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Does President Trump Have An Email Address

President Biden Revokes Executive Order 13950

Donald Trump repeats Putin praise at CPAC

On January 20, 2021, as part of a new Executive Order titled Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government, President Biden revoked Executive Order 13950, Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping, which, among other things, prohibited federal contractors and subcontractors from providing certain workplace diversity training and programs. This new Executive Order further affirmed that qual opportunity is the bedrock of American democracy, and our diversity in one of our countrys greatest strengths.

President Bidens Executive Order 13985 follows the December 22, 2020, issuance of a nationwide preliminary injunction by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California prohibiting OFCCP from implementing, enforcing, or effectuating Section 4 of Executive Order 13950 in any manner against any recipient of federal funding by way of contract subcontract . . . . After the injunction, OFCCP issued a detailed notice regarding OFCCPs compliance with this court order.

Further, consistent with Section 10 of the January 20, 2021, Executive Order, OFCCP is now taking the following additional actions:

Donald Trump Fan Mail Address And Mailing Address

Are you a big fan of Donald Trump? Do you want to send him a fan letter to appreciate his work or give feedback on his presidency? If yes, please note down the fan mail address of Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, 725 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10022, USA.

Please also note down another mailing address of Donald Trump, c/o Mar-a-Lago Club, 1100 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL 33480. Please use this mailing address to send your fan letters and autograph requests.

Please use appropriate words only when you are going to write a letter to his fan mail address/mailing address.

How To Email The President Or Vice President

Use the Online Form

If you want to email the President of the United States, Joe Biden, or the White House in general, use this online form. Use the same form to contact the Vice President, Kamala Harris.

In the past, the White House had a general email address. The addresses were for the POTUS and for the VPOTUS for these types of messages. However, the White House disabled these addresses. Now, the only way to send a message is through the online form.

Use Social Media

  • Kamala Harris ,

Write a Letter

The online form is the fastest way to send a message, but if you prefer to write or type a letter, keep the following in mind:

  • Use 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper
  • Either type your message or handwrite it as neatly as possible
  • Include your return address on both the letter and on the envelope
  • Mail the letter to The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500
  • Include the appropriate postage

If you have any additional questions about how to email Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, please post a comment below. If you are still trying to email Donald Trump or Mike Pence, please post a comment below.

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Addressing A Former President

  • 1Make your envelope out to “The Honorable” former president. Former presidents do not keep the title of “president” once they leave office . If youâre writing a letter to a former president, the envelope should be addressed to: “The Honorable .”XResearch source
  • For example, you could address a letter to “The Honorable Jimmy Carter” or “The Honorable George Bush.”
  • 2Address written correspondence to “Dear Mr” and their surname. A letter to a former president is slightly less formal than correspondence to a sitting president since the recipient no longer holds the office of president. Do not use the term “honorable” in the introduction or body of your correspondenceâ”honorable” should be used on the envelope only.XResearch source
  • So, your letter would begin: “Dear Mr. Carter” or “Dear Mr. Bush.”
  • 3Address a former president as “Mr.” and their surname in person. An in-person address will also be less formal for a former president than it would for a sitting president. For example, you would address Barack Obama as “Mr. Obama,” not as “Mr. President.”XResearch source
  • The rules about introductions are similarly less formal. As a general sign of respect, though, itâs still probably best to introduce a third party to the former president.
  • Explainer How Will Trump Get His Message Out Without Social Media

    President Trumps Job Approval Holds at 46 Percent: Good or Bad News ...

    U.S. President Donald Trump gestures while campaigning for Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler on the eve of the run-off election to decide both of Georgias Senate seats, in Dalton, Georgia, U.S., January 4, 2021. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

    WASHINGTON, Jan 11 The decision by tech companies to clamp down on President Donald Trumps ability to speak to followers through mainstream social media may force him to tap more traditional methods of communication or more isolated conservative online channels during his final days in office, experts say.

    Twitter Inc , Facebook Inc , Alphabet Inc-owned Google , Apple Inc and Amazon.com Inc took their strongest actions yet against Trump to limit his reach, fearing continued violence stemming from his posts after his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol building last week. They were joined by smaller tech companies including Twitch, Snapchat, Reddit, Shopify and TikTok. read more

    Trump, who has without evidence challenged the validity of Democratic President-elect Joe Bidens Nov. 3 election victory, praised and egged on supporters before they laid siege on Wednesday to the Capitol, where lawmakers were certifying the Electoral College vote for Biden. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died in the assault. read more

    The platform has 12 million users and Trumps sons Donald Jr. and Eric are active on it, but it will now have to find a new Web host to replace Amazon to even stay in business.


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    Trump Chose You His Most Patriotic Supporter To Receive Constant Scammy Texts

    CONFIDENTIAL: DONT SHARE, the Trump campaign texted me last month. Pres. Trump requested your input on some key issues. Well send your answers to his desk in 1 HOUR.

