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When Can I Vote For Donald Trump

I’m Voting For Donald Trump Here’s Why

‘Why I’m no longer voting for Trump’: Lifelong Republicans on why they’re voting for Joe Biden

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I’m voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential primary.

Please indulge me for a moment. I’m about as liberal as they come, vote in every election , and almost always cast a straight-ticket Democratic ballot. I’m registered as an independent, however. Eons ago, during one gubernatorial election here in Massachusetts, I favored the moderate Republican candidate over his much more conservative Democratic rival. Since then I’ve preferred to remain officially neutral, voting on the issues rather than automatically with the party. But as my opinions and morals lean pretty far to the left, I almost always vote for the Donkeys.

Not this time.

An example of this approach is the “Operation Chaos” gambit that Rush Limbaugh proposed during the 2008 presidential primary. By encouraging Republican voters in states with open primaries to cross party lines to vote for Hillary Clinton, Limbaugh argued that the GOP would slow the momentum of a surging Barack Obama. To an extent, his strategy worked. According to a Huffington Post article from March of that year, “approximately 25% of Clinton’s voters in Mississippi were Republicans voting for a candidate they hate in order to try to undermine Barack Obama … Obama would have easily expanded his delegate win there from 19-14 to 24-9.” Similar results were reported in Texas and Ohio.

Which is exactly why, on March 1, I’m voting for Donald Trump.

United States Presidential Election In Georgia

The 2020 United States presidential election in Georgia was held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, as part of the 2020 United States presidential election in which all 50 states plus the District of Columbia participated.Georgia voters chose electors to represent them in the Electoral College via a popular vote, pitting the Republican Party‘s nominee, incumbent President Donald Trump of Florida, and running mate Vice PresidentMike Pence of Indiana against Democratic Party nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware, and his running mate California Senator Kamala Harris. Georgia has 16 electoral votes in the Electoral College.

Biden narrowly won Georgia by a margin of 0.23% and 11,779 votes. Leading up to the election, Georgia was seen as a key swing state in both the presidential and senatorial electionsboth a regular Class II U.S. Senate election and a special electiondue to the rapid growth and diversification of Atlanta‘s suburbs, where Republicans were once dominant. Polls of the state throughout the campaign indicated a close race, and prior to election day, most news organizations considered Georgia a toss-up. This was the only state in the Deep South carried by Biden, made possible by significant racial demographic shifts over the previous decade, especially in Metro Atlanta.

Here Are The Ballot Propositions To Watch On Election Day

The presidential election between incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden and key Senate races aren’t the only outcomes to watch today and the days to come. Here’s a list of ballot propositions across the country that NBC News will be tracking:

  • Arkansas Measure 2: Ranked choice voting for all elections switch to open top-four primaries for state offices
  • Arizona Prop 207: Legalize marijuana
  • California Prop 22: Classify Uber/App-based drivers as independent contractor
  • Colorado Prop 115: Ban abortion after 22 weeks of gestational age
  • Louisiana Amendment 1: Constitutional Amendment to say that right to abortion is not guaranteed
  • Mississippi Measure 3: New state flag
  • Montana Init 190: Legalize marijuana
  • New Jersey Question 1: Legalize marijuana
  • South Dakota Amendment A: Legalize marijuana
  • South Dakota Measure 26: Medical marijuana
  • Virginia Question 1: Establish an independent redistricting commission

Hannah Miao

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Donald Trump Attacks The Free Press

If you have read this far, you probably already know why good people dont mind that Trump attacks the free press. A lot of good people, for a lot of good reasons believe that the national news media is actively hostile to them and to their interests and core principles. Trump supporters arent the only ones who think so. Glenn Greenwald is a hardcore Leftist who says the same thing. Jim Treacher is a Never-Trumper who says the same thing.

