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What Is Wrong With Trump

When He Suggested Vaccines Cause Autism

Something Appears To Be Wrong With Donald Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

While on the campaign trail, Trump met with anti-vaxxers, including Andrew Wakefield whose now-disproved study into the MMR vaccine and autism helped renew an anti-vaccine movement in 1998.

This followed over 20 occasions where Trump tweeted about links between vaccines and autism, for which there is no evidence.

Once elected, Trump had plans to establish an advisory commission to look at federal vaccine policies, reportedly because he had some doubts and questions.

Funnily enough, with coronavirus floating about, hes now a big fan of vaccines.

Psychological Terms That Characterize The Trump Presidency

Trumps presidency has given rise to heated discussion about a range of psychological phenomena, well beyond the debate about his own personality. The term gaslighting refers to the manipulative attempt to make people question their own perceptions or memory, and it has often been invoked to describe Trumps actions and statements, especially those about fake news.

The question of whether or not Trumps style could accurately be characterized as authoritarian has sparked analysis of other world leaders, past and present. Whatever ones position on Trump and his policies, a narrow area of agreement for most Americans is that the political climate has never been more corrosive and that it reflects, to a greater or lesser degree, Trumps contrarian approach to leadership.

How Did Psychologists Respond To President Trumps Election

Psychologists clashed in their response to President Trump. Many spoke out despite the Goldwater Rule: Psychologist John Gartner began with a petition, signed by thousands of mental health professionals, declaring that Donald Trump must be removed from office because he has a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States and later founded the advocacy organization Duty to Warn.

Others in the field vehemently disagree with the decision to diagnose President Trump. Psychiatrist Allen Frances, who helped write the DSM-5, argues that President Trump is a threat to democracy but one that needs to be addressed politically rather than psychologically. Diagnosing President Trump based on public behavior alone is inadequate because forces such as political motivation could be driving such behavior and that behavior may not be causing distress or impairment, he argues.

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When Was Accused Of Revealing Classified Information To Russian Ambassador

Said one U.S official to a Washington Post reporter about a meeting Trump had with the Russian ambassador and and foreign minister:

He revealed more information to the Russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies.

Apparently Trumps loose lips even jeopardised a mole inside the Islamic State. Awkward!

Muzzling Its Members Is A Dereliction Of Duty By The American Psychiatric Association

[Serious] What is wrong with Donald Trump

In 1964, Fact magazine published an unscientific survey asking psychiatrists whether they thought the Republican nominee, Barry Goldwater, was psychologically fit to serve as president of the United States. The problem wasnt that professionals felt the need to share their views of what they considered Goldwaters dangerous ideas it was the irresponsible and often bizarre analyses that were in some cases based entirely on rank speculation. Goldwater is basically a paranoid schizophrenic who resembles Mao Tse-tung, one offered. Another said that he has the same pathological make-up as Hitler, Castro, Stalin and other known schizophrenic leaders. A third said that a megalomaniacal, grandiose omnipotence appears to pervade Mr. Goldwaters personality.

The American public is inadequately educated about mental health. It would take a serious, sustained explication, backed by the power and reach of a professional association, to help us understand why the emotional and psychological stability of our leaders matters and can have an impact on all of us. Every day legal experts weigh in on Donalds unconstitutional or norm-breaking behaviors. Since his covid-19 diagnosis, medical experts have speculated about the course of his illness and the potentially dangerous side effects he may be experiencing as a result of the experimental treatments hes received. Only the mental health experts have been effectively sidelined.

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Yeah Its A Blog And Not A Competitor To Facebook So What

This week President Trump, who learned his perma-ban from Facebook is going to remain in place for the time being, launched what had previously been billed as his own social media platform.

Its not. The From the Desk of Donald J. Trump entry into cyberspace is a blog. Its not a platform in the sense weve become used to.

Its obviously a platform for Trump, in that hes going to be posting hot takes there like he used to do on Twitter and Facebook. But the desk wont be a place where people leave comments or talk to each other.

The impression wed all received was that Trump would be building his own social media app to compete with Big Tech. Lots of people think thats whats necessary, particularly as the existing alternatives like Parler, Gab, and MeWe arent exactly winning awards for their user experience .

Perhaps Trump suffered a bit from his customary buildup. Perhaps he overpromised. He does that a little, but hes a promoter its what promoters do. For Trump, a blog was what he needed to have. He needed a place on the web where he could drop takes and get them into cyberspace, and a Twitter or Facebook account wasnt going to do it for him anymore, obviously.

For whatever reason Trump hasnt just moved his online presence to Parler or Gab. Maybe he ought to join us at The Speakeasy . But hes under no obligation to do that, and whats pretty obvious is that Trump wants to control the site where his takes originate.

Why Trump Cant Afford To Lose

    Save this story for later.


