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Does Anyone Think Trump Is Doing A Good Job

Trumps Foreign Policy Moments

Trump Shocks The Country By Doing Something Good

Donald J. Trumps presidency marked a profound departure from U.S. leadership in areas such as trade and diplomacy, as well as an across-the-board toughening of immigration policies.

In his inaugural address, President Donald J. Trump announces an America First approach to foreign policy and trade, which centers on reducing U.S. trade deficits and rebalancing burden sharing within alliances. Trump promises to unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism and emphasizes that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.

Trump directs the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a twelve-country, Asia-focused trade agreement the United States had championed under the Barack Obama administration.

The president signs an executive order banning nationals of six Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the United States for ninety days. The order, later amended to include an additional two countries, also indefinitely freezes refugee intake from Syria. Days later, a federal judge in Washington State blocks part of the order, beginning a series of judicial challenges. That same week, Trump signs two other executive orders concerning immigration. One directs federal funds to the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and the other bars so-called sanctuary cities from receiving federal grants.

Washington Post

Instead Of Evolving As President Trump Has Bent The Job To His Will

In a 40-minute phone call this week, Mr. Trump struggled to describe how he has changed in office. I think Ive just become more guarded than I was four years ago, he said.

President Trump heads into the fall campaign with a striking blend of braggadocio and grievance.Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

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WASHINGTON For a man on the edge of history, President Trump sounded calm and relaxed. If he believes that he is on the verge of losing, he betrayed no sign of it. Instead, he trotted out one of his favorite polls, boasted about his popularity with Republican voters and talked about his conventions television ratings.

His presidency, he declared in an interview this week, has produced an incredible result. The stock markets are pretty amazing, the Republican National Convention has been very successful, and he has done a very good job of handling the coronavirus pandemic even though more than 180,000 Americans are dead. At the same time, he said, he has endured terrible things by his maniac opponents.

In the course of a 40-minute telephone call on Wednesday, Mr. Trump struggled to describe how he has changed. I think Ive just become more guarded than I was four years ago, he offered, a curious notion for the least-guarded man to sit in the Oval Office in a lifetime. I think I really am a little bit more circumspect.

Congress And The Public

Line graph. Congressional job approval, percentage of Americans approving, trend from 1974-2021. High approval rating is 84% in October 2001 low is 9% in November 2013. Current reading, from August 2021, is 28%.

^ Gallup/Newsweek poll
Great deal
= Volunteered response * Less than 0.5%
1992 Jul 31 Aug 2 40
Great deal

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Why Many White Men Love Trumps Coronavirus Response

More than 80 percent of Republicans think the president is doing a great job with the pandemic. Heres why.

Kurtis, a young accountant in McKinney, Texas, likes the thing that many people hate about Donald Trump: that the president has left the pandemic response almost entirely up to local officials.

He left it up to each state to make their own decision on how they wanted to proceed, Kurtis told me recently. Most experts think the absence of a national strategy for tackling the coronavirus has been a disaster. But Kurtis argues that North Dakota, for example, shouldnt have to follow the same rules as New York City. Kurtis voted for Trump in 2016, and he plans to do so again this year.

Some 82 percent of Republicans approve of Trumps coronavirus responsea higher percentage than before the president was diagnosed with the virus. This is despite the fact that more than 220,000 Americans have died, and virtually every public-health expert, including those who have worked for Republican administrations, says the president has performed abysmally.

Experts offer a few different explanations for the spell that Trump has cast over his supporters. The simplest is that Trump voters like Trump, and as is often the case with people we like, he can do no wrong in their eyes. We might just as easily ask why Trump opponents think he is doing a horrible job with the pandemic, says Richard Harris, a political scientist at Rutgers University.

Nearly A Third Of Young Americans Say That Politics Has Gotten In The Way Of A Friendship Differences Of Opinion On Race


Thirty-one percent of young Americans, but 37% of young Biden voters and 32% of young Trump voters say that politics has gotten in the way of a friendship before. Gender is not a strong predictor of whether or not politics has invaded personal space, but race and ethnicity are. Young whites are more likely than young Blacks to say that politics has gotten in the way–and nearly half of white Biden voters say politics has negatively impacted a friendship 30% of white Trump voters say the same.

When young Americans were asked whether a difference of opinion on several political issues might impact a friendship, 44% of all young Americans said that they could not be friends with someone who disagreed with them on race relations. Sixty percent of Biden voters agreed with this sentiment, as did a majority of women and Blacks . Americans between 18 and 24 were more likely than those slightly older to feel that race relations would cause a problem with friendships. Differences of opinion on whether or not to support Trump was an issue for slightly more than a third , followed by immigration , police reform , abortion , climate change , and guns .