    Take Survey NOW, the text continued, linking to a survey with questions like:

    As of today, who will you vote for in 2020?

    • President Trump

    • A Socialist Fraud

    When I completed the survey, I was directed to a page asking me to donate between $42 and $2,800.

    The Trump campaign sends multiple texts like these every day to me and millions of Americans whose numbers have ended up in the campaigns database often without the consent of the recipient.

    Some of the texts are designed to make you feel special, like an extra-patriotic member of an exclusive club. Theyll dangle offers of signed MAGA hats or fancy dinners with the president, which no one appears to have ever won. LAST DAY to accept your personal invitation to dinner with Pres. Trump in New York, one campaign text advertised. Hes waiting on your response, Jessica. Donate & WIN.

    For people who arent motivated by gimmicky contests, the campaign also utilizes shame: Pres Trump noticed you ignored his text, Jessica. Your names still MISSING on the End of Month list. Donate in NEXT HOUR for a 6X-MATCH.

    The texts are easy to mock especially the ones featuring failson Donald Trump Jr. pleading for money on behalf of his father.

    Its the last spam-free inbox, Rory McShane, a Republican political consultant, said in a March interview.

    Donald Trump Calls Nuclear Docs Claim A Hoax

    Bobbs revelation came hours after Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Department of Justice wants to unseal the search warrant and the property receipt listing the items seized from Mar-a-Lago barring any objection from Trump or his legal team.

    The former president enthusiastically encouraged the unsealing of the documents late Thursday. However, his lawyers will still have to formally inform US Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart by 3 p.m. Friday that they have no objection to the release.

    The Washington Post reported Thursday that the FBI had been looking for classified documents relating to nuclear weapons as part of its search. The report did not provide further details including whether any such documents were uncovered or whether they pertained to US weapons or those of another country.

    Friday morning, NewsNation reported that the agency found dozens of classified documents that were being kept in two areas of the estate Trumps personal office and a separate storage room.

    Trump also blasted the claim about nuclear weapons documents as a Hoax Friday morning.

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    Donald Trump Phone Number Email Address Fan Mail Address Mailing Address And More

    Donald Trump is the former President of the United States. He is engaged in the business of golf-course to luxury hotels and resorts. He is one of the most searched personalities on Google. Previously, he also worked as a television personality. He lost the US Presidential Election of 2020 to Joe Biden.

    He is affiliated with Republican Party in his political career. Ivana was his first wife, followed by Marla Maples as 2nd wife and the current one is Melania. So, lets see the contact details of Donald Trump, including his mailing address, and phone number.

    Donald Trump Phone Number And Fax

    DOJ: Trump team concealed, moved top secret documents

    Are you eager to talk to former President Donald Trump on the telephone line? If yes, you have arrived at the right section of this webpage. Please dial 832-2000 to talk to his organization The Trump Organization which is located in New York. Please do not expect Donald Trump himself on this telephone line but you can leave a message or comment for him.

    Alternatively, if you are using fax, use this fax number 935-0141 . Also do not forget to mention your name, email address, and mailing address to get the return response, if required.

    To get the latest updates and news about Donald Trump, please visit his official portal. Do not forget to share your opinion about his work style and achievements with us through the comments.

    Article last re-published on April 6, 2021.

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    How To Send An E

    To find your representative, search the House of Representatives database by zip code. As an alternative, visit the Representatives personal website. Most government websites have email addresses and mailing addresses listed on the Contacts page.

    Many websites also offer a contact form, but we recommend using this only as a last resort. Beware, many online contact forms go to the website maintenance team and often dont reach the representative or their staff. If you want a response, send a direct email or a letter.

    Addressing The President In Person

  • 1Rise when the president enters the room. All seated persons will be expected to rise when the president enters the room, as a sign of respect.XResearch source The president will then indicate when those who have risen may return to their seats.
  • 2Address the president as “Mr. President” or “Madam President.” Should you have the opportunity to speak directly with the president, do not call them by their first or last name. The title of “Mr.” or “Madam” will show your respect for the office while you carry on a conversation with the president.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3Introduce a third party to the president. Use the phrase “Mr./Madam President, may I present.” In the United States, the president should not be introduced to someone, as this would seem disrespectful. Always introduce the third person to the president.XResearch source
  • For example, be sure to say, “Mr./Madam President, may I present my son Billy.” Do not say, “Billy, I want you to meet the president.”
  • 4Announce the president using his or her title. If you are given an opportunity to announce the presidentâfor example, before they deliver a speechâannounce the president to onlookers as “the president of the United States.”XResearch source
  • So, if youâre announcing the current president, you could say: “Let me announce the president of the United States, Joe Biden.”
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    But Didnt The Trump Campaign Say It Was In Compliance With The Tcpa And Fcc Guidelines

    Yes, and thats accurate. But thats largely because the legal guidelines around these kinds of P2P text messages arent clear.

