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What Is The Latest Trump Approval Rating

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Trump’s approval rating drops 6 points in new poll l ABCNews

from Jack Posobiec

Thursday, October 07, 2021

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, sponsored by The ANTIFA by Jack Posobiec, for Thursday shows that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Bidens job performance. Fifty-four percent disapprove.

The latest figures include 24% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 47% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -23.

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Now that Gallup has quit the field, Rasmussen Reports is the only nationally recognized public opinion firm that still tracks President Biden’s job approval ratings on a daily basis. If your organization is interested in a weekly or longer sponsorship of Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, please send e-mail to.

President Trump Hits Highest Approval Rating In History

President Donald Trump has hit his highest approval rating ever, according to two Wall Street Journal and NBC polls.

Despite the relentless negative mainstream media coverage, Trumps approval rating with the American public continues to soar to historic levels.

In the same week Trump was falsley accused of treason by hysterical left-wing journalists and Democrats, Trumps approval rating moved up another 3 points.

The more Trump gets criticized by the media, the more his base seems to rally behind him, one Democratic pollster told NBC.

Information Liberation reports: This is what getting BTFOd looks like:

Trump hasnt even begun to fight back. He told Tucker Carlson last week hes open to declassifying evidence of the deep states crimes in the coming months .

NBC Snooze and the War Street Journal both decided to bury the lead in their coverage of their own poll.



Regardless, here some of the highlights from NBC News:

the new NBC/WSJ poll finds the presidents approval rating among Republican voters at 88 percent the highest of his presidency and 29 percent of all voters strongly approve of his job, which is another high for Trump in the poll.

And 50 percent of voters support Trumps handling of the economy, which is up 8 points from October.

Note, the economy is the top issue going into midterms:

A month ago, the top combined responses were health care , the economy and jobs , guns and taxes and spending .

Thirston Jenkins

Months In Office How Biden’s Approval Rating Stacks Up Against Trump’s

President Joe Biden has reached the six-month mark of his time in the Oval Office on Tuesday. While his approval lags behind that of former President Barack Obama‘s, Biden is more appealing to voters than former President Donald Trump

The economy and immigration were at the forefront of voters’ minds six months into Trump’s first term, and the same is true for Biden. Two signature issues of his campaign and presidency, Trump has berated the Biden administration since leaving office for dismantling his policies. However, polling shows Republicans generally approved of Biden more than Democrats who sided Trump.

Six months into his first term, Biden has an overall approval rating of 53 percent, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling. That includes about 88 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of Republicans.

At the same point in Trump’s presidency, Reuters/Ipsos polling found he had an overall approval rating of 38 percent, with only 10 percent of Democrats and 77 percent of Republicans on his side.

Biden also had a leg up on Trump when it comes to independent voters. While 52 percent of them approved of Biden’s job performance, only 26 percent backed Trump at the same point in his presidency.

On Monday, Biden addressed the situation, touting the amount of new jobs and level of economic growth since he took office and saying “we’ve brought this economy back from the brink.”

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Trump Gets His Best Rating Ever On Guns It’s Still Bad

Trump has generally dragged his feet when it comes to gun control. You might expect that to hurt him, given that Americans are in favor of stricter gun laws. Indeed, his approval rating on gun policy in our latest poll is only 38%.

Yet that 38% is actually the highest it’s ever been. It’s a statistically insignificantly higher than the 36% it was last month and 5 points higher than he was at the beginning of the year.

I find that notable because gun control and Trump’s mostly inaction on it has been in the news a lot recently, after mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. Despite that, his approval rating on the issue isn’t going down.

Moreover, gun policy is the only issue on which Trump’s approval actually went up over the last month.

While I wouldn’t put too much on this, I do think it’s notable. It suggests perhaps that gun control isn’t the driver of public opinion perhaps some Democrats hope it is heading into 2020.

Approval Index1500 Likely Voters +/


Strongly Disapprove

Current indexrating

Some readers wonder how we come up with our job approval ratings for the president since they often dont show as dramatic a change as some other pollsters do. It depends on how you ask the question and whom you ask.

To get a sense of longer-term job approval trends for the president, Rasmussen Reports compiles our tracking data on a full month-by-month basis.

Rasmussen Reports has been a pioneer in the use of automated telephone polling techniques, but many other firms still utilize their own operator-assisted technology .

Daily tracking results are collected via telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. To reach those who have abandoned traditional landline telephones, Rasmussen Reports uses an online survey tool to interview randomly selected participants from a demographically diverse panel. The margin of sampling error for the full sample of 1,500 Likely Voters is +/- 2.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Results are also compiled on a full-week basis and crosstabs for full-week results are available for Platinum Members.

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Donald Trump Is Quite Unpopular

Our new CNN/SSRS poll finds that President Donald Trump has an approval rating of 39% and a disapproval rating of 55%. Compared to our last poll, his approval rating is down a statistically insignificant 1 point and his disapproval rating is up 1 point .

