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Who Is Running Against President Trump

Mr Pence Is Set To Campaign For Georgia Governor Brian Kemp At A Rally On Monday

Pence was asked if he’d run against Trump in 2024. Hear his response

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Former Vice President Mike Pence is still not ruling out a run for the presidency in the upcoming 2024 election, despite his public break with Donald Trump over whether certify Joe Bidens 2020 election victory.

Mr Pence, who was serving as Indianas governor when Mr Trump chose him as his running-mate six years ago, has sought to distance himself from the twice-impeached ex-president with a series of public appearances in which he has called Mr Trumps push to overturn the 2020 election wrong and slammed those who would blame both sides for the 2017 racist riot in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In an interview with The New York Times last month, Mr Pence said he and his wife, Karen, would go where were called when asked whether hed decline to mount a White House run if Mr Trump declares himself a candidate, and instead told the Times he and Ms Pence have always approached these things by acting on prayer.

While Mr Trump remains the de facto leader of the GOP, in part because he continues to endorse candidates who parrot his lies about having been the victim of a stolen election two years ago, Mr Pence said he has been very moved by how many people have made a point to thank him for resisting Mr Trumps demand that he unilaterally reject swing state electoral votes in an attempt to keep himself and the ex-president in office against the wishes of American voters.

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Political Career Of Donald Trump

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From through 2021, Donald Trump was the 45th President of the United States he is the only American president to have never held political office prior to his presidency. Trump has been a presidential candidate three times, in 2000, 2016, and 2020 he also “unofficially” campaigned in 2012 and mulled a run in 2004. He won the 2016 general election through the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 2.8 million votes, the greatest losing margin in the popular vote of any U.S. president he was thereby elected the 45th president of the United States on November 8, 2016, and inaugurated on January 20, 2017. He unsuccessfully sought reelection in the 2020 United States presidential election, losing by 7 million votes to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump is the only US president to have been impeached twice, or to be impeached for incitement of insurrection against the United States he is generally regarded by historians as one of the worst presidents of all time. Among the American public, Trump’s average 41 percent approval rating was the lowest of any president since Gallup began polling, and he left office with a 34 percent approval rating and 62 percent disapproval rating in his final polls.

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After Key Races In Georgia Pennsylvania And Other States Heres What Weve Learned

  • G.O.P. Governors Emboldened: Many Republican governors are in strong political shape. And some are openly opposing Mr. Trump.
  • Voter Fraud Claims Fade: Republicans have been accepting their primary victories with little concern about the voter fraud they once falsely claimed caused Mr. Trumps 2020 loss.
  • The Politics of Guns: Republicans have been far more likely than Democrats to use messaging about guns to galvanize their base in the midterms. Heres why.

Armies of lawyers for the candidates challenged small batches of provisional ballots in front of county election boards, sought hand recounts in certain precincts and went to court, scrapping over every vote. Mr. McCormick, who led his opponent on mail ballots, sued to include 850 or so mail-in votes that were received on time but did not have voters handwritten dates on the envelopes. Although he received a favorable ruling from the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, it was clear that there just werent enough outstanding votes under any scenario for Mr. McCormick to prevail.

Suspense around the race for weeks deflected attention from Mr. Fetterman, who suffered a stroke May 13, days before the election, leading to a hospital stay and the implantation of a pacemaker and defibrillator in his heart. Mr. Fettermans absence from the campaign trail ever since and his refusal until Friday to offer more than scant details of his condition raised questions about his ability to campaign in the general election.

Candidates Who Did Not Qualify For Either Criteria

Will a " Realist and Centrist"  Democrat Defeat President Trump in 2020 ...

Whether they threw their name in the ring late or theyve struggled to get the support they need, these candidates are still worth keeping an eye on:

  • Tom Steyer Hedge fund manager and billionaire who entered the campaign late. Has long campaigned on impeaching Donald Trump and on climate change
  • Deval Patrick A former governor of Massachusetts and civil rights lawyer. Hoping to appeal to the same moderate voters being courted by Joe Biden

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Biden Leads Among 2016 Validated Voters

Trump and Biden mostly hold onto their partys coalition of voters in 2016, though there are some modest differences: About 6% of Trumps 2016 voters currently say they support or lean toward Biden for president, while 2% say they are supporting a third-party candidate.

Similarly, about 4% of validated Clinton voters say they prefer Trump for president this year 1% say they are supporting a third-party candidate for president.

