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When Will Trump Be In Ohio

Senate Candidate Welcomes Trump Back To Ohio With Radio Ad

Former President Donald Trump coming to Lorain County for rally Saturday

CANTON, Ohio â As the Republican candidates competing in Ohioâs 2022 U.S. Senate race vie for former President Donald Trumpâs endorsement, one candidate is going so far as recording a radio ad welcoming Trump back to Ohio for his Saturday rally in Wellington.

What You Need To Know

  • Republican Senate hopefuls in Ohio are hoping to capitalize on Trumpâs Saturday rally
  • The early days of the Ohio GOP Senate primary have been spent trying to win Trumpâs endorsement
  • Timken is hoping her time as Ohio Republican Party chair will help

Jane Timken, the former Ohio Republican Party chair, recorded a minute-long ad that will run in Cleveland before Trumpâs event.

âNothing energizes our conservative grassroots more than a Trump rally!â Timken said in the ad, which Spectrum News received an early look at.

At least five Republicans have formally entered the race to succeed retiring Sen. Rob Portman, and several others are considering jumping in.

The candidates have spent the early days of the primary, which is just under a year away, essentially trying to out-Trump one another, following the former presidentâs two eight-point victories in Ohio.

At least four of the declared candidates and one potential candidate have even traveled to Florida to meet with Trump.

Recent internal polling conducted by some of the campaigns indicates Timken and former Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel are the two early frontrunners.

Former President Trump Holds Rally In Ohio

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Wellington, Ohio, in support of Max Miller and Mike Carey, both Republican candidates to serve in the U.S. House ofread more

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Wellington, Ohio, in support of Max Miller and Mike Carey, both Republican candidates to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. The former president repeated his previous claims of voter fraud and a rigged 2020 election, stating that he did in fact win the election. In his remarks he also said that the teaching of critical race theory was being forced on the military by woke generals, whom he later referred to as weak and ineffective leaders.close

Pressure On State And Local Officials

As the Trump campaign’s lawsuits were repeatedly rejected in court, Trump personally communicated with Republican local and state officials in at least three states, including state legislators, attorneys general, and governors who had supported him in the general election and continued to support him. He pressured them to overturn the election results in their states by recounting votes, throwing out certain votes, or getting the state legislature to replace the elected Democratic slate of Electoral College members with a Republican slate of electors chosen by the legislature. In late November, he personally phoned Republican members of two county electoral boards in Michigan, trying to get them to reverse their certification of the result in their county. He then invited members of the Michigan state legislature to the White House, where they declined his suggestion that they choose a new slate of electors. He repeatedly spoke to the Republican governor of Georgia and the secretary of state, demanding that they reverse their state’s election results, threatening them with political retaliation when they did not, strongly criticizing them in speeches and tweets, and demanding that the governor resign.

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Former President Donald Trump To Hold Rally In Cleveland

Former President Donald Trump will return to Ohio for a rally on June 26 in the Cleveland area, USA TODAY confirmed.

The trip marks Trump’s first visit to Ohio since a Circleville rally held just days before the 2020 election. Trump won Ohio by 8 percentage points in 2020 over Democrat Joe Biden, matching his 2016 margin of victory.

Trump is expected to stump for his endorsed candidates, including former White House aide Max Miller who is challenging sitting Rep. Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump the Ohio Republican Party recently called on Gonzalez to resign over his vote.

Trump is also backing coal lobbyist Mike Carey in a special election to replace Rep. Steve Stivers, who resigned to lead the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Trump’s endorsement came after Stivers announced he would back Rep. Jeff LaRe, R-Violet Township.

Trump hasn’t endorsed in the Ohio Senate race even though GOP candidates are fighting tooth and nail for his support. Gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci, a former congressman, is also hoping for a nod in his race against incumbent Gov. Mike DeWine.

The Ohio Republican Party didn’t yet have details about the event.

Ohio Democrats say Trump isn’t here to help the average Ohioan but rather his chosen picks.

Jessie Balmert is a reporter for the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau, which serves the Akron Beacon Journal, Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch and 18 other affiliated news organizations across Ohio.

Presidential Race In Ohio

Ohio Dem Says Trump Should Be Charged For Crimes Against ...

