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Why Donald Trump Is The Best President

He Is Headstrong And Speaks The Truth

Donald J. Trump: The Greatest President in History of All Time | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Though Trump may not be always politically correct, he never refrains from speaking the truth. He is headstrong and carries a certain voice in his opinion. He faces every issue bravely and is capable of thinking of an innovative solution.

He also has a great level of transparency, thus making the people have faith in him and this proves to be another great quality of a great politician.

President Trump Exposed Liberal Fascism

Any individual with even a shred of political awareness can agree that division in America is at an all-time high. As such, many people in this country have different viewpoints regarding which person or group ought to shoulder the blame. As can be expected, many progressives and liberals have faulted Trump and his policies. The intolerant left alleges that Trumps policies and reform measures are to blame for the current state of division.

As usual, the assertions made by progressives and other left-wingers couldnt possibly be more inaccurate. Trump did not engender the lefts hatred he exposed it. Violent protests, scaling the Statue of Liberty, heckling Trump administration officials and tossing them out of restaurants are all actions that the left has willingly engaged in. The president has greatly exposed the lengths to which the left will go when they feel as though theyre not getting what they want.

Promotion Of Conspiracy Theories

Before and throughout his presidency, Trump has promoted numerous conspiracy theories, including Obama birtherism, the Clinton Body Count theory, QAnon, the Global warming hoax theory, Trump Tower wiretapping allegations, a John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory involving Rafael Cruz, linking talk show host Joe Scarborough to the death of a staffer, alleged foul-play in the death of Antonin Scalia, alleged Ukrainian interference in U.S. elections, and that Osama bin Laden was alive and Obama and Biden had members of Navy SEAL Team 6 killed. In at least two instances Trump clarified to press that he also believed the conspiracy theory in question.

During and since the 2020 presidential election, Trump has promoted various conspiracy theories for his defeat including dead people voting, voting machines changing or deleting Trump votes, fraudulent mail-in voting, throwing out Trump votes, and “finding” suitcases full of Biden votes.

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President Trump Saved America From Hillary Clinton

Had Trump not run for office, it is very likely that Americans would currently be stuck with Clinton as the commander in chief. Clinton embodied corruption, dishonesty, entitlement and every other negative trait that is typically associated with politicians. Furthermore, the former secretary of state had a terrible track record during her time as a government official and felt entitled to the Oval Office.

Aside from Clintons abysmal experience and character, her proposed policies were even worse. Were it not for Trump, Americans might currently be faced with higher taxes, upsurges in illegal immigration and other dastardly policies that would run this country into the ground. Thanks to the current president, the economy is at an all-time high, illegal immigration has decreased and the amount of Americans on food stamps has also .

‘standing Up To China’

Survey finds Trump is worst president ever, Obama in top 10

Saikrishna Prakash is a University of Virginia Law School professor focusing on constitutional law, foreign relations law and presidential powers.

What’s Trump’s key legacy?

The last gasps of his administration are the most consequential, as he exerts a control over his most devoted followers and he’s talking about running again.

He forced people to consider what the presidency has become in a way that wasn’t true I think either during the Bush or Obama administrations. Issues like the 25th Amendment and impeachment hasn’t been thought of since Bill Clinton, really.

It’s possible that people now when they think of the presidency are perhaps going to adopt a different stance going forward, knowing that someone like Trump could come along.

It’s possible that Congress will delegate less to the president and take away some authority.

What else stands out to you?

The president has demonstrated that there’s a constituency who’s opposed to a lot of these trade deals and that there are people willing to vote for those who will either extricate us from these trade deals or “make them fairer”.

The president has also suggested that China has been taking advantage of the United States in ways that are deleterious to our economic and national security – and I think there’s a consensus behind this view. No one wants to be accused of being soft on China, whereas no one cares if you’re “soft” on Canada, right?

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President Trump Personifies Success

One of the most remarkable aspects of Trump is his success. The president owns multiple hotels, resorts, golf courses, residential towers and more. He has authored multiple best-selling books and currently maintains a net worth in the billions.