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Forty Percent Of Young Americans Expect Their Lives To Be Better As A Result Of The Biden Administration Many More Feel A Part Of Bidens America Than Trumps

By a margin of 2:1, young Americans expect their lives to become better under the Biden administration, rather than worse 25% tell us that they dont expect much of a difference. We found significant differences based on race and ethnicity.

  • Whites: 30% better, 28% worse
  • Blacks: 54% better, 4% worse
  • Hispanics: 51% better, 10% worse

Forty-six percent of young Americans agreed that they feel included in Bidens America, 24% disagreed . With the exception of young people living in rural America, at least a plurality indicated they felt included. This stands in contrast to Trumps America. Forty-eight percent reported that they did not feel included in Trumps America, while 27% indicated that they felt included . The only major subgroup where a plurality or more felt included in Trumps America were rural Americans.

  • 39% of Whites feel included in Bidens America, 32% do not 35% of Whites feel included in Trumps America, 41% do not .
  • 61% of Blacks feel included in Bidens America, 13% do not 16% of Blacks feel included in Trumps America, 60% do not .
  • 51% of Hispanics feel included in Bidens America, 12% do not 17% of Hispanics feel included in Trumps America, 55% do not .

People Who Like Trump Point To The Economy People Who Dont Point To His Behavior

One thing that hasnt really changed since President Trump was inaugurated is that most Americans dont think hes doing a very good job. Gallup had Trumps approval rating at 45 percent during the first week of his presidency its now at 40 percent. During the intervening 28 months, his rating has never been higher than 46 percent or lower than 35 percent. Hes just bouncing up and down in that narrow range, essentially as popular now as he was then.

What have changed are the rationales offered to explain why Americans do or dont think Trump is doing a good job.

On Wednesday, CNN the results of a new poll it conducted with its polling partner SSRS. In addition to asking respondents if they approved of the job Trump was doing , they also asked people to explain why they felt that way. The most common response? His handling of the economy.

This isnt really a surprise, in part because Trump himself has focused on the economy as a rationale for supporting him. But it is interesting to compare those responses to the ones The Post and our partners at ABC News heard when we asked a similar question in July 2017.

Notice, for example, how significantly the economy has grown as a rationale for supporting Trump. This makes sense, given that Trumps ability to claim ownership over the economy in July 2017 was a bit more modest than it is now. Regardless, the shift is noteworthy large enough to force us to redesign our graphic to make the changes more clear.

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Americans Do You Think Biden Is Doing A Good Job Why Or Why Not

Meh. He’s doing almost nothing, which is what I expected and is fine by me. I see him as more of a blank placeholder until someone better comes around

He’s doing exactly what he set out to do: Nothing meaningful.

Im just gonna grab some popcorn and sort by controversial

I voted for him, but no – not particularly.

I think his foreign policy has been good outside of Afghanistan, but that was a disaster.

I dislike a his overuse of executive orders and willingness to defy the supreme court with the whole eviction moratorium extension. That should’ve gone to congress, and Biden’s actions there felt very “Trumpy” for lack of a better term.

He also hasn’t done very much to make me support him. At some point, only being “Not Trump” isn’t enough to win continued support. There is a nearly infinite supply of other politicians who are also “Not Trump”

Trump Hasnt Just Done A Good Job Hes Done A Great Job’ The View From Muncie Indiana

Trump Sits In Total Silence When Asked Why He Hires Liars And Wackos

Gary Younge spent a month in the archetypal US town before last years election. The people swung for Trump, but how do they feel a year on?

Griffin Timmerman, six, is a runner. Given the opportunity, the small, lively boy, who has autism and prefers to play on his own, would just keep going. He once ran into the road this is one of the reasons why his family moved out of Muncie, Indiana, to the country, giving him more space and free rein for his energy.

It is also why his family paid $20,000 in health insurance last year, which they bought on the Obamacare exchange. For that they got, among other things, a regular assistant for Griffin, who accompanied him to school and helped him integrate socially with his peers. Its crazy, says Kelsey, his father, who is an author. Its our biggest expense as a family. But since it got Griffin what he needed, we were prepared to pay it again this year.

Only this year was not like other years. Since Donald Trump took office, the Republicans have not been able to get rid of Obamacare. But they have managed to make it even more expensive and less available. There used to be three or four companies that offered what we needed, says Kelsey. This year there was one and it didnt cover an in-school therapist.

Walsh says, with a smile: Hes completely embarrassed the United States more than a handful of times. Hes like your drunk uncle at a party.

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