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How Do I Vote For Donald Trump

He Knows How To Make Deals Deals That Will Make America Prosperous Again

‘I wasn’t in control’: Trump supporter explains how he fell for election lies

I was a Democrat for 39 years, but my children and grandchildren need an America that is out of debt. All that Obama did was double the debt since he took office. I will feel a whole lot safer than I ever would with Hillary.

The biggest question is to ask why he kept sending troops and flooding us with Syrian refugees that are not vetted for the proper amount of time with the possibility of terrorists mixing in and coming to our homeland? My great nephew is still asking that question as he did two tours in Afghanistan. He got out because he felt the president didnt care about him or his comrades. We have the greatest veterans in the world I am one of them. The last two presidents didnt care about what happened to us.

Obama created jobs, but minimum wage jobs. You cant support a family on a minimum wage. Our manufacturing plants are gone, the coal industry is gone from my area and Hillary would just shut it down the rest of the way.

Obamacare is a failure. Thank God I dont have to use it. But there are families that need it and if they cant afford it they get fined. That in itself is the mindset of a dictator. Hillary was going to expand it and make it available for illegals too.

Nate, 58, Pennsylvania, retired from the federal government

How Trump Voted 2016

Biden singled out Trumps voting history in 2020, but we decided to look back at his voting habits back to the 2016 general election. We contacted a spokesperson for the New York City Board of Elections to ask questions about Trumps voting history, but did not hear back by deadline. However, we found news reports showing that sometimes as a New York voter, Trump cast an absentee ballot.

2018: In the midterm elections, Trump voted absentee, a White House spokesperson told reporters.

Many high-ranking officials in the Trump administration or the campaign voted by mail in 2018 or in recent years prior, including Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General Bill Barr, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and campaign manager Brad Parscale, according to The Washington Post.

2017: The New York Daily News reported that Trump filled out an absentee ballot for the mayoral election and checked a box on an application stating he would be absent from the city on Election Day. The newspaper found that Trumps ballot application listed his birthday as July but it is actually June 14, 1946. NY1 reported that Trump and his wife Melania authorized a campaign staffer to pick up the ballots for them.

2016: Trump voted in person in the November election at Manhattans Public School 59, blocks from Trump Tower, where he lived.

“At least you can say the Trumpster doesnt give up,” Trump says. “Youve gotta vote.” “Access Hollywood” reported that Trump cast a provisional ballot.

How To Cite Our Information

Center for American Women and Politics . 2022. Gender Gap: Voting Choices in Presidential Elections. New Brunswick, NJ: Center for American Women and Politics, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

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United States Presidential Election

2020 United States presidential election
51.3% 46.9%
President before election

The 2020 United States presidential election was the 59th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Democratic ticket of former vice presidentJoe Biden and the junior U.S. senator from California Kamala Harris defeated the incumbent RepublicanpresidentDonald Trump and incumbent vice president Mike Pence. The election took place against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic and related recession. It was the first election since 1992 and the first in the 21st century, in which the incumbent president failed to win a second term. The election saw the highest voter turnout by percentage since 1900, with each of the two main tickets receiving more than 74 million votes, surpassing Barack Obama‘s record of 69.5 million votes from 2008. Biden received more than 81 million votes, the most votes ever cast for a candidate in a U.S. presidential election.

Stories Chosen For You

Trump Got 10 Million More Votes This Election. Where Did They Come From?

Speaking with MDSNBC host Ali Velshi on Saturday, former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade suggested that the Department of Justice’s case against Donald Trump for obstruction is growing by the day, making it much more likely investigators will be able to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Reacting to reports that the former president is suspected of still holding onto sensitive government documents that the DOJ is trying to get back, the attorney said the former president is increasing his legal peril with each passing day.

‘Why is he more worried about this and he seems to be about the other things that he is embroiled in?” host Velshi prompted about the documents believed to contain sensitive intel information.

“This one seems to be one that is really difficult to get out from under because he’s caught red-handed,” McQuade replied. “In so many of these other cases, proof of a crime requires knowledge and intent. I think Donald Trump is savvy enough not to use email and so it could be very difficult to prove that level of knowledge and intent.”

RELATED: Trump plotted to trade Mar-a-Lago files for ‘sensitive documents’ about his 2016 campaign Russia ties: report

“With regard to these documents, just having them gets you about 90 percent of the way there,” she elaborated.

This article first appeared in Salon.

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I Dont Want The Clinton Legacy Continued In The White House

Trump is a self-made man. Regardless of getting a hefty loan from his father, he used that money to make a name and legacy for himself. I hope that Trumps experience as a businessman will enable our country to operate more effectively when it comes to managing our money.

