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Is Trump Running For President In 2020

Yes Of Course Donald Trump Can Win In 2024

President Trump’s full 2020 reelection campaign announcement

When I meet people and they find out I am a political reporter, they inevitably and immediately ask some version of this question: Is he going to run again? And can he win?

The he there just in case youve spent the last six years on another planet is Donald Trump.

And the answers to those questions are probably yes and definitely. As in, yes, Trump is probably going to run for president again in 2024. And, yes, he would have a very real chance of winning.

Lets take the second half of that question first. A new Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump and President Joe Biden each at 45% among registered voters in a hypothetical 2024 matchup, results that are largely unchanged since the last time WSJ asked the question in November.

The simple fact is that if the 2020 presidential race was re-run today, it would effectively be a pure toss up.

Which, if you think about it, makes sense. While Biden took more than 300 electoral votes, his margins in a series of swing states like Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were decidedly narrow. And had those states gone for Trump, he would have almost certainly been reelected.

Now, that is putting the cart before the horse. So, lets return to the first question: Will Trump run?

If you believe him, then yes.

But, its true.

Is Donald Trump About To Announce A 2024 Presidential Run Or Is He Trying To Scare Ron Desantis

Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Chip Somodevilla/Getty Ron DeSantis , Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been encouraged to launch his 2024 presidential campaign before the upcoming midterm elections because of the popularity of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who some Republicans would like to see run.

“Ron DeSantis is popular with Florida Republican voters, which is a good indication of how he would do nationally,” a political source tells PEOPLE. “He is not afraid to speak out on unpopular issues, and even more important than that, he is not afraid of Donald Trump.”

“Trump is right that he created DeSantis,” Dave Aronberg, state attorney for Palm Beach County and former member of the Florida Senate, tells PEOPLE. “Polls showed that Trump’s 2018 endorsement gave DeSantis an edge in the Florida governor’s race. You don’t shove Dr. Frankenstein aside.”

Another source close to the former president agrees that this issue has caused political turmoil.

“Donald thinks DeSantis owes his political career to him, and this has caused political friction,” a longtime New York business friend of Trump’s tells PEOPLE. “Plus, they were never close friends. They never mixed well.”

Trump is gregarious while DeSantis is introverted and “socially awkward,” the source says. Trump likes people DeSantis likes to “keep people at a distance.”

“DeSantis has not promised to step aside,” says Aronberg. “He is running for president and doesn’t care who gets in his way.”

Michael Reaves/Getty Ron DeSantis

President Trumps Views On Gambling

Trump had very public financial ties to the late Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino mogul who was known to contribute to the Republican party and anti-gambling lawmakers. In fact, Trump and his family had met with Adelsons family in Las Vegas multiple times for dinner.

While Adelson was known to push an anti-gambling expansion agenda to prevent any cannibalization in his market of land-based venues, Trump has a history of favoring casinos, as he was a former casino owner and he is friends with many other owners in the industry.

However, Trump was tough on any gamblers working in his cabinet, as his personal assistant John McEntee was denied permanent security clearance from the White House due to problems related to online gambling and the mishandling of his taxes, said one Senior Administrator. Overall, we view Trump to be in favor of expanded gambling, at least more so than the GOP generally is.

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Weeding Out Trump Critics

The ousting of Cheney is the latest sign of Trump’s enduring sway over the Republican Party.

Trump, who has hinted that he will run for president in 2024, made ending Cheney’s congressional career a priority among the 10 House Republicans he targeted for supporting his impeachment in 2021.

Cheney, the daughter of Republican former Vice President Dick Cheney, has used her position on the Jan. 6 committee investigating the circumstances surrounding the Capitol riot to keep attention on Trump’s actions that day and his false claims that he won the 2020 election.

Republican leaders are expected to dissolve the Jan. 6 investigation if they win control of the House in November. The representatives in the new Congress take their seats in January.

Hageman, a natural resources lawyer who has embraced Trump’s election lies, criticized Cheney’s concession speech, saying it showed she cared little about the issues facing her state.

“She’s still focusing on an obsession about President Trump and the citizens of Wyoming, the voters of Wyoming sent a very loud message tonight,” Hageman said on Fox News.

Cheney, in the House, voted to impeach Trump on a charge of inciting the Capitol riot, while Murkowski, in the Senate, voted to convict him on that charge. Trump was ultimately acquitted.

Of the 10 Republicans who supported impeachment, it is possible that only one – Dan Newhouse of Washington – will be in Congress after November’s election.

Election And Capitol Riot

US Election: Donald Trump

The Justice Department is investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection and efforts to overturn the election he falsely claimed was stolen, though whether the former president is a direct target of the probe remains unclear.

A federal grand jury recently subpoenaed the White House counsel under Trump, Pat Cipollone and Cipollones top deputy, suggesting that prosecutors regard close advisers to Trump as potentially vital witnesses.

Federal prosecutors have been especially focused on a scheme by Trump allies to elevate fake presidential electors in key battleground states won by Joe Biden as a way to subvert the vote, issuing subpoenas in recent weeks to multiple state Republican party chairmen.

