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How To Get Into A Trump Rally

Former President Donald Trump Is Back In Michigan For Rally

How a Pro-Trump Rally Turned Into a Violent Mob at the U.S. Capitol

When then-President Donald Trump last visited Michigan in the wee hours of Election Day 2020, he told a crowd in Grand Rapids, in what would be his last speech of the campaign, that they’d better get out and vote for him or, “I’ll be so angry, I’ll never come back.”

He apparently got over it.

Bringing with him 17 months’ worth of unproven claims of vote rigging, lies about a stolen election and recriminations for Republican supporters he has deemed insufficiently loyal for refusing to overturn the election results, Trump is back in Michigan on Saturday evening. He will be headlining a rally that itself could serve to further split the state GOP and advance candidates who, while loyal to him, may not be best poised to sway voters in November.

For as much as he divides the public, however, Trump remains the Republicans’ most visible figure and, for now at least, the person most likely to capture their nomination for president in 2024, a mantle he has suggested he may be willing to take up again. And with President Joe Biden’s approval numbers hurt by high inflation and gas prices, a surge in migrant crossings at the southern border and ongoing uncertainty about the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump’s visit comes at an opportune time.

Or maybe they will be front and center as well. With Trump, it’s hard to know in advance what he may end up talking about.

Here’s what else to know about Saturday’s rally:

Why Does The Free Press Call Trump’s Claims About 2020 Baseless

This gets a little complicated, but the long and short of it is that there has been no credible evidence found, in numerous audits, court cases and other efforts, to back up Trump’s claims of widespread election fraud in any state, including Michigan, where he made those allegations.

Democratic and Republican election challengers observed the vote count across Michigan, including in Detroit, where Trump wrongly claimed that invalid ballots appeared mysteriously in the middle of the night. Officials from both parties reviewed and certified the results. Courts rejected challenges to the outcome as based on misunderstanding, conspiracy and conjecture. Post-election audits confirmed that voting machines accurately read ballots. Trump’s own attorney general, William Barr, told Trump that a look into allegations of corruption in Detroit found them baseless.

A comprehensive investigation led by GOP lawmakers uncovered no evidence of widespread fraud and told voters they should have confidence that Joe Biden legitimately won Michigan. And a review in Michigan, nowhere near enough to have tipped the outcome of the election, which Biden won in the state by more than 154,000 votes.

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Heres How To Get Tickets To Former President Trumps Rally

Chair of Sarasota County Democrats say they are concentrating on the future.

SARASOTA, Fla. – Former President Donald Trump is set to hold a rally Saturday, July 3 in Sarasota.

That rally will take place at the Sarasota Fairgrounds. It will start at 8 p.m. and the doors will open at 2 p.m.

After his rally speech, there will be a fireworks show.

We are thrilled to be hosting President Trump as he launches out on his next voyage to continue making America great, said State Sen. Joe Gruters, chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota County. We played an important role in his election and we want to show our support for his strong leadership as president.

The Save America rally is co-sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida. Trump wrote the following on his website about the Save America rallies:

Over the past four years, my administration delivered for Americans of all backgrounds like never before. Save America is about building on those accomplishments, supporting the brave conservatives who will define the future of the America First Movement, the future of our party, and the future of our beloved country. Save America is also about ensuring that we always keep America First, in our foreign and domestic policy. We take pride in our country, we teach the truth about our history, we celebrate our rich heritage and national traditions, and of course, we respect our great American Flag.

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Is Trump Running For President In 2024

Trump has publicly flirted with another run for president in 2024. And because Iowa is expected to again kick off the Republicans’ presidential nominating process with its first-in-the-nation caucuses, his visit here is amplifying speculation that he could enter the race.

Trump easily won Iowa in the 2016 and 2020 general elections, and he remains popular among many Republicans here. This is his first trip back to Iowa since losing the general election to Democrat Joe Biden.

But other national political figures have been making early treks to the state as well, including former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and U.S. Sen. of Florida.

