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Where Are Trump’s Golf Courses

Trump Golf And The Politics Of Terror

Trump’s Scottish golf course buys under scrutiny

Which brings us to Donald Trump and Bedminster and the politics of terrorism.

Trump just happens to own the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. From July 29-31, the Saudi-financed LIV Golf Invitational Series is scheduled to make a stop at Trumps course.

Now, perhaps none of this seems odd. Trump is hardly shy about his love of golf. Before entering politics and winning the presidency in 2016, Trump, as a private business mogul, developed a series of well-regarded golf courses across the world. Now, back in private life, why wouldnt Trump sponsor a tournament at one of his golf courses?

But as president, Trump came face-to-face with a far different conundrum that is far more difficult than sinking a two-foot putt. While occupying the White House, Trump had firsthand knowledge that the FBI and other U.S. counter-terror investigators had unearthed credible evidence that Saudi government officials helped to pull off the deadliest terrorist attack in American history on Sept. 11, 2001, that killed nearly 3,000 people. Trump even expressed a desire to disclose those FBI files, though his administration never followed through.

Fast forward to now.

Is it right for a former U.S. president, who claims he wants to run again for the White House, to be involved in a cozy business deal with alleged co-conspirators in the 9/11 attacks?

Trump isnt answering that question not yet.

President Trump’s Golf Club In The Bronx Includes An 18

This golf course took 14 years to develop and was built on a landfill. According to Bloomberg, the course cost $269 million to build.

Before the course opened in 2015, Business Insider reporters Jay Yarow and Tony Manfred tested the course out. They described the course as fun and not too difficult. They also applauded the nice views of the city’s skyline and the Whitestone Bridge.

Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles

This public course in California made news in July 2015. That’s when the PGA and ESPN pulled tournaments from the course after Trump made offensive comments about Mexicans. The club opened in 2006 and could be the most expensive course ever created. Trump claims that the course cost over $250 million to build.

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President Trump’s Golf Club In Aberdeen Scotland Includes An 18

In June 2019, Business Insider reported that the sand dunes on this course are at risk of losing their protected status because they were damaged during the development process. The course opened in 2012, despite concerns that it would damage the unique habitat.

In addition to the controversy, in March 2019, Business Insider reported that the course consistently posts annual financial losses in excess of $1 million.

President Trump’s Golf Club In Doonbeg Ireland Includes An 18

Trump Golfs Ultimate Course: Hole No. 2

The tiny village where this club is located has a population of 200, according to the New York Post. It is said to employ over 300 workers.

In November 2018, the Associated Press reported that the course had lost money for the fourth year in a row. Turning a profit isn’t the only challenge the course has been faced with. A year earlier, President Trump angered residents of the town after he received approval to build a wall around the course to protect it from erosion.

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The Truth About Donald Trump’s Golf Courses

At some point in the history of the United States of America, it became a weirdly consistent tradition for every president, senator, and congressperson to be obsessed with hitting a little white ball across a green field. Arguably no U.S. president in recent memory, though, has been as deeply involved with golf as Donald Trump. Years before he entered the realm of politics, Trump added golf course ownership to his resume, and his many courses have not only hosted numerous championships, but some of his most personal family events.

Unfortunately for President Trump, being an extremely public figure means that private business details especially of the shady variety have often leaked through the cracks or have been disclosed. While many people have enjoyed whacking their balls across Trump’s grass, it seems the dealings behind the scenes have often been sketchy at best and deeply unethical at worst. Here’s the truth about Donald Trump’s golf courses.

Where Are Trump’s Golf Courses

Trump Golf was founded in 1999 with the mission “to create the worlds best luxury golf experience”, according to his website.

In October 2020, he was granted permission to build a second golf course on his sprawling estate in Scotland.

His overseas golf courses are:

  • Aberdeen, Scotland – Scottish Natural Heritage slammed Trump for “destroying” the sand dune system, causing permanent habitat loss.
  • Trump Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland – located two hours from Edinburgh.
  • Doonberg, Ireland – situated on 400 acres of coastline along Irelands west coast.
  • Dubai, UAE – Trump International Golf Club has a “state-of-the-art golf performance academy with a floodlit 9-hole, par 3 academy course”.
  • Dubai, UAE – to be constructed, this Dubai course will be designed by the iconic golfing star Tiger Woods.
  • Lido City in Indonesia – the first Trump Golf property in Asia.
  • Bali, Indonesia – currently being built, Trump International Resort & Golf Club Bali will be a “world-class, six-star resort and destination beach club”, says the Trump Organisation.

