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How To Follow Trump On Twitter

President Trump Is On The Net Again

Twitter places public interest notice on Trump tweet for violating policy against abusive behavior

President Trump has released a new media site that allows people to follow the President. American Military Times reports:

Former President Donald Trump launched his own communications platform Tuesday, allowing him to communicate directly with his followers through comments, images and videos months after being banned from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The platform, From the Desk of Donald J. Trump can be found at

The platform allows followers to share his posts to social media sites, but does not include a feature to let users reply or engage with Trumps posts directly.

Heres a promo of the site:

Zachery Henry May 4, 2021

Its a shame we have such corrupt individuals in our media and Big Tech.

Donald Trump Uses Potus Account To Accuse Twitter Of ‘banning Free Speech’ After Being Barred From The Platform

Twitter temporarily blocked Mr Trump’s account on Wednesday following the siege of the US Capitol by his supporters.

Saturday 9 January 2021 17:05, UK

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Donald Trump has accused Twitter of “banning free speech” in a tweet from the POTUS account, hours after he was banned from the platform.

The Twitter Safety account posted shortly afterwards, saying: “After close review of recent Tweets from the account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

It comes after Mr Trump was similarly banned from Facebook and Instagram following riots at the US Capitol on Wednesday.

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jnr, posted a video on Facebook attacking the decision, saying it’s “the kinda stuff” that would make Chinese communist ruler Chairman Mao “really proud”.

“So if you guys haven’t noticed yet, Twitter permanently banned my father from its platform, so to speak, you know, it’s not a platform they can pretend it’s an open platform but obviously it’s not. I guess, someone told me, because he wasn’t gonna attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. I’m not sure what’s offensive about that but I guess they were just looking for any excuse.”

He goes on for 10 minutes and 54 seconds, and in the comments section he asks people to go to his website and join the mailing list so they can “stay connected”.

Twitter Permanently Suspends President Donald Trump

Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trumps account on Friday, citing the risk of further incitement of violence.

The presidents account, with 88 million followers, was initially banned for 12 hours on Wednesday due to severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy, after he used the platform to condemn Vice President Mike Pence as his supporters stormed the Capitol.

Almost immediately, the account that Trump had used for years to convey his every thought, to denounce his enemies and praise his friends, to convey uncountable false statements and official White House announcements, simply disappeared. It was suddenly impossible to see his previous tweets, or even to see his reaction to Twitter’s decision. Instead, his empty account had been marked: “Account suspended.”

Trump’s attempts to tweet from associated accounts also were blocked. At one point, he was tweeting from his campaign account, but that was promptly suspended.

In a blog post, Twitter detailed the reasoning behind the decision.

In the context of horrific events this week, we made it clear on Wednesday that additional violations of the Twitter Rules would potentially result in this very course of action, Twitter wrote. Our public interest framework exists to enable the public to hear from elected officials and world leaders directly. It is built on a principle that the people have a right to hold power to account in the open.

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Twitter Cfo: No Changes To Our Thinking On Trumps Account

There has been no changes to anything we have shared in the past around the former presidents account, Twitter CFO Ned Segal said on Yahoo Finance Live.

On Jan. 8 of this year, Twitter famously handed out a permanent suspension of then President Donald Trumps widely followed account. The decision came in the wake of the uprising on Capitol Hill, which many believe was fueled by Trumps comments on Twitter.

Segal says its important Twitter stays consistent with its policies.

When you step back and think about our policies, we want to work hard to be consistent, to be transparent so people know exactly what to expect from us. We dont have an oversight board like that . Our team is accountable for the decisions that we make. There is no changes to anything we have talked about in the past,Segal added.

On Wednesday, an independent oversight board at Facebook is expected to announce whether it will uphold the indefinite ban on the former president or reverse it.

Even with the Trump bans, both social media giants notched very strong growth in the first quarter.

Facebooks first-quarter sales and profits rose 48% and 93%, respectively year-over-year as ad spending recovered from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme was similar at Twitter first quarter sales gained 28% from a year ago. Twitter posted net earnings of 8 cents a share compared to a year ago loss of 1 cent a share.

