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Who Is Running Against Trump In 2020 Election

Attempts To Delay Or Deny Election Results

Election Deniers Who Say Trump Won In 2020 On The Ballot In Key State

Republican reactions to Donald Trumps claims of 2020 election fraudTexas v. Pennsylvaniaamicus curiae

In November, Trump focused his efforts on trying to delay vote certifications at the county and state level. On December 2, Trump posted a 46-minute video to his social media in which he repeated his baseless claims that the election was rigged and fraudulent and called for either the state legislatures or the courts to overturn the results of the election and allow him to stay in office. He continued to apply pressure to elected Republicans in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania in an unprecedented attempt to overturn the election result. Some commentators have characterized Trumps actions as an attempted coup détat or self-coup.

On December 15, the day after the electoral college vote, Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who was previously among those who would not recognize the election results, publicly accepted Bidens win, saying, Today, I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.

In a December 21 news conference, outgoing Attorney General William Barr disavowed several actions reportedly being considered by Trump, including seizing voting machines, appointing a special counsel to investigate voter fraud, and appointing one to investigate Hunter Biden.

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Who’s Running Against Trump In 2020 Look No Further Than The Democrats Calling For Him To Resign

Many of the names on a growing list of Democratic lawmakers calling for President Donald Trump’s resignation have one thing in commonrumors of a 2020 presidential run.

On Friday, Senator Kamala Harris joined Senators Kirsten Gillibrand , Cory Booker , Bernie Sanders , Jeff Merkley , and Ron Wyden , Bob Casey and Mazie Hirono in demanding Trump step down over more than a dozen allegations of sexual misconduct, a position that may become requisite for any Democrat weighing a presidential bid. Political strategists have floated the possibility of 2020 campaigns for all but Wyden, Casey and Hirono.

“It’s absolutely a strategic move on their part to try to differentiate themselves from some of the other politicians rumored to be running for president,” Jim Manley, a veteran Democratic Senate aide, told Newsweek. “They’re staking out a position that an awful lot of folks agree with, and if you’re someone who wants to pull ahead early on, it’s probably the right move to make.”

“This is something these women care deeply about,” Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor, told Newsweek. “These Democratic women especially have made sure to stand up for women, for their stories, for their credibility and for their voices.”

“Democrats can’t run just on being anti-Trump,” Cardona said. “It’s a simple easy message. It’s not rocket science.”

Sen Mitt Romney Of Utah

A Gallup poll last March found Romney, 74, has a higher approval rating among Democrats than Republicans, so you might figure he doesnt have a prayer in taking his partys nomination again. A February Morning Consult poll, though, had Romney polling ahead of Republicans like Pompeo, Cotton and Hawley. So, youre telling me theres a chance? Yes, a one-in-a-million chance.

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee and his wife, Ann, have five sons. He graduated from Brigham Young University and Harvard Law. Romney is a former Massachusetts governor, and the first person to be a governor and senator from two different states since Sam Houston, who was governor of Tennessee and a senator from Texas. Romney is this years JFK Profile in Courage Award recipient.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., asks a question to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing on the State Departments 2021 budget on Capitol Hill on July 30, 2020, in Washington.

Greg Nash, Associated Press

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Public Critical Of Trumps Impact On Tone Of Us Political Debate

On balance, the public believes that Trump has had a negative impact on the tone and nature of political debate in the U.S. A narrow 55% majority says hes changed the tone of debate for the worse, compared with just 25% who say hes changed it for the better 19% say he hasnt changed the tone of political debate much either way. Views on this question are nearly identical to those in the spring of 2019.

A large majority of Democrats and Democratic leaners say Trump has changed the tone and nature of political debated for the worse.

Among Republicans and Republican leaners, views are more mixed. Half say he has changed the nature of political debate in the country for the better, while 28% say he hasnt changed it much and 21% say hes changed it for the worse. There is a significant divide in views on this question among Republicans by ideology. Far more conservative Republicans say Trump has changed U.S. political debate for the better than for the worse . By contrast, moderate and liberal Republicans are about as likely to say hes changed debate for the worse as for the better .

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Lifelong Republicans Explain Why They

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially entered the Democratic primary in November, launching an unconventional pursuit of the partyâs presidential nomination after years of flirting with a bid for the nation’s highest office.

