to jawbone the governors into rolling them back or adjusting them. And if theyre not and people bring lawsuits, we file statement of interest and side with the plaintiffs.”

At a later press briefing, Trump did not dismiss the idea.

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Let The Space Shuttle Die And Killed The Planned Moon Mission

Allowed the expensive , badly designed, and dangerous shuttle program to make its final launch on July 8, 2011. Cut off funding for the even more bloated and problem-plagued Bush-era Constellation program to build a moon base in favor of support for private-sector low-earth orbit ventures, research on new rocket technologies for long-distance manned flight missions, and unmanned space exploration, including the largest interplanetary rover ever launched, designed to investigate Marss potential to support life.

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Trump Declared Places Of Worship As Essential Services Some Mayors Are Fining People For Going To Church

Its true that Trump deemed places of worship as essential early on in the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, Im identifying houses of worship churches, synagogue, and mosques as essential places that provide essential services, Trump said at a May 22 press briefing. Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship. Its not right. So, Im correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.

Its also true that some mayors are fining churches or church-goers, like in Chicago and Greenville, Mississippi. The Mississippi fines have since been canceled.

Our rating: True

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Changes In Tax Reforms

Lets take a look at the odd list of Trump accomplishments ...

President Trumps signature legislative achievement is his tax bill, which he signed into law three years into his presidency. The tax bill made comprehensive changes in the tax code and formed the most significant tax overhaul to the countrys tax code over the past three decades. President Trump pitched it as the rocket fuel to the countrys economy.

Economists on the TAX CUTS and JOBS ACT:

The enactment of a comprehensive overhaul complete with a lower corporate tax rate will IGNITE our ECONOMY with levels of GROWTH not SEEN IN GENERATIONS

Donald J. Trump

Some of these changes include:

  • The tax bill allowed companies to immediately deduct the cost of business investment from their taxes in the year that said expenses were incurred. This change compared to before where companies have to spread said costs for over multiple years.
  • The law also permanently decreased the corporate tax rate to only 21% from 35%.
  • The law also raised the maximum standard deduction that married couples could avail of from $12,700 to $24,000. Single filers were also benefited by it as the standard deduction was also raised to $18,000 from the previous $6,350.

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Kicked Banks Out Of Federal Student Loan Program Expanded Pell Grant Funding

As part of the 2010 health care reform bill, signed a measure ending the decades-old practice of subsidizing banks to provide college loans. As a result, all students began getting their federal student loans directly from the federal government. More than half of the savings is dedicated to expanding Pell Grants to lower-income students.

Notable Accomplishments That President Trump Did During His Term

President Trump made significant accomplishments throughout his term. Although many judged him as the most controversial and divisive President in the US modern history, he maintained a steady approval rating and has repeatedly recorded notable feats.

Lets take a look at the accomplishments that President Trump did during his term and its overall impact on the country and the world.

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Great Healthcare For Americans

Empowered American patients by greatly expanding healthcare choice, transparency, and affordability.

Issued unprecedented reforms that dramatically lowered the price of prescription drugs.

  • Lowered drug prices for the first time in 51 years.
  • Launched an initiative to stop global freeloading in the drug market.
  • Finalized a rule to allow the importation of prescription drugs from Canada.
  • Finalized the Most Favored Nation Rule to ensure that pharmaceutical companies offer the same discounts to the United States as they do to other nations, resulting in an estimated $85 billion in savings over seven years and $30 billion in out-of-pocket costs alone.
  • Proposed a rule requiring federally funded health centers to pass drug company discounts on insulin and Epi-Pens directly to patients.
  • Ended the gag clauses that prevented pharmacists from informing patients about the best prices for the medications they need.
  • Ended the costly kickbacks to middlemen and ensured that patients directly benefit from available discounts at the pharmacy counter, saving Americans up to 30 percent on brand name pharmaceuticals.
  • Enhanced Part D plans to provide many seniors with Medicare access to a broad set of insulins at a maximum $35 copay for a months supply of each type of insulin.
  • Reduced Medicare Part D prescription drug premiums, saving beneficiaries nearly $2 billion in premium costs since 2017.
  • Ended the Unapproved Drugs Initiative, which provided market exclusivity to generic drugs.

Top Five Accomplishments Of Trump

Hannity: Trump’s accomplishments the media won’t talk about

Four years ago, President Trump and Vice President Pence came to Washington on a missionto make America great again. They may have even kept more promises than they made. To that end, these are the top five Trump-Pence accomplishments that Leader McCarthy is proud to have helped make happen.

1. Tax Reform for Hardworking Families. With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Americas economic comeback got a turbo boost, placing more money back into Americans own pockets, and putting the U.S. in a stronger position to weather the storm of the global pandemic.

2. A Secure Border. No other Administration has worked harder to keep Americas borders secure. And Leader McCarthy was one of its strongest allies in Congress, advocating for more resources for our Border Patrol and more funding to build the wall.

3. Better Trade Deals. After months of delay and leveraging a vote on impeachment Democrats finally got on a path to yes and Congress passed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The result is a trade deal that finally puts American workers first.

5. Help for Veterans. From shortened wait times at the VA to expanded GI benefits, Leader McCarthy has worked with the Administration to ensure that our vets get the help they deserve.

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