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How To Communicate With Donald Trump

How Can Trump Reach His Followers

Trump: We speak English here, not Spanish

Immediately after the Twitter ban – a platform the president has been obsessed with since he first ran for office and where he regularly spoke to his 88 million followers – Trump vowed he would not be SILENCED! and promised a big announcement soon.

Trump also tweeted from the @POTUS Twitter account shortly after the ban and railed against the tech company, Democrats and a law protecting internet companies called Section 230, and said he was considering building his own social media platform. His tweets were almost immediately deleted by the company.

But striking out on his own will take time. For the moment, Trump, who leaves office on Jan. 20, is left with alternatives such as online conservative platform Gab, a free-speech network with almost no censorship rules, that has far less of a reach.

Aides and supporters are already turning to Gab and the platform MeWe to amplify his messages in the coming days, experts said. Other likely outlets are video platform Rumble and video streaming service DLive, along with alternate news sites such as American Media Periscope, said Monica Stephens, assistant professor at the University of Buffalo, whose research focuses on topics including social media.

I dont think Trump will join these smaller platforms himself. It is more likely he will create something on his own as opposed to joining something subjected to somebody elses controls, she said.

Fall : Michael Cohen Begins Plans For A Trump Tower In Moscow

Also in September of 2015, Cohen began communicating with Felix Sater, a Russian-born Trump business associate, about a plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The idea of a Trump property in the Russian capital had been around for decades, but after Trump announced his presidential bid, Sater reached out to Cohen and set up a meeting for September, according to a detailed report on the project from BuzzFeed News.

After the meeting, Sater emailed Cohen multiple times in October 2015 to let him know about a meeting with a developer, and then to say that Saters associates would be meeting with Putin and a top deputy and that he had secured financing from VTB Bank, a Russian bank that was under U.S. sanctions at the time. On October 13, 2015, Sater sent a letter of intent, signed by a Moscow developer, to Cohen and asked him to get Trumps signature. And on Oct. 28, the day of the third Republican primary debate, Trump signed the letter.

Sater and Cohen continued to trade emails about the progress of negotiations over the next few months. On November 3, 2015, Sater bragged about his Kremlin connections, saying: I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected, according to emails first published by the New York Times. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it, he continued. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.

Public Response To Communication

A poll conducted from March 11 to March 15 by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that President Trump was trusted to provide reliable information on the coronavirus by 46% of Americans . The CDC was trusted to provide reliable information on the coronavirus by 85% of Americans . Trump had an overall lower trust regarding this topic compared to the news media, local government officials, state government officials, and the World Health Organization. The CDC had the highest overall trust.

A poll conducted from April 16 to April 20 by the Associated Press and NORC at the University of Chicago estimated that President Trump was a source of information on the pandemic for 28% of Americans. In terms of trust in Trump for information on the outbreak, 23% have a high amount of trust, while 21% have a moderate amount of trust. Americans used state or local officials more as a source of information, and also trusted them more than Trump.

A poll conducted from May 7 to May 10 by SRSS for CNN, concluded that only 36% of people in the U.S. trusted President Trump on information about the COVID-19 outbreak. 4% of Democrats trusted information from Trump, while around 80% to 81% of Democrats trusted information from Anthony Fauci or the CDC. 84% of Republicans trusted information from Trump this was higher than their trust in information from the CDC or Fauci .

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New York Times Article And April 13 Video

On April 12, The New York Times published an article detailing the government’s slow response to COVID-19, including accusations that Trump repeatedly ignored warnings by Secretary of Health and Human ServicesAlex Azar. As no briefing was scheduled that day due to the Easter holiday, Trump criticized the article on Twitterâarguing that it was “a fake, just like the paper itself”, and claiming that he was being “criticized for moving too fast when I issued the China Ban, long before most others wanted to do so”, and that ” told me nothing until later”.

During his briefing the next day, Trump screened a compilation of footage defending his early response, including a montage from the aforementioned March 26 Hannity showing guests on other news programs downplaying COVID-19’s threat with the headline: “The media minimized the risk from the start”, audio of New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman stating that the travel restrictions toward China were “probably effective, because it did actually take a pretty aggressive measure against the spread of the virus”, as well as positive comments made by New York and California’s governors Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom. The video contained few references to Trump’s optimistic remarks and inaction through January and February, and the Haberman audio stopped short of her saying that the travel restriction was “one of the last things that did for several weeks”.

Melania Trump Wears Slogan Jacket


When or how did Melania Trump become a billboard? When I saw the first lady Melania Trump wearing a slogan jacket reading I dont really care do u ?, I can say I wasnt too shocked. Since in life I have always said you lie down with the dogs and youll wake up with the fleas .

