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When Is President Trump’s Next Rally

Iowa National Democrats Criticize State Republicans For Supporting Trump After Jan 6 Riot

Trump Campaign Encourages Masks At Next Rally | MSNBC

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn criticized Iowa Republicans for supporting Trump after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in January.

“Iowa Republicans have tied themselves to a man who attacked the foundations of our democracy throughout his time in office,” Wilburn said in a statement. “Just nine months ago, he incited a violent mob to attack his own Vice President and threaten the lives of lawmakers who were simply fulfilling their constitutional duty to certify our election.”

A slew of Iowa’s top Republican leaders warmed up the crowd ahead of Trump, including Reynolds, Grassley and U.S. Reps. Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

Reynolds led the crowd in a chant of “U.S.A.” and criticized Biden on his immigration policies, mentioning that she visited the U.S.-Mexico border this week.

“I was just there this week,” she said. “You know whos never been there? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They dont care. They dont care whats happening at the border.”

Vice President Kamala Harris visited the U.S.-Mexico border in June.

Reynolds also mentioned Biden’s COVID-19 response, eliciting boos from the crowd.

“They dont respect you,” she said of Democrats. “They dont respect your faith, your values. They dont think youre capable of making your own decisions and they dont think you should. And this is what America looks like under democratic leadership but Im here to tell you were fighting back.”

Former President Trump To Headline Georgia Rally Saturday

Former President Trump to hold event in Georgia

The political rally in Perry, Georgia will mark the first event Trump has held in the state since January.

ATLANTA – Former President Donald Trump will hold what he has billed as a “Save America Rally” Saturday in Perry, Georgia.

The event will be his first in the state since January when he campaigned for Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue ahead of their runoffs. Both lost their races to their Democratic challengers.

“Trump is going to say, you know, ‘You should miss me because I didn’t have inflation. We were energy independent.’ He’s going to do down the line–he fights crime and so, I think you’ll see a contrast that, ‘Hey, I did it better and Biden’s not doing anything, and Democrats in Georgia are just following Biden,” explained Phil Kent, a Republican panelist on The Georgia Gang.

Ahead of Trump’s visit, Georgia Democrats held a news conference condemning his continued claims of election fraud in 2020.

“We must continue to reject Trump and the Republican divisiveness, the lies, and toxic rhetoric,” said state Rep. Miriam Paris, D-Macon.

A slew of Republican candidates will join the former president for the event including U.S. Senate hopeful Herschel Walker, Secretary of State candidate Jody Hice and Burt Jones, who is running for Lt. Governor in 2022.

Kent said President Trump’s endorsement carries weight in Georgia.

The rally begins Saturday at 7 p.m.

A Character Integrity Issue

Five municipal public safety bills from Green Bay and Eau Claire, Wisconsin Tucson, Arizona Burlington, Vermont and Spokane, Washington date back to 2016, before Trump became president.

It is our hope that will do right by the taxpayers of Mesa and provide payment, Mesa Deputy City Manager Scott Butler said.

Other arent so bullish.

Lets be honest, when does Trump ever pay his bills? Spokane City Councilmember Kate Burke asked an allusion to Trumps many unresolveddeals and disputes from his decades in business.

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Trump Calls Upcoming ‘justice For J6’ Rally A ‘setup’

There are more than 600 people charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

09/16/2021 03:01 PM EDT

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Former President Donald Trump on Thursday called Saturdays Justice for J6 rally a setup for Republican voters regardless of the outcome.

On Saturday, thats a setup, Trump said in an interview with the Federalist. If people dont show up theyll say, Oh, its a lack of spirit. And if people do show up theyll be harassed.

The former president found multiple ways to weigh in on the upcoming rally on Thursday, sending out a statement echoing the messaging of the potential rally goers. The narrative surrounding Jan. 6 has been warped by some members of the Republican Party, especially groups planning to rally on Sept. 18 in support of those currently detained for participating in the insurrection.

The shift in messaging has aimed to cast those on trial as political prisoners. There are more than 600 people charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

Trump used his platform to fuel that narrative on Thursday, once again projecting his false claim the very one that drove the insurrectionists to the Capitol on Jan. 6 that the election was stolen from him.

Saturdays rally has reignited concerns about another wave of violence on Capitol Hill as law enforcement prepares for the event. Its being planned by Look Ahead America, a nonprofit led by a former Trump campaign staffer whos said it will be a peaceful protest.

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Trump Supporters From Near And Far Gather At Iowa State Fairgrounds

Donald Trump Supporters See

Hours before the rally began, thousands of supporters and merchants selling Trump paraphernalia lined up at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Among the revelers was T. Trump, a Vietnamese immigrant who traveled with other Vietnamese immigrants from California. T. Trump and others said they legally changed their last name to Trump out of respect for the “king.”