Unfortunately, success is something that is constantly under attack by progressives and Democrats. These attacks are largely carried out by the lefts incessant calls to increase taxes on wealthy, successful Americans. However, what the liberal left fails to realize is that one cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor.

Success is something that must be earned and worked for. Having Trump in office places a spotlight on his achievements it also shows that anything can be accomplished with determination, gumption, hard work and consistency.

Former Gop Congressman Says Liz Cheney Will Be Voted Out Of Office Here’s Why

Even though President Donald Trump famously boasted he would be “more presidential than any president that’s ever held office” with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, historians now say he’s among America’s worst presidents.

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Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Make The Best President Ever

13. Trump gets it. He believes in American exceptionalism, hes committed to education, an he demands high performance. After all, he has been know to fire anyone that doesnt meet his high standards. Talk about efficiency.

12. Trump is planning to build a great, great wall on our southern border between the U.S. and Mexico. The best part? Hes planning to have Mexico pay for that wall, and mark his words, I will immediately terminate President Obamas illegal executive order on immigration.

Plus, with less authentic delicious Mexican food here in the U.S., obesity rates will probably drop.

11. No one will be tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump. Mostly because Islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the Middle East and theyve become rich. They even built a hotel making themselves a direct competitor of Trump Hotel.

10. Trump has a confidence and a self-assured, powerful personality that is perfectly suited for politics. Unlike other politicians who tend to be swayed by lobbyists and special interests, Trump is his own special interest and is unlikely to give that power away to anyone but Trump.

9. Trump is extremely rich, obviously, and his track record for financial success proves that he knows how to build a successful empire. With the U.S. trillions of dollars in debt, this is the sort of leader that might be able to turn it all around.

1. Why would Trump make the best president of all time?

Because he said so.

Legal Affairs And Bankruptcies

Donald Trump: I will be the ‘greatest president God ever created’

FixerRoy Cohn served as Trump’s lawyer and mentor for 13 years in the 1970s and 1980s. According to Trump, Cohn sometimes waived fees due to their friendship. In 1973, Cohn helped Trump countersue the United States government for $100 million over its charges that Trump’s properties had racial discriminatory practices. Trump and Cohn lost that case when the countersuit was dismissed and the government’s case went forward. In 1975, an agreement was struck requiring Trump’s properties to furnish the New York Urban League with a list of all apartment vacancies, every week for two years, among other things. Cohn introduced political consultant Roger Stone to Trump, who enlisted Stone’s services to deal with the federal government.

As of April 2018, Trump and his businesses had been involved in more than 4,000 state and federal legal actions, according to a running tally by USA Today.

While Trump has not filed for personal bankruptcy, his over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and New York filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection six times between 1991 and 2009. They continued to operate while the banks restructured debt and reduced Trump’s shares in the properties.

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Misogyny And Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Trump has a history of insulting and belittling women when speaking to media and on social media. He made lewd comments, demeaned women’s looks, and called them names, such as ‘dog’, ‘crazed, ‘crying lowlife’, ‘face of a pig’, or ‘horseface’.

In October 2016, two days before the second presidential debate, a 2005 “hot mic” recording surfaced in which Trump is heard bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent, saying “when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything… grab ’em by the pussy.” The incident’s widespread media exposure led to Trump’s first public apology during the campaign and caused outrage across the political spectrum.

At least twenty-six women, including his first wife, have publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct. There were allegations of rape, violence, being kissed and groped without consent, looking under women’s skirts, and walking in on naked pageant contestants. In 2016, he denied all accusations, calling them “false smears” and alleging a conspiracy against him and the American people.

Five Reasons To Like President Donald Trump

The Trump presidency may be the best thing that happened to America since super-white Wonder Bread and Mickey Mouse.

  • John Sims, a Detroit native, is a multi-media artist, writer, and producer.

Trumpty Dumpty sat on US all,

Trumpty Dumpty had a bigly fall.

All the GOPs foxes and all the Alt-Right men

Couldnt Make America Great Again.

