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Should I Vote For Trump

How Many Senators Will Vote To Convict Donald Trump

Why Should I Vote For Donald Trump? 2020

Now that Donald Trump has been impeached for an historic second time, attention turns to the Senate where, according to the Constitution, a trial will begin. The big question isunlike last year when only one Republican Senator voted to convict Trump on charges resulting from his phone call with the President of Ukrainewill there be 17 Republican senators willing to vote to convict Trump?

Lets start with what we know. Senator Ben Sasse is the only senator who has said clearly that he is open to convicting Trump. Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict last year when Trump was impeached over his phone call with the Ukrainian president. The charges in this impeachment are equally if not more serious, so it seems likely that he too may vote to convict. Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Patrick Toomey have also made statements signaling that theyve had enough of Trump. Murkowski just wants him out, saying He has caused enough damage, and Toomey thinks he committed impeachable offenses but is unsure whether impeachment makes sense this close to the end of the Trump presidency.

Van Jones: For A Lot Of People It’s A Good Day

President Donald Trump’s demand for vote counting to stop in an election that is still undecided may have been his most extreme and dangerous assault on the institutions of democracy yet in a presidency replete with them.

Reasons Catholics Should Vote For Trump

1.) Hes not Hillary Clinton.

We know exactly who she is, what she is, what she stands for, and can pretty well guess what she will do to our country. We cant risk her getting into office.

If you cant vote for Trump, vote against Hillary. The only realistic way to do this is by voting for Trump, since he is the only candidate that has a chance against her.

2.) He might pass and protect pro-life laws.

While we know for sure that Hillary will push the corrupt Planned Parenthood down our throats every chance she gets, and she will keep abortion-providing Obamacare in place, Trump is a bit of an unknown with the potential for being pro-life. That is, he claims to be pro-life, and its worth the leap of faith on this one. He has said, Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best.

3.) Voting for an imperfect man is not a sin.

I have taken philosophy and theology classes since 8th grade. I mention that to lend myself some credibility, not to imply expertise in the subjects. But I studied them enough to know that neither Aquinas nor Aristotle ever said that the ruling sovereign has to be a saint. I understand that lending someone your vote is a big deal, and it is preferable to have a candidate you really believe in. Many people do really believe in Trump, and so this might not be an issue for you. But if you have reservations, I would ask you to consider that:

6.) Ben Carson endorsed him.

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Jewish Star Newspaper: If You Support Israel And Oppose Anti

This weeks Jewish Star Newspaper featured dueling op-eds on the front page, one supporting Trump and the other supporting Biden. The top of the two op-eds was written by yours truly explained why American Jews must vote for President Trump and is reproduced below.

Star columnist writes: If you support Israel and oppose anti-Semitism, you must vote for Trump.

Anyone who follows the news or investigates the candidates should know there is only one choice for pro-Jewish or pro-Israel voters: a vote to re-elect President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden and the Democrats claim they are pro-Israel. Not really.

Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump

Trump is Right: Why You Should Vote Trump in 2020

1. Because fascism looks like so much fun in the textbooks. No one could say that Hitler and Mussolini lacked vision. Sure, their visions included the murder of millions of people who didnt believe the same as them, but isnt that what this world is about? Divide and conquer? Um, no. Literally we live in an age where information is available at the click of a buttonso why arent you clicking? 75 years ago at least the Germans and Italians had the excuse that they didnt see what was happening. We literally have an entire world telling us to stand against Trump, so really if youre still for him youre kind of just a dick.

2. Religious freedom only counts if youre the right religion. The bill of rights is old and outdated, so is the constitution. Religious freedom only counts if youre a good olMerican Christian and can prove it and if your last name sounds white. *rolling my eyes* Cmon, folks. How boring would the world be if everyone believed the same? More so, how awful would YOU feel if someone told you that your beliefs werent valid and that, worse yet, you were inherently bad for having them? This kind of thinking never, ever ends well. And you need to grow up if you think that the entire world believes the same as you. Literally, not one single person on this planet believes exactly the same as you, so stop telling other people what to believe already!

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Can We Trust The Polls

It’s easy to dismiss the polls by saying they got it wrong in 2016 and President Trump frequently does exactly that. But it’s not entirely true.

Most national polls did have Hillary Clinton ahead by a few percentage points, but that doesn’t mean they were wrong, since she won three million more votes than her rival.

Pollsters did have some problems in 2016 – notably a failure to properly represent voters without a college degree – meaning Mr Trump’s advantage in some key battleground states wasn’t spotted until late in the race, if at all. Most polling companies have corrected this now.

But this year there’s even more uncertainty than normal due to the coronavirus pandemic and the effect it’s having on both the economy and how people will vote in November, so all polls should be read with some scepticism.

What To Make Of More Than 70m Americans Who Voted For Trump

As of today, 73,781,603 people voted for Trump, which amounts to 47.2 percent of the total votes counted.

  • Hamid Dabashi is the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University.

