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How To Get A Free Trump Hat

Get Your Trump 2024 Hat Today4 Styles To Choose

How Donald Trump’s hat became an icon

Will DJT run again in 2024?

Will another Trump run in 2024?

Show your support for another Trump presidency in 2024!

Makes a great gift for you or someone you love!

* Orders/Shipping within the Continental United States only at this time images are for illustrative purposes and design/color might vary slightly. $6.95 s/h for up to 2 hats orders larger than 2 hats will incur a small s/h fee depending on size of order. Disclaimer: We make NO claim that anyone with the last name Trump will run again in 2024 novelty item for entertainment purposes only. One size fits most kids or adults. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Return Policy: within 14 days of receipt unused and in great condition only – Shipping/handling charges will apply for returns. PayPal, an eBay company, is safe, secure and convenient for online credit card payments.

Cryptocurrency Crash Blamed For Deflated Results

Melania Trump has broken from tradition in selling gear from her reign as first lady

From colonial-style hats to the now notorious I really don’t care jacket, Melania Trumps wardrobe was a talking point throughout her time in the White House.

And her fashion choices are back in the spotlight after the former first lady decided to auction off the white, wide-brimmed hat that she wore when she and Donald Trump hosted their first state visit at the presidential residence.

The hat was custom designed by French-American designer Herve Pierre for the South Lawn arrival ceremony for Emmanuel Macron in April 2018 and garnered media attention worldwide, said a press release from the Office of Melania Trump in January announcing the online auction.

The so-called Head of State Collection sale featured what was billed as three important one-of-a-kind signed items: the hat, a watercolour showing her wearing it by Paris-based artist Marc-Antoine Coulon, and an exclusive digital artwork NFT with motion.

Inside The Trump ‘maga’ Hat Factory

We got a chance to go inside the factory where Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hats are made. Also known as “MAGA” hats, the caps have become a symbol of Trump’s campaign, and inspired myriad memes and parodies.

Each MAGA hat purchased through the Trump campaign’s official website counts as a campaign contribution. According to the campaign, hundreds of thousands of the hats have been sold since Trump began his first presidential run.

The hats are produced by a California-based company called Cali-Fame. According to a 2015 Los Angeles Times interview with the company’s president, Brian Kennedy, about 80% of the company’s employees are Latino. When asked to comment for this video, a Trump campaign representative responded:

“As with so many manufacturers in America, Cali-Fame is enjoying the benefits of the Trump economy while also playing a unique and important role in the production of MAGA hats, the iconic symbol of President Trump’s historic campaign and pledge to Make America Great Again. The facility employs dozens of American citizens from diverse backgrounds, all dedicated and committed to their specialty craft producing a growing count of MAGA hats, totaling hundreds of thousands produced to date.”

The campaign did not respond to our question about how much the workers at Cali-Fame were paid.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Brian Kennedy: We’ve been making golf hats since the ’50s. Cali-Fame Los Angeles was one of the first golf hat manufacturers.

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Take America Back In 2024

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Official Trump Maga Hats Are Made In The Us

TRUMP 2024 Presidential Campaign FREE Hat

CLAIM: Trumps Make America Great Again caps are made in China, not the U.S.

APS ASSESSMENT: False. The hats are made by a manufacturer in California.

THE FACTS: A post circulating on Facebook with a picture of a red MAGA hat that bears a Made in China label falsely claims President Donald Trumps official caps are not made in the U.S. Such claims have circulated for years on social media and have re-surfaced in recent months as the president engages in a tariff war with China.

Brian Kennedy, president of Cali Fame of Los Angeles, a California-based company that makes the official hats, confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday that the hats are produced entirely in Carson, Calif.

Some third-party retailers carry knock-off MAGA caps that are made in China and are labeled as such. Trumps official campaign store website states that All of our products are 100% proudly made in the USA.

However, another official Trump website, Trump Store, sells apparel and other merchandise with labels such as decorated in the U.S. The store also carries wine glasses by Riedel, a manufacturer based in Austria.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that items labeled Made in USA, be all or virtually all produced in the U.S.

This is part of The Associated Press ongoing effort to fact-check misinformation that is shared widely online, including work with Facebook to identify and reduce the circulation of false stories on the platform.

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Pro Tip: Get Your Free Trump Coin And Get Out

If you dont have have a whole lot of time or just want to get your free coin, the first option on the upsell menu is the best option.

This is the best deal by far because the other options are cleverly masked. If you dont pay attention, you may end up paying way too much.

Option two on the upsell is a clever marketing trick if Ive ever seen one.

The company wants you to think the price is similar to the first option, but its actually per coin not a single shipping price.

Your mission here, should you choose to accept it, is to get your free coin and to get out as soon as you can .

Hillary Clinton Debuts New Hat To Mock Donald Trump’s Document Shredding

The recent reports that Donald Trumpnever stopped ripping up documents while he was president, flushed some down the toilet, and absconded with at least 15 boxes of White House papers when he left office, made Hillary Clinton tip her new, hilarious hat while trolling her old rival.

