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How Old Is Joe Biden And Donald Trump

Did Joe Biden Give Kamala Harris Presidential Power

First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

In November 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris made history after she became the first woman to hold presidential power in the United States.

On November 19, Biden transferred power over to Harris while he underwent a routine colonoscopy.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement: “As was the case when President George W. Bush had the same procedure in 2002 and 2007, and following the process set out in the Constitution, President Biden will transfer power to the Vice President for the brief period of time when he is under anesthesia.

President George W Bush was the first to use the 25th Amendment’s Section 3 to temporarily transfer power, to while Bush was anesthetized for a colonoscopy.

Bush also temporarily transferred power in 2007 to undergo another colonoscopy.

The Youth Vote Is New But Dont Assume It Necessarily Favors A Young President

Lately, its been hard to ignore the unbearable oldness of American politics. Donald Trump, the countrys oldest first-term president at 74, was born the year the bikini was invented. Joe Biden, the 77-year-old Democratic nominee, is older thanthemicrowave. Bernie Sanders, 79, was born shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the same year you could first buy a packet of M& Ms. Two of the highest-profile women candidates for president Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren were also born in the 1940s, at least a decade before little girls started to play with Barbie dolls.

The graying of the American presidency is especially notable because our nations most visionary presidents have typically been young. Theodore Roosevelt, who became the youngest president ever at 42, had the foresight to preserve roughly 230 million acres of public land for future generations to enjoy. John F. Kennedy, inaugurated at 43 with the cry that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans, found some common cause with the civil rights movement, vowed to put a man on the moon, and started the Peace Corps to spread American values around the world. Barack Obama, who became president at 46, shielded young undocumented immigrants from deportation and committed to the Paris climate agreement, aimed at preserving the planet for future generations.

Young voters attraction to big, bold ideas doesnt always lead young voters to young candidates

Charlotte Alter

Us Senate Campaign In Delaware

In 1972, Biden defeated Republican incumbent J. Caleb Boggs to become the junior U.S. senator from Delaware. He was the only Democrat willing to challenge Boggs, and with minimal campaign funds, he was given no chance of winning. Family members managed and staffed the campaign, which relied on meeting voters face-to-face and hand-distributing position papers, an approach made feasible by Delaware’s small size. He received help from the AFLCIO and Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell. His platform focused on the environment, withdrawal from Vietnam, civil rights, mass transit, equitable taxation, health care, and public dissatisfaction with “politics as usual”. A few months before the election, Biden trailed Boggs by almost thirty percentage points, but his energy, attractive young family, and ability to connect with voters’ emotions worked to his advantage and he won with 50.5 percent of the vote. At the time of his election, he was still 29 years old, but he reached the constitutionally required age of 30 before he was sworn in as Senator.

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Biden Works Out Five Days Per Week Physician Says

The Democratic campaign had also made the case that Mr Biden wasnt an average septuagenarian.

His physician, Kevin OConnor, in a medical report released by the campaign in December, described Mr Biden as healthy, vigorous fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief.

Dr OConnor reported that Mr Biden works out five days a week. The president-elect told supporters that during the pandemic he has relied on home workouts involving a Peloton bike, treadmill and weights.

In 1988, Mr Biden suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms, an experience that he wrote in his memoir shaped him into the kind of man I want to be.

Dr OConnor also noted in his report that Mr Biden has an irregular heartbeat, but it has not required any medication or other treatment. He also had his gall bladder removed in 2003.

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Are Trump and Biden Scrambling Generational Voting Patterns?

When the US goes to the polls in November, voters young and old will choose between the two oldest presidential candidates in the countrys history.

The issue of age has already been weaponised by the Trump campaign, labelling Joe Biden a dotty, sleepy, past-his-best politician despite being just three years the current presidents senior.

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Presidential Runs And Vice Presidency

Biden pursued the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination but withdrew after it was revealed that parts of his campaign stump speech had been plagiarized from British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock without appropriate attribution. His 2008 presidential campaign never gained momentum, and he withdrew from the race after placing fifth in the Iowa Democratic caucus in January of that year. After Barack Obama amassed enough delegates to secure the Democratic presidential nomination, Biden emerged as a front-runner to be Obamas vice presidential running mate. On August 23 Obama officially announced his selection of Biden as the Democratic Partys vice presidential nominee, and on August 27 Obama and Biden secured the Democratic Partys nomination. On November 4 the Obama-Biden ticket defeated John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, and Biden also easily won reelection to his U.S. Senate seat. He resigned from the Senate post shortly before taking the oath of office as vice president on January 20, 2009. In November 2012 Obama and Biden were reelected for a second term, defeating the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Can Joe Biden And Donald Trump Just Go Away

I don’t care for Donald Trump, but I also don’t like Joe Biden. The best thing about each of them is that they’re not the other.

