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Is The Trump Coin Legal Tender

Is The Trump 2020 Legal Tender

First Legal Tender Trump Coins

Potential investors should note that the Trump 2020 coin is strictly a commemorative collectible item and is not legal U.S. tender. Since it is not issued or sanctioned by the U.S. Mint or Treasury, it does not hold a face value like a regular minted coin.

Nonetheless, the Trump coin 2020 Noble Gold edition does hold value. Like all commemorative coins, it is commonly bought and sold in the collector’s aftermarket. However, you cannot use it to buy goods or services the same way you would with cash. The Trump coin 2020 is a financial investment, not legal tender.

Invest In Silver Commemorative Trump Rounds

Anyone who has the means to put a little money aside each month can and should think about investing a portion of those funds to help secure their future. But in todays market, investment choices can be overwhelming, even for seasoned market participants.

How does one decide between stocks, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, real estate and so on? Unlike cryptocurrencies for instance, precious metal bullion has been a solid choice for centuries. Gold, silver, and platinum are easy to trade, making them highly liquid instruments, unlike an investment in real estate.

If you want to trade in bulk with smaller investments or if you just wish to invest in something with a longer and more proven track record than virtually any other type of asset class, then precious metals is your clear go-to option.

Now investing in precious metals is not going to be some sort of get rich quick venture nor should that be an investors focus but its by far the safest way to save and preserve ones nest egg over the immediate to long-term. A unique way to invest in silver bullion are Trump Silver Rounds, an exciting new product offering from Money Metals Exchange the low-cost precious metals dealer recently voted Best in the U.S. by an independent ratings organization. Get your Trump silver coin today!

Private Mint Trump Dollars One

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez for Coinweek..

Donald Trump supporters can show their enthusiasm for the 2016 Republican presidential hopeful by purchasing Trump Dollar coins.

Fed up with the political class? ask the promoters. Fed up with money that loses value?

The pointed language matches the perturbed tone of the presidential candidate the coins honor the copper, silver, and gold rounds invite coin collectors, metals investors, and Trump backers to express their disfavor of fiat money and political dogma by purchasing these bullion-based collector pieces, which are available in uncirculated and proof formats.

The Trump Dollar coins are issued by the Congressional Mint, a private minting firm located in Hudson, Wisconsin. They are among a multitude of Trump-emblazoned products hitting the market these days, including Donald Trump wine, Donald Trump steak and Donald Trump water. It seems Donald Trump approves of these capitalistic political messages unveiling of the new Trump Dollar coins will be held at a First Day of Issue event at the Trump Tower in New York City on April 27.

While the coins are not legal tender , they hearken to the financial ideology of many Trump supporters who would prefer to see the U.S. monetary system return to the silver and gold standards, which the United States was on throughout much of the nations history.

Each coin contain one ounce of bullion metal.

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Missouri State Quarter Products

The National Collectors Mint is now producing and marketing a medallion that purports to be the state quarter that the U.S. Government refused to mint. The United States Mint urges consumers who are considering the purchase of this item to be aware that it is not a genuine United States Mint quarter-dollar coin and is not legal tender. The medallion is a privately-produced product not backed by the United States Government.

The obverse design depicted on the National Collectors Mint medallion is nearly a copy of the obverse design on genuine Missouri quarter-dollar coins featuring George Washington. The word copy does appear on the likeness of George Washington on the medallion. This medallion also carries an S mint mark, which is usually reserved for United States coins that are legal tender and produced at the San Francisco Mint.

The reverse design depicted on the National Collectors Mints medallion is a different version of the design on genuine Missouri quarter-dollar coins. The Secretary of the Treasury approved the reverse design on Missouri quarter-dollar coins produced by the United States Mint and the approved design is the only design that may appear on Missouri quarter-dollar coins backed by the United States Government.

Additional information concerning coin production can be found in the About The Mint section of the United States Mints web pages.

Reason : It Celebrates Economic Expansion And Growth

DONALD J. TRUMP Official 45th President of the United ...

If you support a strong and diversified domestic U.S. economy, the Trump 2020 coin is the perfect collector’s item. During the 45th President’s time in office, Donald Trump’s economic action plan included the following historic achievements:

Even if you’re not a supporter of these policy positions, the Trump re-election coin is an excellent gift idea for a friend or loved one who is. Better yet, it makes for a funny joke gift for someone you might know who’s opposed to President Trump’s economic agenda.

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Donald Trump Calls Bitcoin ‘a Scam Against The Dollar’

Former US President Donald Trump has told Fox Business that he sees Bitcoin as a “scam” affecting the value of the US dollar.

“Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam,” Mr Trump said. “I don’t like it because it’s another currency competing against the dollar.”

He added that he wanted the dollar to be “the currency of the world”.

His comments come on the back of news El Salvador plans to make the crypto-currency legal tender.

The price of Bitcoin has been falling steadily since early May and so far has not recovered.

The falls were widely attributed to China banning banned banks and payment firms from providing services related to crypto-currency transactions, as well as electric car maker Tesla announcing it would no longer accept the currency a week before that.

Is Bitcoin actually a threat to currency? Here’s what experts we spoke to think.

What Is The Trump 2020 Coin

Technically, the Trump 2020 coin is an unofficial commemorative coin celebrating president Donald Trumps candidacy for re-election to the White House. The coin was originally issued by Noble Gold Investments, a precious metals IRA provider.