Trump’s home-grown courses are:

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Trump International Golf Links Scotland

Located outside Aberdeen, Scotland, this course opened in 2012. It was a source of tension for Trump after it met with resistance from locals and environmentalists. In December 2015, Trump lost his bid to stop the Scottish government from building a wind farm nearby. The course was set to host the Scottish Open in 2017, 2019 and 2020. After Trump’s offensive comments about Muslims, the venue for the 2017 Scottish Open was announced as Dundonald Links, in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

Trump National Golf Club Washington Dc

Trump Hits The Golf Course For First Time During Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

This club features two courses and was purchased in 2009. It sits along the Potomac River in Virginia, about 30 miles from the White House. It’s about 20 miles from Congressional Country Club, which is one of the most storied courses in D.C. Trump’s course is set to host the 2017 Senior PGA Championship.

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Unpaid Overtime For The Servers

One area that Trump’s golf courses seem to repeatedly do terribly at, according to USA Today, is the matter of paying low-level workers the money they’ve earned. Unsurprisingly, this has led to plenty of lawsuits over the years. In 2007, for example, a dishwasher named Guy Dorcinvil was forced to sue the Mar-a-Lago resort when he wasn’t paid the promised time-and-a-half for all the overtime he accrued over the course of three years. While Trump’s lawyers never confessed to their client’s wrongdoing, they did reach a settlement agreement to pay the worker $7,500 on the condition that he never discuss the case again. More recently, a group of 48 Trump-employed servers at a Miami resort sued when, after putting in 20-hour days over a 10-day event, they weren’t given their overtime pay. Trump’s lawyers fought the case, at first trying to blame a contractor, but eventually settled with the workers, paying overtime amounts that averaged about $800 per worker.

It might seem hard to believe that the Trump Organization would wage war in these battles, considering the amounts disputed are so minimal to wealthy folks like Trump, but the cases speak for themselves. It raises the question, though: Why can’t a billionaire just pay the proper overtime in the first place instead of continually pinching pennies from the workers?

Trump International Golf Links Ireland

Trump acquired this course in Doonbeg, Ireland, in 2014. Trump has proposed a 15-foot sea wall to protect his course and prevent flooding, but the plan has met with strong opposition from environmentalists. It has stalled because of an endangered snail that inhabits the area, but on Dec. 22, Trump reapplied for permission to build his wall.

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Find Out More *daytime Visits To Golf Clubs Since Inauguration With Evidence Of Playing Golf On At Least 150 Visits Our Last Recorded Outing Was On December 30 2020 Click On Complete Data Table For A List Of Trump’s Outings Or View Our Breakdown Of Total Costs **read About The New Gao Report On The Cost Of Trump’s Trips To Mar

Trump Golf Count Cost Breakdown:
AF1 flights to Mar-a-Lago:
Costs to Bedminster, Palm Beach*: $25,458,300
Cost to guard coast off Mar-a-Lago: $29,972,000
Luxury car rental in Turnberry, Scotland: $1,260,139
Cost of stay at Trump Turnberry, Scotland: $68,800
Total cost of staying in Doonbeg, Ireland: $3,600,000
Total Cost: $144,012,739

* Security costs to local governments in Florida and New Jersey, budgeted at $6.4 million per year, are reimbursed by the Federal government, and are included in the Trump Golf Count total on a prorated basis. While we report exact dollar amounts, it should be noted that these numbers are based on imprecise estimates. See our FAQ page for more information and sources.

Trump Golf Links At Ferry Point Ny

Trumps Virginia golf course cited for illegally cutting down trees ...

This course in the Bronx opened in 2015. It’s public and is owned by New York City, but operated by Trump. It was designed by golf great Jack Nicklaus. Trump’s plan to expand two of the course’s holes onto public land and to double the length of his 20-year contract has been rejected by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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Donald Trump And Golf

Donald Trump is closely associated with the sport of golf. As a real estate developer, Trump began acquiring and constructing golf courses in 1999. By the time of his election as United States President in 2016, he owned 17 golf courses worldwide through his holding company, the Trump Organization. Courses owned by Trump have been selected to host various PGA and LPGA events, including the upcoming 2022 PGA Championship . A spokesman for the Trump Organization said that “This is a breach of a binding contract and they have no right to terminate the agreement”.

