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How Are Trump’s Approval Ratings

Polling Average Put Bidens Approval Rating Higher Than 39%

Trump’s approval rating drops 6 points in new poll l ABCNews

Experts say approval ratings should be calculated by looking at an average between polls not a single poll. On the day the claim was made, the polling average for Bidens approval rating was 45.2%.

The best practice to look at multiple polls and not to fixate on an individual poll, which can be cherry-picked to make inaccurate arguments,Barry Burden, director of the Elections Research Center and professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said in an email.

The website FiveThirtyEight rates how different polls vary in terms of accuracy and statistical bias. It calculates approval ratings for presidents based on a weighted average that takes into account poll quality and uncertainty.

According to that polling average, Bidens approval rate was 45.2% on the day the claim was posted.

The Facebook post appeared to refer to an Economist/YouGov poll conducted Sept. 4-7. It reported 39% of American adults approved of Biden. YouGov noted this was the first time the majority of Americans disapproved of Biden during his presidency.

However, Burden told USA TODAY this poll was unusually low.

After Capitol Attack Trumps Approval Rating Slides In Us Polls

A majority now supports banning Trump from public office amid a sharp partisan divide over his role in the riot

After four years in the White House, Donald Trump is leaving the United States presidency with low job approval ratings following the January 6 attack by his supporters on the US Capitol, according to three new public opinion surveys.

One poll showed an overwhelming majority of Americans opposed the mob violence at the Capitol and two suggest most people think Trump should be prevented from running for office again.

At the same time, however, a sharp partisan divide remains over the outgoing presidents conduct and whether he shares blame for inciting the riot at the Capitol. And Trumps base of supporters believe Republicans politicians should still follow his lead.

The new findings come from surveys released on Friday by the Pew Research Center and Washington Post-ABC News, and on Thursday by Reuters-Ipsos.

Trumps approval rating dropped to 29 percent in the latest Pew Research Center survey, an all-time low.

Most US adults 89 percent in the Washington Post-ABC News survey oppose the actions of the people who stormed the US Capitol last week as Congress was meeting to certify Joe Bidens victory in the 2020 presidential election.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 56 percent of Americans favour disqualifying Trump from ever holding office in the future.

Full Video: Trump Rally From Commerce Georgia

Trumpâs barnstorming midterm election blitz continues

Former President Donald Trump held a Save America rally on Saturday from Commerce, Georgia. The suburb of Commerce, just outside of Athens, is just 90 minutes east of Atlanta. Joining the former president on stage will be several endorsed candidates including Herschel Walker, candidate for U.S. Senate, and David Purdue, candidate for Governor of Georgia.

In the Peach State, Trump has several endorsed candidates running for election in 2022 including in the hotly contested Senate and Governors race. Below you will find all the rally details including start time, how to watch, and live stream information.

Trump Save America Rally in Commerce, GeorgiaWhen: Saturday, March 26, 2022Time: Trump speaking at 7 pm ET Where: Banks County Dragway Full Video: Available below

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The Claim: President Joe Bidens Approval Rating Is 39% And Lower Than Donald Trumps Ever Was

After the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings took a hit. But some online posts exaggerate the depth of the drop.

Text in reads, “Joe Biden’s approval falls to 39 percent, worse than Trump’s approval ever.” The post did not indicate which poll it’s referring to.

A similar post accumulated 46,000 likes in six days before it was deleted. Other claims in this vein have racked up hundreds of interactions on Facebook and Instagram, according to CrowdTangle, a social media insights tool.

The claim is misleading. While one poll did put Bidens approval rating at 39%, the polling average a more accurate measure of a president’s popularity put it higher. Experts say Biden’s approval rating, the lowest since he took office, is still higher than Trumps term low.

USA TODAY reached out to several social media users who shared the claim for comment.

Trump Gets His Best Rating Ever On Guns Its Still Bad

Trumps Approval Ratings Show More People Ignoring Mainstream Media

Trump has generally dragged his feet when it comes to gun control. You might expect that to hurt him, given that Americans are in favor of stricter gun laws. Indeed, his approval rating on gun policy in our latest poll is only 38%.

Yet that 38% is actually the highest its ever been. Its a statistically insignificantly higher than the 36% it was last month and 5 points higher than he was at the beginning of the year.

I find that notable because gun control and Trumps mostly inaction on it has been in the news a lot recently, after mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. Despite that, his approval rating on the issue isnt going down.

Moreover, gun policy is the only issue on which Trumps approval actually went up over the last month.

While I wouldnt put too much on this, I do think its notable. It suggests perhaps that gun control isnt the driver of public opinion perhaps some Democrats hope it is heading into 2020.

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Poll: Donald Trump Ends Presidency With Lowest Approval Rating

President Donald Trump will leave office with the lowest approval rating of his presidency, according to a Pew Research poll.

The poll conducted from January 8-12 shows Trump currently has a 29 percent approval rating.

The Pew poll differs sharply from a Rasmussen poll released Friday showing the president still holds an approval rating of 48 percent.

The Pew poll shows 68 percent of Americans disapprove of Trumps performance after the riots on Capitol Hill, up nine points.

