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How Can I Talk To President Trump

How To Talk To Children About Donald Trump

Dont talk to me that way. Im the president: Trump lashes out at reporter after question

The US president’s behavior is often at odds with the values we are working to instill in our children. So how do we explain Trump to our kids?

In her new book, How Do I Explain This to My Kids: Parenting in the Age of Trump, child psychologist Dr. Ava Siegler brings together stories by authors and writers, including novelist Mira Jacob, Pulitzer Prize winner Viet Thanh Nguyen, scholar Robin D.G. Kelley and New York Times blogger Nicole Chung, about the conversations they are having with their children in the current political climate. In this Q& A, Karin Kamp gets advice on how to thoughtfully explain Donald Trumps words, behavior and policy ideas to young people, as well as how to raise them to be engaged citizens.

Karin Kamp: Why did you decide to write this book after Trumps election?

Ava Siegler: I had written a previous book, titled What Should I Tell the Kids: A Parents Guide to Real Problems in the Real World and when Trump was elected to the presidency, I thought: What problem could be more real than the ascendency of Donald Trump to this office?

Ava Siegler

KK: In general, theres a lot of mudslinging and meanness going on in politics right now that kids might see online in the form of nasty memes, video clips and language. How should parents handle this?

KK: What is the biggest threat to our children, not only of Trumps statements but also the negative tone in general of our current political discourse?

Ava Siegler

White House Aide Who Joined Biden In Scotland Tests Positive For Covid

This week, the president took a trip to Virginia to try to help salvage the gubernatorial prospects of fellow Washington lifer Terry McAuliffe. President Joe Biden used the appearance to liken the GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin to Jan. 6 rioters, to lie about Republicans supporting book bans and to attempt to goad former President Donald Trump into coming to Virginia.

Biden wants to talk about one person these days, and that person isnt Biden. Then again, what does he possibly have to brag about? Shutting down COVID? More Americans have died from the disease this year than last year, even with the emergence of vaccines. I will not shut down the country, Biden promised during his campaign. I will shut down the virus.

Now, of course coronavirus isnt really the presidents fault. But since Biden had no compunction blaming Trump personally for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens, no one can fault voters for using the same standard of culpability now.

Is Biden going to brag about overseeing what promises to be the weakest economic recovery since the last time he was put in charge of such things? Rather than looking for ways to create more opportunities for American workers, the president has been clamoring to put millions of them on the dole.

No, Biden is going to talk about Trump.

General Principles About Complex Conversations

Understand differences between school age kids and teenagers. Conversations must take different spins for kids in elementary and middle school as opposed to high school kids.

Younger kids are generally rule oriented, conventional, and approach problems as black or white, good or bad. Theyre more concerned with conformity, acceptance and are rather rigid in their thinking. So talking with them may be more oriented to how one ideally should behave.

Teenagers are more able to think abstractly. They see nuances in behavior, understand intentionality, and can reflect on the context in which emotional reactions and behavior occur. Theyre more able to understand strategy, higher level moral principles, and the complexity of human behavior. Their conversations may involve use of alternative approaches, and thinking about the underpinnings of behavior in terms of self-esteem, defensive postures, or professionalism. Naturally, these conversations can take you to more theoretical as well as down-to-earth discussions.

Welcome their questions. Kids always have questions. Ask what theyd like to know or understand. A very useful approach is to ask your kids what advice they would give the President in terms of his behavior. Could he do things differently to achieve his goals?

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Conversations About Specific Behaviors

With these principles in mind, find a good time to talk with them a time when you really have their attention. This may be at the dinner table, driving in the car, or just sitting around in the living room.

Heres what we all have seen repeatedly in the media, which are also behaviors that we may see in our own kids and families.