Biden also holds a modest advantage among those voters who say they supported Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or someone else in 2016: 49% say they lean toward or support Biden, while 26% say they support Trump. A quarter say they plan to vote for a third-party candidate again in 2020. Among those voters who did not vote in 2016, Biden also leads by 16 percentage points .

Among validated 2018 midterm voters which shifted decidedly toward the Democratic Party compared with 2016 Biden captures 54% of these voters, while Trump garners 42% support.

Again, Trump and Biden mostly hold onto those voters who cast ballots for their parties candidates in the midterm. However, about 10% of verified voters who cast a ballot for a Republican candidate for House in 2018 say they are considering voting for a candidate other than Trump in 2020. In contrast, Biden holds onto 94% of those voters who cast a ballot for a Democratic candidate for House in 2018.

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And If He Does Would Republicans Pick Him As Their Nominee

They are the questions hanging over America and, thus, the West. Will the man who tried to overturn the results of the presidential election in 2020, threatened to disband the worlds most powerful military alliance and played footsie with Vladimir Putin, decide that he wants to run again? If so, can he be stopped? It may seem premature to ask. But the first primary of 2024 is closer in time than the last general election, 94 weeks ago. And, despite his poor record in office and his unconscionable behaviour after Americas voters kicked him out, Donald Trumps grip on the Republican Party has strengthened.

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Early polling on whom Republican voters want as their champion in 2024 suggests that about 50% of them say Mr Trump. In a system where a candidate can knock out most rivals with a solid 30% of support in the early states, it is a formidable starting position. A few months ago Republican voters, tiring of Mr Trump, looked as if they might switch to Floridas governor, Ron DeSantis, or anyone else offering maga without the drama. Today Mr DeSantis would be more likely to conclude that his best shot at the White House is as Mr Trumps running-mate.

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Abc News Projects Katie Britt Mo Brooks Will Advance To Runoff

In the Alabama Senate Republican primary, ABC News projects that Katie Britt and Rep. Mo Brooks will advance to a runoff.

They are competing to fill the seat left open by retiring Sen. Richard Shelby. The contest will take place on June 21.

Brooks flailed in the race after once securing the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. Trump rescinded his support earlier this year after Brooks, a champion of Trumps lies about the 2020 election, suggested it was time to move on from the presidential race. But Club for Growth, a popular conservative anti-tax group, is still backing him and has spent more than $4.4 million on his behalf.

Britt, a former Shelby aide, has secured the endorsement of the outgoing senator as well as Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

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Watch Lindsey Grahams message to Trump about running in 2024

Sestak began his career in the Navy in 1974, before becoming the highest-ranking military officer ever elected to Congress in 2007, according to his campaign website. He served in the House until 2011.

In 2016, he competed in the Democratic primary to unseat Sen. Pat Toomey in a tough battleground race but was defeated by Democratic rival Katie McGinty.

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Kemp Camp Hopeful Gop Will Unite Against Abrams

As Kemp backers started to celebrate, they expressed confidence or at least hope that the Georgia Republicans would come together in the fall to defeat Abrams.

Kemp backers said they werent sure if Trump would now endorse him, but they expect at least Perdue to work for the governors re-election.

No one will out-work Brian Kemp, lets put it that way, said Terry Rogers, 68, a political consultant from Clarksville, Ga.

The Uvalde, Texas school massacre put a damper on the festivities. Erick Erickson, the conservative radio talk show host, addressed the crowd and led them in prayer for the victims of the elementary school shooting. The Kemp supporters also observed a minute of silence.

David Jackson

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Across The Country Republican Primaries Feature Candidates Who Deny Outcome Of 2020 Election

PHOENIX An Arizona lawmaker endorsed by former President Donald Trump who attended the Jan. 6, 2021, rally that preceded the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol and another lawmaker who also believes the 2020 presidential election results should be overturned are among four Republicans vying for the top elections post in the presidential battleground.

Its a trend seen in several Republican primaries this year that has led to mixed results for those who peddle conspiracy theories and promote the falsehood that widespread fraud led to Trumps defeat. Tuesdays primary elections feature similar candidates in Kansas and Washington state.

In Kansas, voters will choose between a challenger who questions the 2020 presidential results and the incumbent Republican who believes the election was secure in his state. Washington states open primary also has a candidate who backs Trumps unsupported claims, although thats not the toughest challenge the Democratic incumbent faces.

So far this year, Republican primary voters have split on whether to put election skeptics on the November ballot.

And Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who rejected Trumps plea to find enough votes for him to win the state, easily survived a primary challenge to advance in that states May primary.

