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What’s New With President Trump

Piers Morgan Uncensored: How To Watch Donald Trump Interview On Talktv

Former President Donald Trump to visit US border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

The much-talked-about interview with the former US president aired earlier this week.

After weeks of hype, Piers Morgans interview with Donald Trump finally aired on Rupert Murdochs new channel, TalkTV.

The premiere episode of Morgans new show featured the first half of the exclusive interview with the former US president the second half then aired during Tuesdays edition of the show.

So, how can you watch the full interview?

Heres everything you need to know about how to watch Piers Morgans interview with Donald Trump on TalkTV.

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How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands Of Donald Trump Before Jan 6

Mr. Kushners role in the final months of the Trump White House could come into sharp relief once the committee investigating the attack on the Capitol opens hearings.

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By Peter Baker

WASHINGTON On Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, barely 24 hours after President Donald J. Trump claimed in the middle of the night that frankly, we did win this election, Jared Kushner woke up in his Kalorama mansion and announced to his wife that it was time to leave Washington. Were moving to Miami, he said.

The election had not even been called for Joseph R. Biden Jr., but as Mr. Kushner later told the story to aides and associates, the White Houses young power couple felt no need to wait for the official results. They saw which way the votes were going and understood that, barring some unforeseen surprise, the president had lost his bid for a second term. Even if he refused to accept it himself.

No matter how vociferously Mr. Trump claimed otherwise, neither Mr. Kushner nor Ivanka Trump believed then or later that the election had been stolen, according to people close to them. While the president spent the hours and days after the polls closed complaining about imagined fraud in battleground states and plotting a strategy to hold on to power, his daughter and son-in-law were already washing their hands of the Trump presidency.

What Time Is Piers Morgans Interview With Donald Trump On Talktv Tonight When To Watch New Show Uncensored

The first episode of his new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, will show his interview with former US president Donald Trump.

Clips have been posted on social media showing Trump storming out of what promises to be an explosive interview.

Morgan has been absent from TV screens since storming off the Good Morning Britain set himself, after clashing with weather presenter Alex Beresford over Meghan Markles Oprah Winfrey interview.

Heres how to watch the interview and what to expect.

Saturday Night LiveNovember 7, 2021

Tonight, Saturday Night Livedecided to introduce a new version of Donald Trump James Austin Johnson has replaced Alec Baldwin in the role.

Ultimately, when we heard Jeanine Pirro introducing Trump in the sketch at the start of the show, we actually thought that it would be Baldwin who was coming out. Yet, in the wake of the tragedy on the set of Rust, that just didnt feel right.

Instead of relying on another big name to come in and play the former President, SNL went for an in-house approach. Johnson recently played Joe Biden and now, hes taken on Trump, as well. While the Alec impression was perhaps goofier, Johnson completely nailed the voice and the cadence. He actually sounded almost identical to Trump to the point that it was disarming.

Ultimately, Trump isnt in the headlines as much as he once was, so were not sure how often well see him.

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What Channel Is Talktv On

TalkTV will be available on Sky Channel 526, Virgin Media Channel 627, Freeview Channel 237 and Freesat Channel 217, as well as via connected TV services and smart devices.

The channel will also be streamed via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV Plus and on YouTube, as well as the TalkTV website and TalkTV iOS and Android apps.

As part of a partnership with Sky, TalkTV will also be launching on Skys new streaming TV, Sky Glass, in coming months.

We Build The Wall Trial Ends In Mistrial

Trump easily wins CPAC straw poll for 2024 president

15:27 , Oliver O’Connell

The trial of a Colorado businessman on charges that he ripped off thousands of donors who contributed $25 million to a campaign to build a wall along the southern U.S. border ended Tuesday in a mistrial after jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict.

The mistrial in the prosecution of Timothy Shea was granted by U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres after the jury reported for a third time that it could not reach a verdict on any count, saying the deadlock was abundantly clear. They said extended deliberations had left them further entrenched in our opposing views.

After previous notes, the judge urged them to try again.

Shea was left to stand trial alone after Steve Bannon, a onetime adviser to then-President Donald Trump, was pardoned. And two other defendants pleaded guilty.