Donald Trumps crushing defeat in the 2020 US presidential election was a psychological triumph for humanity at large. The peoples of the world needed catharsis from the terror of Donald Trump that Americans perpetrated upon them, so they wished for his humiliating defeat. This collective wish had nothing to do with his rival, Joe Biden. It had everything to do with humanitys desire to return to sanity and reason after being subjected to Trumps thuggery for four calamitous years

On the morning of November 7, when Joe Biden was finally called as the winner of the election, there was a sigh of relief audible across America and the world. But the respite was brief. Now Americans and the rest of the world are wondering how some 70 million people could vote for Donald Trump, after his racist thuggery was on full display for so long.

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Why Did People Vote For Donald Trump Voters Explain

Trump defied the polls to become the 45th president of the United States. Six US voters tell us why they backed him

Despite a lack of political experience, business magnate Donald Trump swept to an improbable victory in the US presidential elections.

It is clear that despite a series of controversies, his message resonated with a huge number of American voters in key states, and revealed deep anti-establishment anger and discontent.

We spoke to six Trump voters about why they voted for the Republican candidate, and why they think hell make a good president.

Voting For Trump Shouldnt Cost Your Marriage

‘Why I’m no longer voting for Trump’: Lifelong Republicans on why they’re voting for Joe Biden

If your husband is willing to elect Trump, he either hates women or just does not care about them/you. Divorce him. Thats a by feminist writer Jill Filipovic in response to an article in TheNew York Times that tells the tale of two marriages unhinged by Donald Trumps candidacy.

In He Likes Trump. She Doesnt. Can This Marriage Be Saved? Sridhar Pappu interviews two couples who have deep disagreements about Trump. The men have considered voting for him, but the women support Hillary Clinton and are intolerant of anyone who favors Trumpincluding their husbands.

If you vote for Trump, I will divorce you and move to Canada, Kerry Maguire told her husband Thomas Stossel. When he tried to laugh it off, she doubled down. Im serious, she said.

Never mind that its your husband, a man youve loved for years. Or a family member, a co-worker, a friend. To women like Maguire, voting for Trump is not an objective, disinterested political decision. Its not just politics. Voting for Trump is identifying as a sexist , and no one can tolerate being associated with someone like that. In 2016, you are who you vote for.

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No One In Washington Is Sensible

I may be voting Republican this time, but I dont mind if Trump wins and Republicans lose control of the Senate. I despise Mitch McConnell . Hes been in politics so long hes completely blind and insulated from reality. So is Nancy Pelosi . They are both career politicians whose only thought in any situation is whats best for my party right now the normal rules of law and morality are out the window.

If Trump loses and the Supreme Court post hasnt been confirmed, McConnell would absolutely install a judge in the lame duck session before the new President is installed. It would be disgusting, but I wouldnt put anything past him.

In that scenario, I would definitely support balancing the court creating one extra space but not packing it with lots of new posts. That would be sensible, but I dont think anyone in Washington is sensible.

These Labels Are Just Buttons To Push To Sidestep Rationality

The same is true for sexism. If you oppose the feminist agenda in any way, youre a sexist. Against abortion? Youre a sexist. Against equal pay for unequal work, youre a sexist. Against free birth control? Youre a sexist. And since sexism is the one of the unforgiveable sins, you are labeled, stigmatized, and delegitimized.

So severe is this labeling that we now have women fleeing from their own husbands who are considering voting for Trump. Both men in this article had very rational reasons for voting for Trump, yet their wives reacted emotionally rather than grappling with these reasons. These women are the ones being irrational, but its understandable because theyre caught in the wave of out-group stigmatization and social programming that has been slowly undermining our political system for years.

This election is not about ideas. Its about labels. One reason Trump has been such a lightning rod is that he has used the Lefts tactics against them. He is labeling back. Shes a liar. Shes a crook. It worked for him in the primary, but its not working as well in the general. Thats because hes now campaigning against experts at social identity labeling and delegitimatizing.

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Sexual Identity Politics Is Bad For Everyone

As for the marriages threatened by Trump stigma, I have only this to say. If you are willing to leave your marriage because your husband votes for Trump, then you have allowed a lie to rob you of the most important relationship of your life. A man who votes for Trump is not a man who hates women any more than a woman who votes for Clinton necessarily loves willful deception and gross selfishness. To believe that only shows you are a woman guided by groupthink. Your thoughts have been shaped and molded by an in-group bent on delegitimizing others to maintain and gain power.

Whether Trump is an actual sexist or not isnt even relevant. I dont believe he thinks women are less valuable than men. His actions in business have proved this. I do believe he is more like a 1960s-1970s man with a shallow view of women that emphasizes physical appearance. He values beauty and uses it to promote his own interests.

This admittedly is a kind of sexismbut, lets all be honest, a lot of men in politics are guilty of this kind of sexism. Additionally, I dont find any sexism in his policies. Being anti-free birth control and anti-abortion is not sexist. That is a labeling lie from the Left.

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