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Where To Buy Donald Trump Hats

Report: Louisiana Company Behind Trump’s ‘make America Great Again’ Swag Raking In Millions

Get the Facts: No Fake MAGA Hats
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FILE – In this June 1, 2016, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wears his “Make America Great Again” hat at a rally in Sacramento, Calif.

Few have utilized swag as well as President Donald Trump, and the Louisiana woman behind his iconic “Make America Great Again” hats is happy to help one million times and counting.

Christl Mahfouz, CEO of Ace Specialties Inc. in Lafayette, said the 1 million mark for hats will be hit this summer in a shipment from her company, according to a report from Bloomberg.

What Are Maga Hats

Well, they are the most talked about and worn hat in history, the Make America Great Again Hat . This is an iconic hat that every Trump supporter would love to wear, and wear proudly!.

We believe in the generations to come this hat will be written about in history books, and you can get one today! This is a great time to be alive!!

‘make America Great Again’ Hats Fall Short Of ‘made In Usa’ Claim

ByAssociated Press

At least one of the hats in a small test sample did not contain the specific type of American-made fabric the hats’ manufacturer insists his factory always uses.

ByAssociated Press

WASHINGTON, United States Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats proudly tout they are “Made in USA.” Not necessarily always the case, an Associated Press review found.

The iconic, baseball-style hats are indeed stitched together at a small factory in the Los Angeles area. But at least one of the hats in a small sample tested by the AP and an outside expert did not contain the specific type of American-made fabric the hats’ manufacturer insists his factory always uses to make each one.

The true origin of the fabric in that hat remains a mystery whether US- or foreign-made and by whom and a striking example of how difficult and murky it can be to verify something is actually “Made in USA.” The Republican presidential candidate has made it a cornerstone of his campaign that US companies and individuals should aim for that standard to bring back American jobs, even if it costs more.

Informed of the AP’s findings, Trump said any misrepresentation would be unacceptable. “I pay a good price for that hat. If it’s not made in the USA, we’ll bring a lawsuit.”

In addition to the fabric analysis, two of the manufacturer’s employees, including a top sales agent, said the hats’ fabric, bills and stiffeners were imported from overseas.

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Walmart Sells Trump Hats For Less Than The President

Aliexpress.com : Buy Make America Great Again Hat Donald ...

Harriet Sinclair U.S.Donald TrumpMake america great againTrumpWalmart

President Donald Trump may not be as much of a fan of capitalism after he learns that Walmart is undercutting him on his own themed merchandise.

The retail giant is selling “USA” hats at a fraction of the cost of official MAGA hats sold by Trump’s online campaign store.

Walmart’s $10 hats, which its website describes as USA Trump hats, are similar to the hat worn by Trump to a number of official outings. The hat has USA emblazoned on the front, the number 45 on one side and the American flag on the other.

On Trump’s online campaign website, the hat is available for $40, with its description reading: “The only place online to purchase the Official USA rope hat worn by 45th President-Elect Donald J. Trump, himself.”

According to Time magazine, which reported the sales by Walmart of similar hats, the caps “do not appear to be official merchandise nor made by the same manufacturer.”

Indeed, Walmart’s website does not indicate that its hats are official merchandise, although they are very similar to the official merchandise, also featuring USA on the front, 45 on one side and the American flag on the other, with the description: “USA Trump Hat 45th President Make America Great Again.”

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington hit out at the president over his decision to wear his Trump hat as he set off to visit Texas after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

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Where Are Maga Hats Made

Our Huge Maga Hat is made by hand in Houston, Texas, and our Original Maga Hat is made and embroidered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Many online retailers sell Chinese made Maga Hats. While there is nothing physically wrong with the hats, the quality won’t be as high. The American Made hats usually retail for $25-$35 while the Chinese ones will retail for $12-$20.

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Report: Louisiana Company Continues To Be Official Distributor Of Trump’s ‘make America Great Again’ Hats

A Louisiana-based company continues to see a big boom in business as the official distributo

Mahfouz’s company had brought in more $21 million in production and shipment of the now-iconic hats and other products, according to the report.

Mahfouz, a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, said her company got the contract after making a pitch at Trump Tower.

Inside Info On Doing Business In Acadiana

Inside The Trump MAGA Hat Factory

a great person, Mahfouz said to WBRZ in January. Hes very down to earth. I was not nervous at allHes just real straightforward and said how fast can we get this done. I told him give me a week, and thats all it took.

Mahfouz’s company gets reimbursed for shipping and handing costs and also collects a fee for everything that goes through her facility. The official hats sell for $25 for other retailers, but true Trump fans want something American made, Mahfouz said in the report.

Editor’s note: This story was first published June 21, 2016

For the original story from Bloomberg, click here.

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Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again Caps Are For Sale And They’re Presented In Fancy Display Cases And Packaged In Luxurious Gold Bags

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump listens to a question at the World Trade International Bridge in Laredo, Texas

The baseball hat Donald Trump wore on his mission to the Mexican border on Thursday quickly achieved meme status. And now, you can buy your own copy of the hat, which is emblazoned with Trump’s presidential campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

On Friday morning, a Trump campaign aide confirmed to Business Insider that the hats are on sale at Trump Tower in Manhattan and are “coming soon to DonaldJTrump.com.” The aide said all of the campaign merchandise was “made in the USA.”

Business Insider visited Trump Tower where the woman at the store in the lobby said the hats arrived on Friday morning. They are available in three colors: red, blue, and the white model Trump wore on his border trip. The hats cost $20.

We were informed that “Mr. Trump” wanted us “to have a hat.” It was given to us packaged in a gold foil bag that was tied with ribbon. Inside, the hat was wrapped in black tissue paper festooned with the “Trump Store” logo. Two other pieces of tissue paper were used to decorate the bag. We asked if the elaborate packaging was because Trump gave us the hat personally.

“We wrap everything like this,” the woman said.

While we were at Trump Tower, a man who said his name was “Bob” stopped by the store and took one of the free bumper stickers. Business Insider asked Bob if he planned on voting for Trump.

Trump Wore Usa Hat To Visit Hurricane Zone And Trump Fans Can Buy The Look

President Trump is greeted as he tours the Texas Department of Public Safety Emergency Operations Center on Tuesday in Austin. Evan Vucci/APhide caption

toggle caption

President Trump, with a well-known fondness for golf hats bearing slogans, toured post-Hurricane Houston on Tuesday wearing white headgear emblazoned with “USA.” It had a U.S. flag on one side, and on the other side maybe this was the giveaway the numeral 45. Trump is the 45th president.

It was merchandise from his re-election campaign’s online store. On a webpage not updated since January, the campaign sells “the Official USA rope hat worn by 45th President-Elect Donald J. Trump, himself” for $40 available in red, camouflage or white. And yes, it was made in the U.S.A., according to the website.

The White House issued a press release with photos of the white-hatted president meeting with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other officials. A White House spokeswoman seemed to dismiss concerns about merchandising, citing the hat’s USA logo.

But Fred Wertheimer of the watchdog group Democracy 21 said Trump has blended his business activities with his White House duties.

“There’s no apparent line for the president on how his office can be used for financial benefit, for profit going into his pocket or money going into his campaign,” Wertheimer said. “In essence, he’s now licensing the presidency.”

No other president has created a re-election campaign committee as quickly as Trump.

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