President Trump’s return to Ohio comes as a new poll shows Joe Biden is currently leading the state by four points. Biden also has a focus on Ohio with a virtual event scheduled for Thursday afternoon hosted by Senator Sherrod Brown in Cleveland.

The presidential election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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Watch: Former President Donald Trump Holds ‘save America’ Rally In Northeast Ohio

Former President Donald Trump will be in Ohio on Saturday night for his first campaign-style event since leaving the White House in January.

He’s trying to make good on his pledge to exact revenge on those who voted for his historic second impeachment.

Trump will be speaking at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, not far from Cleveland, and he’s coming to support a former White House aide, Max Miller.

Miller is challenging Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez for his congressional seat.

Gonzalez was one of 10 GOP House members who voted to impeach Trump for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine confirmed to 3News that he will not be attending Saturday’s event due to a family commitment.

Wellington Police Chief Tim Barfield said he expects between 15,000 to 20,000 people to attend the rally.

You can watch the campaign rally below:

In Other News

Trump Airs Old Election Grievances At Campaign

WELLINGTON, OHIO Donald Trump on Saturday reprised his baseless election grievances and painted a dystopian picture of the country under Democratic control in his first campaign-style rally since leaving the White House.

His mission, in part, was to exact revenge on one of the Republicans who voted for his historic second impeachment.

Trumps event Saturday night at Ohios Lorain County Fairgrounds, not far from Cleveland, was held to support Max Miller, a former White House aide who is challenging Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez for his congressional seat. Gonzalez was one of 10 GOP House members who voted to impeach Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol building.

Trump wants them to pay.

In his remarks, Trump revisited some of the false claims familiar from his fruitless challenges of President Joe Bidens election victory. On the evening of Nov. 3 the election was over and then all of a sudden things started closing down all over, he said of election night. We took a massive victory, they did, into something that should never be allowed.

In fact, Trump was describing a legitimate vote counting process that saw Biden take the lead as the night wore on, as Democratic-leaning cities in key states and results from mail-in ballots were reported. Trump administration election officials and top election officials in Republican-led states affirmed the validity of the election outcome.

She wasnt alone.

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Donald Trump Returns To Campaign Trail With Rally Targeting Ohio Republican

As New York legal troubles mount, ex-president hints at 2024 run and targets those who voted for impeachment

Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail with a rally in Ohio on Saturday night, campaigning against a Republican who voted for his impeachment and trailing his own candidacy for president in 2024.

Trump repeated his baseless election 2020 grievances and painted a dystopian picture of the country under Democratic control, while in another echo the past, the crowd chanted Lock her up at the mention of Hillary Clinton, the Democrat he defeated in 2016.

The rally outside Cleveland on Saturday was to support Max Miller, a former White House aide challenging Anthony Gonzalez, a former college football and NFL star censured by his state party for voting for Trumps impeachment.

While he praised Miller as an incredible patriot and a great guy who loves the people of Ohio, Trump spent much of the rally fixating on the 2020 election, which he insists he won. This is despite top state and local election officials, his own attorney general and numerous judges, including some he appointed, saying there is no evidence of the mass voter fraud he alleges took place.

The 2020 presidential election was rigged, he told the crowd, which at one point broke into a Trump won! chant. We won that election in a landslide.

President Trump is my president, too, she said.

We want a little time to go by, maybe watch what happens in , he said.

Trump Looms Large Over Ohio Special Election As Democrats Try For An Upset

People already lined-up in Wellington for former President Trump’s visit to Ohio on Saturday

WILMINGTON, Ohio A special election next month in Ohios 15th Congressional District features a Republican clinging tightly to former President Donald Trump and a Democrat trying to patch together a new coalition that reaches from suburbia to Appalachia.

The landscape favors the Republican, coal lobbyist Mike Carey. Trump, whose endorsement helped Carey win a crowded primary, carried the district by 14 points in 2020.

But the Democrat, state Rep. Allison Russo, sees an opening for a candidate who resists ideological labels and can build on inroads her party made with college-educated voters in the Trump era. She flipped her legislative district, once a reliable Republican ring around Columbus, by 14 points in 2018.