Donald Trump vowed to Make America Great, while Joe Biden babbled about unity and a return to normalcy.

How’d that go?

It turns out, a lot of Americans are sick of Biden and Trump, too.

According to a recent survey conducted by YouGov for Yahoo! News, 55% of Americans don’t think Donald Trump should run for president again in 2024, while 64% think the same of President Biden.

Last month, Rasmussen Reports found that just 49% of Democrats think Biden should run again.

This is supposed to be America, the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. These two are really the best America can come up with?

America has a lot of problems and these two fossils aren’t the ones to solve them.

Here, I will review the awfulness of Biden and Trump and at the end suggest someone who would be better.

Joe Biden’s eternal awfulness

The topline argument against Joe Biden is that he’s old. You know it, I know it. Trump is old, too, but Biden comes across as every bit of a 79-year-old man who was first sworn in as U.S. senator in 1973.

One of the positive things about getting older is that you can end up wiser and have more perspective than younger people. But Joe Biden has been terrible for decades, and he’s only ever moved up in politics.

I’ll elaborate.

He was never ahead of his time on anything and he was very often wrong.

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The Question Shouldnt Be If Joe Biden Is Too Old To Be President But Whether He Can Perform The Job

President Joe Biden speaks at the North Americas Building Trades Unions legislative conference at the Washington Hilton in Washington, Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

Carolyn Kaster, Associated Press

Is Joe Biden too old to be president? Its a question that was posed even before he was elected but is being asked again with fresh urgency on both the left and the right.

Jim Geraghty kicked off the discussion June 1 in National Review with a litany of Biden missteps and gaffes he likened some of Bidens most recent remarks on guns to grandpas story time. The New York Times was less condescending in a piece titled Should Biden run in 2024? Democratic whispers of no start to rise, but the writers made clear that the presidents age is a factor for those who hope he steps aside.

To nearly all the Democrats interviewed, the presidents age 79 now, 82 by the time the winner of the 2024 election is inaugurated is a deep concern about his political viability, Reid J. Epstein and Jennifer Medina wrote.

They quoted Barack Obamas chief strategist, David Axelrod, as saying, The presidency is a monstrously taxing job and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a major issue.

Its true that, in contrast to the title of the Coen brothers film No Country for Old Men the line lifted from a William Butler Yeats poem America seems no country for spring chickens, at least not in its halls of power.

Lower Confidence In Biden On Issues

Donald Trump lacked the courage to act, Biden slams predecessor over January 6 inaction

Public confidence in Biden on major issues has declined as his overall job approval rating has fallen. Today, majorities say they are not too confident or not at all confident in Bidens handling of several issues, including his ability to deal with an international crisis and to make good decisions on the economy.

As in the past, Biden draws more confidence for his handling of the public health impact of the coronavirus than other issues. About as many say they are very or somewhat confident in Bidens handling of COVID-19 as say they are not too or not at all confident .

Of the issues included in the survey, the public is least confident in Bidens ability to bring the country closer together: 74% say they are not too or not at all confident in Bidens ability to do so. Only about a quarter of the public say they are confident in Bidens ability to bring the country closer together.

Confidence in Bidens ability to handle many of these issues has declined since the early months of his presidency.

Since March 2021, confidence in Bidens ability to make good decisions on the economy has fallen 17 percentage points , and there have been comparable declines in confidence in the presidents handling of the coronavirus, immigration, and law enforcement and criminal justice.

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Presidential Election Of 2020

Biden remained involved in politics and was a vocal critic of Pres. Donald Trump. Biden himself faced censure when, in 2019, various women accused him of inappropriate physical contact, notably hugging and kissing. Although his response was widely deridedIm sorry I didnt understand more.Im not sorry for anything that I have ever done. Ive never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a womanhis popularity remained high. Amid growing speculation that he would run for president in 2020, Biden announced his candidacy in April 2019, joining a crowded Democratic field.

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Senator Biden And First Presidential Run

In September of 1988, then-Senator Joe Biden seen on the platform in Wilmington, Delaware. He was returning to work in the Senate having suffered an aneurysm, which was life-threatening.

Joe McNally/Getty Images

Biden won reelection in 1978 and five times after that. Overall, he spent 36 years in the U.S. Senate, including eight years as chair of the Judiciary Committee and four years as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee. Despite generally supporting civil rights, Biden opposed the forced busing of students to end de facto segregation. Later on, he presided over the contentious confirmation hearings of U.S. Supreme Court nominees Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

Biden also worked to preserve Delawares favorable corporate climate, legislated against domestic violence and crafted an anti-crime bill that provided for 100,000 more cops on the nations streets, banned assault weapons and mandated tougher penalties for drug dealers.