Trump Rally Postponed After Ivana Trump’s Death Can Suns Ayton Repair Frayed Relationship How To Protect Yourself During Lightning Season

Donald Trump Throwing Face Masks Into Rally Crowd Becomes A Mocking ...

A look at some of today’s top stories, the weather forecast and a peek back in history.

“Out of love and respect for Ivana, our big Arizona rally will be postponed until next Friday,” Trump said of the Prescott Valley rally.

The relationship between the Suns and Deandre Ayton is frayed. But it can be repaired.

Summer is lightning season in Arizona. Here are do’s and don’ts about how to be safe, including the 30-30 rule for when you hear thunder.

Today, you can expect it to be hot, with a high near 113 degrees. A slight chance of thunderstorms at night, with a low near degrees. Get the full forecast here.

For more stories that matter,

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Thousands Of Trump Supporters Reportedly Unable To Get Into New Hampshire Rallywhile Plenty Of Seats Curiously Remained Empty

By Patty McMurray |Aug 15, 2019

  • 1.2Kshares

Thousands of Trump supporters showed up to attend President Trumps rally in Manchester, New Hampshire tonight.

There were the usual stories of traffic lined up for over 10 miles to get to the venue, while thousands waited in line for the opportunity to be a part of another historic Trump rally inside the SNHU arena.

Traffic 10 mi. outside the Trump rally #Manchester#NewHampshire

Check out the enormous line of Trump supporters here:

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Our good friends at The Gateway Pundit first reported about the empty seats inside the New Hampshire stadium while Trump supporters were reportedly locked out of the event.

Inside the SNHU stadium, Trump supporters were packed together on the main floor, but above the main floor, many of the stadium seats remained curiously empty, while thousands waited outside, watching the rally on a massive jumbotron screen.

Big Hits

Interesting because there are still plenty of seats inside. #WCVB

Ben Simmoneau

Noting that when Trump says the stadium is full there are literally empty seats behind him. Yeah, those arent great seats, some obstructed by the flag but that is not full

Shannon Pettypiece

Although a huge number of Trump fans couldnt get inside a video President Trump tweeted, showed an enthusiastic crowd of supporters inside.

Trumps Upcoming Rally Schedule

If youre hoping to see the president in person, you may have a chance in the next few weeks. Trump has a busy rally schedule ahead of the November 6 elections.

  • Mesa, Arizona, on October 19
  • Elko, Nevada, on October 20
  • Houston, Texas, on October 22
  • Mosinee, Wisconsin, on October 24

More rallies will likely be announced in the coming weeks.

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Where And When And Can I Still Get Tickets

Trump’s team is calling Saturday’s event one in a series of “Save America” rallies to be held around the U.S. It is being held at the Michigan Stars Sports Center, 65665 Powell Road, in Washington Township. Parking, which may be tight, opens at 8 a.m. Doors to the event open at 2 p.m. The event begins at 4 p.m. and Trump is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. Don’t be surprised if it’s even later, however: That’s often the case with presidents, past or current.

For tickets, which are free and on a first-come, first-served basis, go to .

Pm: Former Astronaut Mark Kelly ‘disconnected’ From Life On Earth Blake Masters Says

Inside the January 6 coup attempt: How Trump’s rally turned into a riot | Opinion

Blake Masters, former President Donald Trump’s choice for U.S. Senate in Arizona, turned Mark Kelly’s NASA career into the butt of jokes as he ripped the incumbent Democratic senator.

Masters will take on Kelly, whom he called the “worst” senator, in the Nov. 8 election if Masters is the winner of the five-way Aug. 2 Republican primary for Arizona’s seat.

Kelly is a retired space shuttle pilot.

Masters related his frustration listening to Kelly talk about his experience in orbit, looking down at Earth from the International Space Station, realizing humans are all in this together.

“I was like, ‘Shut up, Mark, do your job!'” Masters said.

“Mark Kelly is completely disconnected from what life is like here on planet Earth,” Masters said.

“Here on Earth,” problems with inflation and illegal immigration are “out of control,” Masters said.

