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Will Trump Be Reelected In 2020

How Trump And Biden Supporters Would React To Victory And Defeat

Poll: Majority Says President Donald Trump Should Not Be Re-Elected In 2020 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

When asked about their reactions to the outcome of the November 2020 election, voters say they would have more positive reactions to Biden winning the election than to Trump being reelected president. And voters reactions to Trumps possible reelection are more intense both positively and negatively than to a Biden victory.

About half of registered voters say they would be excited or relieved if Biden was elected president, while 47% say they would be disappointed or angry.

Among voters who say they would react positively to a Biden victory, far more would be relieved than excited . Among those who expect to react negatively, more say they would be disappointed than angry .

More voters say they would react to a Trump victory with negative than positive emotions. Nearly twice as many voters say they would be angry if Trump wins reelection than if Biden is elected president .

Yet somewhat more voters also say they would be excited by a Trump victory than a Biden victory.

Although both Trump and Biden supporters express positive reactions to their own candidate winning the November election, Trump supporters are about twice as likely to say to say they would be excited if their candidate won the 2020 election than Biden supporters are of their own candidate.

‘blue Wall’ Rebuilt With Suburban Votes

Trump suggested throughout his campaign that Biden would “destroy the beautiful suburbs,” but it turned out many suburbanites disagreed.

Biden won back a number of crucial Midwest states that Clinton lost to Trump in 2016 largely thanks to suburban voters. The cluster of historically Democrat-won states, dubbed the blue wall, include three of the five major battleground states this election cycle.

“We saw a consistent pattern across the country, in both close states and states that weren’t so close, that Biden made significant strides compared to Clinton’s performance four years ago in suburbs, predominantly affluent suburbs, of major metro areas,” Wasserman said.

In Wisconsin, the divide between the state’s rural and urban populations was defined, as 42 Wisconsin counties, many small and rural, cast more ballots for Trump than in 2016. Biden won Wisconsin by bolstering support in the populous suburbs of Milwaukee and Madison, despite average turnout in the cities themselves. Biden erased Trump’s entire 2016 margin in Wisconsin in just the counties surrounding Milwaukee, Wasserman said.

That same divide made Michigan competitive. Biden made gains in counties like Kent, where Grand Rapids is located, and the Detroit metropolitan area, though he underperformed Clinton in the city of Detroit. Trump improved his margins statewide, but not enough to surpass Bidens lead.

Fact check:Biden won popular, Electoral College votes in several battleground states

Emboldened ‘unchanged’ Trump Looks To Re

The set of advisers around Trump now is a familiar mix of his top 2020 campaign aides and others who have moved in and out of his orbit over time. They include Miller, Susie Wiles, Bill Stepien, Justin Clark, Corey Lewandowski and Brad Parscale.

While his schedule isn’t set yet, according to Trump’s camp, his coming stops are likely to include efforts to help Ohio congressional candidate Max Miller, a former White House aide looking to win a primary against Rep. Anthony Gonzales, who voted to impeach Trump this year Jody Hice, who is trying to unseat fellow Republican Brad Raffensperger as Georgia secretary of state after Raffensperger defied Trump and validated the state’s electoral votes and Alabama Senate candidate Mo Brooks, according to Trump’s camp.

Trump’s ongoing influence with Republican voters helps explain why most GOP officeholders stick so closely to him. Republicans spared him a conviction in the Senate after the House impeached him for stoking the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, House GOP leaders have made it clear that they view his engagement as essential to their hopes of retaking the chamber, and Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., was deposed as Republican Conference Chair this year over her repeated rebukes of Trump.

Those numbers suggest that Trump could be in a strong position to win a Republican primary but lose the general election in 3½ years. A former Trump campaign operative made that case while discussing Trump’s ambitions.

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Opinion: This Is How Donald Trump Becomes President Again

Ever since Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, Ive been among those who believed he would never run for president again. Hed keep the option open for as long as possible to get attention and keep other Republicans genuflecting to him, but he wouldnt go through with it. It would just be too much trouble at his age , and the idea of losing yet again would be too frightening.

But the events of the last few months have increased the likelihood that Trump could survey the landscape and decide that he could waltz right back into the White House if he wanted.

Not because hed get more Americans to vote for him barring some kind of unforeseen catastrophe, its difficult to see that happening. But because his party has so aggressively worked to twist and corrupt the U.S. electoral system, he could clearly lose both the popular and electoral votes and still become president again.

Its too early to say how likely this is, but heres how it could go down.

Step one: Trump decides to run, and obliterates the primary field.

While many Republicans are considering a presidential bid, some of whom are savvy operators, there isnt one who looks remotely like they could defeat Trump in a presidential primary.

Step two: Republican voter suppression measures have an impact.

Step three: GOP state legislatures step in.

Step four: Republicans in the House of Representatives take control.

