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What Is The Official Trump Website

Crime And Illegal Drugs

Donald Trump Launches New Website In Response to Twitter & Facebook Ban

Pence has questioned proposals to decrease penalties for low-level offenses in Indiana, saying the state should focus on “reducing crime, not reducing penalties”. In 2013, Pence expressed concern that a then-pending bill to revise the state’s criminal code was not tough enough on drug crimes, and successfully lobbied to limit the reduction in sentencing of marijuana offenses.

In 2016, he signed into law a measure that would reinstate a ten-year prison sentence for certain drug offenders.

During 2014, Pence sent a letter to United States attorney general , saying Indiana would not comply with because they were “too expensive”. According to the Indiana Department of Corrections, it would cost the state $1520 million annually to comply with the guidelines. Pence said a number of rape prevention measures had already been “implemented”.

In 2015, Pence signed Senate Bill 94 to lengthen the statute of limitations for rapecontinuing for five years after sufficient DNA evidence is uncovered, enough recorded evidence is brought forth or discovered, or the offender confesses to the crime. Pence also signed Senate Bill 8 to allow the death penalty for beheadings if the victim was alive at the time of the offense.

Foreign Policy And National Defense

Some, including , in the Republican Party support on issues of national security, believing in the ability and right of the United States to act without external support in matters of its national defense. In general, Republican thinking on defense and is heavily influenced by the theories of and , characterizing conflicts between nations as struggles between faceless forces of an international structure as opposed to being the result of the ideas and actions of individual leaders. The realist school’s influence shows in Reagan’s “” stance on the and George W. Bush’s stance.

Some, including and , call for and an . This faction gained strength starting in 2016 with the rise of .

Since the , many in the party have supported policies with regard to the War on Terror, including the and the . The George W. Bush administration took the position that the do not apply to , while other prominent Republicans strongly oppose the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, which they view as torture.

Republicans have frequently advocated for restricting foreign aid as a means of asserting the national security and immigration interests of the United States.

Us House Of Representatives

Pence rejuvenated his political career by running for the U.S. House of Representatives again in 2000, this time winning the seat in after six-year incumbent opted to run for governor of Indiana. The district comprises all or portions of 19 counties in eastern Indiana. As a congressman, Pence adopted the slogan he had used on the radio, describing himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order”. While in Congress, Pence belonged to the .

In his first year in office, Pence opposed President ‘s in 2001, as well as President Bush’s Medicare prescription drug expansion the following year. Pence was re-elected four more times by comfortable margins. In the , , and House elections, he defeated Democrat .

  • : Foreign Affairs, Judiciary

In 2008, magazine listed Pence as one of the ten best members of Congress, writing that Pence’s “unalloyed traditional conservatism has repeatedly pitted him against his party elders.” Pence was mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for president in and . In September 2010, he was the top choice for president in a straw poll conducted by the . That same year, he was encouraged to run against incumbent Democratic senator , but opted not to enter the race, even after Bayh unexpectedly announced that he would retire.

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Best Results In Major Races

  • Direct election of the United States President by popular vote and other election system reforms
  • Federal elections held on weekends or Election Day made a national holiday

A noticeable absence from the Reform Party platform has been social issues, including abortion and gay rights. Reform Party representatives had long stated beliefs that their party could bring together people from both sides of these issues, which they consider divisive, to address what they considered to be more vital concerns as expressed in their platform. The idea was to form a large coalition of moderates that intention was overridden in 2001 by the Buchanan takeover which rewrote the RPUSA Constitution to include platform planks opposed to any form of abortion. The Buchananists, in turn, were overridden by the 2002 Convention which reverted the Constitution to its 1996 version and the party’s original stated goals.

Presidential Campaign And 2011 Hints At Presidential Run

Donald Trumps official website gives him a 93% approval ...

In 2000, Trump ran in the California and Michigan primaries for nomination as the Reform Party candidate for the 2000 United States presidential election but withdrew from the race in February 2000. A July 1999 poll matching him against likely Republican nominee George W. Bush and likely Democratic nominee Al Gore showed Trump with seven percent support.