  • Deliberately misrepresenting the truth
  • Being easily Influenced by the negatives motives of others
  • Needing to be the center of attention
  • Failing to take responsibility for misbehavior
  • Defying rules and authority
  • Seeking revenge and retaliating when slighted

For each of these behaviors, ask your kids to:

  • Consider what theyve seen and where
  • Describe specific examples
  • Ask what might motivate these behaviors
  • Wonder what might have been done differently
  • Consider alternatives that would be more effective in achieving the Presidents desired outcomes

There may be some common themes you might find.

For example: The President tends to take things very personally and is overly concerned about his image. While its important for leaders to be mindful of their appearance, some people, in the heat of the moment, act in an impulsive or self-centered ways, and lose sight of principle and fail to see how their actions can hurt others. This process may backfire and ironically blemish themselves.

And please, remember that talks like this are ongoing and not one-shot deals. Theyre more a marathon than a sprint. I only hope that you can get them started.

Calling The White House

  • 1Pick up your phone and dial the White House. Dial one of the following numbers, depending on who youd like to reach and what youd like to say: for Comments, call 202-456-1111 , or to reach the Switchboard, call 202-456-1414 .XTrustworthy SourceThe White HouseOfficial website for the Executive Branch of the U.S. governmentGo to source
  • The Comments line is answered by volunteers with the current administration.XResearch source
  • The Switchboard line is answered by White House staff members.XResearch source
  • 2Follow any guidelines. When your call is answered, guidelines may be given by a person or automated program. Use your keypad to enter any extensions or information, as directed.XTrustworthy SourceThe White HouseOfficial website for the Executive Branch of the U.S. governmentGo to source
  • 3State your request. Ask to speak to the President or make another request. Though the President cannot likely take your call, you may be directed to someone else who will listen to your thoughts.XTrustworthy SourceThe White HouseOfficial website for the Executive Branch of the U.S. governmentGo to source
  • If you are an expert in some field, and you wish to speak with the President, first contact the Cabinet member who would be responsible for that area. For example, an expert in teaching methods would need to contact the head of the Department of Education.
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    Donald Trump Said He Would Pay 100000 Not To Hear Theresa May Talk Piers Morgan Claims

    The former president “exploded into mocking laughter” after hearing how much Mrs May gets paid on the corporate speaker circuit.

    Thursday 3 June 2021 13:03, UK

    Donald Trump said he would pay £100,000 not to hear Theresa May talk, Piers Morgan has claimed.

    The former Good Morning Britain presenter, writing in The Spectator, said he told the former US president that Mrs May gets paid more than £100,000 for speeches.

    “He exploded into mocking laughter and spluttered: ‘Are you kidding me? I’d pay £100,000 not to hear her talk!” Morgan said about Mr Trump.

    Morgan went on: “Is it just me who was bemused to hear that Theresa May has raked in more than £1 million on the corporate lecture circuit since leaving No 10?

    “I once had a 20 minute chat with her at a Spectator party which was so enthralling that by the time I got home, I couldn’t remember anything she’d told me.”

    Mr Trump and Mrs May’s relationship as world leaders came into focus several times during both of their tenures, ranging from the pair holding hands to the American leaving her off the list of world leaders he rated relations with as 10 out of 10.

    Shortly after Mr Trump’s inauguration, Mr Trump was photographed holding Mrs May’s hand as they walked through the White House colonnades – which took her “by surprise”, her former joint chief of staff said.

    President Trump Is On The Net Again

    President Trump has released a new media site that allows people to follow the President. American Military Times reports:

    Former President Donald Trump launched his own communications platform Tuesday, allowing him to communicate directly with his followers through comments, images and videos months after being banned from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

    The platform, From the Desk of Donald J. Trump can be found at

    The platform allows followers to share his posts to social media sites, but does not include a feature to let users reply or engage with Trumps posts directly.

    Heres a promo of the site:

    Zachery Henry May 4, 2021

    Its a shame we have such corrupt individuals in our media and Big Tech.

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    Send A Letter To The White House

    Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your correspondence gets to the White House as quickly as possible.