Known for his foreign policy work, the well-traveled senator purportedly called Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic a war criminal to his face during a 1993 visit to Belgrade. Nearly a decade later, Biden voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq. Nonetheless, he eventually became a critic of the way George W. Bushs administration handled the conflict.

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Election Day And Beyond

The election was held on November 3. On November 6, election-calling organization forecast that Biden had won the election based on its forecast that Biden had won Pennsylvania this result coupled with Bidens other projected state wins would grant him over 270 electoral college votes.

As of December 27, Joe Biden has received 81,283,098 votes to Donald Trumps 74,222,958 votes, or 51.3% to 46.8%. In addition, Biden has won 306 electoral college votes to Trumps 232, exactly the same margins as the 2016 election, which Donald Trump had repeatedly called a landslide victory. Biden broke the record for most votes cast during an election in the history of the United States, while Trump received the most votes ever for a sitting president.

On December 9, every state had certified their election results, with West Virginia being the last state to do so. On Monday December 14, the Electoral College voted to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris President and Vice President-Elect, affirming what was projected to happen on November 6 and 7. After a chaotic attack on the Capitol, lawmakers met on January 6 and counted the electoral votes submitted by the states, finally ensuring that Joe Biden would take office on .

The Presidents Cognitive Decline

Trump Bewilders With Meme Mocking Biden as Old: The Presidents ...

As age factors more urgently in politics, a simple test could evaluate who remains fit for office.

Remember these numbers. Youll be asked about them at the end of the test: 70, 73, 76, and 78.

These are the ages of the leading candidates in the 2020 presidential election: Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders, respectively. In most any other line of work, people in their eighth decade are usually retired. For most of human historyand still in most of the world todaypeople of this age were usually dead.

Last month, Jimmy Carter, the 95-year-old former U.S. president, said that the office requires a person to be very flexible with mind, and that by age 80 he wouldnt have felt able to do the job. He joined the growing ranks of those suggesting they would support an upper age limit for the office, either for purposes of breaking up the gerontocracy or to ensure a person has the physical and cognitive capacity. You have to be able to go from one subject to another and concentrate on each one adequately and then put them together in a comprehensive way, Carter said.

At a conceptual level, any hard cutoff introduces a host of problems. Beyond meriting charges of age discrimination, age cutoffs are difficult to defend on practical grounds. An age minimum might rule out, say, an illiterate 4-year-old, but its at least hypothetically possible that a 110-year-old might be perfectly able.

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How A Wild Week In Washington Changed The Game For Biden And Trump

As the midterms approach, Bidens climate success and Trumps legal troubles could offer Democrats unexpected hope

Departing his small, unshowy home state of Delaware, Joe Biden roared into the sky aboard Air Force One, borne aloft by jet fuel and a dramatic uplift in his political fortunes.

A thousand miles away, some unexpected guests had just arrived at the opulent Florida estate of the US presidents predecessor, Donald Trump, but not for its champagne, sumptuous buffet or two pound lobsters.

At about 9am on Monday, FBI agents said to number between 30 and 40, some wearing suits, most in T-shirts, casual trousers, masks and gloves began a search of Mar-a-Lago for government secrets that should not have left the White House.

It was a tale of two presidents: Biden at his zenith, gaining praise for a hot streak and earning comparisons with the master legislator Lyndon Johnson Trump at his nadir, under criminal investigation for potential violations of the Espionage Act and earning comparisons with the 1920s gangster Al Capone.

And yet, such is the upside down nature of American politics in 2022, determining who won and who lost the week was less clear cut. For Biden, to be sure, it was a much needed boost after months of Washington gridlock, miserable poll ratings and speculation that he could face a challenger from his own Democratic party in the 2024 presidential election.

Their Ages After Leaving Office In 2029

If Biden wins the next election and manages to complete his second term, he will be 86 years old by the time he leaves office in January of 2029.

If we look at the odds, Biden has a 50% chance of living to that age.

On the other hand, if Trump retakes the White House and finishes a second term, he will be 82 in 2029. Judging by the interim life table, Trump has a 66% chance of living that long.

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How Old Is Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr was born on November 20, 1942, making him 79 years old.

Prior to becoming the oldest president in history, Biden became the sixth-youngest senator in US history after being elected to the position in 1973 at the age of 31.

He then unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and in 2008.

In 2021, fears of Biden’s health were mounting after his abundance of falls and brain aneurysms.

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