In 2011, Trump speculated about running against President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, making his first speaking appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2011 and giving speeches in early primary states. In May 2011, he announced he would not run, and he endorsed Mitt Romney in February 2012. Trump’s presidential ambitions were generally not taken seriously at the time.

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Allegations Of Inciting Violence

Research suggests Trump’s rhetoric caused an increased incidence of hate crimes. During his 2016 campaign, he urged or praised physical attacks against protesters or reporters. Since then, some defendants prosecuted for hate crimes or violent acts cited Trump’s rhetoric in arguing that they were not culpable or should receive a lighter sentence. In May 2020, a nationwide review by ABC News identified at least 54 criminal cases from August 2015 to April 2020 in which Trump was invoked in direct connection with violence or threats of violence by mostly white men against mostly members of minority groups. On January 13, 2021, the House of Representatives impeached Trump for incitement of insurrection for his actions prior to the storming of the U.S. Capitol by a violent mob of his supporters who acted in his name.

Biden In New Hampshire: What You Do Here In Iowa Is Going To Set The Tone

Former Vice President Joe Biden left audience members scratching their heads in New Hampshire over the weekend confusing the northeast state for Iowa -approximately 1,000 miles away.

The primary race for the United States presidency You have an incredible obligation, not to me at all, but to yourselves. What you do here in Iowa is going to set the tone, said Biden before correcting himself.

New Hampshire, the primary in New Hampshire, he added.

Joe Biden says he is in Iowa when he is actually in New Hampshire.

Iowa and New Hampshire are 1,000+ miles away from each other.

Tommy Pigott

Biden made a similar mistake earlier this year confusing New Hampshire for the neighboring state of Vermont.

Ive been here a number of timesI love this place. Look, whats not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it? Biden told reporters.

Biden, who is in New Hampshire, thinks he is in Vermont

At some point, the media is going to have to stop calling this “gaffes”

Ryan Saavedra

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The Website Said Melania Trump Looks Forward To Continuing Her Work For Children

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Donald Trump established an office in Florida within a week of leaving the White House

Donald Trump, who has been permanently barred from most major social media platforms, has launched an official website where supporters can reach out to him and even request his and Melania Trumps participation in events.

The former president had established an office in Florida within a week of leaving the White House on 20 January. But he was permanently barred by the top social media platforms such as Facebook, , and Googles YouTube after the 6 January Capitol riots.

The official Trump website, which comes less than three months after he left office, aims to keep him connected to his millions of followers.

A message on the homepage of his website says that the Office of Donald J Trump is committed to preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump administration, while at the same time advancing the America First agenda.

Through civic engagement and public activism, the office of Donald J Trump will strive to inform, educate, and inspire Americans from all walks of life as we seek to build a truly great American Future, it said.

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Look What People Are Saying

New Trump website

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Notable Expenditures And Allegations Of Grifting

Trump properties

In June 2018, ProPublica reported that Trump Organization properties had received “at least $16.1 million…from his campaign, Republican organizations, and government agencies” since late 2015. In October 2019, the Center for Responsive Politics found that total spending on Trump properties had increased to $16.8 million even when just considering payments made by the Trump campaign and other Republican political campaigns and PACs .

During the first three months of 2017, the Trump 2020 campaign reported spending $6.3 million, of which nearly $500,000 was to companies owned by Trump. In the Trump 2020 campaign’s first two years , it paid more than $890,000 in rent for space in Trump Tower, while the Republican National Committee paid $225,000. As of October 2020, the campaign’s committees had directed more than $17.9 million of campaign donor money to Trump properties, while the Republican National Committee had paid $3.0 million.

Legal and compliance work

As of March 2019, Trump’s campaign had spent almost twice as much on Facebook and Google ads as the entire Democratic field combined.


During the first three months of his presidency, his reelection campaign spent more than $4 million on memorabilia .

