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When Was Trump’s Last Rally

How Can I Attend Trump’s Iowa Rally

Donald Trump’s last rally before Election Day

Those who want to attend can still register for free tickets online at beneath the “events” tab.

Attendees must submit their information online and then confirm their registration with a verification code sent to their cell phone. A confirmation web page says attendees will be sent more information before the event.

Is Trump Running For Reelection In 2024

Trump has publicly flirted with another run for president in 2024. And because Iowa is expected to again kick off the Republicans’ presidential nominating process with its first-in-the-nation caucuses, his visit here is amplifying speculation that he could enter the race.

Trump easily won Iowa in the 2016 and 2020 general elections, and he remains popular among many Republicans here.

A September Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll showed Trump’s favorability ratings among all Iowans are higher than they ever were while he was president. Today, 53% of Iowans have a favorable view of Trump and 45% have an unfavorable view. Another 2% are not sure how they feel about Trump.

Among Iowa Republicans, he is viewed favorably by 91% and unfavorably by just 7%. Another 2% are unsure. Those marks put Trump in league with Reynolds, who is viewed favorably by 90% of Iowa Republicans. And it surpasses Grassley, who is viewed favorably by 81% of Iowa Republicans.

The numbers come as Trump begins to reengage with the state that is expected to kick off the 2024 presidential nominating process for Republicans. He has personally reached out to Kaufmann, and his PAC has hired two Iowa-based operatives to join its ranks.

  • Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.
  • Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
  • Former Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.
  • Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

How Long Will Trump’s Post

W. James Antle III, Politics Editor |

Former President Donald Trump has once again done the improbable: He has turned a possible federal criminal investigation into a political positive.

In the days since the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, Trump has rallied the Republican Party behind him to a degree not seen since he was in the White House, once again sucking all the oxygen out of the room for other Republicans who might want to run for president in 2024 or are on the ballot in other races this year.

The big question is whether Trump can sustain this momentum as more information about the FBI search is made public, including what exactly the bureau was looking for, why the warrant was issued, and other pertinent details Attorney General Merrick Garland indicated will soon become known.

Until then, Trump is being feted by congressional Republicans who pledge to investigate the Justice Department if their party wins back the majority in November. He is watching his would-be future rivals demand answers from Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, a Trump appointee.

Trump has also extended his lead over those rivals. A Politico-Morning Consult poll taken in the aftermath of the found that 57% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents would support Trump for president in 2024. Thats a 40-point lead over the runner-up, Gov. Ron DeSantis , who dropped from 23% in a previous poll to 17%.

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Full Video: Trump Rally From Anchorage Alaska

Trump’s first political rally in Alaska

For the first time outside of the presidential setting, Donald Trump ventured to the state of Alaska for a Save America rally held on behalf of former Gov. Sarah Palin. The lone congressional seat in the state is open after decades with the passing of longtime incumbent Rep. Don Young, and Palin is locked in a four-way runoff battle to be decided on August 16.

Trump was also on the ground to support Kelly Tshibaka who is currently in a primary battle to oust incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, a frequent Trump critic.

Here are all the rally details including start time, how to watch, and ticketing information for the free event.

Save America Rally in Anchorage, AlaskaWhen: Saturday, July 9, 2022Time: Trump speaking at 8 pm ET Where: Alaska Airlines Center

Trump Save America Rally Schedule

The Overflow Crowd in Ohio at Trump

Former President Donald J. Trump will have numerous rallies scheduled throughout 2022 in the run-up to the midterm elections in November.

Here is a complete list of scheduled rallies as information becomes available. Information contained below includes start times, location, venue, tickets, and live stream information.

Subscribe to email updates to be notified when new events are scheduled.

Upcoming and recent Trump rallies and Freedom Tour stops are listed below on the event calendar.

Save America Rally in Waukesha, WisconsinWhen: Friday, August 5, 2022Time: Trump speaks at 7 pm CT Where: Waukesha County Fairgrounds

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Arizona Candidates Share Spotlight

The event offered down-ballot candidates a few minutes in the spotlight, which could prove pivotal for undecided voters and in races with many candidates where the margins of victory might be smaller.

Candidate for attorney general Abraham Hamadeh, a former prosecutor who is in a six-way primary, painted himself as the antithesis to establishment, weak Republicans. He said the states southern border was a war zone intentionally ignored by the federal government, before pivoting to elections.

Our elections have been hijacked, he said. Our justice system has been corrupted. Its time to restore law and order and hold those who seek to undermine our country accountable. I want justice for what theyve done to us. Its time we lock up some people and put handcuffs on them.

When that prompted cheers of Lock her up, Hamadeh responded in kind: Oh, weve got some motivated patriots, dont we?

Trump, who has suggested he will run for office again in 2024, made repeated references to doing so while onstage, though made no formal announcement.

