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Does Trump Have A Golf Course In Ireland

Where Does Trump Own Golf Courses

WATCH: Trump struggles to get golf ball uphill at Doonbeg golf course
  • In 2002, Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, New Jersey was purchased.
  • Originally built by legendary golf course designer Greg Norman, Trump National Golf Club will be played out on Lake Norman in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • The Colts Neck, New Jersey, property of Donald J. Trumps National Golf Club was purchased by the Trump Organization in 2008.
  • Trump International Golf Links And Hotel Ireland

    Trump International Golf Links and Hotel
    Club information
    7,400 yard
    The 14th hole at Doonbeg

    Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, formerly Doonbeg Golf Club, is a traditional links-type course situated to the north of Doonbeg in County Clare, Ireland. Designed by Greg Norman and opened in 2002, the geography was hardly changed as the course was fitted into the area provided. The complex hosts a 5-star hotel, spa, cottages and reception rooms.

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    Local authorities in Ireland on Thursday gave the green light for a company owned by American President Donald Trump to build a 38,000-tonne sea wall at its golf course in the west of Ireland that environmental groups warn could damage protected wildlife habitats.

    The Trump International Golf Links Doonbeg, owned by the Trump Organisation, received permission from Clare County Council for two sea barriers of 630 metres and 260 metres in length that would protect sand dunes that were being eroded – thus damaging the course, according to their submission.

    Clare Council said in a statement: “Clare County Council has today issued a decision to grant permission for the development of coastal erosion management works at, and adjacent to, Carrowmore Dunes, White Strand, Doughmore Bay and Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Doonbeg, County Clare.

    “As per the provisions of the planning acts, any decision made may be subject to a First or Third Party appeal to An Bord Pleanála within four weeks of the decision date.”

    Local environmental groups had raised numerous objections to the plan, resulting in a first effort from the Trump Organisation being scaled withdrawn and scaled down.

    And protests groups have pledged to fight the wall, including the Irish National Trust , Friends of the Irish Environment and West Coast Surf Club.

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    Trump’s Flagship Golf Resort Has Now Lost $61 Million In Six Years

    Two Scottish golf resorts owned by the family of President Donald Trump have faced another year of losses in 2019, amid warnings of worse to come.

    Filings at Companies House in the U.K. for Trump International Scotland, which runs Trump Turnberry golf course, cover the whole of 2019 and so do not take into account the disruption caused by coronavirus.

    The course in Ayrshire, posted annual losses of £2.3 million in 2019 based on a record turnover of £19.66 million , The Scotsman reported, making it the sixth year in a row that it has failed to turn a profit under the ownership of the Trump family’s company.

    Since Trump took over the historic property in 2014, its losses now total nearly £45m the paper reported.

    The latest figures came amid warnings that the pandemic and Brexit would further impact Trump’s golf interests in Scotland.

    Meanwhile, filings for the Trump International Golf Club Scotland which runs the Menie Estate near Aberdeen, showed that despite an 18 percent increase in turnover from 2018, the golf course, hotel, bar and restaurant on the site suffered pre-tax losses for 2019 of £1.1 million according to the filing.

    These latest figures mark the eighth year in a row that the golf course has recorded a loss, The Scotsman reported.

    What Golf Resorts Does Trump Own

    Hooked: Ireland

    We go to Aberdeen, Scotland The town of Doonbeg is located in the Highlands of Ireland The United States of America This photograph of Ferry Point on Staten Island, New York The entertainment Capital of the World. Los Angeles. The Scottish village of Turnberry. The Donald Trump International Golf Club in Dubai A New jersey city, Maryland suburb of Bedminster, Maryland.

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    President Trump’s Golf Club In The Bronx Includes An 18

    This golf course took 14 years to develop and was built on a landfill. According to Bloomberg, the course cost $269 million to build.

    Before the course opened in 2015, Business Insider reporters Jay Yarow and Tony Manfred tested the course out. They described the course as fun and not too difficult. They also applauded the nice views of the city’s skyline and the Whitestone Bridge.

    President Trump’s Golf Club In Bedminster New Jersey Spans Over 600 Acres And Includes Two 18

    Hours after a gunman opened fire on August 3 in an El Past Walmart, killing 20 people and injuring 26, Trump was pictured greeting wedding guests at the Bedminster golf club.

    This golf course has been the host of many important games. In 2017, it hosted the US Women’s Open and in 2022 will host the PGA Championship.

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    How Many Golf Courses Does Trump Own

    To anyone out there who doesn’t follow golf, it might be somewhat surprising to discover that Donald Trump has played a big role in the sport for a long time. CNN reports that Trump currently owns 17 golf courses, to be exact, and you can find them pretty much anywhere golf is popular: not only up and down the East Coast United States, from Florida to New York, but also in countries like Scotland, the UAE, and Ireland.

