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Is Judge Judy A Trump Supporter

Biased Coverage Of Rnc By Npr/newshour

Judge Judy Has Advice For Donald Trump


There should be balanced coverage. Im tired of the Trump hate train paraded on these publicly funded shows. Most of the reporting only speaks in negative terms regarding Trump and this administration. Any positive news is spoken of with an immediate negative spin that is opinion based on the bias of the reporter or guest panelist. Regardless of political ideology you should have balanced non opinion reporting of the news. You are forcing people that are seeking news of The day or week to go elsewhere for Information. Please stop the biased reporting

Note from CPB:

A Gentleman And A Scholar


I will miss Mark Shields commentary but look forward to his occasion appearances. It is like a breath of fresh air to hear Mark’s take on current events, especially during the last few years when democracy took a nosedive. I also found his exchanges with David Brooks a model for civil discourse… he is a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.

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Recent Program On Reviving Old Music In Warsaw


Your program, featuring the attempt to revive largely Jewish influenced music from the 1930’s in Warsaw, contains misleading information. To begin with, there may be limited Polish influence along with the overwhelming Jewish connection, but where do you come up with “Polish, Jewish, Palestinian”? The latter has no connection whatsoever and did not exist.

Secondly, you speak of a golden age of such music until the german invasion. There was no golden age for the Jews of Poland and the 1930’s saw the enactment of anti- Semitic laws by an anti-Semitic government, even outlawing kosher meat. These were the same people who aided and abetted the destruction of Polish Jewry.

It is truly disgusting that you would present such a mendacious story, somehow believing that you have to kowtow to two historic enemies of the Jewish people.

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The Pain Of Inflation

New JerseyFeedback:

Why can’t the US news outlets follow up their strenuous, fear-making reports of inflation, with the REASON…. NOT BIDEN, NOT CONGRESS BUT OUR TRYING TO DEFEND UKRAINE from loss of its land, homes and freedom by using our money, resources and power.

Are we so selfish that we can’t see that?

I wonder how we relatively well-healed Americans would feel if the roles were reversed!!!!!

Our news needs to temper cause and effect, with compassion….without that, we are not as free, selfless and decent as we think we are.

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Idea For A Public Option Social Media Platform

Trump takes election to highest court in a special episode of Judge ...


This message and attachment came to the OIGemail hotline. The OIG has responded that it is not our area of responsibility. OIG is forwarding here so that you can send to either strategy and innovation or some other department.

OIG and Board of Directors CPB, I am a 79 year old grandfatherMy wife and I, like you and the rest of the Country, are very concerned about Facebook.

There is increasing attention and frustration regarding the negative and even destructive, aspects of this problematic social media platform but few viable ideas to clean up the problems.

How about considering a unique approach that doesnt threaten First Amendment free speech rights and gives people a choice??

I am asking you to consider legislation that would create the possibility of a Public Option Social Media Platform. A nonprofit platform that would offer all of the wonderful original family and friend communication options that are not problematic. There would be no advertising, no personal data collection and no ability to disseminate dangerous false news sources.

Conveniently, the vehicle for this concept already exists. As you know, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a private, nonprofit entity that was created and funded by Congress in 1967. CPBs mission is to ensure universal access, over-the-air and online, to high-quality content and telecommunications services that are commercial free and free of charge.

Michael Rolnick Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331 248-763-2916

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I Am Looking To Start My Own Tv Station And Am Looking For Guidance

New MexicoFeedback:

I am in Southeastern New Mexico. More precisely in Lea county New Mexico. I would like to seek any guidance in this area. I have read all about the syndicated TV stations. This is something I do not want to do. I am looking at doing all original programing. This in the means that I produce everything locally. What I am trying to do is make a TV station for my general location. That being I believe from all of the populus that I have talked to think the same way. They are looking for a local station that has their interest and not someone elses from over 80 miles away. I have started looking into the cable TV system deliveries here. I think my best bet is to do my own thing on that area. Just like the old time broadcasting but with digital programing instead of the old time way of doing things. I am looking in to waiting for the repack to finish to be able to put my name in the hat for a FCC broadcasting license, Any guidance or help would be a big help for me. Before you ask I will let you know about myself. I am a current student at the LA Film School. Working on my BA for Digital Filmmaking. I know that TV is a much different monster than producing film. But with the out cry of support from everyone I have talked to. I believe that I should ask to see what can I do to start.