“When you have a king that really works hard … the people take over his name,” said T. Trump, 55, wearing an American-flag-themed cowboy hat. “Wherever Trump goes, we came here for freedom. We don’t want to lose this country. You were born free, you want to live free, you want to die free.”

Diana Johnson, 66, and Lori Ediger, 58 sisters from Nebraska arrived at the fairgrounds at 5:30 a.m.

Ediger was so excited, she couldn’t sleep.

“This guy’s a man of his word,” Ediger said. “He does what he says he’s going to do.”

Both were decked out in American-flag-themed clothing and Trump 2024 attire.

“Biden shouldn’t be in the White House,” Johnson said. “Period.”

Sheryl Robins, a retired nurse from Osceola, said she was glad to see the energy inside the fairgrounds. It was her first Trump rally since 2016.

She said she likes how Trump brought his background as a businessman to the White House and how he supported veterans and the economy. She said she’s been unhappy with how Biden has handled those issues.

Robins said she wanted to hear what changes Trump would make if he runs again in 2024.

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Former President Trump Holds Rally In Ohio

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Wellington, Ohio, in support of Max Miller and Mike Carey, both Republican candidates to serve in the U.S. House ofread more

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Wellington, Ohio, in support of Max Miller and Mike Carey, both Republican candidates to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. The former president repeated his previous claims of voter fraud and a rigged 2020 election, stating that he did in fact win the election. In his remarks he also said that the teaching of critical race theory was being forced on the military by woke generals, whom he later referred to as weak and ineffective leaders.close

Trump Rips Deep State Stiff Fiona Hill Over Autocrat Envy Fragile Ego Claims

Former President Donald Trump will hold two more campaign-style rallies in the coming weeks one in Georgia and one in Iowa as speculation continues to grow that he will make yet another run for the White House in 2024.

Trumps Save America PAC announced Tuesday night that the 45th president will hold a rally in Perry, Ga., approximately 100 miles south of Atlanta, on Sept. 25. A few minutes later, the organization announced that Trump would speak in Des Moines, Iowa on Oct. 9.

The events will be the fourth and fifth rallies Trump has held since leaving office in January. He previously drew crowds in Ohio, Florida and Alabama where he was briefly booed by some audience members after recommending they get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Trumps visit to Georgia will mark his first appearance there since Republicans lost both of the states US Senate seats in a pair of special elections in January, handing Democrats full control of Congress and the White House.

The former president, who in November became the first Republican candidate to lose the Peach State in a presidential election since George H.W. Bush in 1992, has repeatedly claimed without evidence that his defeat was the result of voter fraud and harshly criticized Georgia election officials, including Republican secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, for not supporting his allegations.

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One Media Source Estimated 8000 Attended While Another Estimated More Than 20000

The Saturday, September 25 rally was held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. Local media estimated different turnouts for the rally.

Now the main event: Trump.

stephen fowler

Ashton Packer of WGXA reported that there were more than 20,000 people at the rally.

Ashton Packer

However, Stephen Fowler of GPB News and NPR estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people were in attendance about an hour before Trump was scheduled to start speaking.

Theres probably about 8-10kish people here between whats in front of the stage and wrapped around the press riser.

Still an hour before Trump.

stephen fowler

Fowlers estimate was shared about three hours after Packers estimate.

However, Fowler later amended his estimate and said that 8,000 to 10,000 might actually be high. He wrote: The Trump Perry rally did not quite fill up the event space cordoned off for it, so 8-10,000 may be a high side estimate. However, he added, the crowd was very enthusiastic.

The Trump Perry rally did not quite fill up the event space cordoned off for it, so 8-10,000 may be a high side estimate.

Its definitely an enthusiastic crowd though.

stephen fowler

AJC, meanwhile, simply estimated that thousands attended.

WGXA shared photos on its main Twitter account from about an hour before Trump began speaking and reported on its website that more than 20,000 were in attendance.

PHOTOS: Here’s a look at the crowd of people gathered at Donald Trump’s “Save America Rally”


What To Watch For

President Trump To Speak At Ambridge Rally Next Week

How Trump continues to tease a 2024 run. In an interview with the Daily Wire, an online conservative outlet, earlier this month, Trump said his supporters will be very happy with his decision about whether to run again in 2024. I look forward to doing an announcement at the right time, Trump told Daily Wire host Candace Owens. As you know, its very early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement. You know, for campaign finance reasons, you really cant do it too early because it becomes a whole different thing.

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Former President Trump To Hold Rally In Des Moines Saturday Heres The Details

DES MOINES, Iowa – Former President Donald Trump will hold a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on Saturday.

Itll be the first time he has returned to Iowa since the 2020 election.

According to his website, Trumps Save America rally will feature live entertainment that begins at 2 p.m., with his speech expected to begin at 7 p.m.

For more details, including how to get tickets, .

The latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll shows the former presidents favorability among Iowans is now higher than it ever was while he was president.

Former Vice President Mike Pence will also visit Iowa, during an event at the University of Iowa on November 1.

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