    • If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to reach the White House.
    • If you write a letter, please consider typing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper.
    • If you hand-write your letter, please write as neatly as possible with an ink pen.
    • Include your return address on your letter as well as on your envelope. If you have an email address, please share it with us too.
    • And finally, please be sure to write on the outside of your mailing envelope the complete address for the White House to make sure your letter gets to us as quickly and directly as possible:

    The White HouseWashington, DC 20500

    Take A Stand And Get Organized

    “DON’T TALK TO ME” President Trump shuts down CNN reporter, calls FAKE NEWS

    ©Harry Huggins/MEDILL

    The election is a great opportunity to talk about differences of opinions, how to disagree, and how to advocate for a cause. Its a chance to help children learn about our perspectives and our values.

    When parents ask me how to have tough conversations with their children, I encourage them to do a bit of homework firstby studying themselves. Whats important to you? What kind of world do you want your kids to live in? What would your family motto be? What is your family mission statement? What kind of messages does your family want to send about race, politics, and politicians like Trump?

    In his 2013 book The Secrets of Happy Families, Bruce Feiler has several exercises to help create such statements, and he cites a host of research that shows that when families have shared values, they are often happy. These exercises arent just about coming up with the right words. They provide an opportunity to get organized and take action. When it comes to this years presidential race, that could mean that you try any or all of the following:

    • Come up with a family statement about how you feel about the election.
    • Write a letter to the candidates.
    • Watch inspiring anti-racist speeches on YouTube.
    • Put up campaign signs.
    • Go to a rally.
    • Take your kids with you to vote.

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    Chuck Todd Holds Sen Rick Scott’s Feet To The Fire Over Trump’s Election Lies

    Sen. Rick Scott repeatedly hedged on Sunday as MSNBCs Chuck Todd pressed him to explain why so many Republicans falsely claim the 2020 election was stolen.

    Scott, a Donald Trump supporter who voted to overturn the 2020 election result in the former presidents favor, was asked about a recent MSNBC poll that showed that just 22% of Republicans believe President Joe Biden was legitimately elected. Why is that? Todd asked.

    I can tell you Joe Biden is the president. We went through the constitutional process that, you know, he was elected, Scott said. Now, I do believe theres a lot of buyers remorse, he added, criticizing Biden on inflation and his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    I understand what youre saying, Todd interrupted, but why then youre part of the 22% that believe he was legitimately elected. Why do four in five Republicans not believe that?

    Youd have to ask them, Scott said, not mentioning the fact that Trump and his allies in politics and right-wing media have continuously spread disinformation and doubt about the election and insurrection in the year since the vote.

    WATCH: Sen. Rick Scott , who’s charged with helping GOP get control of the Senate, responds to Trump’s comments from weeks ago that reiterate false claims of a stolen election.: “Why hasn’t President Trump conceded?””I think you’d have to ask Donald Trump.”

    Meet the Press

    Is there any part of that statement that you agree with? Todd asked the senator.

    Trump Launches New ‘communications’ Platform

    Donald Trump has launched a new “communications” website, which says it will publish content “straight from the desk” of the former US president.

    Mr Trump was banned by Twitter and suspended by Facebook and YouTube after the Capitol riots in January.

    The former president has since been releasing statements by press release – which the new website will now host.

    Users will be able to like posts – and also share them on Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    “It is a blog,” Kara Swisher, technology columnist for the New York Times told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “I was like ‘2002 is calling and it wants its blog back…’

    “I don’t know what the overall plan is because he does have some very sharp digital advisers. It is just the beginning of his attempts to try to re-establish a louder ability to participate in digital media.”

    Mr Trump’s senior adviser, Jason Miller, had previously said a new social media platform was to be launched. “This new platform is going to be big,” he said in March.

    But Mr Miller tweeted on Tuesday that the new website was not the social media platform he had previously hyped.

    “We’ll have additional information coming on that front in the very near future,” he said.

    The website is reportedly built by Campaign Nucleus, a digital services company created by Mr Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale.

    Several posts on the site repeat debunked claims that last year’s presidential election was rigged.

    The new site arrived just before

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