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Is President Trump A Moron

Rex Tillerson Almost Resigned In July Rift With Trump Deepens

Trump rips Biden’s climate agenda: US adversaries laughing at how stupid we are

Pence has since spoken to Tillerson about being respectful of the president in meetings and in public, urging that any disagreements be sorted out privately, a White House official said. The official said progress has since been made.

Yet the disputes have not abated. This weekend, tensions spilled out into the open once again when the president seemed to publicly chide Tillerson on his handling of the crisis with North Korea.

NBC News spoke with a dozen current and former senior administration officials for this article, as well as others who are close to the president.

Tillerson, who was in Texas for his sons wedding in late July when Trump addressed the Boy Scouts, had threatened not to return to Washington, according to three people with direct knowledge of the threats. His discussions with retired Gen. John Kelly, who would soon be named Trumps second chief of staff, and Defense Secretary James Mattis, helped initially to reassure him, four people with direct knowledge of the exchanges said.

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After Tillersons return to Washington, Pence arranged a meeting with him, according to three officials. During the meeting, Pence gave Tillerson a pep talk, one of these officials said, but also had a message: the secretary needed to figure out how to move forward within Trumps policy framework.

Uncovering Whether Secretary Tillerson Called Trump A Moron

We filed a lawsuit against the State Department to divulge whether former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson questioned Trump’s fitness to be President, including calling him a “moron”

Democracy Forward filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State after it refused to disclose details of recently-fired Secretary of State Rex Tillersons reported concerns about President Trumps fitness to carry out his Constitutional duties as Commander in Chief. The new suit comes as the White House prepares for high-stakes negotiations with North Korea.

In October 2017, Tillerson held an unscheduled press conference to rebut news reports that he called President Trump a moron after the President indicated his desire to dramatically expand the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile to ten times its current size. At the press conference, Tillerson declined to directly answer questions about whether he had questioned the Presidents fitness for office. The State Department later issued a terse denial through a spokesperson.

On October 4, 2017, the day of Tillersons unplanned press briefing, Democracy Forward filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking records regarding the Secretarys concerns for the Presidents fitness to be President, and attempts by the White House to orchestrate Secretary Tillersons public response to manage the fallout.

Karianne Jones

Rex Tillerson Had The Very Best Reason For Calling Trump A Moron

Isn’t it weird that of all the infinite timelines we could have ended up living through, we got the one where Donald Trump is president of the United States and we had to spend multiple news cycles on whether or not Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him a “fucking moron”? Maybe “weird” isn’t the word? Discouraging? Disgusting? Scary? Whichever adjective you want to pick, rest assured that you’re not alone and most of the country feels the same way, so let’s just breathe and dive once more into the “fucking moron” story, shall we?

So far we’ve heard that Tillerson called the president a fucking moron, we’ve heard Tillerson deny that he did that, and we’ve heard President Trump call the whole story “fake news” before adding that he wanted him and Tillerson to compare IQ tests so he could prove he’s smarter. That’s what politics is now, I guess. But one thing we haven’t yet heard is the “why.”Why did Tillerson call his boss that? I mean, he was right to and there are so many possible reasons, but what was Tillerson’s? Well, thanks to NBC News, we now know the answer to that.

President Donald Trump said he wanted what amounted to a nearlytenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal during a gathering thispast summer of the nations highest-ranking national security leaders,according to three officials who were in the room.

As of now, there are no plans for such an increase, but this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. I wouldn’t be certain of anything.

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Why You Are A Fucking Moron For Voting For Trump

When I realized that the Republicans had pulled another trick like they did with George W. Bush, I knew that nobody on the Democratic side would do anything about it. I went to bed.

I would wake up for a minute, go the the kitchen to eat something and another terrible effect of Trump as president would hit me and I had to go back to bed. This was my pattern for the first three days after the election.

When I finally checked in with friends, several of them were in the same situation. We were all so depressed that nothing seemed worth getting out of bed for. Everything that was going so well suddenly became so fragile that there was little to even hope for.

That same day, I found my liberal friends were apologizing to Trump supporters for dehumanizing them. My friends were extending an olive branch of peace to the people who should be held responsible for the biggest mistake in United States history.

Around this time, I also hear Trump supporters complaining that they were being labeled as misogynistic, hate-mongering, racist, homophobic assholes and they were upset about it. Nearly every one of them felt that it was unfair that people were being so upset over Trump when they had to deal with Obama for eight years.

It is important that Trump supporters understand the difference between Obama being selected as president and Donald Trump being selected as president. Here are some things that we have to look forward to with Trump and compare those to the fears about Obama.