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Donald Trump Election Probe Grand Jury Hears From Raffensperger

Georgia’s top elections official appeared Thursday before a special grand jury investigating whether former U.S. President Donald Trump and others illegally tried to meddle in the 2020 election in the state.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was summoned to the Fulton County courthouse where the special grand jury has been meeting, according to a subpoena obtained by The Associated Press through an open records request. Other subpoenas seek documents and testimony from five other people in his office.

Raffensperger arrived at the courthouse in downtown Atlanta on Thursday morning. When a reporter asked how the day would go, Raffensperger replied “hopefully short” as he walked up the steps. That wasn’t the case, though. Raffensperger left after more than five hours by another exit, avoiding reporters. It’s unclear if Raffensperger’s testimony concluded Thursday or if he will be called back.

Trump directed his ire at his fellow Republican after Raffensperger refused to bend to pressure to overturn the votes that gave Democrat Joe Biden a narrow presidential election victory in Georgia. Raffensperger defeated a Trump-endorsed challenger in last month’s Republican primary.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said her investigation includes looking into a January 2021 phone call in which Trump pushed Raffensperger to “find” the votes needed for him to win Georgia. Trump has said his call with Raffensperger was “perfect” and that he did nothing wrong.

Peter Navarro Charged With Contempt Of Congress For Failing To Comply With Jan 6 Committee

The former Trump White House adviser has been indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts stemming from his failure to comply with a subpoena issued by the House panel investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the Justice Department announced Friday.

  • U.S.
  • The past three weeks of Republican primary elections have presented a muddled picture of former President Donald Trumps influence over the GOP, leaving open the question of how strong his grip on the party really is.

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    Presidential Campaign And 2011 Hints At Presidential Run

    In 2000, Trump ran in the California and Michigan primaries for nomination as the Reform Party candidate for the 2000 United States presidential election but withdrew from the race in February 2000. A July 1999 poll matching him against likely Republican nominee George W. Bush and likely Democratic nominee Al Gore showed Trump with seven percent support.

    In 2011, Trump speculated about running against President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, making his first speaking appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2011 and giving speeches in early primary states. In May 2011, he announced he would not run, and he endorsed Mitt Romney in February 2012. Trump’s presidential ambitions were generally not taken seriously at the time.

    Mccarthys Trump Tape Was A Nothingburger Can The House Gop Shrug Off More Audio

    The latest with President Trump’s positive test for the coronavirus

    Republicans mostly shrugged off their leader’s contortions over a recorded suggestion that the then-president resign, but Rep. Matt Gaetz called McCarthy “weak.”

    04/26/2022 08:40 PM EDT

    • Link Copied

    Kevin McCarthys caught-on-tape consideration of asking President Donald Trump to resign after the Capitol attack roiled the Beltway. Inside his conference, though, House Republicans are largely shrugging it off.

    And even the latest McCarthy recording in which he said some of his own members posed a security risk didnt appear to immediately trigger an alarm among most members.

    Days after The New York Times released audio of McCarthy weighing a suggestion that Trump resign which the House minority leader had previously denied few Republicans appeared to take issue with it. McCarthy allies cited a bevy of reasons why his disavowal of his recorded comments were of little concern, from the emotional strain lawmakers experienced following last years insurrection to the way the newspaper asked for comment.

    Nobody cares about that. … Nobody but the media and journalists, said Rep. Tom Emmer , chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

    Its a distraction that some New York Times reporters would rather report on things that Americans dont care about, instead of focusing on whats causing the inflation, which is the reckless spending these guys are doing. Those are the issues. The tapes not.

    Boebert said, I havent heard anything like that, goodness.

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    Why Biden Is Deploying Trump’s Maga Brand Against The Gop

    In the last several weeks, MAGA has become President Biden’s favorite epithet, his effort at Trump-style branding. When he first took office, he referred to President Donald Trump as the former guy, distinguishing him from congressional Republicans with whom Biden believed he could work, as he would have during his own decades in the Senate.

