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What News Channel Is For Trump

Conspiracy Theory About David Hogg

Donald Trump grades Biden administration

In February 2018, one of the hosts on OANN tweeted a conspiracy theory that David Hogg, a 17-year-old survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, had been coached to speak against Trump by, and was “running cover” for, his retired FBI agent father.Donald Trump Jr. “liked” the OANN host’s tweet. The younger Hogg responded, describing the conspiracy theory to BuzzFeed News as “immature, rude, and inhuman.”

One America News Network

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One America News Network , also known as One America News , is a far-right, pro-Trump cable channel founded by Robert Herring Sr. and owned by Herring Networks, Inc., that launched on July 4, 2013. The network is headquartered in San Diego, California, and operates news bureaus in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

The company said in 2019 OANN was available in 35 million homes and that its audience ranged from 150,000 to as large as 500,000, though that year Nielsen Media Research estimated its viewership to be about 14,000. By July 2022, the network was available only to few hundred thousand people who subscribed to smaller cable providers.

In October 2021. Robert Herring Sr. testified in court that the network was created at the urging of executives of AT& T, which through its subsidiary DirecTV has since been the source of up to 90% of the network’s revenues.

The network’s prime-time political talk shows have a conservative perspective, and the channel has described itself as one of the “greatest supporters” of Donald Trump. Trump himself has promoted both the network and some of its hosts. The channel is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories.

Here Comes The Judge: Fox News Adds Jeanine Pirro To The Five

Jessica Tarlov, Harold Ford and Geraldo Rivera will be regulars on the afternoon roundtable program.

The lawsuits could create significant liabilities and a heap of bad publicity for the networks, complicating their relationship with distributors. The networks have said they were within their 1st Amendment rights to report on election-fraud allegations made by well-known public figures, including Trump, his advisors and members of Congress.

The pay TV providers who dropped OAN and Newsmax make the case that its not politics that drove their decisions but the upended economics of their business.

Cable and satellite companies are coping with subscriber loss as the emergence of streaming services, such as Netflix, disrupts TV habits. The number of pay TV homes declined by nearly 9% through the first nine months of 2021, according to research firm MoffettNathanson. DirecTV has seen significant subscriber losses as well.

The cost of a cable package is a major factor in the consumers decision to cut the cord, which means service providers are under pressure not to raise rates. Cable bills creep up when the cost to carry programming is passed along to consumers.

DirecTV did not comment on OAN beyond its initial statement saying the decision to drop it came after a routine internal review. But DirecTV Chief Executive Bill Morrow did offer an explanation in a memo to employees obtained by The Times.

Times staff writer Meg James contributed to this report.

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Roy Moore Sexual Misconduct Report Controversy

After The Washington Post reported in November 2017 allegations that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore had made unwanted sexual advances toward teenagers when he was in his thirties, OANN “became a source of both positive coverage and stories that could cast doubt on his accusers.” In November 2017, OANN aired a segment citing a false rumor by an anonymous Twitter account that The Washington Post had offered $1,000 to Roy Moore’s accusers. OANN described the tweet as a “report” and described the tweeter as a “former Secret Service agent and Navy veteran”. The Twitter source had a history of tweeting falsehoods and conspiracy theories the Twitter account had also made repeated and inconsistent lies about its identity, including appropriating the identity of a Navy serviceman who died in 2007. After it was revealed that the story was a hoax, OANN did not retract its report.

During his Senate campaign, Roy Moore cited OANN when he defended himself against the accusations, including an OANN story that alleged his “Accusers Have Ties to Drug Dealers & Washington Post“.

News Doesnt Have To Suck

Official Trump channel now on Rumble  The Duran

News doesn’t have to suck! We get it: Following the news right now can feel exhausting, and we can help. Let our Mother Jones Daily newsletter team keep you well-informed, with minimal effort from you and excellent journalism from us.

Following the news right now can feel exhausting, with the noise and algorithms making it even harder. But we can help: Let our Mother Jones Daily newsletter team keep you well-informed, with minimal effort from you and excellent journalism from us.

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Trump Has A New Favourite News Network And It’s More Rightwing Than Fox

The US president has started giving plaudits – and access – to One America News Network, an obscure TV outlet that can outfox Fox

Donald Trump and Fox News are said to have one of the strongest marriages in political showbusiness. But there is a young rival hoping to outfox Fox and catch the US presidents wandering media eye.

The obscure One America News Network makes up for its lack of clout or viewers by covering every Trump utterance, recycling conspiracy theories, downplaying Russian threats, bashing the mainstream media and championing the Make America Great Again agenda.

Most Americans have not noticed, but the most powerful one has. The president rewards OAN with shout-outs and access wildly out of sync with its reach, leading some observers to suspect that he is playing OAN and Fox News off one another to ensure their undying affection.

It is a stark example of how Trump as media commentator cuts both ways: while deriding mainstream outlets as enemies of the people, he champions those that offer flattering coverage. Others, however, condemn OAN as a Fox News wannabe that is run on a shoestring with a team of underpaid and inexperienced staff.