    The TCPA and FCC have rules about abuse on autodialer systems that can automatically send messages or make phone calls. But there isnt any guidance on these systems because theyre run by humans.

    The CTIAs statement about requiring opt-out language and prior consent are part of recommended guidelines to the industry for players like the carriers and senders like political campaigns. But the trade group has no ability to enforce these guidelines, which are more like mutually agreed upon practices than firm laws.

    An upcoming may offer some guidance on the legal definition of phone spam.

    Trump Doj Demanded Metadata On 73 Phone Numbers And 36 Email Addresses Apple Says

    President Trump: What Does It Mean For Your Tax Bill?

    The Justice Department under former President Trump in seeking information on lawmakers demanded metadata on 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses from Apple, the tech giant said in a Friday statement shared with multiple news outlets.

    Apple said it had received the subpoena for data as issued by a federal grand jury in February 2018, along with a nondisclosure order signed by a federal magistrate judge, according to reports from CNN and TechCrunch.

    The company added that the request provided no information on the nature of the investigation and it would have been virtually impossible for Apple to understand the intent of the desired information without digging through users accounts.

    Consistent with the request, Apple limited the information it provided to account subscriber information and did not provide any content such as emails or pictures, the company added in its statement.

    CNN reported that the nondisclosure order subsequently had three extensions, each lasting a year, but notified affected customers of the subpoena last month when the order was not extended for a fourth time.

    A Microsoft spokesperson told The Hill Friday that it also received a subpoena in 2017 related to a congressional staffers personal email account, but was prevented from notifying the staffer for more than two years due to a gag order.

    The Hill has reached out to Apple for additional information.

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    Unless President Trump Has Something Up His Sleeve To Play Before January 6 He Must Be Ready To Boldly Act Alone

    I have said it numerous times and I will say it again, President Trump cannot rely on the Courts or Congress to do the right thing on or before January 6, 2021.

    Does President Trump have a special Trump Card up his sleeve that he is going to play in the next 10 days to expose the fraud of the 2020 Presidential election and award the Office of the President to the rightful winner?

    I hope so, but I dont think so. Here is President Trumps latest video telling you what he wants you to do

    To help you help President Trump, my good friend and co-patriot, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America makes it easy for you to contact your Representative in the US House of Representatives and your State Senators. See this link and contact them MULTIPLE TIMES between now and January 6. Even if they are Democrats, DEMAND they honor free and fair elections by replacing Democrat Electors with Republican Electors in fraudulent Swing States of PA, MI, WI, GA, AZ, NV or you will vote them OUT in the next election.

    If President Trump has a special Trump Card he needs to play it NOW or prepare to follow my successful strategy that I have outlined below, but I do not yet have any confirmation from my contacts in the Trump administration that President Trump has personally received the information.

    Here is my personal letter to President Trump with the successful strategy that none of his advisers have shared with him

    Mr. President,


    Texts Come Hours Apart With No Clear Explanation For How The Money Will Be Spent

    Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile

    Former President Donald Trump is out of office, and has not announced any plans to run in the future, but that hasnt stopped his political action committee from bombarding his fans with daily requests for money and other support.

    Months of text messages reviewed by The Independent reveal that supporters of the former president received at least one text message per day throughout the month of May, with some texts coming mere hours apart ahead of fundraising deadlines.

    The donation links route money to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee that splits funds between the Republican National Committee , Mr Trumps 2020 campaign for president, as well as the Save America PAC, an organisation founded by Mr Trump to fund his future political efforts.

    The frequency of the calls for donations rivals that of most active political campaigns, and suggests that Mr Trump is keen on maintaining a massive war chest throughout his post-presidency that means his endorsement carries huge financial weight in any local race.

    Some texts sent to supporters via the automated service are designed to appear as if they were personally written by the former president, while others are signed by Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and former first lady Melania Trump.

    The Independent has reached out to the office of Mr Trump for comment.

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    Trump Opens Office Of The Former President In Florida

    Washington Former President Donald Trump announced Monday the official opening of the “Office of the Former President” in Palm Beach County, Florida, which is tasked with overseeing the 45th president’s official activities in his post-presidency life.

    “The office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump administration through advocacy, organizing and public activism,” the office said in a statement. “President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American people.”

    Mr. Trump and former first lady Melania Trump departed Washington for Florida the morning of January 20, choosing not to welcome President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden to the White House and skipping the new president’s inauguration.

    Without access to his Twitter account, which the company banned following the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, and Facebook, Mr. Trump has been quiet and forced to rely on more traditional vehicles to reach the public and the press in his final days in office.

    The former president will also be tried in the Senate next month, as the House impeached him for a second time for incitement of insurrection. The Senate received the single article of impeachment from the House on Monday and the trial is expected to begin the week of February 8.

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