Still, a look at the longer term trend suggests a more worrisome trend for the President. The President’s approval rating also declined in our previous poll compared to the poll conducted before it. Comparably, Trump’s approval rating had been steady at 43% in three consecutive polls taken between April and June.

The 39% he earned in this poll is the worst approval rating he’s recorded since early January of this year, when the federal government shutdown occurred. Meanwhile, his disapproval rating is now tied for its highest level since our poll taken in late January and early February.

You might say that a 4-point drop isn’t a huge one. Recall, though, that Trump’s approval rating has stayed between 35% and 45% in every CNN poll taken during his presidency. In other words, the president was firmly in the top half of his approval range in the middle part of this year. Now he’s in the lower half of his approval range.

The Big Enthusiasm Gap Against Trump

Beyond the topline of Trump’s approval rating, CNN also asked how strongly Americans approved or disapproved of Trump’s job performance. The percentage who moderately approve is similar to the percentage who moderately disapprove .

The real nugget is that the 45% who strongly disapprove is significantly higher than the 28% who strongly approve. That 17-point gap is wider than the 7-point gap we found in April of this year.

What’s so interesting about that is some form of enthusiasm gap on approval exists across age, gender, race and even education levels.

Now, it’s not unusual for there to be an enthusiasm gap in which more people strongly disapprove than strongly approve of a president. We saw it with George W. Bush and Barack Obama at roughly this point in their presidencies.

The difference is that Trump’s is much larger. Obama’s strongly disapprove rating in CNN polling was never more than 10 points higher than his strongly approve rating through his first three years in office. The same held true with Bush.

Coming into 2020, it’s easy to imagine that Trump may lack the enthusiastic supporters he will likely need to overcome what looks to be an unpopular standing overall.

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Trump Will Leave Office With His Lowest Approval Rating Ever

By Annie Karni

Throughout four years of scandals and investigations, President Trump has maintained an approval rating that rarely budged from a 10-point band between 35 and 45 percent. Nothing he could say, do or tweet appeared to dramatically change public opinion of him.

But the events of Jan. 6 when a violent mob of Trump supporters incited by the president stormed the Capitol appear to have damaged him in his final days in office in a way that finally moved the needle.

Mr. Trump is set to depart office on Wednesday with an approval rating of 29 percent, the lowest of his presidency, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

About 75 percent of the public said Mr. Trump bore some responsibility for the violence and destruction of Jan. 6, which put the lives of the vice president and members of Congress at risk and resulted in five deaths, according to the survey.

And his behavior since the election a period during which he has repeatedly tried to contest his loss, relied on conspiracy theorists for advice, encouraged supporters who do not view President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. as legitimate, and refused to concede has cost Mr. Trump support even with those individuals who have loyally supported him up until now.

According to Pew, the share of his supporters who described his conduct as poor has doubled, to 20 percent from 10 percent, over the past two months.

When Will Joe Biden Be Sworn In

Trump’s approval ratings on the rise

President=elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States .

Donald Trump is planning to leave the White House early and says he won’t be attending the ceremony – the first president in over 100 years not to hand the job to their successor in person.

Celebs including Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga are expected to perform at the Inauguration, where security will be higher than ever following the storming of the Capitol on January 6.

You can watch the inauguration on most major American news networks, including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS News and Fox News.

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‘treating This Like A Game’: Psaki Blasts Gop As Debt Ceiling Deadline Nears

Poll of the week: A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at 34%, while his disapproval is at 61%. The same pollster put Trump at a 33% approve to 60% disapprove split last week.

What’s the point: Before we bid adieu: This story has been updated with more poll numbers released in Trump’s final days as president.

Trump’s Approval Rating Craters In Final Days

After four years of stability, the outgoing presidents poll numbers have reached new lows following last weeks Capitol insurrection.

President Donald Trumps slide means he will leave the Oval Office historically unpopular compared with most of his predecessors.

01/13/2021 06:00 AM EST

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Tarnished by last weeks riot at the Capitol, Donald Trump is ending his presidency with his lowest-ever poll numbers.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll pegs Trumps approval at just 34 percent, the lowest in four years of tracking opinions of the presidents job performance. More than six in 10 voters 63 percent disapprove.

That matches other polls conducted over the past week showing Trumps approval rating sliding roughly 10 points following the Capitol riots which Democrats and some Republicans say Trump incited with his false and bellicose rhetoric about the 2020 presidential election.

For nearly four years, Trumps approval ratings have been extraordinarily stable, ranging between the high 30s and high 40s. Trumps denial of the election results and the sacking of the Capitol, however, have managed to do what a failed effort to repeal Obamacare, the white-supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Va., impeachment and other scandals couldnt: erode his once-durable support to new lows.

The drop among independents was similar: Fewer than three in 10 independent voters now approve of Trump 29 percent, down from 38 percent in December.


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