Following his election, Trump broke precedent with recent presidents and chose not to divest from his business holdings, including his golf courses. Although not illegal, this led to criticism from ethics lawyers and journalists for potential conflicts of interest. At least three lawsuits have been filed claiming that foreign payments at Trump golf courses and hotels violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Trump National Golf Club Bedminster Nj

This club opened in 2004. It’s unique among Trump’s courses in that he built it from scratch as opposed to buying it from another owner while it was struggling. It’s slated to host the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open and the 2022 PGA Championship. This is the course where his daughter, Ivanka Trump, married her husband, Jared Kushner. The couple will move to D.C. during Trump’s presidency and Ivanka will take over some of the duties normally assigned to the first lady.

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Doral Golf Courses In Miami

This golf resort is home to four uniquely designed Doral golf courses, including one of golf’s most famous – The Blue Monster. With the most recent course transformations of the Red Tiger, Golden Palm and Silver Fox, Trump National Doral sets itself apart from all others by offering an array of distinct and exciting Doral golf experiences all at one location.

All golf rates include golf cart and exclude taxes, caddie fees and gratuity.

6/1/2022 – 9/30/2022

  • Red Tiger & Golden Palm: $195 | Twilight: $155
  • Silver Fox: $188 | Twilight: $150

The Story Behind That Giant $10000 Trump Portrait At The Golf Course

A Failed Trump Golf Course Is Now A Dilapidated State Park But Is It Worth $26.1 Million? | TIME

Apparently, if you visit the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort, you might happen upon a 4-foot painting of Donald Trump’s face. It isn’t that weird, right? Whatever your opinion on Trump, he’s certainly the type of guy to hang up many pictures of himself. The strange thing, as the Miami New Times explains, is that Trump actually purchased this painting for $10,000. And he didn’t use his personal money, but rather the funds of his own “charity.”

How does he explain this one? According to Trump’s attorney the painting was put up for auction at a Mar-a-Lago event in 2014. Trump tried to get the bidding revved up by putting in a starting bid of $10,000 for the painting. The problem? Nobody else bid, so he won. Oops. So Trump was stuck buying an expensive and huge portrait of his own face, and rather than take out his own wallet, he simply diverted those aforementioned charity funds from the Trump Foundation. Not surprisingly, this got him into some legal hot water. Bizarrely enough, this situation mirrored a near-identical controversy from 2007, according to the Washington Post, where Trump spent double that amount on a 6-foot-tall portrait of himself.

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The Golf Courses Donald Trump Owns Around The World:


Trump Turnberry

Home to the famous Ailsa Course, Turnberry has hosted four Open Championships and received a stunning makeover to top our UK& I Top 100 Courses rankings.

Trump International Golf Links – Aberdeen, Scotland

Trump’s Aberdeen property really is of high quality, featuring incredible views and huge dunes.

As a new entry it went straight into Golf Monthly’s 2015/16 Top 100 courses UK& I at number 14 and now stands at 10th in our 19/20 rankings.

Trump International Golf Links – Doonbeg, Ireland

The International Golf Links in Doonbeg ranks 35th in our Top 100 rankings and features one of golf’s best opening holes.

Designed by Greg Norman, he described it as the best piece of golfing property he had ever seen.

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False Civil War Claims

Despite old adages, people pretty much believe everything they read if it sounds authoritative enough. Sometimes this is a problem like on the internet but when you see a historical marker, particularly relating to the U.S. Civil War, you can usually be somewhat certain that it has some basis in fact. Not if you’re at Trump’s golf course in Virginia, though, where a plaque overlooking the Potomac River claims to be the spot of a battle that never occurred.

According to the Telegraph, the inaccurate proclamation appears between the 14th and 15th tee, where the sign states that it is planted in the preserved historical location of a vicious battle between Union and Confederate soldiers, which apparently got so gory that the Potomac River turned red and was subsequently nicknamed “River of Blood.” In theory, this doesn’t seem like so impossible a claim since there were lots of Civil War battles, and they did get quite brutal. According to historians, though, it’s a load of hogwash: Richard Gillespie, the executive director of the Mosby Heritage Area Association, told the New York Times that nothing of the sort ever happened. Trump is apparently the only person who has ever suggested this happened.

Trump, for his part, continues to assert the plaque’s authenticity, despite a total lack of evidence.

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