First and foremost darlings this is a fashion blog not a political site. However sometimes these two fields cant help but cross paths. Here on this blog I have written several times on politics and am proud to put across my points of view. While I dont claim to be a political pundit I have certain political views and educate myself accordingly.

Here are a list of my political posts in case you want to check them out

Therefore my friends I will occasionally cover political issues , but always through fashions eye.

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Trumps Terrifying Communication Effectiveness

Shock and awe: Donald Trumps communication style is as riveting as a train wreck, but a lot more dangerous. And his effectiveness has its limits.

As professional communicators who advise others on how to improve their ability to connect with audiences, colleague Sarah Neville and I have watched the astonishing ascension of political neophyte and insult-machine Donald Trump with dropped jaws. Heres our conversation about the lessons to be learned from his fearless communication style, originally published on Huffington Post.

SARAH: When and yes, this is a fervent wish Donald Trump loses the US federal election, Id consider hiring him as a communication coach.

Dont get me wrong. I find his ignorance, racism and sexism repugnant. But he is a salesman to the core and boy, can he sell. Yes, I wish hed use his powers for good rather than evil. But its hard not to be in awe of a real estate promoter with no political experience whos made it this close to the Oval Office. And its his communication skills that have gotten him there.

SHARI: I agree that he is compellingly watchable, in a train wreck kind of a way. Despite or perhaps because of! his breathtaking lack of knowledge, integrity and basic human decency, hes a master at crafting and delivering messages that resonate at least with some people.

SARAH: Thats true. But you have to give him credit for what he does well.

SHARI: Yes, as long as theyre not crying babies grabbing focus at one of his rallies

China And The World Health Organization

On January 22, Trump was asked by the media a question on regarding allegations of a lack of transparency regarding the outbreak in China: “Do you trust that we’re going to know everything we need to know from China?” Trump answered: “I do. I do. I have a great relationship with President Xi.” On January 24, Trump wrote on Twitter: “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”

On February 7, when Trump was asked by the media if he was “concerned that China is covering up the full extent of the coronavirus” outbreak in their country, Trump replied: “No, China’s working very hard … and I think they’re doing a very professional job … It’s a tough situation. I think they’re doing a very good job.” On February 13, when Trump was asked by the media, “Did the Chinese tell the truth about this?” He responded: “Well, you never know”, then praised China for having “handled it professionally”.

On February 26, while Trump was visiting India, he stated: “China is working very, very hard.” On February 27, during a press conference, he stated that China’s PresidentXi Jinping “is working very, very hard.”

In his , Trump stated that his administration was working together with the Chinese government on the outbreak in China.

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Be Natural & Authentic

Donald Trump is unscripted. He speaks with no notes and takes pride in the fact that he does not use a prompter. His style is in sharp contrast to many politicians. They tend to be carefully scripted, with talking points that are polished by highly paid consultants.

Trumps tone is conversational. Regardless of the size of the crowd, he intersperses his remarks with rhetorical questions and waits for an audience reaction. This helps him to connect with the audience. It shows Trumps authentic self.

So go ahead and communicate a shortcoming. Be natural. Be your authentic self. Its a great way to establish a connection with the audience and it makes your message more concrete in their minds.

Takeaway lesson: no speaker should try to project themselves as flawless.

Tweets As Official Statements

Exclusive: New Doc. Footage Shows Trump Saying Stupid People Refused To Support Big Lie

Throughout his presidency, Trump frequently appeared to issue orders through his tweets. Whether these tweets were official directives was unclear. A US National Archives spokesman said that Trump’s tweets are considered presidential records.

In 2017, the Department of Justice argued in one court case that Trump’s tweets were “official statements of the President of the United States.” In another case, the DOJ argued they were official policy statements but that the tweets were also “personal conduct that is not an exercise of state power.” The ABA Journal wrote in 2017, “There’s little caselaw on to what extent government use of social media can be considered official or a ‘public forum,’ which affords First Amendment protection to people who might be excluded based on their viewpoints.”

In 2019, the Secretary of the US Navy said he did not interpret a Trump tweet as a “formal order to act” after Trump tweeted that the Navy should not take away Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher‘s status as a Navy SEAL.

In 2020, a court asked that Trump clarify his intention after he tweeted what appeared to be an order calling for the disclosure of documents related to Russian interference in the 2016 election. In a court filing White House Chief of Staff said that: “The President indicated to me that his statements on Twitter were not self-executing declassification orders and do not require the declassification or release of any particular documents.”

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How Do These Mass Text Messages Work

Political campaigns tap companies such as Hustle or RumbleUp that employ hundreds of people who each send thousands of text messages to potential voters. Theyre exactly like the text messages that you or I send to our friends and family, and are categorized as peer-to-peer, or P2P messages. Thats different from whats known as application-to-peer, or A2P, messages, which are more formal blast text messages.