But is there evidence ? Well, good people might reasonably be concerned that there have been thousands of news stories and intense media investigations on everything Trump was accused of, but no interest whatsoever in the Democrat candidate for president being involved in influence peddling to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. In fact, the press was outraged that Trump dared even try to investigate Biden for some extremely suspicious behaviorbefore Biden was even the Democrat nominee. Here is an example of how the press brushed off that extremely suspicious behavior with no investigation or pryingthey just took the governments word that the government did nothing wrong. Would they take Trumps word for anything?

The mainstream press also doesnt say BLM protesters shoot 8-year-old girl to death, they say a suspect was arrested in a tragic death. Count how many paragraphs it takes before they get to the part where three different BLM protesters fired into a car because it tried to get through their blockade.

Gsa Delays Certifying Biden As President

Donald Trump says trending Google question

Although all major media outlets called the election for Biden on November 7, the head of the General Services Administration , Trump appointee Emily W. Murphy, refused for over two weeks to certify Biden as the president-elect. Without formal GSA certification or “ascertainment” of the winner of the election, the official transition process was delayed. On November 23, Murphy acknowledged Biden as the winner and said the Trump administration would begin the formal transition process. Trump said he had instructed his administration to “do what needs to be done” but did not concede, and indicated he intended to continue his fight to overturn the election results.

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What Does Voting Entail

If you vote for a presidential candidate in Americas democratic republic, it does not mean that you fully endorse all of that persons policies or that you think that persons character is stellar. Here are two basic voting strategies:

  • Vote for the least bad candidate who has the best chance of winning. The way you feel about this candidate can fall anywhere on a spectrum from enthusiasm to indifference to revulsion. For example, you may vote against a front runner by choosing the lesser of two evils.
  • Vote for the best candidate, even if that person has a low chance of winning.
  • The first strategy is what I have employed up to this election cycle. As a political conservative, I have followed William F. Buckley Jr.s famous utilitarian rule of thumb: vote for the rightward-most viable candidate.

    But what if the two most viable candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? This is the first election cycle where I have questioned Buckleys rule. Is there some point at which Buckleys rule no longer applies? Can the most viable candidates be so bad that you cannot dignify either of them with your vote? Its like that episode from The Simpsons twenty years ago in which the two main presidential candidates were actually aliens:

    If the general election features Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, then you will probably have four basic options :

  • Dont vote.
  • Vote for Donald Trump.
  • Vote for someone else who has no chance to win.
  • A Conservative Supreme Court Does Worry Me

    I am voting absentee in this election due to my military service outside of my state of residence. The election commission emailed my ballot to me a few days before Justice Ginsburg passed away. Id printed it and started filling it out, but it was still laying on the kitchen table when I received an alert on my phone with the news that she had passed. I was watching TV with my husband and paused the show. My immediate thought was this is not good, and I might need to reprint my ballot.

    I love the United States because we do have a peaceful transfer of power between two different ideological points every four to eight years. A conservative Supreme Court threatens that balance. It means they could just overturn or overrule every idea coming out of the left, and I dont think their ideas are all bad. Throughout history, when one political party or person gets too much power, they dont make good decisions. To have a conservative majority on the court for the rest of my life could affect something that I care about deeply in the future. I dont even know what that is yet.

    That said, there is definitely precedent for a sitting president to make a nomination in an election year, and even stronger precedent for a confirmation to take place when the presidents party also controls the Senate. I would have loved to see a more moderate nominee, but President Trump is going to nominate someone who will satisfy his base. Unfortunately, this has left us with Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

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    Trump Projected To Win Iowa

    President Donald Trump is projected to win Iowa, according to NBC News. The state is worth six Electoral College votes. Trump won the election in Iowa in 2016 with 51.2% of the vote.

    Republican Sen. Joni Ernst will win Iowa’s Senate race, NBC News projected. The first-term senator faced a serious challenge from Democrat Theresa Greenfield, who had never held elected office.

    Todd Haselton and Lauren Feiner

    How Can Good People Vote For Donald Trump

    I’m a Republican and I can’t vote for Trump

    I believe there is still a chance that Donald Trump will win the election on Tuesday, and if he does, there will be a primal scream of rage and hatred superseding even what we saw the last time. Everyone will be strongly encouraged to hate and despise everyone who voted for Donald Trump. If you live in a blue area, you may well be afraid to say anything nice about Donald Trump or about anyone who voted for him.