The Trump coin 2020 edition is a limited edition gold or silver round. These once-in-a-lifetime coins are struck in one ounce of pure silver or gold. For those interested in purchasing a branded Trump gold coin, note that this is a collectible item and therefore is ineligible for inclusion in both an IRA and a self-directed solo 401.

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Columbia Space Shuttle Commemorative Products

Since February 1, 2003, a number of private firms have been marketing medallions and other coin-related products in remembrance of the Columbia Space Shuttle and that days tragic events. The United States Mint has received calls indicating that these products are confusing to consumers-many of whom believe that these items are legal tender coins colorized by the United States Mint, U.S. commemorative coins, or United States Mint official medals.

Under law, only Congress can direct the minting of an official, legal tender U.S. commemorative coin or official United States Mint medal whose proceeds may be used to assist a particular cause or organization. The United States Mint encourages the public to remember and honor the Columbia Space Shuttle and its crew in any way they can. We merely urge consumers who are considering the purchase of a medallion or coin-related item in their memory to be aware that they are not genuine United States Mint commemorative coins or medals, but privately manufactured medallions or privately colorized U.S. coins that the U.S. Government neither endorses nor sponsors.

‘bitcoin Is A Threat To All Major Currencies’

Bitcoin to become legal tender in El Salvador Trump calls BTC a scam Frank Holmes comments

Justin Urquhart-Stewart, co-founder of Seven Investment Management and the Regionally investment platform, thinks Bitcoin does have a potential threat of destabilising currencies “because it has taken off in such a way that it’s created a popular appeal without any sound financial strength”.

He blames the rise of Bitcoin on figures like Elon Musk “behaving stupidly”, which makes the general public perceive that the crypto-currency is credible.

“Bitcoin is dangerous because it’s trying to create a level of credibility to unreliable and wholly unfounded value,” he tells the BBC.

“Quite often, unsophisticated punters are drawn in at the wrong time to something they think they can make a quick buck on – to them, it doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s Bitcoin or GameStop or AMC, it’s something you can bet on.”

He says that a rising trend of young people who are somewhat tech savvy, “like hobby technologists”, are taking huge risks because they haven’t been educated about finance properly.

Mr Urquhart-Stewart strongly believes the national curriculum should include education on how to develop family finances over generations.

“What we have now is a young generation of punters who have no knowledge of financial planning and development,” stresses Mr Urquhart-Stewart.

“They understand how to buy and sell things, but they have no concept of how to create longer-term wealth.”

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Presidential $1 Coin Release Schedule

First issued in 2007, Presidential

Presidential Dollar coins are sometimes called “golden dollars”. Although gold in color, they do not have any gold in them. Instead they are made from a mixture of copper, zinc, manganese, and nickel. This non-precious metals metallic combination gives the coins a somewhat golden appearance. Presidential Dollars are official legal tender coins minted by the United States government.

Stockpile And Suspension Of Production

By 2011, 1.4 billion uncirculated $1 coins were stockpiled, which, if laid flat, could reach from Los Angeles to Chicago. By 2016, this number might have reached two billion if the minting had continued unchanged.

Rep. Jackie Speier of California circulated a “Dear Colleague” letter recommending that the U.S. not produce any dollar coins. She was planning to introduce legislation calling for the immediate halting of all dollar coin programs.

The United States Government Accountability Office has stated that discontinuing the dollar bill in favor of the dollar coin would save the U.S. government about $5.5 billion over 30 years.

On December 13, 2011, Vice President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced that the minting of Presidential $1 coins for circulation would be suspended. Future entries in the program, beginning with those of Chester A. Arthur, would be issued in reduced quantities, only for collectors.

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The Donald Trump Silver Round

These privately minted 1 oz Silver Donald Trump Rounds are .999 pure silver bullion and commemorate the 45th President of the United States. The Silver Trump coins are available in both a 1 ounce and 2 ounce silver coin size. Now, you can also get the privately minted 1/4 oz Trump Gold Coin.

The obverse features the profile of President Donald Trump. The inscriptions read, “Donald J Trump” and “45th President.” The White House is pictured on the reverse, along with inscriptions, “The White House” and “1 oz 999 AG.”

Reason : It’s A Limited Edition Asset

DONALD TRUMP Pres. Official Genuine Legal Tender IKE ...

Unlike other collector’s coins, like the Austrian Philharmonic coin or the American Gold Buffalo coin, the Trump 2020 coin is a limited edition and will not be reissued. For this reason, it’s a rare and scarce asset that will become more and more difficult to find in the future. It’s no surprise, then, why so many investors are seeking out the Trump 2020 coin as a long-term diversifier in their investment portfolios.

There is no coin quite like the Trump 2020 commemorative piece. On the front of the coin is a portrait of the former president himself with the words Donald J. Trump inscribed on the bottom and 45th President of the United States at the top. The obverse side of the coin features text within a crest held by an American bald eagle acknowledging the president’s:

  • Tax reform achivements
  • Record-highs in the Dow Jones Index
  • Generational low unemployment rate
  • Lowest jobless claims in nearly 50 years

At the bottom of the obverse side reads One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver and the top reads Delivering As Promised, which was a common catchphrase within president Trump’s administration. Currently, there is no other coin on the market with markers or features that match the Trump 2020 coin.

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