This is the year were going to take back the House, were going to take back the Senate, he said before cheers drowned out his words. And in 2024, the most important year, were going to take back our beautiful, magnificent White House.

They stand there and watch and they dont act, she said. Thats not right.

If they say theyre going to do something, hes going to make sure they do it, she said.

Donald Trump Says ‘we Are Going To Take Back America’ Crowd Chant ‘usa’

Donald Trump vowed to “take back America” during a fiery speech in Wisconsin on Friday night.

The former President was in the state to support Tim Michels, who he hopes will be the Republican candidate for the Wisconsin Governor election in November.

It has once again put him at odds with his former Vice-President Mike Pence, who is campaigning for Rebecca Kleefisch, Wisconsin’s former Lieutenant Governor, to get the Republican ticket.

Trump addressed a packed rally in Waukesha, on the western outskirts of Milwaukee.

To loud cheers he said: “This is the year we’re going to take back the House, we’re going to take back the Senate and we’re going to take back America.

“And in 2024, most importantly, we are going to take back our magnificent White House, we’re going to take it back.”

As he spoke the gathered crowd started chanting “USA, USA” at a number of points.

The ex-president went on to slam Joe Biden‘s record on both legal and illegal immigration, promising a crackdown if he returns to the White House.

He commented: “We will shut down Biden’s border disaster, reinstitute our strong remain in Mexico policy, strengthen the patriots of ICE and border control.

“We will again end catch and release, one of the dumbest programs ever, we will end chain migration, we will end the visa lottery and we will clamp down on illegal immigration just like we did less than two years ago.”

Newsweek has contacted Trump for comment.

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Donald Trump Faces Several Investigations Heres Where They Stand

Former President Donald J. Trumps legal jeopardy appeared to intensify significantly on Monday with the stunning revelation that federal agents armed with a warrant had searched his Mar-a-Lago club and home in Palm Beach, Fla.

It was not immediately clear what investigators might have seized, but the search took place after federal agents visited the Palm Beach estate in the spring to discuss materials Mr. Trump took with him improperly when he left the White House, including numerous pages of classified documents.

The mere fact that the federal authorities had taken the remarkable step of searching the private residence of a former U.S. president was a reminder of just how much legal scrutiny Mr. Trump is under as he considers running for president again in 2024.

He and his family have criticized the various investigations swirling around him as partisan or vindictive, and they have denied wrongdoing.

Federal prosecutors investigating attempts to reverse Mr. Trumps loss in the 2020 election have asked witnesses directly about his involvement in those efforts. In Georgia, a criminal inquiry is focused on his push to have the election results altered there.

But the judge, Robert C.I. McBurney, tentatively ordered him to show up to deliver in-person testimony on Aug. 17.

Fact Check: Trump’s Claim On Pre

LIVE: Trump Holds Last Campaign Rally Before Election Day in Grand Rapids, Michigan

From CNN’s Holmes Lybran

During tonight’s rally, President Trump told the crowd that his administration would protect those with pre-existing health conditions.We’ll always protect patients with pre-existing conditions always, always, Trump said.

Facts First: Trump’s claim about protecting those with pre-existing conditions is misleading. Though Trump says he would do this, his administration has consistently taken steps to undermine the Affordable Care Act — including joining a lawsuit aimed at striking down the law — without presenting alternative plans that would offer similar benefits.

Read the full fact check here.

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Trump Is Baselessly Suggesting That The Fbi May Have Planted Evidence During Its Search

Even as former President Donald J. Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment in a New York inquiry into his business practices, he and his allies began an effort to discredit another investigation, suggesting without evidence that federal agents may have planted incriminating materials before searching his residence in Florida on Monday.

In a post on Wednesday morning on his social media app, Truth Social, Mr. Trump said that the agents who showed up at would not let anyone, including his lawyers, observe their work, which was authorized by a federal magistrate judge.

Mr. Trump who has not released the search warrant provided by the agents to his lawyers or the manifest his team was given of the materials the agents gathered and removed baselessly suggested that the F.B.I. might have acted inappropriately.

Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be alone, he wrote, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, planting.

Mr. Trumps effort to sow doubts about the F.B.I.s search before the results are known was in keeping with his history of trying to head off news by seeking to turn the tables on his accusers. The former presidents first line of attack against adversaries is often to mount a campaign in advance to discredit them and their work.

There is no security that something wasnt planted, Ms. Bobb said before quickly admitting that she did not know if anything improper had occurred.

Thousands Attended The Packed Rally

GettyFormer President Donald Trump tosses hats to the crowd as he arrives during a rally at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on April 23, 2022 in Delaware, Ohio.

Thousands of people attended the rally, which took place at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio, Toledo Blade reported. Trumps speech began around 7 p.m. Eastern, but people were allowed inside the venue beginning in the afternoon. Trump began his speech a few minutes early.

