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Is Biden Older Than Trump

Biden And Trump Seem Set For 2024 Rematch

Biden administration âmore dangerousâ than Donald Trump ever was

As one pollster put it, “Voters in general are looking for change.”

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been headed for another face-off since the day Trump lost to Biden in 2020 — but voters say they are upset with the direction of the country and just as ambivalent about having either Biden or Trump lead their political parties in two years, adding an unusual level of uncertainty to what could be an historic 2024 contest.

A New York Times/Siena College poll earlier this month showed abysmal numbers for both leaders: Biden’s job approval scraped 33%, a new nadir, and 64% of Democrats surveyed said they wanted a different nominee in 2024. Meanwhile, 51% of Republicans said they wanted someone other than Trump to be their standard-bearer in the next presidential election — and despite Biden’s unsteady footing, Trump still narrowly trailed him in a hypothetical head-to-head.

Such stark numbers only supercharged speculation, among politicos, over whether either of the two will be on the ballot come 2024. How unusual would it for them to run against one another again? If not them, then who? And what can change between now and then?

“When you have such a sour, negative political environment, voters in general are looking for change,” said GOP pollster Robert Blizzard. “They’re looking for new voices, new people.”

Phillips, the donor, sees it another way.

Still, Trump hasn’t seemed to reap many benefits from the drop in Biden’s support.

Biden Sees Opening Over Trump With Older Voters

Joe Bidens campaign sees a big opening with a key demographic in the general election: senior citizens.

In 2016, President Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 7 points with voters older than 65-years-old, according to exit polls. But this year, Biden advisers have watched Trumps support from these voters erode in states like Florida with large senior populations.

A new CNN poll leaves the Biden campaign salivating. It shows the former vice president leading Trump nationally by 13 points with voters older than 65. It follows another YouGov poll that showed Biden tied with Trump at 49 percent.

I think seniors are now going to be a problem for him, one Biden aide predicted, referring to Trump. Regardless of which poll you believe, he is doing much better with seniors than which is a big deal and a big part of a winning coalition.

Even Republicans acknowledge the novel coronavirus pandemic afflicting the nation poses a unique threat to Trump with seniors. Older people are particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 disease.

Trump and his campaign are hoping that he can convince older Americans and voters in general that his administration has responded strongly to the pandemic. But Democrats cast Trumps response as too late, and think voters will punish him in the fall.

We havent done ourselves any favors, one Republican strategist said.

During a Fox News town hall last month, Trump said he had plans to propose cuts to government programs including Medicare.

Bidens And Trumps Diets

Trump is famous for indulging in junk food. A steak and meat person, he shuns vegetables, and welcomes meatloaf, pork chops, and french fries. A lover of McDonalds, his security detail has ordered for him burgers, milk shakes, and Diet Coke. During his campaign, he also enjoys Kentucky Fried Chicken.Neither Biden nor Trump smoke or drink. However, Trumps vice is Diet Coke, of which he drinks several a day. Although it has no calories, sugar, or fat, it offers no nutrients. It has been linked to the development of type 2 diabetes and heart disease in several studies. Research has found that just one serving of an artificially sweetened drink per day is associated with an 813% higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Trump is overweight, he could be pre-diabetic or already a diabetic. He just tries to hide his condition.

Trump is not a breakfast person. Breakfast is the most important meal for us to build a healthy body. Health experts would suggest a big breakfast, but going easy on lunch and dinner. Too big of a dinner would affect our digestive system and sleep. If you have dessert as well with dinner, the sugar will go right into your bloodstream, and it will turn into fat later.

We are what we eat. For not eating breakfast, add one year to Trumps age. Eating junk food and lots of meat, add two years. Being overweight, add one more year.

For Bidens healthy eating, we subtract one year from his age.

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Fl Democrats And Republicans Agree On Congressional Term Limits Split On Youth In Congress

The discussion of a presidents age can be extended to include senators and other members of Congress. In the 116th Congress, the average age of the House of Representatives is 57.6, and the average age of Senate members is 62.9.

The Florida voters we surveyed have similar ideas about age in Congress as they do about the age of presidential candidates.

Even Without Covid This Is Concerning


Baby Boomers get a lot of flak for dominating U.S. culture, business and politics since the 1970s. But Biden, McConnell, Pelosi, and Clyburn are pre-boomers, belonging to the Silent Generation. The last three were potty-training before the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor.

