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What Does Trump Call Pete Buttigieg

Chris Christie Reflecting On His Own Coronavirus Experience Releases A Video Urging People To Wear Masks

Trump calls Pete Buttigieg’s name ‘unpronounceable’

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey and a longtime friend of and informal adviser to President Trump, has filmed a video urging people to wear masks and warning against making the same mistake he did when he became part of a coronavirus outbreak at the White House in early October.

I urge all Americans to learn from my experience and to, please, wear a mask and stay safe, he wrote in a post introducing the video.

Mr. Christie said the video, which he , would not be directed at everyone.

Instead, it would be aimed at all those people who refuse to wear a mask, he said, adding: You know, lying in isolation in the I.C.U. for seven days, I thought about how wrong I was to remove my mask at the White House. Today I think about how wrong it is to let mask wearing divide us, especially as we now know youre twice as likely to get Covid-19 if you dont wear a mask. Because if you dont do the right thing, we could all end up on the wrong side of history. Please wear a mask.

Mr. Trump, who was also hospitalized after contracting the virus, has repeatedly played down the significance of masks, making clear he did not favor them being worn by people in his presence, according to current and former administration officials.

‘slayer Pete’: Buttigieg Emerges As Biden’s Unlikely Fox News Fighter

Former presidential contender receives rave reviews as rapier-tongued opponent of Trumps cable-TV apologists

At home, he is the unassuming former mayor of a small town in Indiana, where he lives happily with his husband, a junior high school teacher, and their two lazy dogs.

But on cable TV, where he has emerged in the homestretch of the presidential campaign as a likable and lethal surrogate for Democrat Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg is something else: Slayer Pete.

Conferred on Buttigieg by the Los Angeles Times columnist Mary McNamara, the nickname captures the efficacy with which Buttigieg has turned his rhetorical chops to the task of obliterating apologists for Donald Trump.

Buttigiegs biggest scores have come on Fox News, an arena not many Democrats deign to enter, unwilling or unable to argue against an alternative reality where Covid-19 is a hoax, Hillary Clinton is public enemy No 1 and Trump is infallible.

But if the echo-chamber quality of most Fox broadcasts has led the hosts into a sense of complacency when challenging their guests, they have recently been fed rude surprises in the nicest possible way by the rapier-tongued mayor Pete .

Before the vice-presidential debate, Buttigieg, whose own presidential bid came to an end in March, was asked on Fox News why Kamala Harris, Bidens running mate, had modified her stance on healthcare reform after joining the presidential ticket.

Some Millennials Including Buttigieg Ask: Who

President Trump dismissed the youngest candidate in the Democratic field by comparing him to a caricature created decades before Pete Buttigieg was even born.

Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States, Trump said when asked by Politico what he thought of Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind. The reference to the gaptoothed, big-eared boy made famous as a mascot for Mad magazine did just as much to show Trumps age as Buttigiegs.

The magazine used the illustration on its cover back in 1956 as a write-in candidate for president. While fairly ubiquitous in pop culture, the popularity of the cartoon and the magazine peaked in the 1970s.

Buttigieg, asked about the presidents swipe, admitted to not knowing the reference and trolled the president right back.

“Ill be honest. I had to Google that, Buttigieg told reporters Friday. I guess its just a generational thing. I didnt get the reference. Its kind of funny, I guess.

Mad magazine, whose Twitter bio is: STILL IN PRINT, in return trolled Buttigieg for not knowing the cartoon. Whos Pete Buttigieg? Must be a generational thing, the magazine tweeted early Saturday morning.

The millennial mayor plays up his youth as an asset. Hes fond of saying it will be 2054 when hes the same age as Trump, making him part of the generation that has the greatest long-term stake in the political decisions made today.

Thatll be great. I want to be in that room, I wanna watch the one, Trump said.

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What Buttigieg Says About Trump’s Tweet

What is crystal clear, however, is that Buttigeig isn’t keen on receiving any kind of praise from Trump.

Around 2:20 p.m. Wednesday, Buttigieg responded to the president’s tweet by saying, “What none of us can live with is four more years of your chaos, cruelty, and division.”