When I was growing up, I always thought the president of the United States had to be smart, honest, kind and in possession of a higher sense of integrity. Later in the game, during the presidential debates, I was introduced by Hillary Clinton to the mysterious existence of public and private positioning, separated by a membrane of performance and political intelligence.

INSIDE STORY: Will Donald Trump last through his first full term as US president?

Donald Trump, as president, knows none of this. And this is why I am glad Trump is president. Let us be very clear I am not fond of Mr Trump, his politics, his TV show or his ties. I like him as a person as much as I like electoral college democracy, the fake pursuit of American happiness and segregated healthcare. And no, I did not vote for him. But I do like his child-like, knee-jerk, unpolished responses, which Twitter enables and distributes at the speed of electricity.

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Donald Trump Is The Best Ever President In The History Of The Cosmos Here’s Why

Its no longer interesting, or particularly newsworthy, to point out that Donald Trump lies. It stopped being interesting a long time ago. He lied en route to the presidency. He lied about the crowd at his inauguration. His speech itself was one big lie. And the falsehoods only metastasized from there.

Why? Weve covered that, too, most recently in all the chatter about Too Much and Never Enough, by Mary Trump, who is not only his niece but also a clinical psychologist. He lies because he grew up among liars. He lies because hyperbole and hooey buoy his fragile ego. He lies because he is practiced at it, is habituated to it and never seems to pay much of a price for it.

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What intrigues me is that last part: the impunity. I want to understand how he has gotten away with all of the lying because Im desperate to know whether hell continue to.

Thats the question at the heart of his reelection bid, because his strategy isnt really law and order or racism or a demonization of liberals as monument-phobic wackadoodles or a diminution of Joe Biden as a doddering wreck. All of those gambits are there, but they spring from and burble back to a larger, overarching scheme. His strategy is fiction. His strategy is lies.

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The Worst President In History

13 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Make the Best President, Ever

Three particular failures secure Trumps status as the worst chief executive ever to hold the office.

About the author: Tim Naftali is a clinical associate professor of history at NYU. He was the first director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

President Donald Trump has long exulted in superlatives. The first. The best. The most. The greatest. No president has ever done what Ive done, he boasts. No president has ever even come close, he says. But as his four years in office draw to an end, theres only one title to which he can lay claim: Donald Trump is the worst president America has ever had.

In December 2019, he became the third president to be impeached. Last week, Trump entered a category all his own, becoming the first president to be impeached twice. But impeachment, which depends in part on the makeup of Congress, is not the most objective standard. What does being the worst president actually mean? And is there even any value, at the bitter end of a bad presidency, in spending energy on judging a pageant of failed presidencies?

For decades in the 20th century, many historians agreed that the title Trump has recently earned properly belonged to Warren G. Harding, a president they remembered. The journalist H. L. Mencken, master of the acidic bon mot, listened to Hardings inaugural address and despaired. No other such complete and dreadful nitwit is to be found in the pages of American history, he wrote.

And then theres Richard Nixon.

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Dreams Do Come True With The Solution

From the upper echelons of the scientific establishment comes a completely new definition of reality and the human being. The most advanced physics in the world tells us that accumulated knowledge in all fields is based on a false premise.

As a result, all curriculum from grade school to university will need to be entirely overhauled. The end result will be a complete and total reversal of focus that will bring about a new human with entirely new and superior ways of achieving goals and solving problems. But we cannot do that while the myths we live be prevent each of us from achieving our goals.

The secret to creating the life you want is in the solution. Learn how to become powerful and unstoppable by having the right knowledge. We unknowingly wield immense power. We must recognize the fantastic power we possess and learn to use it constructively.

Here and now, we have the power to work magic of such proportions we have never fathomed. Yet unseized, such power waits for us to claim it. It is of no use until we awaken to it.

After reducing U.S. fossil fuel dependence by age 18, I set out on a more important goal. I imagined myself in the future having achieved my mission to liberate humanity.

The Dragon Slayer was a fictional book with a nonfiction message.

Something far more hideous than a fleshed-out dragon appeared. My thoughts saved me however, and I proved the concepts work.

The prophecy put forth in the Dragon Slayer book has been fulfilled.

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