Masters also added to the dogpile on fellow Republicans, whom he described as obstructing desired policies. “I am sick of those RINOs,” he said, using the term of derision that conservatives often aim at moderate or liberal Republicans “Republicans In Name Only.”

Ray Stern

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When Is Trump’s Rally In Des Moines

Trump is scheduled to host a rally at 7 p.m. Saturday Oct. 9 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Doors to the event are scheduled to open much earlier at 2 p.m., and live entertainment is planned, according to an online event posting.

The event is organized by Trump’s Save America PAC.

More:Donald Trump’s leadership PAC hires two Iowa GOP political consultants

Full Video: Trump Rally From Prescott Valley Arizona

The Trump-Pence proxy battle in Arizona

Former President Donald Trump visited Arizona on Friday for a Save America rally 90 miles north of Phoenix in the area of Prescott Valley. There are several key midterm races happening in the state including congressional races, a battle for a U.S. Senate seat, and a gubernatorial contest.

Trump has endorsed several candidates in Arizona including Kari Lake, candidate for Governor, Blake Masters, candidate for U.S. Senate, and a slew of Congressional endorsements as well. The primary takes place on August 2, just a few short weeks away.

Here are all the rally details including start time, live stream, and where to watch the Prescott Valley Save America rally.

Save America Rally in Prescott Valley, ArizonaWhen: Friday, July 22, 2022Time: Trump speaking at 10 pm ET Where: Findlay Toyota Center

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Pm: Trump Attacks Mark Kelly Heaps Praise On Blake Masters

Former President Donald Trump leveled a fusillade of criticism at Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly as he rallied support for Blake Masters, his endorsed candidate in Arizona’s five-way Aug. 2 Republican Senate primary election.

Trump attacked Kelly’s record on immigration and the border and blamed him for “runaway inflation that’s crushing Arizona families.”

“I know he’s married to a very nice woman, but he’s just not doing the job and Arizona is suffering because of it, so remember that. Remember that,” Trump said. “This November, we’re going to vote Mark Kelly out of office and we’re going to replace him with America First champion Blake Masters.”

Masters is “a real titan of the business and technology world,” Trump said. “He gets it.”

And Masters will bring “exactly the kind of toughness, courage and intellectual firepower we need in the Senate to take our country to the next level,” he said.

Dan Nowicki

Thousands Attended The Rally

Trump Minneapolis Rally Live Stream: How to Watch the President

GettyTrump speaks at his rally.

Trumps first post-presidency rally was held at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington. The event was sponsored by Save America, according to his website. This rally was in support of Miller, a former White House adviser who is running in the 16th Congressional District primary against incumbent Anthony Gonzalez, Fox 8 reported. Gonzalez voted for Trumps impeachment after the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

GettySupporters wait for the gates to open.

Wellington Police Chief Tim Barfield told 10 WBNS that he expected 15,000 to 20,000 people to attend the rally. Reuters estimated actual attendance being in the thousands.

GettyA Save America banner is seen above the bleachers.

Conservative Twitter account The Columbia Bugle of the crowd:

Wow! Look At The Crowd At The Trump Rally In Ohio Tonight!

Brendan Gutenschwager, an independent reporter, said there were thousands in line for the rally hours before it started:

Thousands now in line here in Wellington, Ohio, as the crowd begins to filter through security for todays Trump rally #Ohio#TrumpRally

Brendan Gutenschwager

They couldnt get the A/V equipment working and traffic management was a shit show, but Team Trump did do a good job laying out the space to give the illusion of a large crowd. But this is one of the smallest Trump probably ever had in Ohio on a weekend when people could come.

Nuance Bro

Suzanne Lynch of the Irish Times :

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Thousands Attended The Rally Which Included Fireworks

GettyPeople listen as former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a rally on July 3, 2021, in Sarasota, Florida.

Trumps second post-presidency rally was held at Sarasota Fairgrounds on Ringling Boulevard in Sarasota, Florida. The event was sponsored by Save America, according to his website. At the time of this articles publication, Trump did not have another rally on his schedule.