“I offer myself as a doer and a problem solver — not a talker. And as someone who is ready to take on the tough fights â and win,” Bloomberg said in a statement on his website. “Defeating Trump — and rebuilding America — is the most urgent and important fight of our lives. And Iâm going all in.”

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Half Of Republican Nominees Have At Least Flirted With Denying The Election

As mentioned above, out of 340 Republican nominees for Senate, House, governor, attorney general and secretary of state so far, 120 are full-blown election deniers .2 This includes people like Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, who said in a campaign ad that the fake news, big tech and blue-state liberals stole the election from President Trump, and Indiana Rep. Greg Pence, who voted not to certify Pennsylvanias electoral votes and hasnt spoken out on the issue since. It also includes at least four people who attended the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol: Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, Ohio 9th Congressional District nominee J.R. Majewski, Oregon senatorial nominee Jo Rae Perkins and North Carolina 1st Congressional District nominee Sandy Smith.

Sen Ted Cruz Of Texas

Cruz, 50, could start out a 2024 election campaign in a much stronger position than his first run in 2016, when he came in second. Its not uncommon for Republicans to select the recent runner up to later be their nominee which is what happened to Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole and Ronald Reagan.

A lot has happened to Cruz since 2016. For one, he became an ardent Trump supporter and grew a beard. But Cruz has also learned lessons from his first presidential run. Should he run again in the 2024 election, hed be a much more experienced campaigner with a more finely tuned message, higher name ID, and a carefully maintained donor base, one Republican strategist said.

Cruz has also faced backlash for objecting to President Joe Bidens Electoral College win. Following the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, seven Democrats asked the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., for amplifying claims of election fraud that led to violence. In Texas, the Republican Accountability Project paid for 100 billboards calling on Cruz to resign. Cruz also angered some close to him, like a longtime friend and former campaign chair who denounced him, and his chief spokesperson, who resigned, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., speaks at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs & amp Senate Rules and Administration joint hearing on Capitol Hill, Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021.

Andrew Harnik, Associated Press

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Republican Candidates Who Deny 2020 Election Results Win Key Primaries

Victories underscore the continued political potency of the stolen election myth, with most significant win in Arizona

Candidates who question the 2020 election results won a handful of key primaries on Tuesday, underscoring the continued political potency of the myth of a stolen election in US politics.

The most significant victory was in Arizona, where , who was endorsed by Donald Trump, easily won the GOP nomination for secretary of state, placing him one step closer to overseeing elections in a key battleground state.

Finchem, who has self-identified with the far-right Oath Keepers, vigorously fought to block certification of Joe Bidenâs legitimate victory in Arizona and has sought to overturn it ever since.

He told reporters on Tuesday he received a subpoena from the Department of Justice, which is investigating the January 6 attack, about a month ago. He has also been subpoenaed by the congressional committee investigating the attack.

Finchem joins prominent election deniers in Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania who have earned the Republican nomination for positions in which they would wield considerable power over elections.

In the Arizona gubernatorial primary, Kari Lake, a Trump-backed former news anchor who has made election misinformation a centerpiece of her campaign, narrowly led rival Karrin Taylor Robson on Wednesday morning.

The Election Deniers Dominating The Primaries In Colorado

Pence was asked if he’d run against Trump in 2024. Hear his response

An additional 48 nominees have expressed doubts about the election despite the multitude of evidence that it was legitimate. This includes people like Nevada gubernatorial nominee Joe Lombardo and Arkansas gubernatorial nominee Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who have both said some fraud took place but theyre not sure how much Oregon 5th District nominee Lori Chavez-DeRemer, who did not take a direct stance but used dog-whistle language that undermined faith in the election and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who gave credence to Trumps false claims by proposing an election integrity commission.

Heres a snapshot of the whole Republican primary field so far:

In total, almost half of the GOPs nominees for these offices have at least dabbled in false election claims. However, a lot of that is simply because the candidate pool overall was sympathetic to these claims, rather than primary voters going out of their way to elect election deniers. Thirty percent of all Republican candidates for those offices explicitly denied the elections legitimacy, and another 16 percent questioned it. To be sure, that leaves a lot of Republican candidates who didnt fall into this camp, but it is still notable that such a large share of political hopefuls from one of our two main parties is not ready to accept the result of a fair democratic election.