Whats hot from Sozzi:

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What Social Media Can Donald Trump Use

Trump continues his epic

Right now, there aren’t many leading social media networks who are allowing Donald Trump to post freely.

There’s been speculation Mr Trump could make an appearance on Parler, a social media platform that calls itself a “nonpartisan public square” where users can exercise their rights to free speech and privacy,

But Apple, Google and Amazon have suspended Parler from their app stores and web hosting services respectively due to threats of inciting violence.

Mr Trump’s sons Eric and Don Jr. have accounts under their names on the site, but no official, verified account for the outgoing president has been identified yet.

Parler is popular with Trump supporters, and the platform “provided a safe space for supporters of the President to coalesce,”University of Sydney researcher Jordan McSwiney told Hack.

Mr Trump’s personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, made global headlines when the platform deactivated his account permanently earlier this month.

It’s not accessible on Twitter anymore, but it’s unclear whether it will become part of an official public record at some stage.

Multiple major social media networks issued various bans and suspensions to Mr Trump’s accounts after a violent mob of supporters stormed the US Capitol earlier this month.

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Heres Who Donald Trump Follows On Twitter And Who He Has Unfollowed

Twitter can be a personal wire service, complete with thoughts directly from the sources, relevant articles filtered by approved people, and breaking news. But its not used as a feed by everybody.

Many people, often with large follower accounts, do not use it to read or listen, but simply as a pulpit. A key example is President-elect Donald Trumps Twitter account, which he uses to speak to his followers, which number 18.5 million, of which 14.1 million of them are real. He follows just 42 people.

There are roughly four groups of people Trump follows: Trump family members, Trump business organizations and associates, political commentators favorable to him, and a miscellaneous category.

The first group is the current family, which makes up seven accounts he follows, or 17%. Melania and Trumps first four children are represented, along with their spouses, except for Jared Kushner who has a Twitter account but has yet to tweet.

Trump follows seven corporate accounts associated with his specific golf courses and hotels, and a few more national accounts for his organization and national golf club. He follows a few people related his reality show, The Apprentice, including season one contestant Katrina Campins, and executive producer Mark Barrett. This comprises around 29% of the accounts.

If you want to see what the Trumps Twitter feed looks like, you can subscribe or view this list.

Twitter Custom Data For You

So, no matter if you need to access Trumps Twitter archive or to the tweets right from when Trump became President in 2017. We at Tweet Binder offer custom solutions and full access to Twitter data. Even free instant Twitter reports that will allow you analyze anyones tweets today. Give us a try and feel free to contact us if you need any help with anything Trump-Twitter matter.

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What If We All Unfollowed Trump On Twitter

Editors Note: Melissa Blake is a freelance writer and blogger from Illinois. She covers disability rights and womens issues and has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Harpers Bazaar, Good Housekeeping and Glamour, among others. Read her blog, So About What I Said, and follow her . The views expressed in this commentary are solely hers. View more opinion on CNN.

In the nearly three years that Donald Trump has been in the White House, his outbursts have become all too predictable. Nowhere is this more evident than on Twitter, the space where he appears to feel most comfortable being outrageous and hateful. After tweeting racist attacks Saturday characterizing the city of Baltimore and the district of Rep. Elijah Cummings as infested with rats and crime, Trump the following Friday seemed to make fun of Cummings house reportedly being burglarized.

Some say that Trump should be banned from Twitter, and I wholeheartedly agree. But, sadly, that is unlikely, especially since Twitter views Trump differently than its millions of regular users.Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate, Twitter stated in a blog post last year.

But heres the thing: We dont have to read him. We dont have to endlessly scroll to see the latest disgusting and dangerous rhetoric hes spewing on any given day.