The Guardian reported that the event was expected to draw several thousand people. The Herald-Tribune reported after the rally that officials had estimated the crowd numbered in the thousands.

GettyPeople wait in line to enter a rally hosted by former U.S. President Donald Trump on July 3, 2021, in Sarasota, Florida.

Ryan McKinnon, reporting for the Herald-Tribune, shared this video of what the crowd looked like when Trump took the stage:

Tweets werent loading during rally but here is look at crowd when Trump took the stage.

Ryan McKinnon

Leonardo Feldman of the conservative outlet Newsmax shared a video of the crowd at the rally before it began. Feldman tweeted that thousands were expected.

Getting packed here in #Sarasota ahead of the #TrumpRally

Leonardo Feldman

He later shared this video of the crowd:

A truly massive crowd welcomes former President #Trump in his rally in #Sarasota, #Florida

Leonardo Feldman

Gilliam said thousands showed up and were waiting in line before the rally.

Dark clouds getting closer at Sarasota Trump rally.

Ryan McKinnon

Implores Marylanders To Get Rid Of The Stench Of Larry Hogan

On Saturday, Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli held a campaign rally at Hampsteads Leaping Greenly Farm in Carroll County, featuring an array of recognizable speakers keynoted by Pennsylvanias Republican gubernatorial primary winner Doug Mastriano, that was well attended by the public and other local office seekers alike.

Despite a steady level of excitement throughout the event, the surprise highlight undoubtedly came when former President Donald Trump was bridged in via phone over loud speaker to reaffirm his endorsement of Coxs candidacy and to again lambast Larry Hogan and his hopeful successor Kelly Shulz.

Amidst waning chants of Trump! Trump! Trump! the former President started his few minute speech by praising what sounded like a great crowd and thanking them for their support of Cox and his running mate Shiffanelli a last name he pronounced with an emphasis and dialect that is so uniquely his.

He referred to Cox as a respected lawyer and successful businessman who is tough and smart and who is MAGA all the way, unlike Coxs competitor Shulz who, along with Hogan, is bad news and who has done a lousy job.

The former President praised Cox for standing up to Hogan as a State Delegate, presumably a reference to Coxs attempt to impeach the sitting governor for his heavy handed and rights infringing approach to managing the pandemic.

Indeed, the sweltering heat did little to suppress the excitement pent up in the attending supporters.

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Next Trump Rally Scheduled This Saturday In Delaware Ohio

The upcoming Ohio GOP Senate primary hangs in the balance

Former President Donald Trump continues his barnstorming rally schedule in April with another event taking place this weekend in the state of Ohio. In the city of Delaware, just 30 minutes north of Columbus, Trump will once again offer his take on current events of the Biden administration and provide a platform for various midterm candidates hes chosen to endorse.

Find all the details including tickets, how to attend, speaking times, and live stream information below.

Save America Rally in Delaware, OhioWhen: Saturday, April 23, 2022Time: Trump speaking at 7 pm ETWhere: Delaware County Fairgrounds

  • 4:00 pm Rally Starts
  • 7:00 pm Trump speaks

Pm: Trump Fans Hit Merchandise Tables Again On Way Out

Hundreds Line Up, Camp Out to Get Into President Trump’s Wildwood Rally | NBC10 Philadelphia

When former President Donald Trump left the stage and people began streaming out of the arena in Prescott Valley, the most entrepreneurial merchandise vendors were ready and waiting for round two of their days sales.

Tables full of shirts, hats and flags lined one of the exits, lit up by phone flashlights as people bought their final souvenirs from the day as they made their way to the parking lot.

Justin Cole walked up to a merchandise table at a Trump rally in 2017 wanting to get involved and has been traveling with Trump and selling merchandise ever since.

Hes just one of a handful of tables hoping to capitalize on the last minutes of todays rally. In his industry, you never quite know how business will go in any given day.

You just never know but we really believe in it so we kind of just keep going with it, Cole said.

Lacey Latch

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