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Like A Rookie Poker Player Speaker Nancy Pelosi Accidently Showed Her Cards And She Has An Unsuited 2 And A 7

Will Trump Be Re

In a recent press conference, Pelosi all but admitted that she knows Trump will be re-elected.


This is not about President Trump. He will face the judgment of the voters, but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. Throughout Americas history, our leaders have created and strengthened guardrails in the Constitution to ensure stability and continuity of government in times of crisis. The 25th Amendment creates a path for preserving stability. If a president suffers a crippling physical or mental problem and is, in the amendment, unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office and transfers his power specifically, Section 4 of the Amendment empowers Congress to set up an independent body to confront such a crisis.

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Opinionwe Want To Hear What You Think Please Submit A Letter To The Editor

Donald Trump could, like Teddy Roosevelt, split his party if he runs again as potential candidates like Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and others stake out more traditional positions on many issues. Or perhaps, like Grover Cleveland, he gets his partys nomination and takes his shot at a second term. Either way, Trump will not quietly retire. In fact, were likely going to have to contend with his presence in the political arena for years to come.


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Cleveland was elected president in 1884, in a narrow victory over Republican James Blaine. Cleveland barely won the popular vote and only succeeded in the Electoral College because he carried his home state of New York. As president, Cleveland supported reforms to professionalize the federal workforce and signed the first major regulatory law, the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887, which for the first time would provide national supervision of the railroads.

Cleveland ran again in 1892, defeating Harrison, gaining a second term in office and becoming the only person to hold the presidency for two non-consecutive terms.

Cleveland lost in 1888 to Benjamin Harrison but won the most votes, the second time in that era that the popular vote winner didnt become president. Cleveland ran again in 1892, defeating Harrison, gaining a second term in office and becoming the only person to hold the presidency for two nonconsecutive terms.

Cleveland ran again because he wanted to cut back the high tariff that Republicans had imposed in 1890, as well as supporting a full return to the gold standard. But Clevelands second term largely ended in disaster, as the Panic of 1893 sent unemployment soaring and led to the worst economic collapse up until the Great Depression.

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Biden Team Already Working Toward Transition

Biden will be inaugurated as president on Jan. 20, whether Trump acknowledges his win as legitimate or not. Biden has already begun the process of transitioning to the countrys highest office.

Though Trump has not formally conceded, his administration has granted the new administration access to intelligence briefings, office space, secure computers and other government services, USA TODAY previously reported. Trump tweeted Nov. 23 that the move was made at his recommendation.

The announcement, made by Emily Murphy of the General Services Administration, allocated over $6 million to Bidens transition team for hiring and other transition-related expenses. Since then, Biden has made a number of Cabinet picks, including his chief of staff, Treasury secretary, director of national intelligence, head of the Department of Homeland Security, ambassador to the United Nations, climate change envoy, secretary of State, Defense secretary and Health and Human Services secretary.

President Trump Has Been Re

Economic growth could get Trump re-elected in 2020: Kennedy

Ms. Smallback

I dont know what you have to do right now to get to that place of resolution, but I strongly encourage every patriotic American that understands whats on the line right now to get there. Turn off the media and learn to evaluate current events from a point of research and study, instead of spoon fed propaganda.

President Trump won the 2020 election and will be inaugurated January 20, 2021 just as he should be.

Everything between now and then will be uncomfortable if youre basing your understanding on the lies the media is peddling.

Nothing that has occurred from November 3 presently should have caught the Trump administration, and/or patriots who have been following the intel, and/or authentic Christians by surprise. President Trump has been plain about what he foresaw coming, intel has corroborated it in no less than a dozen ways, and God has been warning His people of the coming days through various mouthpieces.

Yes, there is extensive voter fraud, and yes it is primarily in the swing states. But yes, the Trump administration has already handled it. What we have going on now is the parts playing out.

Sidney Powell, the named future FBI Director, has announced they have evidence such was used. She was on Fox News with Lou Dobbs , and you can watch that interview here.

At the 42 minute mark of that same video, he explains what ghost voters , phantom voters , and purged and tampered votes are .

And one more thing.

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Trumps Foreign Policy Is Entirely Devoted To Fossil Fuels

Promoting fossil fuels has been one of the few consistent themes of Trumps foreign policy.

He announced early on, amid a flurry of misinformation, that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Though some State Department staffers are still attending international climate meetings and participating in lower-level dialogues, top US leadership has spurned the entire process and shows no sign of reengaging.

Instead, Trump is trying to manage oil prices by making deals with cartels, bullying other countries to buy US oil, seeking to export liquid natural gas to India, and jostling with Russia and China over trade routes through the melting Arctic.


It’s time to draw borders on the Arctic Ocean | Borders

In a second term, Trump is unlikely to rejoin Paris hes much more likely to remove the US from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change entirely. It is an open question whether the Paris framework could survive that at all.

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