In August, the Pew poll showed Trump had a 38 percent favorable approval rating and in June he had a 39 percent rating. Trumps highest rating in the Pew poll was at 45 percent in March 2020.

Since August, the president has suffered a 17-point decline in approval from Republicans and Republican-leaning individuals in the poll.

The poll shows Trumps approval ratings among Republicans going from a record high of 85 percent in 2020 to the current 60 percent approval rating, a decline of 25 points.

Pew Research poll Survey of U.S. adults conducted Jan. 8-12, 2021.

The riots on Capitol Hill appear to have damaged Trumps approval ratings.

Fifty-two percent say Trump should bear a lot of the blame after his supporters stormed Capitol Hill last week but 47 percent of respondents say that the president deserved a little of the blame or nothing at all.

A wide majority of Americans in the poll also do not want to see Trump continue as a major political figure in the future.

What Would Make You Change Your Mind About Donald J Trump

When Michael Tesler, a political scientist at the University of California Irvine, tries to explain the amazing stability of Trumps approval in his classes, he starts with a question. He asks his students if theres anything Trump could do to make them support him. And hes invariably met by a sea of shaking heads. If you went into Trumps presidency thinking hes a racist, sexist, xenophobic, immoral, narcissistic, corrupt, and incompetent person beliefs held by most Clinton voters then theres literally almost nothing he could do to change your mind, says Tesler.

The same is true in reverse. If you see Trump as the protector of Western Civilization, as Charlie Kirk called him the other night at the RNC, or the protector of white America, as Desmond King and Rogers Smith have called him, defending cherished American values from atheist, left-wing socialists who want to take your guns and put Cory Booker in charge of diversifying your neighborhoods, then theres almost nothing that would make you abandon him, Tesler continues.

But how do we know if were being governed with a bare level of competence?

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Tracking The Drop In Trumps Approval

  • Among Democrats: December 30: – 71 January 9 – 10: – 80

  • Among Independents / Third Party: December 30: – 7 January 9 – 10: – 27

  • Among Republicans: December 30: + 74 January 9 – 10: + 60

  • Among Trump 2020 voters: December 30: + 84 January 9 – 10: + 62

  • Among Biden 2020 voters: December 30: – 84 January 9 – 10: – 85

In a survey fielded from the 9th to the 10th of this month, we find that the presidents job approval rating sits at minus 16-points . A majority of likely voters who self-identify as Democrats and as Independent / Third Party disapprove of Trump. Meanwhile, among likely voters who self-identify as Republicans, meanwhile, 80 percent approve of the job Trump is doing. We can also observe a close correlation between attitudes among partisans and 2020 voters. Eighty-one percent of self-reported Trump 2020 voters approve of the job hes doing just one point different than his approval number among Republicans and 92 percent of self-reported Biden 2020 voters disapprove two points different than his disapproval among Democrats.

When we look at responses broken out by partisanship, we see that a majority of voters who self-identify as Democrats and Independent / Third Party both support impeaching Trump. In contrast, 79 percent of self-identified Republicans oppose impeachment.

Isa Alomran is an intern at Data for Progress.

Ethan Winter is an analyst at Data for Progress.

Who Was The Highest Polled Us President

Trump’s approval ratings on the rise

George W. Bush holds the record for the lowest approval ratings, according to the Roper Center. But this former president is also the only one to have a rating above 90%.

In a poll conducted by ABC News in October 2001, he received an approval rating of 92%. The closest to come to this number was George H.W. Bush, who polled at 89% in 1991.

Other presidents who had high approval ratings are:

  • Truman had an 87% rating in 1945.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt had an approval rating of 84% in 1942.
  • Polling in 1961 found John F. Kennedy had an 83% approval rating.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson had an 80% approval rating in 1964.
  • In 2009, Barack Obama had a 76% approval rating.

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Joe Bidens Approval Lower Than Donald Trumps At Same Stage Of Presidency: Poll

President Joe Bidens approval rating is now lower than former President Donald Trumps was at the same point in his presidency, according to a new Quinnipiac poll.

The poll, released on Wednesday, showed that the presidents approval rating stands at 33 percent, while 53 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Biden is doing.

This represents a three-point decline since Quinnipiacs survey in November, 2021, which found Bidens approval at 36 percent with 53 percent of Americans disapproving of him.

The poll was conducted among 1,313 U.S. adults from January 7 to 11 and has a margin of error of +/-2.7 percent.

The figures were slightly different among registered voters, where Bidens approval was 35 percent and his disapproval stood at 54 percent.

Bidens approval rating in the most recent poll is lower than former President Trumps approval in a Quinnipiac poll at the same stage of his presidency.

A Quinnipiac survey released in January 2018 gave Trump an approval rating of 36 percent, while 59 percent of respondents disapproved of the job he was doing.

The 2018 poll was conducted among 1,016 American voters from January 5 to 9 and had a margin of error of +/-3.6 percent.

