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Is Trump A Bad President

When He Refused To Release His Tax Returns

Trump May Be Bad At Being President But He’s Good At TV: Joy Reid | MSNBC

Trump had 5 years to show us his Tax Returns. The New York AG has to force him to do it. What is he HIDING? Show us Peter Morley 1600014735

From the very beginning Trump refused to drop his taxes. Why? We can only guess. But former lawyer Michael Cohen suggested it might be for a very Trumpian reason.

He doesnt report the income he claims, Cohen claimed during an interview to promote his book, Disloyal.

His wealth is not as significant, and I imagine they were probably lenient in how they took deductions.

He also said releasing the tax returns might throw up more problems for Trump.

His biggest fear is, if that tax return was released, theres a whole slew of accountants and forensic accountants that will rip through it and he will end up with a massive tax bill, penalties, fines, and possibly even tax fraud, Cohen added.

Foreign Policy And National Defense

Some, including , in the Republican Party support on issues of national security, believing in the ability and right of the United States to act without external support in matters of its national defense. In general, Republican thinking on defense and is heavily influenced by the theories of and , characterizing conflicts between nations as struggles between faceless forces of an international structure as opposed to being the result of the ideas and actions of individual leaders. The realist school’s influence shows in Reagan’s “” stance on the and George W. Bush’s stance.

Since the , many in the party have supported policies with regard to the War on Terror, including the and the . The George W. Bush administration took the position that the do not apply to , while other prominent Republicans strongly oppose the use of , which they view as torture.

Republicans have frequently advocated for restricting foreign aid as a means of asserting the national security and immigration interests of the United States.

The Republican Party generally supports a strong alliance with and efforts to secure peace in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbors. In recent years, Republicans have begun to move away from the approach to resolving the . In a 2014 poll, 59% of Republicans favored doing less abroad and focusing on the country’s own problems instead.

What Trump Got Right

An earlier version of this story stated that Donald Trump was the first president to be impeached after he had left office. He was impeached for a second time on Jan. 13, before he left office.

Donald Trump will not be remembered by most Americans as a great president.

An informal survey of historians this summer ranked him as the fourth-worst chief executive, ahead of only Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan. He lost the popular vote in both the election he won and the election he lost. He was the first president to be impeached twice, as well as the first to have an impeachment trial after he left office. And by the time his supporters had finished storming the Capitol in a furious attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Bidens victory in January, only 38 percent of Americans approved of the job Trump did with 52 percent strongly disapproving.

But four years is a long time, and presidents have an enormous amount of power. So even an unpopular chief executive who insists he actually won a losing reelection bid cant make the wrong call on everything. Now that Trump has been out of office for six months, Outlook asked experts and writers who mostly disagreed with him often vehemently to look back on what he got right.

Mike Madden

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Is Donald Trump The Worst Us President Ever Actually

If you wanted to identify, with confidence, the very worst president in American history, how would you go about it?

If you wanted to identify, with confidence, the very worst president in American history, how would you go about it? One approach would be to consult the various academic polls on presidential rankings that have been conducted from time to time since Harvards Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr. pioneered this particular survey scholarship in 1948. Bad idea.

Most of those surveys identify Warren G. Harding of Ohio as the worst ever. This is ridiculous. Harding presided over very robust economic times. Not only that, but he inherited a devastating economic recession when he was elected in 1920 and quickly turned bad times into good times, including a 14 percent GDP growth rate in 1922. Labor and racial unrest declined markedly during his watch. He led the country into no troublesome wars.

There was, of course, the Teapot Dome scandal that implicated major figures in his administration, but there was never any evidence that the president himself participated in any venality. As Theodore Roosevelts daughter, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, put it, Harding wasnt a bad man. He was just a slob.

That illustrates the difference between failure of omission and failure of commissionthe difference between presidents who couldnt handle gathering crises and presidents who actually created the crises.

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Feehery: 6 Positive Things About The Trump Years And 6 Bad Things


The media cant stop fixating on Donald Trump or congressional Republicans, who currently have little influence on the bad decisions being made by Joe Biden and the Democrats. In that spirit, here is an honest appraisal of what Donald Trump did right in his four years of office and what he did wrong.

What he did right

1) He expressed unambiguous love for America and its history. After eight years of the Obama apology tour, this optimistic view of the American people was sorely needed and it exposed the leftists who we now know have a dim view of our country and its rich history.

2) He unshackled the economy from burdensome taxes and oppressive regulations and the economy exploded as a result.

3) He refrained from getting us into any more foreign wars and tried hard to get us out of the wars we are already hopelessly mired in.

4) He spoke directly to the hopes and fears of the forgotten working class of all races, creeds and colors. He understood that Washington and its economic policies had hollowed out the middle of America and he took positive action to return power, capital and jobs back to the heartland.

5) He was a true outsider who smashed the political globalist consensus of America as the worlds piggy bank, reestablished the idea of enforceable borders and made our allies pay their fair share for their own security.

6) He made inroads with Black voters: He signed criminal justice reform. And he played the Kanye-Kardashian card very effectively.

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When He Attacked Former Prisoner Of War John Mccain As A Loser

There was no love lost between late Republican Senator John McCain and Donald Trump.

But Trump certainly got in some low blows against his rival.

Upon McCains death in 2018, from a brain tumour, it was reported by witnesses that Trump was angered by his funeral being officially commemorated.

“Were not going to support that losers funeral, witnesses claimed the president said.

However, Trump then denied hed ever called McCain a loser.

Only problem was, footage from Trumps 2015 campaign run show him clearly slamming McCain as just that.