I want to change America to serve the people instead of a political system that wants to serve itself. My life wont change much, except I will have more hope that my government is trying to make our country strong instead of pandering to its own liberal interests. My main hope is that he will help balance our budget, and secondly that he will help our economy to remain strong.

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I dont want the Clinton legacy continued in the White House. We impeached one Clinton, and there is too much scandal that revolves around the other. Why would I want that legacy in my government?

He may say controversial things, but at least he tells you what he thinks. I certainly disagree with anyone that has behaved in a racist or sexist way. However, I feel like I know where I stand with Trump. He says what he thinks, right or wrong, and I know what Im dealing with.

Rachael, 34, Indiana, small business owner

Trump Is Exactly What You Get With Hillary You Cant Know Whats Real

I couldnt decide who to vote for until the day before voting. It was one the hardest decisions I have ever made.

I decided on Trump for one reason: no-fly zones. Hillary guaranteed full scale war with Syria on day one. I mean how do you expect to initiate a no-fly zone over a sovereign nation? That would then in turn guarantee a conflict with Russia, which will assuredly lead to war.

I know Hillary would have been business as usual as we spiralled ever closer to a full-scale nuclear war with Russia. Four years is a long time but there is always impeachment, and the next election. Its a risk but one the American people are willing to take.

Ive previously voted Al Gore, Bush, Obama, Obama, and now Trump. I hope for a sincere shake-up and a breath of fresh air. Trump is a slimy scumbag, who wears it like a badge of honour. But Trump is exactly what you get, Hillary is a phantom and you cant know whats real about her. Fainting in New York saying it was heat when it was a mild day, then saying it was pneumonia finally. Lying straight-faced about her emails.

Countries may be laughing at us but it took some balls to elect Trump last night. I dont think a single person who casted a vote for him felt good about it. I sure didnt, but felt like there was no other choice. It was either Trump or guaranteed war.

Paul, Ohio, software engineer

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Gender Gap: Voting Choices In Presidential Elections

A gender gap in voting refers to a difference between the percentage of women and the percentage of men voting for a given candidate, generally the winning candidate. Even when women and men favor the same candidate, they may do so by different margins, resulting in a gender gap. In every presidential election since 1980, a gender gap has been apparent, with a greater proportion of women than men preferring the Democrat in each case. The magnitude of the gender gap has ranged in size from four to twelve points since 1980. The womens vote is the percentage point advantage that one candidate has over the other among women voters- that is, the difference in support for the major party candidates among women voters only.

In every presidential election since 1996, a majority of women have preferred the Democratic candidate. Moreover, women and men have favored different candidates in presidential elections since 2000, with the exception of 2008 when men were almost equally divided in their preferences for Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. In 2020, a majority of women favored the Democratic victor, Joe Biden, while a majority of men voted for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

To directly access the data presented below, please download the following Excel file: Gender Gap Exit Poll Data

Methodology and Sources:

New York TimesWashington Post

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Donald Trump hints at running for president again with campaign-style video

Bowers faces Trump-endorsed candidate David Fansworth in an Aug. 2 primary that makes Bowers the first Republican to face voters after testifying before the Jan. 6 committee.

“I’ve had people walk up and say, you know, just cold turkey, ‘I’m ashamed of you,'” he told Karl.

Bowers says he’s also been called a “traitor” and has been told that “the price of treason is hanging.”

In his June testimony, Bowers detailed several conversations with former President Trump and his then-personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, asking him to replace Arizona’s electors with ones who would say Trump won the 2020 election.

Biden won Arizona in 2020 by almost 11,000 votes.

“Did you ever consider going along with it?” Karl asked Bowers.

“I said, this is new to me. The idea of throwing out the election of the president is like, okay, so what part of Jupiter do I get to land on and colonize?” Bowers said.

Giuliani “never” provided any evidence to back up claims that thousands of dead people voted in Arizona, Bowers said.

“You asked for evidence of fraud?” asked Karl.

“Over and over, and he said, ‘yes, yes.’ And he never gave us anything. No names, no data, nothing.”

Bowers, who is term-limited in the state house, previously said it would take a “miracle” for him to win his bid for state senate. He told Karl “the demographics of my race are heavily Trump.”

In an unusual move for a state legislature race, former President Trump has campaigned against Bowers in Arizona.