    In the past, major golf championships have often been played on Trump’s courses, such as the PGA Championship and the U.S. Women’s Open. As one might imagine, Trump’s controversial political turn has, in recent years, complicated his relationship with the golf industry, according to Golf Digest, since organizations like the PGA Tour and USGA usually try to avoid getting involved in partisan battles. One particularly fiery situation occurred in 2016, according to the Telegraph, when the PGA Tour made the decision to move the World Golf Championship from Trump’s Miami Course to a site in Mexico City.

    Trump National Doral Golf Club Florida

    Another Criminal Investigation Reportedly Looking At Trump Golf Course Tax Scheme

    In 2013, this course opened near Miami. It is the former host of the PGA Tour’s World Golf Championship-Cadillac Championship. The tournament was moved to Mexico in June 2016 after the Tour said it couldn’t raise the necessary sponsorship money. Officials had suggested they might relocate the event after Trump criticized Mexicans and suggested banning Muslims from entering the U.S.

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    The Report Says That Trump’s Jaunt In Ireland Brought The Total Costs Of His Golf Trips To $1058 Million

    Trump visited his golf clubs more than 150 times in his first official year in office, and at least 77 times in his second year in office, according to analysis from NBC News.

    Though both figures are difficult to pin down because exact numbers and travel details aren’t required for public release, The Huffington Post said Trump’s golf tab totals nearly $106 million since he took office in early 2017.

    Trump’s tendency to host world leaders at his club and his vested interest in the success of the properties complicates his connections to the resorts. The connection leads to unfair publicity opportunities and incidents like the Doonbeg course posting promotional videos of the president teeing off and arriving in the Marine One helicopter only to delete them after backlash from publications and an ethics watchdog.

    Citizens for Ethics

    Donald Trump To Stay At Doonbeg Resort During Irish Visit

    The US president has said he will stay in the luxury golf resort he owns in County Clare during his visit to the Republic of Ireland.

    While in Ireland, Mr Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, will meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

    The meeting is expected to take place in Shannon.

    Speaking to RTÃ, the president said: “We’re going to be staying at Doonbeg in Ireland because it’s convenient and a great place.

    “We’ll be meeting with a lot of the Irish officials.

    “It’ll be an overnight stay and I look forward to that.”

    On Wednesday, the taoiseach told the Dáil that he was looking forward to discussing free trade with the president during his trip.

    Mr Varadkar said, while Mr Trump’s current focus is on China, he may turn to the EU later in the year and therefore it was important to be ready for that eventuality.

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    Donald Trump’s Irish And Scottish Golf Courses Record Massive Losses

    Handout photo of residents, pupils and teachers from Clohanes National School meeting US President Donald Trump at his golf resort in Doonbeg, Co Clare. Photo credit should read: PA Wire

    US President Donald Trump has recorded $63.6 million in losses on his Scottish and Irish golf courses.

    The losses were revealed in 15 years of Donald Trump’s tax returns seen by the .

    Trump Golf Resort in Doonbeg Co. Clare and Trump International Golf Links Aberdeen, and Trump Turnberry in Ayr, Scotland have all recorded substantial losses.

    When he took office and during the 2016 election, Mr. Trump said he would not pursue foreign deals as president and would step away from the Trump family business, leaving his son Donald Trump Jnr in charge.

    According to the New York Times, in his first two years in the White House, his revenue from abroad totalled $73 million, “much of that money was from his golf properties in Scotland and Ireland”.

    “Overall, since 2000, Mr. Trump has reported losses of $315.6 million at the golf courses that are his prized possessions,” the article states.

    He also has courses in the US and the Middle East.

    The golf resort is the biggest employer in the small village in West Clare, employing around 213 people, increasing to 300 in peak season, and has been hailed as regenerating the area which is lacking in employment opportunities.

    It’s understood the vast majority of these staff have been let go or furloughed under the governments wage subsidy scheme.

    Trump Refused Permission To Build Wall At Irish Golf Course

    Hooked: Ireland

    LONDON A golf course and hotel owned by President Donald Trump has been refused planning permit to build a sea wall designed to protect the fairways from coastal erosion by authorities in Ireland.

    Bord Pleanala, the country’s planning appeals board, said in a decision published Wednesday that it was not satisfied that the proposed development at Doonbeg in the western county of Clare would not adversely affect the sand dune habitat at the site, effectively ending the chances of it being built.