The Justice Department investigation is running parallel to a probe by a US House committee which has held several public hearings, including in prime time, about efforts by Trump and his allies to overturn his 2020 election loss.

That House committee doesnt have the power to file criminal charges, but legal experts have said the testimony gives prosecutors territory to explore, including the assertion that Trump sought to join his supporters in marching to the Capitol on January 6 after holding a rally or that he dismissed warnings that people in the crowd weapons.

Trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

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Certification Of Electoral College Votes

The 117th United States Congress first convened on January 3, 2021, and was scheduled to count and certify the Electoral College votes on January 6, 2021. There were 222 Democrats and 212 Republicans in the House there were 51 Republicans, 46 Democrats, and two independents in the Senate. Several Republican members of the House and Senate said they would raise objections to the reported count in several states, meeting the requirement that if a member from each body objects, the two houses must meet separately to discuss whether to accept the certified state vote. A statement from the vice president’s office said Pence welcomes the plan by Republicans to “raise objections and bring forward evidence” challenging the election results.

On December 28, 2020, Representative Louie Gohmert filed a lawsuit in Texas challenging the constitutionality of the Electoral Count Act of 1887, claiming Vice President Pence has the power and ability to unilaterally decide which slates of electoral votes get counted. The case was dismissed on January 1, 2021, for lack of both standing and jurisdiction. The plaintiffs filed an appeal, and the appeal was dismissed by a three-judge panel of the appeals court the next day.

Election Day And Beyond

Early on November 4, despite the fact that no clear winner of the election had been determined, Trump declared victory from the White House, stating that he “did win the election”. At that point, results from states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia were unclear. Although Trump was leading in the vote count of those states at the time, experts believed that many of the still-uncounted voteswhich included votes from large cities and mail-in ballotswould turn out to favor Biden.

On November 5, the Trump Victory in Wisconsin group declared it would be “chasing our absentee ballots over in Pennsylvania” for people who had yet to vote. Also that day, the Kenosha For Trump group sent an email urging “volunteers to make phone calls to Pennsylvania Trump supporters to return their absentee ballots”. However, votes had to be postmarked by November 3 to count as legal votes in Pennsylvania, and Trump himself has described late votes as election fraud.

By November 6, a growing number of Trump officials had admitted that the incumbent’s loss was probable. On that day, election-calling organization forecast that Trump had lost the election to Biden.

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Cnn Projection: Murkowski Tshibaka And Chesbro Will Advance In Alaska’s Senate Race

From CNN’s Rachel Janfaza, Eric Bradner and Alex Rogers

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski will advance to the November general election, CNN projects, along with the Trump-backed former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner Kelly Tshibaka, following the states nonpartisan primary.

Under Alaskas nonpartisan primary system, the top four finishers, regardless of party, advance to the general election.

Retired educator Patricia Chesbro, who is endorsed by Alaska’s Democratic Party, will also advance to the November contest, CNN projects.

CNN has not yet projected a fourth winner.

Given the new voting procedure, which Alaskans voted on in 2020, Murkowski avoided a partisan primary contest with Tshibaka and was able to survive a first-round showdown.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Tshibaka last year, pledging to campaign against Murkowski, the only one of the seven GOP senators who voted to convict Trump during his second impeachment trial who is up for reelection this year. The former President traveled to Alaska to hold a rally for Tshibaka in July.

Murkowski’s family has held her Senate seat for more than four decades. Her father, Frank Murkowski, was elected to the Senate in 1980 and appointed his daughter to fill his seat in 2002 when he was elected governor.

Tshibaka launched her campaign last year, pitching the election as an outsider versus a powerful, longtime insider.

The November election will be held using ranked choice voting.

Former Us President Donald Trump Hinted That He Would Be A Part Of The 2024 Presidential Run In A Rally Along With His Former Vp Mike Pence

Gravitas: Here’s why Donald Trump could win the 2024 Presidential Race

Reported By:| |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Jul 27, 2022, 12:22 PM IST

Businessman and media personality Donald Trump, who serves as the 45th President of the United States, was one of the most controversial people to assume the top post in the country, making waves throughout global politics with his policies and statements.

Now, Trump has strongly hinted that he will be taking a run at the post again, suggesting that he would participate in the 2024 US Presidential race. While delivering a fiery speech, the 76-year-old businessman was just a few words short of saying that he would be running for President again.

18 months after leaving the White House, Donald Trump was back in Washington on Tuesday taking the stage at the right-wing America First Policy Institute just hours after the crowd was addressed by his former Vice President, Mike Pence.

As per AFP reports, Donald Trump said during the rally, I always say I ran the first time and I won, then I ran a second time and I did much better. He further added, We may just have to do it again. We have to straighten out our country.

It is likely that both Mike Pence and Donald Trump will be running for US Presidential posts in 2024, according to media reports. Speaking at Young Americas Foundation conference, Pence said Americans must look to the future, not the past, and played down differences with Trump.