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UPMultiple Anonymous sources: “Trump called John McCain a loser.”Trump last night: “I never Heidi Krassenstein 1599224443

“He lost, he let us down… I never liked him as much after that because I don’t like losers, Trump says during the clip.

He follows it up by denying McCain deserves the epithet of war hero.

“He is not a war hero Trump said.

He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.

Failure: Replacing The Affordable Care Act

The late GOP Sen. John McCain’s iconic “thumbs-down” vote denied Trump a full congressional repeal of former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

But Trump did have success in dismantling parts of the law. His tax bill included a rollback of the tax penalty for those who did not enroll in healthcare.

Trump never offered a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. As a candidate Trump promised “insurance for everybody” and a more immediate replacement to the nearly decade-old ACA. But he didn’t deliver on that as president.

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Closure Of Pennsylvania Avenue

On May 20, 1995, primarily as a response to the of April 19, 1995, the closed off Pennsylvania Avenue to vehicular traffic in front of the White House from the eastern edge of Lafayette Park to 17th Street. Later, the closure was extended an additional block to the east to 15th Street, and East Executive Avenue, a small street between the White House and the .

After , this change was made permanent, in addition to closing E Street between the South Portico of the White House and . In response to the , the road was closed to the public in its entirety for a period of two days.

The Pennsylvania Avenue closure has been opposed by organized civic groups in Washington, D.C. They argue that the closing impedes traffic flow unnecessarily and is inconsistent with the well-conceived historic plan for the city. As for security considerations, they note that the White House is set much farther back from the street than numerous other sensitive federal buildings are.

Overcrowding And Building The West Wing

Biden To Trump: ‘You’re The Worst President America Has Ever Had’ | NBC News

By the time of the , the White House had become overcrowded. The location of the White House, just north of a canal and swampy lands, which provided conditions ripe for and other unhealthy conditions, was questioned. Brigadier General Nathaniel Michler was tasked with proposing solutions to address these concerns. He proposed abandoning the use of the White House as a residence, and he designed a new estate for the first family at in Washington, D.C. Congress, however, rejected the plan. Another option was Metropolis View, which is now the campus of .

When took office in 1881, he ordered renovations to the White House to take place as soon as the recently widowed moved out. Arthur inspected the work almost nightly and made several suggestions. was asked to send selected designers to assist. Over twenty wagonloads of furniture and household items were removed from the building and sold at a . All that was saved were bust portraits of and . A proposal was made to build a new residence south of the White House, but it failed to gain support.

In 1891, First Lady proposed major extensions to the White House, including a National Wing on the east for a historical art gallery, and a wing on the west for official functions. A plan was devised by Colonel Theodore A. Bingham that reflected the Harrison proposal. These plans were ultimately rejected.

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When He Invented Three Million Illegal Voters To Explain Hillary Clinton Winning The Popular Vote

Nothing worse than a sore winner even though Trump won the presidency, he cant get over the three million votes that meant Hillary Clinton was the winner of the popular ballot.

From 2017, he promised an investigation into massive voter fraud, saying up to five million votes had been illegally cast for Clinton.

Trump has yet to offer any proof.

When He Ignored Evidence Of Michael Flynns Meetings With Russia

One of the highest-profile falls from grace of Trumps administration was Michael Flynn. Formerly Trumps national security advisor, Flynn now faces criminal charges for accusations that he lied about contact with Russia before being appointed to the role.

But Trump was apparently warned about Flynn weeks before the adviser was forced to resign and only told vice president Mike Pence about the allegations facing Flynn when a Washington Post exposé on the matter the next day.

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‘he’s Just A Bad Guy’: Judge Slams Claim That Trump Is Unfairly Singled Out In Ag Probe

A Manhattan judge Thursday called Donald Trump just a bad guy in a scathing rebuke to a lawyer arguing that the former president was being unfairly singled out for investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

At the end of the hearing, state Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump along with his daughter Ivanka Trump and son Donald Trump Jr. to comply with subpoenas and testify under oath in a civil investigation launched by James into suspicious Trump Organization business practices.

Attorney Alina Habba had argued that James was discriminating against Trump over his politics and that he was part of a protected class that should be legally safeguarded from her investigation.

Habba argued that Trump was being discriminated against for his viewpoint.

James has such disdain for this person because he was president, because he is Donald Trump and he could probably win again in 24, Habba argued during the hearing. He has First Amendment rights. Hes allowed to be a Republican.

Engoron responded: Theres no viewpoint discrimination. Im just saying there is none.

When Habba claimed Trump was part of a protected class, Engoron responded: Ah. What protected class is he a member of?

His political speech, Habba replied. If he was not sitting as a Republican and was not a former president who might run again, this would not be happening. So she is discriminating against him for that.

Some Criticism Of Trump Is Actually Wrong

Donald Trump is the third worst president in U.S. history, survey says

As his friend Piers Morgan has argued, Donald Trump is not an angel, but not the monster some have made him out to be we are all familiar with the plethora of negative stories about Mr Trump, some of which are demonstrably incorrect. For example, he probably didnt mock a disabled reporter as has been widely claimed. Indeed there is evidence that he uses the same gesticulations and noises when imitating anyone he doesnt like and had been doing so for some time:

Yes, one can argue that this behaviour is not exactly presidential, and that calling out journalists publicly for doing their job is wrong, but as the video demonstrates, this may be an unfortunate coincidence, and not a horrific and cruel imitation of a disabled person.

Similarly do people really believe he watched prostitutes urinating on each other? As Trump himself said if it were true it would have been the biggest thing and on the front page of the New York Post.

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