Were the only network that I know of that will carry the presidents speech in its entirety and, regardless of whos the president, Charles Herring said. I really dont care who the president is: left-leaning, right-leaning, you like him, you hate him, it just seems like thats a function of the news.

Russia State Tv Considering Reinstalling Trump As President

A Russian state television host suggested that Russia is weighing whether to “reinstall” former President Donald Trump “again” as the United States’ leader in a future election.

State television Olga Skabeeva host alleged in the clip that Trump “promised” the other day to “destroy the Russian Federation, to destroy Putin’s hegemony, as he put it,” according to an English translation provided by Julia Davis, a columnist for The Daily Beast.

Alexander Kamkin, who was identified as a political scientist, responded: “That is excellent, if Trump becomes the president, we will know his geopolitical goals.” But Skabeeva interjected that Russia will “have to think whether to reinstall him again as the American president,” adding that the country has not “decided yet.”

Newsweek was not able to locate any instances in which Trump recently, or ever, promised to destroy Russia and “Putin’s hegemony.”

When Trump first ran for president in 2016 and won against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Russia was accused of meddling in the vote in Trump’s favor. The U.S. intelligence community concluded that Russia did, in fact, meddle in the election, an assessment that was backed up by a bipartisan Senate report.

Video: Russian state TV host says they will have to consider if they want to ‘reinstall Trump as president’

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Doxing And Harassment Of New York Times Journalist

On March 18, 2021, OANN aired a segment which contained the phone number of New York Times reporter Rachel Abrams, who they claimed was “fishing for information” from disgruntled OANN employees for a “hit piece” and called on viewers to “stand up to intimidation by the left” by contacting Abrams. OANN also posted a tweet with the number on its Twitter account, which was deleted after more than 6 hours by Twitter for violating its rules on personal and private information. On April 18, 2021, Abrams published an article in The New York Times, which cited interviews with current and former OANN employees stating that the channel had broadcast reports they considered to be “misleading, inaccurate or untrue”, and that some employees were hoping the channel would be sued by Dominion Voting Systems, which it later was. Marty Golingan, one of the employees who was interviewed, was fired by OANN after the article was published.

Interview Subject With A Fake Name

Trump explodes at Reuters reporter asking about Ukraine

In July 2019, the network interviewed pro-Trump activist Logan Cook, known online as Carpe Donktum, about allegations of anti-conservative bias on Reddit. OANN identified the man as Dennis F. Charles and said he was “a conservative social media analyst.” OANN did not disclose that Cook was using a pseudonym.

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False Claims About George Soros

OANN has run stories falsely claiming that George Soros, a Hungarian-born American philanthropist, collaborated with the Nazis when he was a 14-year-old. The network has also accused Soros of funding migrant caravans to the United States.

During a report from Ukraine with Rudy Giuliani, in December 2019, OANN correspondent Chanel Rion claimed without evidence that Soros had shown up at the Kyiv airport with “human Dobermans in little black Mercedes” to find them. The claim was ridiculed in Ukrainian and American media. Soros was not known to have visited Ukraine since 2016.

Donald Trump Slams ‘political’ Decision To Drop ‘amazing’ One America News

Donald Trump has slammed Verizon’s decision to drop right-wing network One America News .

Verizon confirmed last week that it would stop carrying OAN on its Fios television service from July 31.

The move means OAN, a staunchly pro-Trump channel that has been accused of promoting the former president’s baseless claims about the 2020 election, is left with almost no television providers.

Trump took to his Truth Social platform, launched after he was banned from and other sites after the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, early on Sunday to decry Verizon’s decision as “purely political.”

“One America News is AMAZING, with great ratings and a REALLY loyal following,” he wrote.

“Despite it being so good, VERIZON, for purely political reasons, will be terminating OAN at the end of this month. Isn’t this ‘stuff’ supposed to be illegal?”

Trump added that “the good news is that the owners and management of One America News is smart and very wise. They will figure it out!”

Verizon Fios was the largest pay-TV provider that was still carrying OAN after DirecTV declined to renew a contact with the network earlier this year, according to the Daily Beast.

The outlet first reported that Verizon was dropping OAN after not being able to reach an agreement with the network’s owners.

Several organizations had pushed major carriers to drop OAN.

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Trump Has In Turn Touted The Network By Tweeting Out Quotes From Reports He Likes As He Does With Fox News Thereby Boosting The Network’s Name Recognition As A Conservative Power Player

Herring told the Post in 2017 that “It’s not our family’s mission to determine the news.”

However, the network appeared to broadcast exaggerated and false stories throughout its reporting, which became more noticeable as Trump ramped up his public support while in office.

Part of his parroting the network has resulted in him flatly tweeting conspiracy theories that had been reported as fact by OAN. One such example came in April 2019, when Trump tweeted an OAN headline repeating a claim by Larry Johnson, a former CIA officer featured on the network who Vox reported has been known to traffic in baseless conspiracy theories about Democrats.