He then shared a link to campaign website, telling Twitter users to “donate now to kick Trump out of the White House.”

This isn’t the first time Buttigieg and Trump have had back-and-forths that have spilled onto social media.

Their most notable exchange came in May 2019 when Trump gave Buttigieg the nickname “Alfred E. Neuman” during an interview with Politico. Buttigieg fired back by saying that he had no idea who the MAD Magazine mascot was, calling it “a generational thing.”

That of course led the MAD Magazine tweeting, “Whos Pete Buttigieg? Must be a generational thing.”

About a week later, when asked how he would deal with Trump’s tweets and insults should he win the Democratic nomination, Buttigieg said he didn’t care about the social media jabs.

That response came just a few hours after Trump tweeted that “Alfred E. Newman will never be President!”

But the interactions haven’t been all negative. Earlier this month, on the day of the New Hampshire primary, Trump again had kind words of Buttigieg and his competitive showing against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders would go on to narrowly defeat Buttigieg in New Hampshire.

Trump Calls Buttigieg ‘alfred E Neuman’ Buttigeig Calls Trump Old

Pete Buttigieg Won

Trends Reporter, HuffPost

President Donald Trump came up with a nickname Friday for Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg: Alfred E. Neuman the freckle-faced, gap-toothed nerdy cover boy of Mad Magazine.

But Buttigieg came back with his own zinger, slying dinging the 72-year-old presidents age, saying the outdated reference was a generational thing.

Trump told Politico Friday that Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States, when he was asked in a phone interview what he thought of the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Asked later about his new moniker, Buttigieg, 37, said he had to the reference to the mascot of a humor magazine launched in 1952.

I guess its just a generational thing. I didnt get the reference. Its kind of funny, I guess, said Buttigieg.

He added that he was surprised Trump wasnt spending more time trying to salvage this China deal.

Ouch! Mayor Buttigieg responds to slam that he is Alfred E Neuman I had to Google that..I guess its a generational thing.

Carla Marinucci May 11, 2019

Others also piled on Trump. New York Times political reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted that the Neuman reference would have worked better 20 years ago.

This is a nickname that might have worked better twenty years ago

David Hawkins May 11, 2019

Mad got a bit of dig in at Buttigieg:

Whos Pete Buttigieg? Must be a generational thing.

MAD Magazine May 11, 2019

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How Pete Buttigieg Has Become The Unlikely Breakout Star Of Fox News

It was an indelible moment of live TV. On Wednesday, Pete Buttigieg, a former rival of Joe Bidens for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, and now one of the media surrogates for the Biden-Harris campaign, appeared on Fox News, where he was asked about the vice presidential debate that night between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

Specifically, Foxs Martha MacCallum asked Buttigieg about Harriss views on policy issues that differ from the former vice president, most notably on Medicare for all, which the California senator supported during the Democratic presidential primaries and which Biden opposed.

MacCallum got an answer that she clearly did not expect.

Well, theres a classic parlor game of trying to find a little bit of daylight between running mates, Buttigieg said. And if people want to play that game, we could look into why an evangelical Christian like Mike Pence wants to be on a ticket with the president caught with a porn star, or how he feels about the immigration policy that he called unconstitutional before he decided to team up with Donald Trump.

The response left MacCallum and her cohost Bret Baier in seemingly stunned silence, their faces frozen for the next few seconds, before Baier eventually jumped in with an awkward transition to his next question, about the Supreme Court.

Twitter content

Campaign Finance Violation Complaint

In February 2020, a campaign finance watchdog group, filed a Federal Election Commission complaint alleging that the Buttigieg campaign coordinated with a Super PAC. The complaint alleged that a from a Buttigieg campaign was an attempt to bypass the FEC Act, which prohibits campaigns from coordinating with outside groups.Huffington Post noted it is in the fuzzy area of social media where there is an exception: âif the information material to the creation, production, or distribution of the communication was obtained from a publicly available sourceâ.