  • Politics
  • Dr Oz Speech Trump Rally Greensburg Pa


    • 5:00 pm Rally Starts
    • 8:00 pm Trump speaks

    The stream and live video will be available from RSBN and other online platforms. Newsmax will carry the rally live on cable and satellite. The venue doors will open at 3 pm local time in Pennsylvania with numerous guests and candidates set to speak before Trump takes the stage around 8 pm local time.

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    Biden To Travel To G7 And Nato Summits

    14:12 , Oliver O’Connell

    Per the White House:

    President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will travel to Schloss Elmau in southern Germany on June 25 to attend the G7 Leaders Summit. The President and G7 leaders will discuss a range of the most pressing global issues, including the G7s unwavering support for a democratic, sovereign, and prosperous Ukraine, economic and democratic resilience, tackling the climate crisis, development infrastructure, global health security, and the food and energy crisis caused by Russias war of aggression.

    On June 28, the President will travel to Madrid, Spain for the 2022 Nato Summit. Allied leaders will endorse a new Strategic Concept to guide Natos transformation over the next decade, from strengthening deterrence and defence, to building resilience against transnational threats including cyber and climate, to deepening partnerships with democratic partners in Europe and Asia in order to strengthen the rules-based international order.

    Overall Five Specific Topics Dominated Coverage About Trump And The Administration

    FACT CHECK: President Trumps claims of election fraud in Georgia

    Looking at the total coverage across all 24 outlets, five topics accounted for two-thirds of the coverage during this time period : stories about the presidents political skills , immigration , presidential appointments and nominations , U.S.-Russia relations , and health care . None of the remaining 39 topics accounted for more than 4% of stories.

    Stories of the presidents political skills spanned a wide range of issues and events, such as the delivery of his first speech to a joint session of Congress and his management of White House staff. The presidents executive order limiting the entry of travelers from certain countries and the legal challenges to it constituted a large portion of stories about immigration.

    Allegations about Russia and the 2016 election tied to Trump and his administration, as well as the White Houses relationship with Moscow, dominated stories on U.S.-Russia relations. Appointments and nominations included stories about various cabinet members and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Health care coverage often addressed efforts by Trump and the Republicans to move health care legislation through Congress. A more detailed look at coverage of these most prominent topics occurs below.

    Whats more, only about one-in-ten stories delivered an overall positive assessment of the administrations words or actions. Four times as many offered a negative assessment, while the remaining 45% were neither positive nor negative.

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    San Francisco Voters Recall Liberal District Attorney Chesa Boudin

    10:45 , Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

    Residents of San Francisco voted divisively on Tuesday to recall Democrat district attorney Chesa Boudin over rising crime, policing and public safety reforms.

    Partial returns showed Mr Boudin is set to be ousted as 61 per cent of the ballots are in favour of the recall, according to Edison Research.

    Recall proponents blamed Mr Boudin, 41, for progressive policies that led to a spike in gun violence and other crimes during the Covid pandemic.

    The DA was the target of a multi-million-dollar recall campaign by residents who claimed the liberal California enclave has become an increasingly unsafe place to live in.

    Read more here.

    Legal Affairs And Bankruptcies

    FixerRoy Cohn served as Trump’s lawyer and mentor for 13 years in the 1970s and 1980s. According to Trump, Cohn sometimes waived fees due to their friendship. In 1973, Cohn helped Trump countersue the United States government for $100 million over its charges that Trump’s properties had racial discriminatory practices. Trump and Cohn lost that case when the countersuit was dismissed and the government’s case went forward. In 1975, an agreement was struck requiring Trump’s properties to furnish the New York Urban League with a list of all apartment vacancies, every week for two years, among other things. Cohn introduced political consultant Roger Stone to Trump, who enlisted Stone’s services to deal with the federal government.

    As of April 2018, Trump and his businesses had been involved in more than 4,000 state and federal legal actions, according to a running tally by USA Today.

    While Trump has not filed for personal bankruptcy, his over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and New York filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection six times between 1991 and 2009. They continued to operate while the banks restructured debt and reduced Trump’s shares in the properties.

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