If Biden wins in November, he will have reached the average life expectancy just in time for his inauguration. Hell be the oldest president ever to take office, a record currently held by Donald Trump.

Even without COVID-19, this is concerning.

Anyone who watched Biden as vice president knows that hes lost several steps. Since the 2020 campaign began, he regularly loses his train of thought, mangles common words and appears adrift.

While Trump has been more physically energetic, his detractors have consistently pushed rumors that hes also in mental decline. If Donald Trump were your father, psychologist John Gartner wrote, you would run, not walk, to a neurologist for an evaluation of his cognitive health.

Americas come a long way. The signers of the Declaration of Independence had an average age of 40. Put all the U.S. presidents together and youll get an average age of 55.

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List Of Presidents Of The United States By Age

This is a list of presidents of the United States by age. The first table charts the age of each president of the United States at the time of presidential inauguration , upon leaving office, and at the time of death. Where the president is still living, their lifespan is calculated up to July 25, 2022.

Biden Trump Too Old To Be President

At the time of the next presidential election, Joe Biden will be 81 and Donald Trump will be 78.

I am now 70. Though I am healthy and fit for a person my age, I know without doubt that were I elected president the job would require much more energy than I could muster.

The Constitution says a president must be at least 35 years old but sets no maximum age. Given that the average lifespan of an American in 1776 was 35 years, the Founding Fathers likely dismissed any concerns related to a president being too old to meet the demands of the job.

We must recognize that, in addition to experience, wisdom, intelligence, character and confidence, a presidential candidate should have energy, vitality and patience. These latter three are very hard to maintain as one ages. I believe that so much that I will never again happily vote for a candidate who is older than I am.

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Few Floridians Are Satisfied With One Or Both Presidential Candidates Except For Older Voters And Republicans

Only 18% of Florida Democrats and 16% of independent voters are generally satisfied with one or both candidates, while 64% of Republicans are satisfied with at least one candidate.

Respondents age 65 and over are more likely to report satisfaction with at least one candidate than those ages 18 to 34 .

Only Trump Was In Worse Electoral Shape Than Biden After His First Year As President

Biden, Trump TOO OLD To Run For President? Fmr Presidential Advisor Highlights Age Concerns

Analysis by Harry Enten, CNN

President Joe Biden’s administration turned 1 year old on Thursday. He entered the White House by beating a historically unpopular president in Donald Trump.

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Trump & Biden Might Be Super Agers

Forbes reported that both Biden and Trump are likely to be in good health during their term if either is elected, positing that both might be super agers. The term refers to men who live significantly longer than other men in their peer demographic group, according to the Journal of Active Aging.

The doctors who wrote the report said that Trump and Biden both came from families with longevity, which might allow both men to maintain high mental and physical functioning much longer than average.

Interestingly, Forbes reported that Biden was expected to outlive Trump according to the paper. He had a projected lifespan of 96.8 years compared to Trumps of 88.6 years. One of the main differences, Forbes noted, was Trumps obesity compares to Bidens health for a man his age.

How Old Is Donald Trump

On June 14, 2022, Donald Trump turned 76 years old. At the time of his 2017 inauguration into office, he was 70, the oldest age a president had ever been elected at that time. By 2020 he reached 74 as he ran for his reelection.

While the possibility of Trump running for office once more in 2024 is mostly speculation, should he do so he would be 78. His possible opponent, should Biden run for reelection, would be 81. Had Senator Bernie Sanders gained the presidency, he would have been older than either previous president at 80.

An older presidential demographic:The surprising ages of 2020 presidential candidates

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Republicans And Democrats Hold Different Attitudes About Younger Members Of Congress

We presented our respondents with the following statement: The youngest members of Congress are not likely to be effective as Speaker of the House or Senate Majority Leader because of their age.

  • 60% of Republicans surveyed either agree or strongly agree with the statement, while only 10% either disagree or strongly disagree.
  • Among Democrats and unaffiliated voters, only 38% agree or strongly agree, and 30% disagree or strongly disagree.

This notable disparity could be due in part to the fact that some of the youngest members of the House include several popular Democratic representatives.

When given the blind choice of two congressional candidates, knowing nothing other than one candidate is 65 years old and the other is 35, 66% of Democrats and 72% of unaffiliated voters in Florida pick the 35-year-old, while 63% of Florida Republicans surveyed choose the 65 year-old candidate.