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More: Joe Biden: Everything You Need To Know About The 2020 Presidential Candidate

Biden entered the race with the kind of name recognition that made him a de facto front-runner. But he’s also faced questions about accusations from women about unwanted touching, money, messaging, age, identity and ideology in a political environment vastly different from the one he began his career in decades ago.

Business Executives And Leaders

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    Nearly 1 In 3 Republican Candidates For Statewide Office Support False Election Claims

    Nearly 1 in 3 Republican candidates for statewide offices that play a role in overseeing, certifying or defending elections supported overturning the results of the 2020 presidential race, according to an Associated Press review.

    They include contenders from one end of the country to the other, often in pivotal swing states, for positions that are the linchpins of democracy.

    In Michigan, Kristina Karamo, a community college professor who signed an affidavit to a lawsuit seeking to throw out President Joe Bidens win, is running to be the states top elections official. In Arizona, GOP candidates for the three top statewide offices all backed setting aside Bidens victory in their state.

    The breadth of election denial among Republicans is a reminder of the grip that Donald Trump has on the party. As the midterm primary season reaches its conclusion next week, Trump has wielded the power of his endorsement with great effect, lifting candidates who parrot his conspiracy theories while largely sidelining those who accepted the legitimacy of Bidens election.

    Of the 86 Republican candidates vying for those positions in 37 states in the fall, one-third have echoed Trumps lies about widespread fraud costing him reelection, according to the AP review. Only 40% would directly say Biden was legitimately elected.

    When The House Subpoenaed A Former President For Testimony In 1846 He Complied Will Trump

    Donald Trump warned

    The Jan. 6 committees decision to issue a subpoena to former President Donald J. Trump may not yield the same result that a House committee subpoena of former President John Tyler for testimony did in 1846. Tyler complied.

    Mr. Trump has signaled disdain for the Jan. 6 committee, and his lawyers may advise him to fight it instead, since answering questions under oath could risk perjury charges if he lies.

    But Mr. Trump may choose to testify, taking advantage of an opportunity for a dramatic televised event starring himself. The former president has been telling aides he favors doing so, as long as he gets to do so live, according to a person familiar with his discussions.

    Still, Mr. Trump has repeatedly pursued a strategy of using the slow pace of litigation and appeals to run out the clock on congressional oversight efforts. If Republicans take control of the House in the midterm elections, they are likely to shut down the committee in January long before any such fight, if there is one, is likely to be over.

    When a congressional committees subpoena is defied, the full chamber can impose the symbolic punishment of declaring a recalcitrant witness in contempt. But Congress relies on the other two branches of government for enforcement of its subpoenas.

    As a former president, though, Mr. Trump would be able to raise novel constitutional objections to compelled testimony that would likely take significant time to sort out.

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    The Head Of Judicial Watch Told Trump To Declare Victory Based On Ballots Submitted On Election Day

    Former President Donald J. Trump was advised by Tom Fitton, the leader of the conservative group Judicial Watch, to declare victory in the presidential election strictly on the basis of votes cast on Election Day, as opposed to those submitted earlier, the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol revealed on Thursday.

    The information emerged during the latest public hearing held by the committee, as part of an effort to show that Mr. Trump had what Representative Zoe Lofgren called a premeditated plan, formed before Election Day, to declare lawfully cast absentee and mail-in votes as illegitimate.

    Committee members revealed that Mr. Fitton had sent an email to Mr. Trumps assistant, Molly Michael, and his longtime adviser, Dan Scavino, counseling the president on how to handle an expected wave of votes cast before Election Day that would likely benefit Joseph R. Biden Jr.

    The email, sent on Oct. 31, 2020, showed him suggesting that Mr. Trump should say, The ballots counted by the Election Day deadline show the American people have bestowed on me the great honor of re-election to President of the United States the deadline by which voters in states across the country must choose a president.

    It went on: We had an election today and I won.

    The email was obtained by the committee from the National Archives.

    Sen Rick Scott Of Florida

    Scott, 68, is a first-term senator whose biggest asset could be his fundraising. During his 2018 campaign, he raised more than $20 million, in addition to $63 million of his own money he chipped in, according to Politico, and hes also chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Scott and his wife, Ann Holland, have two children, and he was previously the governor of Florida.

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