Rex Tillerson Says He Won’t Quit But Doesn’t Deny Calling Trump A ‘moron’

Protestors Are Gaming Google Images So When You Search
  • Secretary of state pledges loyalty and denies he considered resignation
  • Tillerson doesnt rebut report that he derided Trump in White House meeting

The US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has denied he has considered resignation and pledged loyalty to Donald Trump in the wake of a report that he had called the president a moron.

There has never been a consideration in my mind to leave. I serve at the appointment of the president and Im here as long as the president thinks I can be useful to achieving his objectives, Tillerson said at a hastily arranged press appearance on Wednesday.

But he did not deny the report on NBC News on Wednesday morning that he had derided Trump as a moron in a meeting of White House national security officials and members of the cabinet. Instead, he shrugged off the report as petty nonsense and issued a stream of praise for the president.

He loves his country. He puts America and Americans first. Hes smart. He demands results wherever he goes and he holds those around him accountable for whether they have done the job he has asked them to do, Tillerson said.

Moments after his statement, CNN also reported that he had called Trump a moron and that Trump had been made aware of it.

After Tillersons appearance, the state department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, held a separate press conference and denied Tillerson had called the president a moron, insisting: He never said that.

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A Brief History Of Trumps Allies Calling Him An Idiot

If Michael Wolff is to be believed, 100 percent of the people around Donald Trump dont think hes fit for office. They all say he is like a child . . . its all about him, Wolff said during an interview in early January, adding, They say hes a moron, an idiot. In the past week, the whisperings gathered by Wolff seem to have been confirmed, or at least validated, by a handful of leaked comments by Trump staffers from before they joined the White House. The most recent: a New York report detailing a series of messages sent by White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah while he was still working for the Republican National Committee.

In the messages, Shah reportedly called Trump a deplorable and celebrated the release of the Access Hollywood tape as some justice. The White House defended Shah as a talented operative and skilled communicator who had already disclosed the messages, and Shah himself appeared on Fox Business to say that Trump had eventually won over. But by then, Shah had joined the ranks of a list thats likely to grow over timeas one White House adviser told New Yorks Olivia Nuzzi, You hear them say things like, Im serving the country . . . Thats code for, I hate the fucker.

Scott Pruitt

Rex Tillerson

H.R. McMaster

Tom Barrack Jr.

Gary Cohn

Bob Corker

Jeff Flake

Is Donald Trump Losing To A Mastermind Or A Moron

WASHINGTON Hillary Clinton is the dumbest, laziest, least-successful, most incompetent evil genius to ever orchestrate the most complicated conspiracy in history. Or at least, that is the summary of how DonaldTrump describes her.

No, it doesnt make much sense when you put it like that, but consider: On the one hand, the GOP presidential nominee lambastes his Democratic rival for many supposed ills incompetence, terrible judgment, defective instincts, and, perhaps worst of all, low energy.

On the other hand, Clinton is crooked, guilty of decades of crimes, and has somehow managed to rig the Justice Department, local prosecutors and the media to escape punishment for all those years. And then she went on to fix the entire electoral system and put herself at the very doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Holding those two ideas of Clinton simultaneously in the mind doesnt make sense. The two visions are cognitively dissonant, as psychologists would say. If one thing is true, then the other cant be, and for most people there is a tension that holding such views creates. Generally, a person with a couple of dissonant ideas would modify their behavior or their beliefs to ease the internal conflict.

But not Trump. The brash businessman can spend his days tramping around the campaign trail parroting bad judgment and Crooked Hillary like an orange-pated toddler who cant stop with the Hoops and Yoyo card.

And he agreed that Trumps behavior defies norms.

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Four Years In Office Have Only Convinced More Americans That The Trump Might Not Be A Stable Genius

A WashingtonPostABC News poll taken the last week of May 2020 asked Americans,Do you think Trump has the mental sharpness it takes to serve effectively aspresident? Fifty-two percent of respondents said no, with only 46 percentsaying yes.

One might see this solid majority response as the weary, off-the-cuff judgment of an American public worn down by Trumps barrage of outlandishclaims about coronavirus treatments, or fantasized accounts of legions of violentantifa leaders orchestrating the present nationwide protests over the policekilling of George Floyd. But in truth, this was far from the first poll tofind that a substantial number of Americans see Trump as not very bright. An Economist/YouGovpoll in 2019 asked, Compared to other presidents since World War II, wouldyou say that Trump is more or less intelligent? Forty-seven percent said thathe is less intelligent, 22 percent said he has about the same intelligence, andjust 21 percent thought he is more intelligent.

