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How Many Lies Has Trump Been Caught In

Border Wall With Mexico

The second coming of Donald Trump: Can he become president again? | 60 Minutes Australia

Throughout his campaign and into his presidency, President Trump repeatedly claimed that he would “build the wall and make Mexico pay for it”. President of MexicoEnrique Peña Nieto said that his country would not pay for the wall, and ultimately never did. While not unusual for a campaign promise to not pan out, Trump’s insistence that Mexico would pay for it was a central element of his campaign and continued for years afterward. At the February 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump again reiterated that Mexico would be paying for the wall, saying, “Mexico is paying for it and it’s every bitâit’s better than the wall that was projected.”

The Many Scandals Of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

One of the women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct has sued him for defamation after he labeled her claims false.

Donald Trump is now president and not just a private citizen, but that doesnt mean hes free of the controversies that dogged him in his former life.

Last week, a few days before Trumps inauguration, the former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos sued him in New York State, accusing the president of defamation. Zervos, whos represented by the famous lawyer Gloria Allred, was one of the several women who accused Trump of sexual assault or misconduct prior to the election. She claims that he kissed her and pressed his genitals against her nonconsensually. Trump denied those claims, saying all of the women who had accused him had made their stories up. So Zervos sued him for defamation.

I wanted to give Mr. Trump the opportunity to retract his false statements about me and the other women who came forward, she said, as my colleague Nora Kelly reported. She added that she would withdraw the suit if Trump said she had been truthful. That seems unlikely, because a spokeswoman dismissed the suit immediately.

The 2016 presidential campaign saw a long string of stories showing scandals involving Trump, both large and smallfrom questionable business dealings to allegations of sexual assault. While they did not derail his presidential hopes, many of them remain live issues as Trump begins his transition to the White House.

Theres A High Bar To Accusing Someone Of Committing A Lie And We Dont Do It Lightly

A lie isnt just a false statement. Its a false statement whose speaker knows its false. In these instances, the president or his administration have clear reason to know otherwise. Reporters are understandably cautious about using the word some never do, because it requires speculating on what someone is thinking. The cases we call “lies” are ones where we think it’s fair to make that call: Trump is saying something that contradicts clear and widely published information that we have reason to think he’s seen. This list also includes bullshit: speech that is in its academic definition “unconnected to a concern with the truth.”

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Suing Journalist Tim Obrien For Libel

Where and when: New York City, 200609

The dirt: In 2005, then-New York Times reporter Tim OBrien published the book TrumpNation, in which he reported that Trump was actually only worth $150250 million, not the billions he claimed. Trump, incensed, sued OBrien for $5 billion.

The upshot: Trumps suit against O’Brien was tossed. More recently, OBrien has mocked Trumps current claims about his net worth. Trump, meanwhile, has said on the campaign trailand, mindblowingly, in an interview with the Washington Post editorial boardthat he wants to make it easier to sue for libel. The Post combed through Trumps deposition in the case and found 30 instances where Trump admitted to having lied.

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Trump CPAC comeback speech showed a sad little man angry at the world

But many experts, including a former director of the National Hurricane Center, took the side of Birmingham forecasters on social media and called the parent statement was “so disappointing,” — illustrating how Trump’s falsehoods eroded the credibility of the institutions around him, too.

“Either NOAA Leadership truly agrees with what they posted or they were ordered to do it,” Bill Read wrote on Facebook. “If it is the former, the statement shows a lack of understanding of how to use probabilistic forecasts in conjunction with other forecast information. Embarrassing. If it is the latter, the statement shows a lack of courage on their part by not supporting the people in the field who are actually doing the work. Heartbreaking.”

As with most of Trump’s false or misleading statements, enabled by the power of the presidency and his allies, “Sharpiegate,” too, appeared to blow over.

ABC News’ Ben Gittleson, Jordyn Phelps and Meg Cunningham contributed to this report.

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Stormy Daniels Hush Money

Evidence from Michael Cohen shows that Trump knew, and indeed, might have ordered, payments to be made to porn star Stormy Daniels. Cohen told George Stephanopoulos on ABC that no payments or decisions were made unless Trump had ordered them.

It is perfectly legal for Person X to pay $100,000 to Person Y who would otherwise allege an affair with Candidate A as long as Candidate A and his campaign arent working with Person X on the payment, writes the Washington Post. But it seems as if Cohen, who wasnt on the campaign payroll, was working with Trump to pay off Stormy Daniels.

Cohen testified in Congress that Trump knew about the payments and approved of them. Cohen was reimbursed.

If Trump Is A Pathological Liar What Type Of Liar Is Biden

Photograph Source: Matt Johnson CC BY 2.0

Bernie Sanders has routinely called Trump a pathological liar. The term pathological liar, a controversial one for psychiatrists, in common usage coveys someone who is an extraordinarily unrestrained liar. And so, Bernie knows that it is in no way radical to use this term to describe the unrelentingly self-serving Trump who unhesitatingly lies if he judges it to be in his self-interest. While Bernies diagnosis of Trump is a politically safe one, a more uncomfortable assessment for him would be: What type of liar is Joe Biden?