Donald J. Trump

Despite Only Being Up And Running For A Few Years The Network Earned A Coveted Spot On The White House Press Corps Covering The Trump Administration

Whats the point of impeaching Donald Trump?  Channel 4 News

The Washington Post reported that OAN’s White House correspondent Trey Yingst was called on in daily news briefings 27 times in Trump’s first 100 days in office before the network earned a seat in the White House briefing room.

Like Lahren, Yingst was hired fresh from college in Spring 2016 and handed a job covering international conflict from Washington, DC for the network in the last months of President Barack Obama’s administration.

“For me, I wanted to be on air right away and they let me,” he told Poynter. “I think they will often give me opportunities that if I was somewhere else, I might be a production assistant or reading over scripts.”

During his time in the press corps, Yingst earned praise from journalism industry figures like the Poynter Institute for his firm and smart questioning of the administration.

In August 2018, 23-year-old Yingst signed with Fox News as a general assignment reporter based in Jerusalem, the same bureau that lost a correspondent who was reportedly worried about the network’s direction. Emerald Robinson is currently the OAN chief White House correspondent.

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Newsmax Plans Expansion To Capitalize On Trump Support Anger At Fox News

By Lisa Richwine, Helen Coster

6 Min Read

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK – Newsmax, a conservative cable news channel promoted by President Donald Trump, plans to expand in the United States and Britain, Chief Executive Chris Ruddy told Reuters.

The network plans to hire more staff in the United States and London, debut a new primetime host and add more weekend programming to capitalize on post-election gains and some viewers discontent with Rupert Murdochs longtime ratings king Fox News.

Aided by shout-outs from Trump on Twitter, Newsmaxs weekly primetime viewership has jumped 68% since the U.S. presidential election as the channel refused to declare Joe Biden the winner and aired debunked theories about voter fraud.

Early evening host Greg Kelly on Monday averaged 229,000 viewers ages 25 to 54, the group most coveted by cable news advertisers, for the first time beating Foxs Martha MacCallum, who brought in 203,000 viewers in that age range at that hour.

MacCallum, however, won in overall viewers, and reclaimed her lead in both categories on Tuesday, suggesting the Newsmax gains may be fragile. Some key audience metrics have slipped from Newsmaxs post-election peaks. Primetime viewership for the week that ended Dec. 4 was down 21% from two weeks earlier, averaging 391,000 viewers, while its total day audience fell 19%.

Ruddy noted that, despite some dips, Newsmax is hovering high above pre-election levels.

Fox News declined to comment.


Why Pay Tv Operators Are Dropping Trump

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Before One America News Network host Dan Ball finished an interview with guest Jim Jordan this past week, he asked the Ohio Republican congressman for a favor.

Please put some pressure on AT& T and DirecTV for us, said Ball, whose Real America airs nightly on the right-wing cable channel. OAN would love to continue broadcasting on that platform and we know for a fact it is all political behind the scenes on why theyre doing that to us.

Earlier in the week, Ball solicited viewers to send him dirt on William E. Kennard, chairman of of the board at DirecTV parent AT& T, including any evidence of marital infidelity. OANs 80-year-old founder, tech entrepreneur Robert Herring, also went on camera to plead with viewers to ask other cable and satellite providers in their areas to add the channel to their lineups.

The desperate calls for help which would be considered unseemly on a traditional cable news outlet follow DirecTVs Jan. 15 announcement that it will drop San Diego-based OAN from its service in April. DirecTV, which AT& T spun off last summer, accounts for nearly half of the 35 million homes that can receive OAN on cable or satellite TV. The channel is not broadly distributed enough to be measured by Nielsen.

Progressive groups, which have lobbied companies to drop OAN, lauded DirecTVs decision.

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Has The Love Affair Between Trump And Fox News Gone Sour

The rightwing channel has not covered its former sweetheart with its regular fervour could a billion-dollar lawsuit be why?

For years, Donald Trump and Fox News were smitten.

The former president would call into the rightwing news channel seemingly whenever he liked. Fox News hosts pumped up every Trump utterance. Trump watched the channel religiously, and in 2019 alone he sent 657 tweets in response to Fox News or Fox Business programs.

Since then, however, things appear to have changed. Trump, as the New York Times has pointed out, has not been interviewed on Fox News for more than 100 days.

A recent Trump speech was largely ignored by the network, and in a sign that Fox News has recognized alternative Republican presidential candidates are available, a Mike Pence address was broadcast live, in its entirety.

With the news channel embroiled in a billion-dollar lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems over its claims the voting machine company tampered with the 2020 election, Trumps continuing lies about election fraud seem to have rattled Rupert Murdoch, the media titan who owns Fox News.

Two of Murdochs newspapers, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, published scathing editorials on Trump in July, the former calling the twice-impeached 45th president unworthy to be this countrys chief executive again and the latter branding Trump The President Who Stood Still on January 6.

There are other people in the audience that they care about.

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