During his rally, Donald Trump said, They really want to damage me so I can no longer go back to work for you.

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Can I Bet On Donald Trump 2024 Election Odds Now

If you want to make as much money wagering on The Donald as possible, nows the time to place your wagers on his chances to win the 2024 Presidential election. Trumps 2024 GOP primary odds also hold a lot of value, as hes trending at +400 at Bovada and +1400 at BetOnline.

For the general election in 2024, Trump payouts are even better. At BetOnline, he has odds of +800 to win, while at BetOnline, he is trending at +3300. Obviously, if you want to wager on The Donald right now, you should do so at BetOnline.

Read A Brief Summary Of This Topic

United States presidential election of 2020, American presidential election held on November 3, 2020, in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, in which Democrat Joe Biden, formerly the 47th vice president of the United States, defeated the incumbent president, Republican Donald Trump, to become the 46th U.S. president. Biden garnered more than 81 million votes to win the popular vote by more than seven million ballots and to triumph in the Electoral College by a count of 306 to 232. Refusing to acknowledge Bidens victory, Trump claimed without evidence that the election had been stolen from him through fraud and mounted unsuccessful legal challenges in several states that he had lost. Widespread acceptance of Trumps prolonged baseless insistence that the election had been stolen ultimately led to the storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, the day that the Electoral College results were to be ceremoniously reported to a joint session of Congress. Identifying the provocative speech that Trump delivered to supporters before the insurrectionist mob invaded the Capitol as inciting violence against the Government of the United States, the House of Representatives subsequently impeached the lame duck president.

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Terrifying For American Democracy: Is Trump Planning For A 2024 Coup

Republicans are vying for critical positions in many states from which they could launch a far more effective power-grab than Trumps 2020 effort

At 1.35pm on 6 January, the top Republican in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, stood before his party and delivered a dire warning.

If they overruled the will of 81 million voters by blocking Joe Bidens certification as president in a bid to snatch re-election for the defeated candidate, Donald Trump, it would damage our Republic forever.

Five minutes before he started speaking, hundreds of Trump supporters incited by the then presidents false claim that the 2020 election had been stolen broke through Capitol police lines and were storming the building. McConnells next remark has been forgotten in the catastrophe that followed the inner sanctums of Americas democracy defiled, five people dead, and 138 police officers injured.

He said: If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral. Wed never see the whole nation accept an election again. Every four years would be a scramble for power at any cost.

Eleven months on, McConnells words sound eerily portentous. What could be construed as an anti-democratic scramble for power at any cost is taking place right now in jurisdictions across the country.

The idea of the stolen election continues to spread like an airborne contagion.

Here’s Why Alaska Voters Are Casting Ballots In Two Separate Elections For The Same Seat

Trump 2020 Re

From CNN’s Rachel Janfaza, Ethan Cohen and Eric Bradner

Voters in Alaska on Tuesday voted in two separate elections for the same US House seat the state’s at-large congressional district seat.

That’s because there’s both a special general election to fill the remainder of the late Rep. Don Young’s term and a primary election to decide who will compete in November for the seat’s next full term starting in January.

It’s a complicated process. Beyond voting for the same seat twice in one day, different rules apply to the special general and primary elections.

What will happen in the special general election? The special general election will be the first time that Alaska will use ranked choice voting which will see voters rank their preferred candidates, with the votes for the lowest-finishing candidates coming into play if no one tops 50% to determine who will fill the remainder of Young’s term. If no one reaches that threshold, it’ll be a while until we know the winner, with the ranked choice voting tabulation scheduled to begin on Aug. 31.

What will happen in the primary? The primary will use a top-four system, which means that candidates of all parties, and those with no party affiliation, run on the same primary ballot just as candidates did for the special election’s primary earlier this year. The top four performing candidates will then advance to the November general election for the full term.

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Most Likely Presidential Candidates In 2024 Besides Trump And Biden

While both current United States President Joe Biden and former U.S. President Donald Trump have teased 2024 re-runs for the top office, they arent the only people throwing their names into the ring, with several contenders continuing to appear on both sides.

Multiple Republicans who have made their mark on the 2021 political news cycle could mount campaigns against Trump if they all make a bid to run, including state governors, ambassadors and senators.

One name that has floated often amongst Republicans is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose notable lack of an approach to combating the COVID-19 pandemic in his state and his open distaste for critical race theory have put him in the spotlight. However, The Hill reports he is more focused on his 2022 reelection campaign for his current job, though that does not fully rule out a 2024 presidential run.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has also been mentioned as a top contender. In both 2020 and 2021, she spoke out against Trump in the wake of his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 Presidential election and after the insurrection on the Capitol on Jan. 6. However, she has since also stated that if the former President ran again, she would not do so.

Sen. Ted Cruz , who has been one of Trumps biggest supporters, could make an attempt at a second bid for the Presidency in 2024. He previously ran in 2016 against Trump, coming in second behind the man who eventually won the White House.

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