    The move was welcomed by the Friends of the Irish Environment campaign group, which had challenged to proposal to build two barriers around 625 meters and 250 meters in length, above the water line at either end of the beach near the course.

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    The Truth About Donald Trump’s Golf Courses

    At some point in the history of the United States of America, it became a weirdly consistent tradition for every president, senator, and congressperson to be obsessed with hitting a little white ball across a green field. Arguably no U.S. president in recent memory, though, has been as deeply involved with golf as Donald Trump. Years before he entered the realm of politics, Trump added golf course ownership to his resume, and his many courses have not only hosted numerous championships, but some of his most personal family events.

    Unfortunately for President Trump, being an extremely public figure means that private business details especially of the shady variety have often leaked through the cracks or have been disclosed. While many people have enjoyed whacking their balls across Trump’s grass, it seems the dealings behind the scenes have often been sketchy at best and deeply unethical at worst. Here’s the truth about Donald Trump’s golf courses.

    President Trump’s Private Golf Club In Colts Neck New Jersey Includes An 18

    This New Jersey golf course has 40 acres of hay production and trees. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2016, President Trump was able to avoid thousands of dollars in property taxes on his two New Jersey golf courses because they have a goat herd, hay farming, and woodcutting.

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    Built On Taxpayer Money

    Donald Trump might claim the credit for New York City’s Ferry Point golf course, built over the remains of a Bronx garbage dump, but in reality, he didn’t put in any of his own money. The $127 million that funded the golf course came from New York’s taxpayers, according to the New York Times, but they don’t see the profits. That money goes to the Trump Organization, which made a special deal to collect most of the revenue for the next 20 years, as described by CNBC, in exchange for covering upkeep expenses and building a $10 million clubhouse. Hmm!

    Because Trump takes the profits, he got the $8 million that the course made in its first year alone. Keep in mind, Ferry Point is a public course but charges a hefty $175 a round, as opposed to the normal $20 to $50 at other public courses. Recently, Trump’s controversial White House stint may have hit the golf course hard, leading to a 12 percent revenue decrease in 2017, reports the Washington Post. While Trump wasn’t yet a politician at the point where this deal all went down, this is yet another example of public money being wasted in unfortunate ways.

    The Bedminster Golf Course Is Very Personal To Him

    Course Review – Trump International Golf Links

    Donald Trump is an avid golf fan, and he cares tremendously about his golf courses, but the one that has held a special importance in his life has been the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Back in 2009, Town & Country Magazine says his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner held their wedding there, with a guest list that included such big names as Rupert Murdoch, Rudy Giuliani, and Andrew Cuomo. Trump’s adoration for the property went so far that in 2012 he even embarked on a mission to have a cemetery built on the club, according to, with the idea being that he, his family, and his club members could one day use it as their final resting place.

    More recently, it seems, Trump has backtracked from that notion. In 2015, reported that despite putting in years of effort to get the New Jersey cemetery built, he’d changed his mind and was now considering being buried at one of his Florida properties instead. Sorry, New Jersey!

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    Trump Uses State Visit To Pimp Money

    For most government officials, the purpose of a state visit is to burnish ties with another nation, emphasizing friendship and cooperation between the two sovereign states. For Jed Clampett in the White House, its been an opportunity to score a free vacation for his adult children whove flouted their hosts rules while their father has insulted the locals described a member of the royal family as nasty threatened to go after the U.K.s beloved health care system and called a woman a washed-up psycho while staying at the ambassadors residence. Truly, its a wonder he wasnt caught shoving a pair of silver candlesticks down his pants during dinner at Buckingham Palace, and/or asking Prince Charles if hes ever considered trading Camilla in for a younger model. Luckily, he did remember to use his trip abroad towhat else?hype one of the for-profit businesses whose proceeds go directly into his pocket.

    The visit is also bringing worldwide publicity to a course that Trump bought in 2014, after its former owners had struggled to turn a profitlosing more than $1 million every year from 2014 to 2017, according to Irish corporate records.

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    Once He’s President Donald Trump Will Have Less Time To Spend On The Links When He Does Pick Up His Clubs He’ll Have His Pick Of Courses Including The 17 That He Owns In The Us And Abroad

    What the courses have in common are a taste for luxury and big name designers. Most include the word “national” in their name, and some present for Trump the potential for awkward dealings if not outright conflicts of interest.

    For example, visiting dignitaries and politicians could feel obligated to play at his course in Washington, D.C. over other venues. His course near Aberdeen, Scotland, has already created controversy and hard feelings, and his decision to open courses in Dubai appears to be in stark contrast with comments he’s made about allowing Muslims to enter the U.S.

    Here are the 17 courses Trump owns and what you need to know about each of them.

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