I know about tough battles, Russo, 45, told a crowd of about 40 gathered this week at a park in Wilmington, about halfway between Columbus and Cincinnati. And I know about getting out and doing the work necessary to reach across the aisle and talk to folks who are Democrats, Republicans and independents.

The district stretches from several Franklin County suburbs of Columbus to working-class and rural areas in southern Ohio, including Athens, home to Ohio University and often referred to as a blue island in a deep red part of the state.

It can be done, OConnor, the elected recorder of property deeds in Franklin County, said of Russos challenge. And I think shes doing a great job of putting herself in that space.

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Trump Chides Anthony Gonzalez Who Voted To Impeach Him

Trump not only attacked Democrats, he also took aim at members of his own party, including Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, a northeastern Ohio congressman who was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach him on a charge of inciting the attack on the Capitol.

The Ohio Republican Partys governing board voted in May to censure Gonzalez and called on him to resign. Weeks earlier, Trump hit back at Gonzalez by throwing his support to Max Miller, who is running against Gonzalez in next years GOP primary. Miller worked for Trump on the campaign trail and in the White House, and Saturday’s rally was held in part to promote Miller’s candidacy.

Miller, who joined Trump on stage, branded Gonzalez as “a sold-out, RINO foot soldier” and said his vote to impeach Trump was a betrayal he can never turn back from and that he should have to answer to, day after day after day.

Trump called Gonzalez “a grandstanding RINO” and “a sellout, a fake Republican and a disgrace to your state. He praised Miller as “a trusted aide of mine” and said he played a role in the Trump administration’s negotiations with North Korea.

Trump insisted that Gonzalez’s impeachment vote is “not the reason I’m doing this.” But, he added, “I just thought it was a character trait that was not so good.

Gonzalez, who represents Ohios 16th Congressional District, is in big trouble politically, Cohen said.

Rudy Giuliani disciplined:Giuliani suspended from practicing law in New York over false claims made working for Trump

Gop Rep Issues Stark Warning About What Donald Trump Will Do In 2024

Retiring Rep. Anthony Gonzalez fears Donald Trump may try to steal the 2024 election if he doesnt win the vote, warning that the former president is already laying the groundwork after learning from his failure to overturn the 2020 result.

I think its all pushing towards one of two outcomes: He either wins legitimately, which he may do, or if he loses again, you just try to steal it, Gonzalez said in CNNs Trumping Democracy: An American Coup documentary Friday.

Trump has evaluated what went wrong on Jan. 6: Why is it that he wasnt able to steal the election? Who stood in his way? explained Gonzalez, who has attributed his upcoming departure from Congress in part to the toxic dynamics inside the GOP.

And hes going methodically state by state at races from, you know, state Senate races all the way down to county commissioner races trying to get the people who the Republicans, the RINOs , in his words who stopped this, who stopped him from stealing the election, he added.

Trump has teased running in 2024 multiple times, but has not yet officially thrown his hat into the ring.

Gonzalez, who voted to impeach Trump for his incitement of the Jan. 6 insurrection, said the violence was an unconstitutional attempt led by the president of the United States to overturn an American election and reinstall himself in power illegitimately.

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Trump Had Nothing New To Say His Fans Didnt Care

For about four years, a single, manically cycloning thought got the best of me: How can all these people believe Donald Trumps lies? His untruths were so numerous, so rich and bizarre and cruel that at some point I assumed them to be a privilege of the office he held. Maybe the misinformation will fade when its uncoupled from the pomp of the presidency, I thought. Maybe all of us will see things more clearly under a new administration. Yet, six months on, the lies thrive.

Aside from some remarks he made at the Conservative Political Action Conference and his speech that preceded the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, Trump has had a quiet 2021. Much the same can be said for one of the primary amplifiers of his and others falsehoods: QAnons de facto leader, Q, hasnt posted new information since December. On Saturday, in Ohios vast middle, Trump returned to public speaking. This time, he was to be accompanied by all you might expect from an 88-degree evening at the Lorain County Fairgrounds a dusty parking area, livestock stalls and creaky grandstands under the rich, dank odor of manure and surrounded by verdant fields. Air Force One would not be deployed. His lectern wouldnt be adorned by the presidential seal. Hes not officially running for anything, even if all signs point to a bid in 2024. So, who would want to attend a Trump rally in 2021?

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