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What Are The Odds Of Donald Trump Being Reelected

President Trumps Views On Gambling

Jon Keller On President Trump’s Chances Of Being Re-Elected.

Trump had very public financial ties to the late Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino mogul who was known to contribute to the Republican party and anti-gambling lawmakers. In fact, Trump and his family had met with Adelsons family in Las Vegas multiple times for dinner.

While Adelson was known to push an anti-gambling expansion agenda to prevent any cannibalization in his market of land-based venues, Trump has a history of favoring casinos, as he was a former casino owner and he is friends with many other owners in the industry.

However, Trump was tough on any gamblers working in his cabinet, as his personal assistant John McEntee was denied permanent security clearance from the White House due to problems related to online gambling and the mishandling of his taxes, said one Senior Administrator. Overall, we view Trump to be in favor of expanded gambling, at least more so than the GOP generally is.

Gamblers Outside The Us Take Presidential Odds On A Wild Ride

Betting on the election is not legal in the United States. But elsewhere, the odds swung wildly between President Trump and Joe Biden as bettors tried to stay a step ahead of prognosticators.

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While voters throughout the country were glued to their TVs and reflexively refreshing news and political sites on Tuesday night, a few of the cannier ones were paying more attention to something else. The betting odds.

You cannot bet legally on political races in the United States, but in Britain and elsewhere there is a thriving market as bettors look to make money on whether Candidate A or Candidate B wins a big race.

Many, many bettors are following the race for the presidency between Donald Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. They are consuming a wide variety of data, and their collective wisdom, as reflected in where they put their money, can move the betting lines quickly. As a result, betting odds can be a canary in a coal mine, catching on to a surge by one candidate before some pundits even notice.

On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, political bettors, at least those in jurisdictions where they could bet legally, went on a wild ride.

Last week, an unidentified bettor wagered a million pounds, or about $1.3 million, on Biden on Betfair. If successful, the bet would return the million, plus 540,000 pounds more .

Donald Trump Betting Odds

Current President Donald Trump is a controversial figure around the world, but he’s finally on his way out of office. The president seems to have dodged every single impeachment-worthy bullet you could imagine – and yet still remained in office for a full term. Now we look to the next election. The odds for the following markets were last updated on

2024 US Presidential Winners Odds
Kamala Harris
2024 US Presidential Party Winners Odds

The United States is currently an epicentre for the COVID-19 pandemic, and Trumps handling of the virus has been under huge scrutiny, which means the Coronavirus may have been the catalyst to the end of Trump’s presidential era.

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How The Model Works

To estimate Trumps chances of being re-elected in 2020, my model takes Trumps current approval ratings and looks for approval ratings that roughly match these numbers within a comparable window of time in the historical data for each of the previous 11 administrations. Ive excluded Kennedy because he was assassinated prior to re-election, and Roosevelt because, as mentioned above, Gallup did not poll for job approval in 1944 due to World War II.

If the model finds a set of poll numbers that roughly match the latest numbers for Trump, it next computes the probability of re-election based on a determination as to whether Trumps latest approval numbers seem more characteristic of a president who later went on to be re-elected or whether they seem more characteristic of one who later went on not to be re-elected.

For instance, say the model is looking to compute the probability of Trump being re-elected as of October 20, 2017, which was 1,110 days prior to Election Day on November 3, 2020. To do this, it will scour the approval ratings for each of the previous 11 administrations and look for any past presidents with similar approval ratings at around 1,110 days prior to Election Day.