High Volume Retweet Hubs

President Trump Permanently Banned From Twitter | NBC Nightly News

On the surface its difficult to makes sense of the topology of these networks due to the high level of activity but using gephi I can filter out the noise on the surface and look at the underlying layers. The below graph is filtered by degree 300 nodes with 300 edges or less have been removed. The network that remains contains 65 accounts. Some of the remaining 65 accounts are conductors, some are accounts that are mentioned often in trains regular riders . These are all nodes that would logically have a high degree given the way they are using Twitter, so its normal that their nodes will remain prominent in the filtered graph.

But something else emerges in the filtered graphs: high volume retweet accounts. The way these high volume accounts are behaving causes the formation of hubs. I talked about hubs in my #QAnon analysis, they are a naturally occurring phenomenon in scale-free networks. The nodes of the retweet hubs are not prominent and they are hidden beneath a large amount of activity but because they are highly connected to so many accounts they act as distribution hubs. The retweet hubs also connect the trains.

In the following graph, I removed the labels and highlighted the retweet hubs. These accounts are retweeting hundreds of times per day. They retweet a lot of train tweets and in the dataset I looked at, they are retweeting tweets from multiple trains.

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Civil War Trends On Twitter After Iowa Trump Rally Attendees Remarks Go Viral

Civil War was a top trending topic on on Sunday after remarks from an attendee of former President Donald Trumps rally in Iowa were widely circulated online and by the media.

Trump held a rally at the Iowa State Fairground in Des Moines on Saturday. At the event, Trump supporter Lori Levi told MSNBC that she believes the U.S. is headed for a civil war. Levi criticized Democrats and Republicans, saying most members of the GOP are as weak as they possibly could be in Congress.

Theyre establishment. They dont care about the American people because theyre in their elite little tower, she said. So were just sick of it, you know, and were not going to take it anymore. I see a civil war coming. I do. I see civil war coming.

As of Sunday afternoon, the term Civil War had been tweeted nearly 67,000 times as it trended on the major social media platform. Many were criticizing Trump supporters and the right-wing Make America Great Again movement. Some also tried to offer solutions to the current divide within American society.

Polarization is worse than ever and getting worse not better. There is a Civil War coming if we dont stop dehumanizing those we disagree with politically, unsuccessful Democratic presidential and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang tweeted. The political activist promoted his new Forward Party PAC, which aims to promote democratic reforms.

Evolution Of Tweets Sent By Donald Trump Since 2009

Donald Trump has always used his personal Twitter account @realDonaldTrump instead of the one from the official for the US Presidency @Potus. Former President Barack Obama used to have a team running his accounts. Whenever he sent a tweet personally, he added its signature to it so the audience would know. Trump tweets today are considered a great source of information. We have to say that this analysis is based on real Trump tweets, they are not fake or made up, those are tweets sent by Trump himself.

You can get these tweets and complete data with a . The Tweet Binder report about how Donald Trump tweets in 2020 also shows that this tweet remains as Tumps most liked tweet and Trumps most retweeted tweet he ever shared:

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Brielle Biermann Receives Backlash After Defending Donald Trump On Twitter

Brielle Biermann is facing some vitriolic backlash for weighing in on politics and defending President Donald Trump.

The reality star took to Twitter on Monday to seemingly defend Trump against widespread criticism of his handling of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

This is not political, Biermann, 23, wrote. I dont care how i/you feel about Trump as a politician but he is a PERSON. Running the country.

He has felt like all of us, Biermann added. Do you think someone wants to do the best they can when theyre constantly belittled/bullied for everything they do/say?

This is not political- i dont care how i/you feel about trump as a politician but he is a PERSON. Running the country. He has feelings like all of us. Do you think someone wants to do the best they can when theyre constantly belittled/bullied for everything they do/say?

Brielle Biermann

While Biermann prefaced her remarks by saying they were not politically motivated, many of her fans and followers were quick to shoot down her argument, slam her stance, and unfollow her on the social media platform.

If hed stop constantly belittling/bullying others, I would see your point, but he spews vile insults at every turn, one user wrote, while another added, Do you follow him on Twitter? Literally ALL he does is belittle and bully others. Where is your outrage about that? Where is the leadership in that? Check yourself.

How bout THESE tweets? from the bigmouth herself


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