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Man Critically Hurt In Little Village Officer

Our goal has always been to unify Americansto defeat Donald Trump and to win the era for our values, Buttigieg told supportersin South Bend. So we must recognize that at this point in the race the bestway to keep faith with those goals and ideals is to step aside and to helpbring our party and our country together.

Buttigiegs speech comes as Democrats wrestlewith the ascension of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, whom some party insidersfear could turn off moderate voters with his message. While not explicitlymaking an endorsement in his speech, Buttigieg criticized campaign messagesthat get lost in ideology in what was likely an indirect critique of Sanders.

We need leadership to heal a divided nation, not to drive us apart, he said. We need a broad-based agenda that can truly deliver for the American people, not one that gets lost in ideology. We need an approach not only strong enough to win the White House, but to hold the House, win the Senate and send Mitch McConnell into retirement.

In the end, Buttigieg emphasized how proud hewas of campaign staff and volunteers, who helped spread his message to votersin ways that seemed improbable when he launched his campaign, and vowed to helpDemocrats in their efforts to defeat President Trump in 2020.

I will no longer seek to be the 2020 nominee for president, but I will do everything in my power to make sure we have a new Democratic president come January, he said.

Biden also congratulated Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg Continues To Shred Trump/pence’s Hypocrisy On Fox News

Buttigieg: Trump ‘doesn’t care about any of us, but Biden does

Fox News hosts are embarrassing themselves trying to trip up Buttigieg.

Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been cleaning the clocks of Fox News hosts on their turf lately. The out politician was among the first of the Democratic primary presidential candidates to endorse Joe Biden. And he recently helped Sen. Kamala Harris with her vice-presidential debate prep by standing in as Mike Pence, something he knows a little bit about having faced off with Pence in their home state of Indiana before.

In the ramp-up to the election, Buttigieg has made several appearances on Fox News where the hosts’ attempts to do a gotcha on him or his party have failed miserably thanks to Buttigiegs sharp wit and grasp of the facts.

Buttigieg lit into Fox News Martha McCallum when she thought she was being clever in asking him why Harris moved away from the Medicare for All stance shed adopted in the primary when she was running her own campaign. The fact that shes now on Bidens ticket and therefore moved toward his policy is the easy answer, but Buttigieg seized the moment to point out Pences hypocrisy.

Well, theres a classic parlor game of trying to find a little bit of daylight between running mates, Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg then pivoted to the Trump administrations failure to keep Americans safe in the pandemic.

In a separate interview, Buttigieg attacked Trumps tantrum over the next presidential debate going virtual amid his COVID-19 diagnosis.

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Cory Booker Asked About Struggles With Black Voters: ‘let My Work Speak For Me’

” might be difficult for some people who have seen a shockingly fast pace of change from just a few years ago, when they may have been brought up to reject who I am,” Buttigieg says, but adds, “I think the question that voters are asking is ‘How’s my life going to be different if you’re president?’ “

He says he is confident he is up for the task.

“In order to earn votes, my job is to go out there and answer that question,” he says. “And I think a lot of that other stuff falls away.”

Trump Taps Giulianis Son For Membership On The Holocaust Memorial Council

After elevating a coterie of close friends and allies to prime spots on boards and commissions in recent weeks, President Trump on Wednesday announced plans to appoint Andrew H. Giuliani, a White House aide and the son of his personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, to serve as a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

Two other White House officials Nicholas F. Luna and Mitch Webber were also named members, according to the statement released by the White House. Presidential appointees serve a five-year term on the council, which acts as the board of trustees of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Andrew Giuliani and the president have enjoyed a close personal relationship for years, including when Mr. Giuliani was a teenager and Mr. Trump helped him reconcile with his father after his parents divorce, according to reporting in The Atlantic. And in 2017, the president hired the younger Mr. Giuliani to work in the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs after a series of jobs in marketing, awarding him a $95,000 salary as a special assistant to the president, according to White House documents.

Hes known the president since he was a baby, the elder Mr. Giuliani told The Atlantic. Now, did he know him in the first place because he was the mayors son? Sure, but they also had a relationship independent of me.


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