While an official crowd size estimate hasnt yet been shared, reporters who were at the event seem divided on how many were there. Some believe it was a packed crowd, while others felt like it might have been a bit smaller than Trumps past rallies. Most agreed that since the venue was so large, it was hard to estimate just how many attended and compare it to past rallies.

Jo Ingles, a reporter for Ohio Public Radio, tweeted that she didnt know how many were attending, but theres a lot packed around the horse track.

I have no idea how many people are here but theres a lot packed around the horse track

Jo Ingles

She later said that Trump claimed the event broke the venues attendance records, but she would need to verify if that was true.

#DonaldTrump said the crowd goes back as far as the eye can see. #SaveAmerica#TrumpRally

Mary Jane Sanese

Shortly before his speech began, she tweeted that in addition to the main stage / blocked off sitting area, the crowd wraps around on each side and goes back.

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Trump Claims Victory On Daca Despite Scotus Ruling Blocking His Attempts To End Program

From CNN’s Jason Hoffman

President Trump claimed his administration actually won the Supreme Courts ruling on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals , despite the Supreme Court issuing a 5-4 decision against his administrations attempt at ending the Obama-era program.

The President also said he will be refiling in the case, something he said he would do in a tweet after the ruling was handed down on Thursday.

But we actually won on DACA yesterday. We actually won. Because they basically said you won, but you have to come back and redo it. It’s almost like, gee come on back. Your paperwork was no good. But we are going to be refiling, but dont let it get you, everythings gonna work out really good, everythings gonna work out, Trump said at his campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday night. They came back and they said we don’t like what you did with your paperwork essentially. So we are refiling it. Most people would say oh we lost. We didn’t lose. We are refiling it.

In a 5-4 ruling Thursday, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to end the program that protects undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children from deportation and allows them to work in the US.

On Friday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany confirmed the White House is looking for a way forward.

Who Wore Masks At Trump’s Rally

At Minneapolis Rally, an Angry Trump Reserves Sharpest Attack for Biden ...

The Trump campaign has underscored that it’s up to rally attendees to decide whether or not to wear a mask, and many have chosen not to wear one, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other supporters of the President inside the BOK Center in Tulsa.

The Trump campaign confirmed earlier Saturday that six campaign staffers working the Tulsa event have tested positive for coronavirus and “quarantine procedures were immediately implemented.”

Many of the Trump campaign surrogates tasked with being part of a show of force for Saturday’s event were photographed sans-mask on a chartered plane ride to the rally.

President Trump and several speakers at the rally took the stage without a mask.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan was filmed mingling with rallygoers inside the arena without a mask. And Oklahoma GOP Sen. James Inhofe was seen in a seating section near the stage without a mask. One of the most prominent supporters of the Brexit movement, Nigel Farage, was seen inside the arena without a mask as well.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale was spotted wearing a face mask at the rally site, but earlier Saturday, he was photographed with other Trump surrogates not wearing one. Oklahoma GOP Sen. James Lankford was also seen with a mask inside the arena. According to the White House press pool, Trump donor and oil tycoon Harold Hamm wore a mask at the rally site.

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Former President Trumps Rally In Arizona Postponed Until Next Week

PHOENIX Former President Donald Trump has postponed a rally originally planned for this Saturday in Prescott Valley.

Friday morning, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake shared the news on Twitter, with a screenshot from Trump on another social media site that says the rally will now happen next Friday, July 22. The postponement comes after Trumps first wife, Ivana Trump, died on Thursday in New York City at the age of 73.

Additional details about next Fridays rally are pending. For the original event planned for Saturday, Trump was expected to deliver speeches of support for Lake, U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters and others at the Findlay Toyota Center.

My heart goes out to President Trump and his children. I am saddened to receive news that tomorrows Save America rally has been cancelled, however I know firsthand that it is important to be surrounded by family when you lose a Mother. We look forward to seeing you next Friday!

Kari Lake for AZ Governor

Latest News

Tim Michels Was Fired Up

Governor hopeful Tim Michels gave one of his most energetic speeches yet, buoyed by Trump’s late-stage appearance. The construction executive, who entered the race late and shot up in the polls after Trumps endorsement, is hoping to capitalize off the momentum, particularly in the Milwaukee suburbs on Kleefischs home turf. Election integrity, Michels said, is his No. 1 priority.

“We are going to stop the Zuckerbucks, out-of-state billionaires coming into our state and taking control of our election process. It wont happen anymore.” Michels was referring to grants to Wisconsin municipalities funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. Courts have upheld the private grants, most of which went to larger cities where Democratic voters are concentrated.

More:Grants to five cities are at the heart of Wisconsin Republicans’ election review. Here are the activities under scrutiny

Michels continued to hammer on his branding as the race’s outsider and decried the influence of lobbyists in elections.

“My opponent, her husbands a lobbyist as well. We need to get those people out of government. We need to bring some purity back into government.”

More:With massive wealth, Tim Michels can afford to stay on the air in Wisconsin’s race for governor

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