Closely related to doubts about Trumps intelligence is thequestion of whether he is too ignorant to do his job. In 2016 and 2017, the FoxNews poll asked people, Do you think Trump has the knowledge to serveeffectively as president? In the five times the question was asked, 60 percentof people said no and just 40 percent or fewer said yes.

When You Have Been Publicly Accused Of Calling Your Boss A Moron Its Not A Great Idea To Call A Press Conference About It

Tapper to Tillerson: Did you call Trump a moron?

This is particularly true when you are unable to refute the claim.

But if this seems common sense, it appears to have eluded Rex Tillerson, Americas Secretary of State, when he called in the media to address reports of the moron label hed allegedly attached to President Donald Trump along with rumours he had thought of resigning.

Mr Tillerson has a big job and may have been under pressure. He may have also been ordered to speak to the media by his boss. But his advisors should have known better.

The whole point of a press conference is to address an issue that is on peoples minds. Mr Tillerson went some of the way with this. He denied clearly and simply that he had considered quitting. But when it came to the moron claim, he just didnt want to talk about it all: Im not going to deal with petty stuff like that.

This effectively confirmed the claim as true, and gave it a much higher profile than it had to start with.

The media were exultant. Surfacing from the horrors of the Las Vegas shootings, here was a story they could have fun with. Rex Tillerson might as well have just said he called Trump a moron, said the Washington Post in a headline.

Now, said the New York Times, the moron label really will never go away.

If he did push Mr Tillerson into the media, Donald Trump must have seen he had made the problem worse.

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Of Course Trump Is A Moron And Pretending Hes Not Endangers Us All

Youve probably seen this article from The Washington Post on Wednesday about the relationship between Rex Tillerson and Trump, entitledDeath Spiral: Tillerson Makes Nice But May Not Last Long With Trump :

The title tells you how the Beltway press sees this story, and its a familiar one following a familiar pattern in this White House: NBC News reported that Tillerson called Trump a moron and that he has been frustrated in his role as secretary of state. It also reported that Tillerson is increasingly isolated without a clear power base or allies, and that Tillerson and Trump dont see eye to eye on policy . Of course, NBCs report enraged Trump, and Tillerson ended up scrambling to give a press conference to declare his support for Trumps agenda.

From the perspective of the mainstream media, the theme that runs through the kabuki show of Trump rage, an officials apology, and Republican pledges to Dear Leader Trump, is how amazing! and astonishing! it is to see these types of public disagreements between a president and his party or a president and his staff. The coverage is always about the fraying relationships, who is in and who might be out. Further, the reliance on access journalism ensures that the coverage is unwittingly helpful to Trump, for journalists invariably characterize the White House dysfunction as a reflection of problematic management style or a clash between mainstream/establishment types and Trump the outsider.

Fears Of Obama 2008 2012

In 2008, U.S. Rep. Paul Broun Jr., a physician from Athens, Ga., told the Associated Press that he fears Obama plans to establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship on the American people. Others claimed that he would build concentration camps for dissidents of the government, that he would sell out Americans to the dreaded New World Order, that he was planning to institute martial law, that he would confiscate everyones guns and that he would send in U.N. troops to keep order.

What you heard from Republicans in 2011 is that President Obama is the worst president in history. That he pals around with terrorists, destroying America, is gay or effeminate, weak on terrorism, weak on foreign policy, weak on finance. A lot of Republicans even want to claim that Obama isnt even a citizen.

Intellectual magnets like Sarah Palin feared for democracy because Obamas liberal agenda was going to make us weak. Or the genius Michelle Bachman who called the president infantile and worse than Carter. Mitt Romney, whose brilliance shows no bounds made such terrible claims that Obama was tentative, indecisive, timid, and nuanced on Libya.

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John Bolton: Trump Is A Putin

Donald Trump has devoted much of this last week to rewriting history when it comes to his relationship with Russia, Ukraine, and NATO. Among other things, the former president has claimed that Vladimir Putin never would have invaded Ukraine on his watch that there would be no NATO if it wasnt for him and that he generously armed Ukraine when the previous administration was sending blankets. These statements, of course, are lies. When it comes to NATO, Trump had to be convinced not to destroy the organization. With regard to Ukraine, the former president conveniently leaves out the part about how he famously tried to extort the country and make U.S. aid conditional on President Volodymyr Zelenskyy agreeing to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

As for the idea that Trump was so tough on Russia that Putin feared him, and wouldnt have dared to attack Ukraine if the 45th president had gotten a second term, well, please enjoy this exchange between former Trump administration official John Bolton and Newsmax on Tuesday morning:

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For those of you who prefer CliffsNotes, the takeaways here are that:

Any sanctions that were placed on Russians during Trumps time in office were in spite of Trump, who thought they were too mean

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