Since the model looks to calculate the probability that Trump will be re-elected given a particular range of job approval numbers, the final calculation is based on four pieces of information:

  • The baseline probability of being re-elected regardless of approval ratings.
  • Top 5 Reasons Donald Trumps Chances Of Winning In 2024 Are Real

    An Unexpected Poll Proves That Trump Has Re
  • Trump is a wildly popular former President. In 2020, he got more votes than any Republican candidate in US history.
  • Trump is still not a career politician. The idea that America needed a businessman instead of a politician was prominent during Trumps successful 2016 campaign, and with the current COVID economy and a rough four years ahead, that rings all the truer.
  • Democrats have different viewpoints from one another, especially now that they control both chambers of Congress and the White House. While the left cannibalizes itself and fractures internally, Trump could reclaim the presidency since his stances are well-known.
  • The economy needs help right now. Strong economies are key factors for voters in most years, and the US is headed for a major recession or even a depression. Trump proved he can right a sinking ship.
  • America is accustomed to Trump. Although some of Trumps actions earn him backlash, he doesnt seem as outrageous as he once did. His 2016 railings against the manufacturing influence of China has been borne out in a big way during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well.
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    Retrospective: Odds Of Trump Being Reelected In 2020

    Donald Trumps reelection odds were favorable until April when it became clear that his responses to Black Lives Matter protests and the Coronavirus were not going over well with a majority of bettors.

    At that time, Joe Biden took the lead in the 2020 Presidential election odds and remained the favorite through his win in November.

    How Much Can I Win If I Bet On Trump 2024 Election Odds

    Since Trump has low odds to win the 2024 presidency, huge payouts can be collected on him if he wins. Depending on the sportsbook, the odds that Trump will be elected in 2024 sit between +800 and +3300.

    This means, at +800, a wager of $100 would earn $800, while at +3300, a $100 wager would earn $3300, depending on which sportsbook you choose to gamble with.

    This huge gap in payout value is why it pays to belong to more than one sportsbook so you always have the opportunity to shop lines for the best odds possible.

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    Can You Bet In The Us

    You cannot legally bet on US elections using traditional sportsbooks but PredictIt allows users to trade shares much like the stock market on the outcomes of elections and events.

    PredictIt has dozens of markets in which you can try and predict the outcome of a political race or event. The way it works is that you buy shares for or against an event taking place. You can then trade your shares, with the goal of buying your shares low and then selling them high.

    One example of a PredictIt market is Will Donald Trump file to run for President before the end of 2022?

    On June 25, the closing price on Yes for Trump to file to run for President before the end of 2022 was 38 cents. On June 27 it was 41 cents and on July 1 it was at 37 cents.

    Its up to you to decide whether to cash in or hang on until the market closes.

    If you , you will get $50 free when you deposit $50.

    Chances Of Trump Reelection Based On Prediction Markets

    What are the odds of Trump winning re-election?

    As a former president, Trumps chances of election in 2024 are floundering at every offshore betting site. However, on prediction markets, PredictIt particularly, Trump is the only Republican with a real chance to win.

    There is no denying that Trump is the most popular GOP candidate of all time even in losing the 2020 election, and if he is not convicted in the Senate , it is conceivable that he could run and win again.

    *More odds available at BetOnline

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    President Donald Trumps Running Policies

    Trumps 2020 Presidential campaign used a lot of ideas presented during his 2016 campaign. Trump was still railing against illegal immigration and globalism while promising legislation and executive actions to improve the economy, create more jobs, and install stronger foreign policies.

    For 2020, his slogan was changed from Make America Great Again to Keep America Great. These platforms worked well in 2016, and his greater focus on economic recovery should have increased the odds of Trump being re-elected the second time around. However, the coronavirus and 1619 Riots derailed that considerably.

    Gdp Growth Rates Show A Little Better News For Trump

    With our final two variables, GDP growth and the unemployment rate, Sides offered one more critical piece of context: The important thing is not the absolute number, but the trend that weve seen since the president took office. As Sides noted, Ronald Reagans reelection at 7 percent unemployment might seem surprising until you recall the unemployment rate was at 10 percent when he took office.

    With that in mind, I decided to look at the last two years of the Obama administration and the first two years of the Trump administration. Heres the trendline of the GDP growth rate over that time:

    In general, GDP has been growing a little faster under Trump than it was at the end of Obamas presidency. Leaving alone whether the president deserves any credit for that improvement, it would bode well for his reelection chances if it continues.

    The question is whether it will. Experts consulted by the Federal Reserve expect the annual growth rate to dip below 2 percent in 2020 . Its not a guarantee, but those projections are a warning sign for the president.