Ill get to Bidenwhose lies, not his gaffes, are what the Blue Team should worry most about. But first, some of what makes Trump an exceptional and extraordinary liar, even for a US president. Trump is obviously not the first politician to have zero allegiance to the truth, but he remains extraordinarynot merely in the sheer quantity of his lies but also in other ways.

The most obvious area of Trumps extraordinariness as a liar is his staggering number of lies. President Trump Made 16,241 False or Misleading Claims in His First Three Years was the headline of the Washington Post in January 2020, which reports, He averaged six such claims a day in 2017, nearly 16 a day in 2018 and more than 22 a day in 2019. This was before his 2020 epidemic of false and misleading claims around COVID-19.

Wicked or merely stupid? It is not only the British ruling class that provokes that question.

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Trump Told Public Lies Or Falsehoods Every Day For His First 40 Days

The list above uses the conservative standard of demonstrably false statements. By that standard, Trump told a public lie on at least 20 of his first 40 days as president. But based on a broader standard one that includes his many misleading statements Trump achieved something remarkable: He said something untrue, in public, every day for the first 40 days of his presidency. The streak didnt end until March 1.

Told a public lie

Who Truly Was The Most Dishonest President

Ratcliffe: Trump didn’t get caught, Schiff got caught with the whistleblower

Former President Donald Trump was often accused of having a complete disregard for the truth. Yet some of his predecessors’ falsehoods ranged from the bizarre to the horrifying. So how does Trump truly compare?

When Saddam Hussein invaded the oil-rich emirate of Kuwait in August 1990, President George HW Bush snarled: “This will not stand.”

But as US troops were scrambled to the Gulf, the American public was dubious about the justification for military action.

The Kuwaiti government-in-exile promptly hired a US public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton, whose Washington DC office was run by Bush’s former chief of staff.

The PR firm coached a purported witness, introduced as a 15-year-old girl called “Nayirah”, to tearfully tell US congressmen in October 1990 that Iraqi soldiers had entered a hospital in Kuwait, removed babies from incubators and left them to die on the cold floor.

Nayirah, reporters were assured, was using an assumed name for fear of reprisals against her family back home.

Only after the war would it emerge she was the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the US. And her story was completely baseless, as John MacArthur details in his book, Second Front, Censorship and Propaganda in the 1991 Gulf War.

Bush is recorded as having publicly touted this tall tale at least six times as he blew the bugle of war.

MacArthur writes that the hoax helped rally the American people behind calls for military action.

Operation Desert Storm launched days later.

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Former President Made Almost 21 Untrue Statements A Day While In Office Analysis Suggests

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Trumps niece hits out at the President as he departs the White House

Donald Trump made more than 30,000 false or misleading statements during his four years as president of the United States, analysis suggests.

The astounding figure, which roughly equates to 21 false statements per day of his tenure at the White House, comes after a tumultuous post election period in which he spent weeks falsely alleging that the 2020 election was stolen, in remarks that spurred on his supporters to storm the US Capitol on 6 January.

According to analysis by the Washington Post, Mr Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims between his first day in office, on 20 January 2017, and his final day on Wednesday, when Joe Biden was sworn in as the countrys next president.

Among the Republicans most repeated untruths was that his administration built the greatest economy in the history of the world. That phrase, according to the Postss analysis, was used at least 493 times.

Another favourite and his second most repeated falsehood was the former presidents claim that tax cuts introduced by his administration were the biggest on record.

All The Presidents Lies About The Coronavirus

An unfinished compendium of Trumps overwhelming dishonesty during a national emergency

President Donald Trump has repeatedly lied about the coronavirus pandemic and the countrys preparation for this once-in-a-generation crisis.

Here, a collection of the biggest lies hes told as the nation endures a public-health and economic calamity. This post will be updated as needed.

On the Nature of the Outbreak

When:Friday, February 7, and Wednesday, February 19Theclaim: The coronavirus would weaken when we get into April, in the warmer weatherthat has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus.The truth: When Trump made this claim, it was too early to tell whether the viruss spread would be dampened by warmer conditions, though public-health experts and epidemiologists were immediately skeptical of Trumps comment. But the spring and summer have passed, and the pandemic is still raging.

When: Thursday, February 27The claim: The outbreak would be temporary: Its going to disappear. One day, its like a miracleit will disappear.The truth: Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned days later that he was concerned that as the next week or two or three go by, were going to see a lot more community-related cases. He was rightthe virus has not disappeared.

Blaming the Obama Administration

On Coronavirus Testing

On Travel Bans and Travelers

On States Resources

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The One Time Trump Couldnt Lie His Way Out Of A Crisis

In public, Trump downplayed the pandemic. In private, he was freaking out.