Presidential job approval for Obama and Trump after first year in office GRAPH

Quinnipiac University Poll

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Friday, May 27, 2022

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, sponsored by Miranda Devines LAPTOP FROM HELL for Friday shows that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Bidens job performance. Fifty-five percent disapprove.

The latest figures include 22% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 46% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -24.

Regular updates are posted Monday through Friday at 9:30 a.m. Eastern .

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Now that Gallup has quit the field, Rasmussen Reports is the only nationally recognized public opinion firm that still tracks President Bidens job approval ratings on a daily basis. If your organization is interested in a weekly or longer sponsorship of Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, please send e-mail to.

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Donald Trump Has Become More Popular Since The January 6 Capitol Attack

Former President Donald Trump still manages to dominate the political headlines, nearly a year and half after leaving office. On Thursday, the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol used its first prime-time hearing to make the case that Trump used his power to try and overturn the 2020 election result.

The committee faces political headwinds, however. A majority of Americans now believe that Trump was either not or only partially responsible for the rioters who overtook the Capitol, according to a recent NBC News poll. Thats up from 47% in January 2021.

Trumps improving political position is where we begin today.

The Sample And Margin Of Error

Althouse: Trump

Pollsters cant realistically contact every American adult throughout the country and ask their opinion on a given issue. Instead, they try to contact a representative sampleusually anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 individualsthat accurately represents the countrys population as a whole. Pollsters, with the help of statisticians, demographers, and data experts, use a variety of techniques to create a representative sample. This typically involves using probability formulas and algorithms to ensure random sampling and to increase the likelihood of contacting an accurate cross-section of the U.S. adult population. Some pollsters also create panels of respondents that they believe reflect the actual population and poll them repeatedly over a span of time. These polls are usually called tracking polls. Oftentimes, pollsters weigh their respondents to account for various demographic measurements. For example, a pollster might weigh more heavily the responses from a specific demographic group if that group was poorly represented in the random sample in relation to the countrys estimated demographic composition. The same might be done if a group appears to be overrepresented.

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Bidens Approval Rating Is Trumps In Reverse

Support from a slim majority might be all President Biden can expect and maybe its all he needs.

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By Giovanni Russonello

President Biden entered the White House last month with a broadly positive approval rating but well shy of the two-thirds of Americans who expressed support for his former boss, Barack Obama, when he took office 12 years ago.

In fact, Bidens net approval rating is lower than that of any incoming president since the dawn of modern polling, except for his predecessor, Donald Trump. Its just another clear sign that weve entered a new era of partisanship: Media fragmentation and the hard-line politics it has helped foster may make it impossible for any leader to become a true consensus figure.

But it also bears noting that Bidens approval rating is basically a reverse image of Trumps. In addition to being loathed by Republicans and embraced by Democrats, hes firmly in positive territory among independents who had consistently disapproved of Trumps performance.

A Monmouth University poll out last week found that 54 percent of Americans gave Bidens performance positive marks, including nine in 10 Democrats and a plurality of independents, who approved by a 17-percentage-point margin . But among Republicans, his numbers were upside down. Just 15 percent approved, and 70 percent disapproved.

Legal Affairs And Bankruptcies

FixerRoy Cohn served as Trumps lawyer and mentor for 13 years in the 1970s and 1980s. According to Trump, Cohn sometimes waived fees due to their friendship. In 1973, Cohn helped Trump countersue the United States government for $100 million over its charges that Trumps properties had racial discriminatory practices. Trump and Cohn lost that case when the countersuit was dismissed and the governments case went forward. In 1975, an agreement was struck requiring Trumps properties to furnish the New York Urban League with a list of all apartment vacancies, every week for two years, among other things. Cohn introduced political consultant Roger Stone to Trump, who enlisted Stones services to deal with the federal government.

As of April 2018, Trump and his businesses had been involved in more than 4,000 state and federal legal actions, according to a running tally by USA Today.

While Trump has not filed for personal bankruptcy, his over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and New York filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection six times between 1991 and 2009. They continued to operate while the banks restructured debt and reduced Trumps shares in the properties.

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Donald Trumps Approval Rating Bottoms Out At Lowest Ever A Week After Capitol Riot

President Donald Trumps approval rating has hit an all-time low since he took office four years ago.

A new poll from the Pew Research Center shows that two weeks after the U.S. Capitol riot, nearly 70 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as president, with the majority saying they strongly disapprove. Comparably, only 29 percent of U.S. adults say they approve of his job performance.

The new figures are lower than in August, when Trump held an approval rating of 38 percent, a number that had remained virtually unchanged since June, when the nation was ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic and swept by racial justice protests in the wake of George Floyds death in Minneapolis police custody.

Trumps new low approaches that of George W. Bushs 25 percent during the 2008 financial crisis and Richard Nixons 24 percent during the Watergate scandal.

However, both these approval ratings were from Gallup, which have not released new figures for Trump since the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.

The Pew Research poll indicates that the decline in the presidents approval was seen among most major demographics since the summer.

Among white adults, Trumps approval rating has dropped 9 percent since August. For Hispanic adults, approval declined from 28 percent to 17 percent. Approval among Black adults is currently at 4 percent, a 5 percent decrease from August.

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