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In Georgia Several Losses And One Victory

Gov. Brian Kemp easily defeated former Senator David Perdue, Mr. Trumps handpicked candidate, in the Republican primary for governor. Mr. Kemp was a Trump target after he refused to overturn the presidents re-election loss there in 2020. He will face the Democratic nominee, Stacey Abrams, whom he narrowly defeated four years ago.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who refused Mr. Trumps demand that he find additional votes after his 2020 loss, defeated a Trump-backed challenger, Representative Jody Hice, in the Republican primary.

Attorney General Chris Carr defeated John Gordon, a Trump-backed opponent, with more than 73 percent of the vote.

In the Republican primary for an open seat in Georgias Sixth Congressional District, the Trump-backed candidate, Jake Evans, qualified for the June 21 runoff, though he was a distant second to the top vote-getter, Rich McCormick.

The former professional football star Herschel Walker, who was endorsed by Mr. Trump, dominated the Republican primary for Senate. He will face Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democrat and prolific fund-raiser, in the general election.

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Liz Cheney Uses January 6 Committee Revelations To Refute Trump

Trump argues Biden
  • Rep. Liz Cheney and her primary opponent, Harriet Hageman, debated for the first time on Thursday.

  • Cheney took on Hagemans stolen 2020 election claims using her expertise from the January 6 committee.

  • Cheney cited testimony from members of Trumps inner circle, including Ivanka Trump.

In her first debate against a raft of Republican primary opponents on Thursday night, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming took on her challengers false claims that the 2020 election was stolen largely by drawing on findings shes helped uncover as a member of the House January 6 committee.

In a debate segment on election integrity, Cheneys main rival former RNC committeewoman Harriet Hageman, who has the backing of former President Donald Trump and most of the House Republican conference that Cheney once led cited Dinesh DSouzas widely-debunked2000 Mules movie.

Hageman went on to say that Zuckerberg money had allowed a private individual to capture our county clerks which was devastating in our swing states.

Responding to Hagemans claims, Cheney touted her own support for voter ID laws while going on the attack.

I also know that the truth matters, and the claims that Mrs. Hageman is making about the 2020 election are the same claims for which the Presidents lead lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was disbarred, said Cheney. Theyre the same claims for which Sidney Powell has had her law license suspended.

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Cruz Plans Major 2022 Campaign Swing Including Key States In The 2024 Presidential Race

The Texas senator is weighing a possible 2024 campaign as he stumps for fellow Republicans in 2022.

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Aug. 5, 2022. | LM Otero/AP Photo

09/20/2022 04:30 AM EDT

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is embarking on a cross-country midterm campaign swing as he weighs a possible 2024 presidential bid.

Cruz will travel to 17 states to campaign for GOP candidates this fall, including three states Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada which are home to early contests on the GOP presidential nominating calendar. The month-long tour, which begins Oct. 1 and wraps up Nov. 4, will bolster more than two-dozen contenders, several of which are running in high-profile statewide races.

The swing highlights the groundwork that Cruz, who unsuccessfully ran in the 2016 GOP primary, is laying for another potential national campaign. A slate of other would-be contenders including the likes of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, among others have also been working aggressively to bolster Republican midterm candidates across the country.

Such travel, which is customary for those looking to run nationally, helps potential White House aspirants introduce themselves to voters, earn chits and deepen their relationships with activists who play an influential role in the nominating contest.

Who Are Trumps 2020 Republican Challengers He Dubbed The Three Stooges

President Donald Trump recycled his own Three Stooges insult against a trio of Republican Party members running against him in the upcoming 2020 GOP presidential primary.

Trump hurled another The Three Stooges remark at former Republican South Carolina governor Mark Sanford Monday after he officially entered the race and became the third GOP challenger to Trump in 2020. Trump previously lumped Sanford in with former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld in late August when the president first compared them to the classic comedic trio, when Sanford began claiming Republicans were running for the hills to escape Trumps lies.

On Monday, Trump again brought up the June 2009 story of how Sanford engaged in an extramarital affair which ultimately led to his resignation from office. Although Sanford later was elected to Congress in 2013, the story of his Argentina affair and his bogus claim of being on an Appalachian Trail hike made him the focus of jokes and ridicule which he has since tried to own.

In late April, Trump first lobbed the Three Stooges insult at Sanford, Weld and Walsh as they all lined themselves up to primary the president next year. He labeled all three bad while also first calling out Sanford for the scandal.

In 2018, Sanford owned up to the 2009 scandal in an interview with NBC News after he was defeated by a Trump-backed Republican opponent for congress.

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