Since P2P messages are normally supposed to be more limited exchanges between individuals, systems may flag accounts that send too many messages. If, for instance, you send more than 1,000 messages in a day, those messages will likely get blocked.

Companies will work with the carriers ahead of time to get prior approval to send these mass messages.

Donald Trump Really Wants You To Text His Name To 88022 But Will He Ever Text Back

At Donald Trump rallies and news conferences, the invocation is very often printed in the cameras lines of sight to ensure maximum exposure:

Text Trump to 88022

If you assumed this is a fundraising ploy, youd be wrong. The Republican presidential front-runner is self-funding his campaign, remember?

Instead of money, Trump ostensibly wants a channel to communicate directly with voters. His website advertises exclusive updates for those who subscribe to the texting service.

One problem: Trump doesnt seem to use the service very often.

Two weeks ago, on the day of the Wisconsin primary, I signed up and prepared for The Donald to Make My iPhone Great Again with the exclusive updates I had been promised. Heres how it went.

And then nothing for 14 days.

Last week, Fix colleague Philip Bump had the good idea to subscribe using a New York ZIP code to see whether the Trump campaign might be targeting residents of the Empire State ahead of the primary. He got nothing for five days.

Finally, on primary day Tuesday, the first exclusive updates arrived.

Later, after I asked the campaign about its use or underuse of the text line, both Bump and I received this message.

What. A. Waste.

Maybe, in another message, Trump could ask subscribers to name the No. 1 issue in the campaign: Text A for immigration, B for terrorism, C for trade, D for gun rights.

Heres what Buell recommends:

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Links Between Trump Associates And Russian Officials

This article is part of a series about

Since Donald Trump was a 2016 candidate for the office of President of the United States, numerous links between Trump associates and people with ties to the Russian government have been identified by the FBI, Special counsel and several United States congressional committees, as part of their investigations into the Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Following intelligence reports about the Russian interference, Trump and some of his campaign members, business partners, administration nominees, and family members have been subjected to intense scrutiny to determine whether they have had improper dealings during their contacts with Russian officials. Several people connected to the Trump campaign made false statements about those links and obstructed investigations.

Starting in 2015, several allied foreign intelligence agencies began reporting secret contacts between Trump campaigners and known or suspected Russian agents in multiple European cities. In November 2016, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov contradicted Trumps denials by confirming the Trump campaign had been in contact with Russia, stating in a 2016 Interfax news agency interview: Obviously, we know most of the people from his entourage, adding I cannot say that all of them but quite a few have been staying in touch with Russian representatives.

Ivanka Trump Used A Personal Email Account To Send Hundreds Of Emails About Government Business Last Year

PHOTO Donald Trump Being Held Up By Podium During Final Debate

Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account, many of them in violation of federal records rules, according to people familiar with a White House examination of her correspondence.

White House ethics officials learned of Trumps repeated use of personal email when reviewing emails gathered last fall by five Cabinet agencies to respond to a public records lawsuit. That review revealed that throughout much of 2017, she often discussed or relayed official White House business using a private email account with a domain that she shares with her husband, Jared Kushner.

The discovery alarmed some advisers to President Trump, who feared that his daughters practices bore similarities to the personal email use of Hillary Clinton, an issue he made a focus of his 2016 campaign. He attacked his Democratic challenger as untrustworthy and dubbed her Crooked Hillary for using a personal email account as secretary of state.

Some aides were startled by the volume of Ivanka Trumps personal emails and taken aback by her response when questioned about the practice. She said she was not familiar with some details of the rules, according to people with knowledge of her reaction.

The White House referred requests for comment to Ivanka Trumps attorney and ethics counsel, Abbe Lowell.

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I Dont Really Care Do U

Whenever I see the face of Melania Trump I find myself asking who is she. Certainly this first lady is a mystery. In fact she is a public figure who rarely speaks. Therefore one of the few clues to who she is her wardrobe. However even that comes up short . In fact I am not the first to mention that Melania Trump wears some great clothes . When we she her we see a parade of some of the most talented designers outfits. But that is just what they are designer clothes without a sense of style .

In fact the first lady has no style . To put it another way, shes a mediocre model, wearing clothes but giving us little else. Since a great model is more about attitude and personality , in her case the previous seems mundane and the latter nonexistent . However we have nothing else to go on. Therefore people are forced to try to figure her out from her wardrobe.

Hence the mystery was there again this week. When she wore a Zara jacket printed with the words I dont really care, do u?. She donned this jacket while en route to visit migrant children at the US-Mexico border. In the middle of a crisis over the Trump administrations family separation policy. In my opinion it seems impossible that not a single person on her team no stylist, PR person, or aide had questioned the harsh implications of that message. Therefore my darlings we have to assume it was intended .

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