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An Updating Tally Of How Often Every Member Of The House And The Senate Votes With Or Against The President

Trump margin: Trumps share of the vote in the 2016 election minus Clintons

Trump score: How often a member votes in line with Trumps position

Trump plus-minus: Difference between a members actual and predicted Trump-support scores

Member How often a member votes in line with Trumps positionTrump scoreHow often a member votes in line with Trumps position Trumps share of the vote in the 2016 election minus ClintonsTrump marginTrumps share of the vote in the 2016 election minus Clintons How often a member is expected to support Trump based on Trumps 2016 marginPredicted scoreHow often a member is expected to support Trump based on Trumps 2016 margin Difference between a members actual and predicted Trump-support scoresTrump plus-minus

A Trump score is not calculated for members who have not voted. How this works »

* No longer in Congress.

Trump margin: Trumps share of the vote in the 2016 election minus Clintons

Trump score: How often a member votes in line with Trumps position

Trump plus-minus: Difference between a members actual and predicted Trump-support scores


If Trump Were To Run In 2024 New Poll Shows He Would Dominate The Race

Perhaps the positive results of this new poll will finally lead Donald Trump to throw his hat into the ring for the 2024 presidential election.

The former president has previously said that he is looking at the possibility very seriously but its a little too soon to announce his campaign.

The May 2021 poll shows that Donald Trump would come out on top as the winner if he were to run in the 2024 presidential election against Vice President Kamala Harris.

When polling likely voters for the general election, national survey research company McLaughlin & Associates discovered that more than three-quarters of Republicans would vote for Trump. In fact, an astounding 83 percent of likely Republican voters would cast their ballots for Trump in the general election.

Trump has nearly unanimous support in the Republican Party and seems to be favored above all other potential Republican candidates.

When compared to former Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Trump took the majority lead at 57 percent.

Meanwhile, Pence trailed behind at 10 percent, DeSantis at eight percent and Haley at five percent.

With Republican voters seemingly in the bag, where does Trump stand with the rest of the nation?

In a hypothetical race against the would-be President Harris, Trump would claim victory in the general election by four percentage points.

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Republican Voters On Their Preferred Candidate For President

If the Republican 2024 presidential primary were held today, who would you vote for if the candidates were:


Asked of 350 respondents who said they planned to vote in the 2024 Republican primary in a New York Times/Siena College poll from July 5-7, 2022. Respondents who answered someone else or did not offer a response are not shown.

The greatest threat to usurp Mr. Trump within the party is Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, who was the second choice with 25 percent and the only other contender with double-digit support. Among primary voters, Mr. DeSantis was the top choice of younger Republicans, those with a college degree and those who said they voted for President Biden in 2020.

While about one-fourth of Republicans said they didnt know enough to have an opinion about Mr. DeSantis, he was well-liked by those who did. Among those who voted for Mr. Trump in 2020, 44 percent said they had a very favorable opinion of Mr. DeSantis similar to the 46 percent who said the same about Mr. Trump.

Should Mr. DeSantis and Mr. Trump face off in a primary, the poll suggested that support from Fox News could prove crucial: Mr. Trump held a 62 percent to 26 percent advantage over Mr. DeSantis among Fox News viewers, while the gap between the two Floridians was 16 points closer among Republicans who mainly receive their news from another source.

Mr. Trumps troubles inside his party leave him hamstrung in a matchup against an unusually vulnerable incumbent.

New 2020 Voter Data: How Biden Won How Trump Kept The Race Close And What It Tells Us About The Future

Final Vote Count 2016

As we saw in 2016 and again in 2020, traditional survey research is finding it harder than it once was to assess presidential elections accurately. Pre-election polls systemically misjudge who is likely to vote, and exit polls conducted as voters leave the voting booths get it wrong as well.

Now, using a massive sample of validated voters whose participation has been independently verified, the Pew Research Center has . It helps us understand how Joe Biden was able to accomplish what Hillary Clinton did notand why President Trump came closer to getting reelected than the pre-election surveys had predicted.

How Joe Biden won

Five main factors account for Bidens success.

  • The Biden campaign reunited the Democratic Party. Compared to 2016, he raised the share of moderate and conservative Democrats who voted for the Democratic nominee by 6 points, from 85 to 91%, while increasing the Democratic share of liberal Democrats from 94 to 98%. And he received the support of 85% of Democrats who had defected to 3rd party and independent candidates in 2016.
  • How Trump kept it close

    Despite non-stop controversy about his policies and personal conduct, President Trump managed to raise his share of the popular vote from 46% in 2016 to 47% in 2020. His core coalition held together, and he made a few new friends.

    Longer-term prospects

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