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Senate Override To Pass The Freedom To Vote Act


Geogia’s Raffensperger Countering Fake News

The mainstream media condemns the new voting legislation in Georgia as racist and disenfranchising minorities. It is, in fact, just the opposite. Here are the latest thoughts from Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, who stood strong in 2020 and 2021, facing down Donald Trump’s insistence that Georgia find him another 11,800 votes from the 2020 election. Raffensperger alienated Trump by explaining the votes were not there.

In response to the push by President Biden and Chuck Schumer to have the Senate force through the over-reaching Democratic-only supported nationally-controlled voting plan, Raffensperger today , explained in the Washington Examiner:

“People need to understand in Georgia, we have the appropriate, I think, almost the perfect balance of accessibility,” he continued. “Because we have photo ID, we allow you to have all three forms of voting: no-excuse absentee voting, you have to request the ballot, we have signature match and photo ID on that you show up to vote, we have photo ID for that you show up on Election Day, we also have that. So we give people lots of opportunity, which has led to record turnout and record registration. I think we’ve really struck the appropriate balance.”

CPB should present both sides of controversial issues like this.

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Suggestion To Make Pbs Digital Content Podcast

Voicemail received on July 20, 2017 from WAFeedback:

Hi. I just had a suggestion for you guys, I saw that you recently, I dont know how recently, engulfed the Crash Course series on YouTube which is a series that I enjoy, and I saw that youre also releasing a series using one of the same people for something called Ions thats going to be available on YouTube. All of these things would be things that Id be interested in being able to listen to as I go throughout my day. The problem is that I dont have time to sit down and actually watch a YouTube video. Instead It would be so much more helpful for me to be in Podcasting form. So I just wanted to suggest that perhaps you guys think about using the same series doing the same stuff youre doing but make them podcast friendly. And for technical reasons, just having the YouTube video playing while I listen wouldn’tt really work. It would literally have to be an audio file that I could hear. So, that would be really helpful to me, I would appreciate you guys considering that. So thank you so much, bye.

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Pbs News Hour Mark Sheilds

Judge Judy on Donald Trump


I sincerely want to know why people who run for offices in congress are not vetted at any point when they are running for office, especially the President. How can we even begin to clean up the toxicity in Washington if we do not Vet who is wanting these positions? If we the people have any hope for a continued democracy, this is mandatory and yet for some reason it is not. This sadly is how vacant human beings with no grasp of moral perpetuity become monsters, grifting America under the disguise of patriotism. Please help me and the rest of this nation understand why we have failed in making sure this thoughtlessness does not continue.

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Meanness And Pettiness And Just Plain Craziness

When Vance announced his Senate candidacy last year, he began his campaign with a remorse tour, seizing every opportunity to explain his change of heart about Trump.

I ask folks not to judge me based on what I said in 2016, Vance told Fox News last July. Ive been very open that I did say those critical things and I regret them, and I regret being wrong about the guy.

Vances groveling was successful in convincing the person whose opinion mattered most in the race: Trump. The former president announced earlier this month that he would endorse Vance, even though several candidates, including Mandel and Gibbons, had been openly campaigning for Trumps support.

Like some others, JD Vance may have said some not so great things about me in the past, but he gets it now, and I have seen that in spades, Trump said in his endorsement. He is our best chance for victory in what could be a very tough race.

But Vances critics have not been so easily convinced. As reports emerged of the likely endorsement, Ohio Republican leaders who had backed other candidates circulated a letter urging Trump to reconsider. The letter noted that Vance had previously attacked some of Trumps supporters as racist and chose to support independent candidate Evan McMullin in the 2016 presidential election, after he considered voting for Clinton.