During his feted trip to India in February 2020, President Trump tried to convince business leaders that the coronavirus was under control, even though he knew a pandemic was imminent. | Atul Loke/Panos Pictures/Redux Pictures

Jonathan Lemire is POLITICO’s White House Bureau Chief.

Donald Trump couldnt sleep.

It was afternoon in Washington when Larry Kudlows cell phone buzzed it was the middle of the night where the call was coming from. But that didnt matter to Kudlow, a former CNBC presence now working as a White House economic adviser, for this wasnt the first call hed received from the same man halfway around the globe.

The sun would not rise for several hours in India, but President Trump hadnt slept, pacing in his palatial New Delhi hotel suite. He was battling some jet lag, to be sure, but he wasnt awake because of that, or because he was still charged up from the 110,000-person rally he had held at the worlds largest cricket stadium or the majestic tour he had received of the Taj Mahal.

The president didnt know it yet, but he was embarking on one of the most consequential weeks of his term. At the beginning of the week, he had believed that he would be running for reelection on the back of a strong economy while facing socialist Bernie Sanders. By the end of that week, neither was true.

But publicly, Trump lied.

Trump was gasping for air.

Excerpted from The Big Lie.

Trump Ignored Aides Repeated False Fraud Claims


At the second hearing of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, former President Donald Trumps top aides testified that they told him his claims of election fraud were baseless. What Trump characterized as fraud was just part of the normal process, as former Attorney General William Barr said in one instance.

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Veracity Of Statements By Donald Trump

Jump to navigationJump to searchFact-checkersThe Washington PostToronto StarCNNthe midterm electionsimpeachment inquiryPost

This article is part of a series about

During his term as President of the United States, Donald Trump made tens of thousands of false or misleading claims The Washington Post‘s fact-checker had tallied the number as 30,573, an average of about 21 per day by the end of his presidency. Characterized as a use of the “firehose of falsehoodpropaganda technique, commentators and fact-checkers have described the scale of his mendacity as “unprecedented” in American politics, and the consistency of these falsehoods became a distinctive part of both his business and political identity. Trump often denied having made controversial statements. By June 2019, after initially resisting to do so, many news organizations began to describe some of his falsehoods as “lies“, which are false statements that the speaker knows are false. The Washington Post said his frequent repetition of claims he knew to be false amounted to a campaign based on disinformation. Trump campaign CEO and presidency chief strategist Steve Bannon said that the press, rather than Democrats, was Trump’s primary adversary and “the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.”

The Beauty Pageant Scandals

Where and when: Various, 1992present

The dirt:TheBoston Globes Matt Viser reports on the mess of the American Dream pageant in 1992. After years of attending beauty pageantsTrump seems to have always enjoyed the company of beautiful, scantily clad womenhe decided he wanted to get in on the business himself, meeting with George Houraney and Jill Harth, a couple that ran the American Dream pageant. It was an ill-fated effort. Harth and Houraney alleged that Trump started making passes at her almost immediately. On one occasion, Trump allegedly asked them to bring some models to a party. Harth alleges Trump groped her at the party. In a limo afterward, another model said she heard him say that all women are bimbos and most gold diggers. Trump reportedly joined another model in bed, uninvited, late at night. On other occasions, he forced Harth into bedrooms and made passes at her, she said. But after the contest, Trump broke off dealings. Harth sued Trump, alleging sexual misbehavior, while the couple together sued him for breach of contract. In the suit, they also alleged that Trump had kept black women out of the pageant.

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Other Investments And Debt

In 1984, Trump posed as his own spokesman John Barron and made false assertions of his wealth to secure a higher ranking on the Forbes 400 list of wealthy Americans, including by claiming he owned over 90 percent of his family’s business. Audio recordings of these claims were released in 2018 by journalist Jonathan Greenberg.

When the stock market crashed in October 1987, Trump told the press he had sold all his stock a month before and taken no losses. But SEC filings showed that he still owned large stakes in some companies. Forbes calculated that Trump had lost $19 million on his Resorts International holdings alone.

Challenging estimates of his net worth he considered too low, in 1989 Trump said he had very little debt. Reuters reported Trump owed $4 billion to more than 70 banks at the beginning of 1990.

In 1997, Ben Berzin Jr., who had been tasked with recovering at least some of the $100 million his bank had lent Trump, said “During the time that I dealt with Mr. Trump, I was continually surprised by his mastery of situational ethics. He does not seem to be able to differentiate between fact and fiction.”

A 1998 New York Observer article entitled “Tricky Donald Trump Beats Jerry Nadler in Game of Politics” reported that “Nadler flatly calls Mr. Trump a ‘liar’,” quoting Nadler stating, “Trump got $6 million in the dead of night when no one knew anything about it” by slipping a provision into a $200 billion federal transportation bill.

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