Clinton highlighted the latest merchandise being offered by her nonprofit Onward Together a cap sporting the phrase But Her Emails in an Instagram post and tweet on Friday.

Theyre described as black unstructured dad hats that are union-made in America.

Just in time for Galentine’s Day, and the news that Trump was flushing documents down White House toilets… A limited edition hat is in the store now.

Hillary Clinton

The most important element is the phrase, which is frequently used to slam back at the cascade of Trumps continually emerging eye-popping behavior while president. Yet he acted positively outraged while campaigning against Clinton at her history of sending emails on a private service while she was secretary of state in the Obama administration.

He still has his fans chanting Lock her up! because of the emails. She was cleared of wrongdoing after extensive investigations.

Clinton wrote on that the new hats were being offered just in time for Galentines Day, and the news that Trump was flushing documents down White House toilets.

The black versions of the hats were already sold out on Saturday.

This is just sad.

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How To Get Your Free Donald Trump Coin No Strings Attached

The key to the free Donald Trump Coin offers and making sure you dont pay anything other than shipping when you get your coin is to be aware of the upsell process.

Upsell in sales terms means any item, either online or in a store, that the company attempts to get you to add to your order at the last minute .

The company manages to get you on the upsell whenever you buy some candy at the hardware store, or any of the items available on the Free Trump Coin website.

If you havent had a chance to check out the website yet, it may look too goodto be true, or like it may be a scam to the untrained eye.

But this 2020 Trump coin really is free, as long as you know what to do whenyou click on the Reserve Your Coin button on the site.

After clicking the button, you will immediately open a new window with four new options .

In this case you will be given multiple options for adding extra coins to your order.

You dont want that.

Thats how they get you!

These coins go well in any presidential or other US coin collection, whetheryoure a fan of the Trump campaign or not.

Im a Ronald Reagan fan myself, but the Trump coin is still a lot nicer than I expected.

Its gold and silver-plated and looks really close to the presidential dollar coins the US Mint began producing back in 2007. I dont know how they did it for free, but its worth checking out!

Newsmax Offers Trump Hat For Subscriptions

Trump Pushes False Claim He Won 2020 Election At Rally In Georgia

08/19/2015 04:07 PM EDT

Except it’s not an ad for Trump’s presidential campaign . It’s for Newsmax.

The conservative online and cable TV media organization is offering the white hat with “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on the front as a free gift — if you sign up for a three-month trial subscription to Newsmax magazine and a four-month trial to Health Radar.

“The Make America Great Again cap is being worn by Americans who stand with Trump in securing Americas border with Mexico and cleaning up Washington,” the page the ad links to says. “Ronald Reagan first used the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ which buoyed the hopes of a nation after four disastrous years of Jimmy Carter. Now, after eight years of Obamas failed presidency, Americans are finding renewed hope with Trumps ‘Make America Great Again.'”

“Wear this cap with pride show your friends at the golf course, gym, beach anywhere outdoors you stand for a strong America. And drive your liberal friends nuts too!” the ad continues. “This cap retails for as much as $25 but you can get it with our FREE Offer today!”

Newsmax boasts it is one of the most highly trafficked conservative news sources. But a company spokesperson said in an interview that the offer was in no way an endorsement of Trump and the hats don’t come from his campaign.

The spokesperson noted similar incentives, in the form of items like books, with other candidates, including Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

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Free Donald Trump Coin Scam

As I wrote about in my previous post Presidential Commemorative Coins AreThey Worth Much?, the 2020 free Donald Trump Coin is in fact real, and theyve been making waves ever since it was announced that these limited edition coins were available and free to the public.

Theyre calling the 2020 election the most savage in American history, and while I hope people get along no matter who ends up winning, you have to admire the dedication of the Trump campaign.

They want to get these coins out to as many MAGA people as possible, andwhether youre a fan of Trump or not you have to admit its great news for thecoin collecting community.

Donald Trump Updates His Make America Great Again Hat

What do you do to demonstrate that youre the president-elect of the United States of America, besides tweeting about it constantly in a way that alienates a large majority of the country and angers even more people? You update your campaign swag, naturally. The New York Postreports that Donald Trump was spotted wearing a brand-new version of his now-infamous red Make America Great Again baseball cap at Mar-a-Lago on Sunday. Its one that might not be available in the merchandise store on his Web site anytime soon though, given that it appears to be a one-off version made just for him.

The front of the hat appears to be pretty standard: USA, it reads in large white letters. On the side, well, thats where it gets downright Trumpian. It has the number 45 embroidered right above the president-elects ears. As in, when he is inaugurated come January, Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

The Post notes that, The president-elect appeared to make a point of adjusting the hat for news cameras. Severaloutlets believe the 45 is a reminder that he won the electionAOL trollingand a reference to his about Jill Steins recount petition filing in Wisconsin, which accompanied other tweets about Hillary Clintons conceding the election to him, as well as a claim that millions of people voted illegally.

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