The Marching Mothers Of The Southern Ohio Appalachian Trail


I hope in February 2021 you will sponsor a series on PBS about the Marching Mothers of the Appalachian Trail. These women marched for two years from 1954-56 in an attempt to get their children who was attending the all colored school in Hillsboro, Ohio to be admitted to the all white school in Hillsboro, Ohio. The children had nowhere to go because the all colored school had been set on fire and it burned to the ground. The case ended up in the United States Supreme Court, where the late US Supreme Court Judge Thurgood Marshall provided legal guidance to the lawyers who argued the case on behalf of the Marching Mothers. This was the first Northern desegregation case in the North and the second desegregation case in the country. I hope to be an consultant on this story and maybe future stories from the Appalachian Trail.

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Use Of My Tax Dollars


To the Board of Directors of CPB:

I recently sent a message like the one below to my local public radio station, KCRW in California. I noted therein that the station and NPR receive donations from an impressive list of foundations, sponsors, and probably millions of individuals, which is as it should be. I congratulated the station for this show of public support, and for the quality programming that I do appreciate. KCRW’s President contacted me and seemed genuinely interested in my viewpoint. She also indicated that she would take the issue up with the station’s Board. To date, i.e. three months later, I have seen no change in what I perceive to be programming bias.

The same goes for NPR. I contacted that organization with very similar comments to those below. The station representative responded point blank that they disagreed with my viewpoint. There seemed to be no further avenue to pursue the issue with NPR.

I am now taking up this issue with CPB, which supplies our tax dollars to these two broadcasting outlets among many others. I object to the distribution of our money to what I consider to be biased entities. Therefore, I would like you to consider:

– CPB’s mission says content and services should be “reflective of America’s common values….” I disagree that the content CPB finances at KCRW and NPR are so reflective, inasmuch as my own values are given very short change.

Respectfully, Johanna Delay

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Colin Powell’s Participation In Pbs Memorial Day Concerts

Who Does Judge Judy Support for President in 2020? Find out Now


Paula Kerger, President and CEO Jonathan Barzilay, COO Sylvia Bugg, Chief Programming Executive Judy Woodruff, Managing Editor, PBS Evening News Hour Ricardo Sandoval-Palos, PBS Public Editor Public Broadcasting System May 29, 2021

re: Colin Powell’s participation in PBS Memorial Day concerts

Dear PBS Executives::

This email is to comment on PBS’s choice of Colin Powell, who is a war criminal, for involvement in PBS’s National Memorial Day Concert May 30, 2021, and in these concerts in prior and likely future years.

Gen. Powell publicly and knowingly lied to the United Nations Security Council on Feb. 5, 2003, about evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in a key moment initiating the Iraq war, lied 244 times about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 10 times about Iraq’s links to Al Qaeda , providing a false basis for US initiation of this catastrophic war. He also participated in review and micromanagement of torture techniques, in dozens of White House meetings as part of the Bush Principals Group along with Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, George Tenet and John Ashcroft , war criminals all, with the knowledge and approval of George W. Bush , who has been convicted of war crimes in absentia . Powell’s lies, and George Bush’s 935 documented Iraq war lies , directly set the stage for the 30000+ lies and crime-ridden presidency of Donald Trump.

D. Anderson Ph.D. Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

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Interview With Trump Fired Wh


My favorite unbiased news source Nightly News with Judy Woodruff was difficult and frustrating to watch this evening August 13, 2018. I want you to know I just had to and did change the channel. Ms Woodruff interviewed the WH aide fired last yea…….THAT woman who was walking the halls of a traditional monument to democracy with no credentials, no education to political course, she was given a voice to her book that I would encourage a burn ban on. Her opinions should not have been given time on one of the few news shows left, due in part, because she is UNQUALIFIED! She and her book should not have been given credence to truth or newsworthiness. I hope the editors and producers will think twice about asking some of these unqualified WH cranksters to be on Nightly News. I hope the FBI, CIA and Secret Service find charges to arrest her for taping in a secure area-tell me when that happens! This woman is a charlatan, bad risk, and gold digger! To me it would be as bad as asking that Ted Nugent if our strategy in Iraq is good! Dont ask and dont try to make me think they are newsworthy, hmmmph Im still upset! And believe I am not a Trumpie Bear fan either but this is just crazy!

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