Money funneled through Brad Parscale

Donald Trump Returns To The Internet With A New Website

After being banned from Facebook and Twitter, former president Donald Trump debuted his own blog on Tuesday where he’s already attacking his perceived enemies and his election loss.

“Heartwarming to read new polls on big-shot warmonger Liz Cheney of the great State of Wyoming,” Trump posted about the Republican Congresswoman who has spoken out against Trump. “She is so low that her only chance would be if vast numbers of people run against her which, hopefully, wont happen.”

The new site gives Trump an online home after Twitter and Facebooktools he used with great effectiveness before and during his presidencyboth banned him over he made during the Capitol Riots in January. On Wednesday, Facebooks Oversight Board will determine whether to restore Trump’s account.

Trump’s website, called From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, is billed as “a place to speak freely and safely.” But for the moment, at least, only Trump can do so.

Vistors can, however, share Trump’s posts on Facebook and Twitter, shop for Trump merchandise, and contribute money to Trump, who is toying with running for president again in 2024.

Trump’s posts on the site, of which there are a few dozen, date back to March 24. They include attacks on Sen. Mitt Romney and glee at Twitter’s stock price recently tumbling 15% .

Some of Trump’s posts, it turns out, are longer than the 280-character limit that Twitter had imposed on him.

This story was originally featured on

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Activities Of The Party In 2005

In 2005, a dispute arose: the number of National Committee members required under the party’s by-laws to call meetings of the National Committee, and the Executive Committee did so. These members came from several states including , , and . At both meetings, it was determined that a national convention would be called and held in . The Chairman at the time and National Committee members from , , and boycotted the National and Executive Committee meetings, claiming the meetings were illegitimate. As a result, those states held a second convention in Yuma, Arizona.

In response to a suit filed by the group that met in Tampa, leaders of the Reform Party filed a complaint claiming the Tampa group were extremists and guilty of conspiracy.

Trump Launches New Website After Social Media Ban

The official Donald Trump merchandise that actually exists ...

‘From the desk of Donald J. Trump’ features videos and statements from former president


Former US President Donald Trump has launched a new website to communicate with his supporters after being banned from top social media platforms.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, or, features videos and statements from the former president, which have been sent out over email following the bans after a Jan. 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

“We believe in FREE SPEECH and Fair Elections,” the About section of the site said. “We must ensure fair, honest, transparent, and secure elections going forward where every LEGAL VOTE counts.”

It includes a sign-up option for those who wish to receive notification when Trump releases a new statement.

Although one cannot reply to his messages, users can like them and share them on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms for allegedly encouraging the US Capitol riot in which five people lost their lives. His supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to thwart a constitutionally-mandated procedure before then-President-elect Joe Biden assumed office.

Jason Miller, an adviser to Trump, said on Twitter that the new website “is a great resource to find his latest statements and highlights from his first term in office, but this is not a new social media platform. Well have additional information coming on that front in the very near future.”

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Ross Perot’s 1992 Presidential Election Campaign

The party grew out of ‘s efforts in the , whererunning as an independenthe became the first non-major party candidate since 1912 to have been considered viable enough to win the presidency. Perot received attention for focusing on fiscal issues such as the and government reform issues such as , , and lobbying reform and issues on trade. A large part of his following was grounded in the belief he was addressing vital problems largely ignored by the two major parties.

A Gallup poll showed Perot with a slim lead, but on July 19 he suspended his campaign, accusing Republican operatives of threatening to sabotage his daughter’s wedding. He was accused by of being a “quitter” in a well-publicized cover-page article. After resuming his campaign on October 1, Perot was dogged by the “quitter” moniker and other allegations concerning his character. On Election Day many voters were confused as to whether Perot was actually still a candidate. He ended up receiving about 18.9 percent of the popular vote, a record level of popularity not seen in an independent candidacy since former President ran on the “Bull Moose” ticket in 1912. He continued being politically involved after the election, turning his campaign organization into a lobbying group. One of his primary goals was the defeat of the during this period.

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