The President was despondent. Sensing that time was running out, he had asked his aides to draw up a list of his political options. He wasnt especially religious, but, as daylight faded outside the rapidly emptying White House, he fell to his knees and prayed out loud, sobbing as he smashed his fist into the carpet. What have I done? he said. What has happened? When the President noted that the military could make it easy for him by leaving a pistol in a desk drawer, the chief of staff called the Presidents doctors and ordered that all sleeping pills and tranquillizers be taken away from him, to insure that he wouldnt have the means to kill himself.

The downfall of Richard Nixon, in the summer of 1974, was, as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein relate in The Final Days, one of the most dramatic in American history. That August, the Watergate scandal forced Nixonwho had been cornered by self-incriminating White House tape recordings, and faced impeachment and removal from officeto resign. Twenty-nine individuals closely tied to his Administration were subsequently indicted, and several of his top aides and advisers, including his Attorney General, John Mitchell, went to prison. Nixon himself, however, escaped prosecution because his successor, Gerald Ford, granted him a pardon, in September, 1974.

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Schumer Slams Republicans: They Played A Risky And Partisan Game

Here’s a fact you may have missed amid all of the coverage of the allegations and revelations in the new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa: The top general in the country believed that President Donald Trump was in significant enough mental decline that he took countermeasures to ensure Trump didn’t start a war with China on his way out the door.

“Woodward and Costa write that Milley, deeply shaken by the assault, ‘was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election, with Trump now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies.’“Milley worried that Trump could ‘go rogue,’ the authors write.“‘You never know what a president’s trigger point is,’ Milley told his senior staff,”“The book details a private call McCarthy had with Trump the night before Biden’s inauguration. According to Woodward and Costa, McCarthy told Trump, ‘I don’t know what’s happened to you in the last two months. … You’re not the same as you were for the last four years.’“McCarthy then repeatedly pleaded with Trump to call Biden.“‘You’ve done good things and you want that to be your legacy. Call Joe Biden,’ McCarthy said, according to the authors.

When He Imposed A Muslim Travel Ban

What’s Wrong with Donald Trump | Chelsea | Netflix

In 2017 Trump signed an executive order that temporarily suspended immigration to the US for all citizens of seven Muslim majority countries for 90 days. Citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen suddenly found themselves unable to enter America. Massive protests immediately took place as a response with courts eventually finding the ban unlawful and overturning it.

That didnt stop Trump though he issued a new ban in 2018 that instead restricted how many visas could be issued to applicants from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, along with Venezuela and North Korea.

This ban was eventually upheld by the Supreme Court. And in February it was expanded to cover citizens from Nigeria, Eritrea, Tanzania, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar.

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Watch Arizonas Election Audit

Its gotten very little attention from the legacy media, but the Arizona state senates forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election returns in Maricopa County, where Phoenix is, has kicked up the kind of fuss that should raise an eyebrow or two.

The audit isnt going to change the outcome of the 2020 election in Arizona. Its been called ludicrous by Cindy McCain, as though anybody cares what she thinks. The Arizona Senate is conducting it using its legal subpoena power in order to find out whether the kinds of manipulation or vote-rigging that have been alleged to happen in Maricopa are legitimate, and if so, to look at reform legislation that would prevent such irregularities from recurring.

The response to the audit initially was that it was a waste of time, because Arizonas votes were already audited and certified. Well, fine. But wasting time is one of the things government does as a matter of course. If nothing would be found in a forensic audit of the Maricopa vote, whats the harm?

Then the Arizona Democrats sued to stop the audit. A judge essentially told them to put their money where their mouths were, and said hed pause it if they put up a million-dollar bond. That was the end of that.

And now the Department of Justice is threatening to invade the audit for fear it might be partisan. After what just happened to Rudy Giuliani. Talk about rich.

Democracy And Government Reform

  • Imperiled American voters with untrue claims about illegal voting. President Trumps empty claims of widespread fraud undermine the integrity of our elections and lay the basis for voter suppression efforts that attack our constitutional right to participate in self-government. When government officials spread lies that call into question the legitimacy of our elections, people lose faith in the democratic process. Instead of responding to the clear and present dangers of foreign interference and discriminatory efforts to keep some American citizens from casting their ballots, Trump chooses to spread baseless slander while calling for a witch hunt against American voters.
  • Brought pay-to-play corruption to the presidency. The Trump family continues to promote their private business interests at home and abroad while profiting off of the presidency. Corruption, or even the appearance of corruption, diminishes trust in government and increases cynicism toward democratic institutions. At a time when 75 percent of Americans already believe that corruption is widespread in government, President Trumps blatant disregard for ethics rules and constitutional prohibitions on presidential enrichment further undermine democratic norms and threatens our democracy, economy, and national security.
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