    Im concerned about this personalization of politics because is unhealthy for the nation and unhealthy for the individuals. Hatred is one of the few emotions that has no positive aspects to it. Anger, fear, lustin their proper place each of these has value, but hate never does. Hate is always toxic. It eats away at judgment and kindness. Yet hate has become admirable in some places. Some people seem to be practicing to increase their capacity to hate. Dont believe me? Check out the following video. Unfortunately, this video is intended to mock people rather than show concern for them, but if you look beneath the mockery, you will see people who are deeply obsessed with hatred, seemingly as an end in itself.

    And the primary focus for all of this hatred is Donald Trump and the people who support him. The hatred is based on the belief that Donald Trump is such a flawed and dangerous man that he is wholly unsuitable to be president. And the question is: how can any good person vote for this monster?

    Ill take each of these things in order.

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    How Many Senators Will Vote To Convict Donald Trump

    Now that Donald Trump has been impeached for an historic second time, attention turns to the Senate where, according to the Constitution, a trial will begin. The big question isunlike last year when only one Republican Senator voted to convict Trump on charges resulting from his phone call with the President of Ukrainewill there be 17 Republican senators willing to vote to convict Trump?

    Lets start with what we know. Senator Ben Sasse is the only senator who has said clearly that he is open to convicting Trump. Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict last year when Trump was impeached over his phone call with the Ukrainian president. The charges in this impeachment are equally if not more serious, so it seems likely that he too may vote to convict. Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Patrick Toomey have also made statements signaling that theyve had enough of Trump. Murkowski just wants him out, saying He has caused enough damage, and Toomey thinks he committed impeachable offenses but is unsure whether impeachment makes sense this close to the end of the Trump presidency.

    Biden And Trump Backers Priorities Expectations About Voter Access

    Trump supporters overwhelmingly say it is very important that ineligible voters are prevented from casting ballots in the presidential election, yet far fewer are confident that this will happen: 93% say it is at least somewhat important , but only about a third say they are confident that ineligible voters will be prevented from voting this year.

    Among Biden supporters, in contrast, more than eight-in-ten say they are at least somewhat confident that ineligible voters will be prevented from voting modestly larger than the 78% who say this is at least somewhat important.

    Conversely, although about three-quarters of Biden voters say they are at least somewhat confident that all voters who are legally qualified and want to vote will be able to cast a ballot, nearly all say it is important that they be able to do so. Among Trump supporters, more than nine-in-ten say both that they are confident that all eligible voters will be able to cast ballots and that this is important .

    Among Biden supporters, White voters are somewhat more likely than Black and Hispanic voters to say it is very important that all eligible voters be allowed to vote and are somewhat less likely to say they are very confident that this will be the case .

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    Why I Will Vote For Trump

    As the election impends, I feel an irresistible need to explain why I am going to vote for President Donald Trump. It is considered suicidal for an academic today to be upfront about this. Indeed, it is said that 95 percent of all U.S. academics hold Trump in contemptand most of the remaining 5 percent, who may agree with me, would never dare to admit it in public.

    So why do it? As a former refugee from totalitarian, communist Romania, I feel a moral obligation to speak out and prove that academics don’t need to think and act in lockstep.

    Like many of my colleagues, I find much of what Trump says and tweets on impulse distasteful, though his prepared speeches can be inspiring. I didn’t vote for him in 2016. Though a registered independent, I find myself almost always opposed to the Democratic candidate. I am opposed to many of the things Democrats push for: big-government programs, heavy regulations, higher taxes, weak foreign policy with an over-reliance on ineffective and often corrupt international institutions and, worst of all, raw identity politics.

    Trump may be a highly flawed human being, but unlike many other politicians, he is at least readily transparent. Trump’s awfulness is “in your face,” while the awfulness of a typical politician is hidden behind a carefully crafted façade and a veil of “credible deniability.”

    Sergiu Klainerman is professor of mathematics at Princeton University.

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