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    Trumpism Suffers Untold Damage In Its Collision With The Us Capitol

    It is not an accident that Trump, following the advice of onetime adviser Steve Bannon, spoke approvingly of Jackson in 2016. When he entered the White House, Trump hung Jackson’s presidential portrait in the Oval Office overlooking the Resolute Desk.

    It is not hard to imagine Trump invoking the spirit of Jackson’s 1828 campaign against the “corrupt bargain,” if he runs in 2024 against “the steal” .

    Jackson, the ultimate outsider in his own time, makes a far better template for Trump than either Cleveland or Teddy Roosevelt â even though the latter two were New Yorkers like Trump.

    Two New York governors, two decades apart

    For now, Cleveland remains the only two-term president who had a time out between terms. When he first won in 1884, he was the first Democratic president elected in 28 years, and he won by the micro-margin of just 25,000 votes nationwide. He won because he carried New York, where he was governor at the time, adding its electoral votes to those of Democratic-leaning states in the South â which preferred a Democratic Yankee to a Republican Yankee.

    Potent as it was, that language backfired by alienating enough Catholics in New York to elect Cleveland, himself a Protestant. His margin in his home state was a mere thousand votes, but it was enough to deliver a majority in the Electoral College.

    A statue of Theodore Roosevelt in New York City. After leaving office, Roosevelt tried unsuccessfully to return to the White House.hide caption

    toggle caption

    The Geek Psychologist Job Approval

    Trump Has a Big Chance of Being Reelected in 2020

    My re-election model estimates the chance that Donald Trump will be elected to a second term using current and historical job approval ratings from Gallups telephone-based daily tracking poll. I obtained all Gallup polling data from the American Presidency Project.

    The Gallup tracking poll is particularly useful because its been around for a long time, and theres a good amount of historical data to draw upon for the purpose of comparing Trumps current job approval numbers with the job approval numbers for previous presidents.

    In fact, George Gallup was the first to conduct presidential job approval ratings in the U.S. in the late 1930s. As such, the Gallup organization possesses job approval ratings for the last 13 administrations, stretching all the way back to July 1941, during Franklin Roosevelts third consecutive term in office and before his re-election in 1944 to a fourth term. Unfortunately though, Gallups approval numbers for Roosevelt are of limited use because, due to World War II, no polling was conducted in 1944.

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    Donald Trump Presidential Election Odds

    Will we see the resurgence of a trump type candidate in 2024? Will it be a version of Trump vs. Biden 2024 Presidential election? So, over the next few years, expect to see the odds changing frequently, but we do believe that the odds will remain fairly split between the two until November 2024.

    Currently, Donald Trumps betting odds have him as the third favorite candidate to win the 2024 election, but those seem to be falling by the day with how the coronavirus handling has been going. ÇWhile this is impossible, we do remain confident the Trump era isn’t over yet.

    Other Trump specials pertaining to the election are to win or lose the popular vote and electoral college.

    Model Predictions As Of October 23 2017

    For comparison purposes, Ive developed three different prediction models one that uses Bayesian inference, as described above, to provide estimates based solely on job approval numbers from the Gallup tracking poll a second that also uses Bayesian inference, but which relies on aggregated polling data from many polls in addition to Gallup and a third that does not rely on Bayesian inference at all, but instead uses a logistic regression model with two predictor variables, specifically approval ratings from Gallup tracking polls and the number of days prior to Election Day each poll was conducted.

    The predictions for each model, as of October 23, 2017, are shown below:

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    President Donald Trumps Previous Policies

    As President, Trump in 2017 withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, signed the Executive Order for Border Security and Immigration Enforcement improvements, signed the Executive Order on Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System, and signed the Congressional Review Act, the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act, the Countering Americas Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, and the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017.

    In 2018, Trump signed the Farm Bill, as well as the Amy, Vicky, and Andy Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act of 2018. Trump signed several other bills into law, most of which can be found through the Donald Trump 2020 campaign site.

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