Respondents over age 65 are the least likely age group to think that being 60 or older makes it more difficult to serve in congress, at 14%. Florida voters age 25-34 are the most likely to agree, at 31%.

Voters under age 65 in Florida are slightly more inclined to say that a mans advanced age negatively impacts his ability to effectively in congress than to say the same about a congresswoman.

Anger Issues For Both

Biden blames Trump for racist remark by 7

Trumps appetite for rage is just as immense as his ego. He likes to run the White House with fear when he doesnt like what he sees or gets what he wants, or when people dont praise him or give him credit when he thinks he should. Lately, its the Nobel Prize. He thinks he deserves it because of his role in bringing Israel and two tiny Arab countries in normalizing relations.

His debate with Biden illustrated his intense rage. When Biden said, A lot more people are going to die unless he gets a lot smarter very fast. The word smart provoked him instantly.

Did you say smart? Trump asked. Theres nothing smart about you.

Biden has a volatile temper too, according to the New York Times. But at the presidential debate last week, Biden was able to stay cool. The debate hurt Trump more than Biden, emotionally and physically. The Chinese believe that our body is driven by its inner energy. Trumps anger has damaged his internal vitality in addition to the stresses of preparing for the debate.

His short and long-term health problems linked to unmanaged anger, a stressful schedule, and a lack of sleep tripled his chances of getting COVID. Everything Trump does to himself disrupts the daily rhythms of his body. Add two more years to Trumps age for his never-ending anger.

Trumps COVID side effects will weaken his lungs, heart, brain and kidneys for years to come. For his new condition, add three more years to his age.

Assunta can be reached at .

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Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden

This is an unbiased comparison of the policy and political positions of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, candidates for president from the Democratic and Republican parties respectively.

For the most part, the candidates’ views conform with the political platform of their party Biden is “pro-choice” on abortion rights, Trump is “pro-life” Biden supports the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, while Trump wants to deport all undocumented immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border Biden wants to expand gun control legislation, Trump does not Biden wants to raise taxes on companies and “high-income” households while the Trump administration cut taxes for individuals in all income brackets, as well as all corporations.

May The Jan 6 Committee Hearings Ensure Theres No 2020 Rematch In The 2024 Presidential Election

Listen to article

I have watched more than 16 hours of the Jan. 6 committee hearings and plan to watch the rest. I have learned some things, though not many. And I grant that the hearings might have been more effective if some aggressive Republicansone imagines Rep. Jim Jordan scowling in his shirt sleeveswere present to cross-examine the witnesses. But then I have my own motive for watching. I hope they will sweep out of public life and return American politics to their old, calm, yes even dull days.

The hearings have revealed that Mr. Trump clearly enjoyed the violence visited on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021and that he inspired it. He has yet to renounce that violence or denounce the groups that participated in it. A bully, a narcissist and a sociopath, Mr. Trump has been called many names, but he is above all shameless, which isnt the first quality one looks for in a president.

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Most Florida Voters Arent Satisfied With 2020 Presidential Candidates

No matter who wins the presidency in 2020, the U.S. will see the oldest president to ever take the oath of office come January. Trump turns 74 on June 14, and Biden will turn 78 shortly after the November election.

Were also facing the oldest combined age of presidential candidates in our nations history. Trump and Biden will be a combined 151 years old on election day, which far surpasses Trump and Hillary Clinton as the oldest duo ever to run for president.

And thats where things get problematic for Florida voters.

Democrats And Independent Voters Are More Likely Than Republicans To Vote For Younger Candidates

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I’m Young And Joe Biden Is Old

If a candidate under the age of 40 were to appear on the ballot, Democratic and independent voters in Florida are more likely to vote for them than the Republicans we surveyed.

  • Nearly half of Republicans are less likely to vote for a presidential candidate under the age of 40, and only 1 in 5 report being more likely to do so.
  • Among Democrats, just 21% report being less likely to vote for a presidential candidate under the age of 40, and 32% are more likely.
  • Only 12% of independent voters in Florida report being less likely, and 42% say they are more likely.

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Trump Vs Biden: The Two 70

Joe Biden laughed off President Donald Trump’s suggestion Friday that the former vice president is too old to run for the Oval Office.

“If he looks young and vibrant compared to me, I should probably go home,” Biden, 76, quipped in an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

“The best way to judge me is to watch, see if I have the energy and capacity. It’s a show-me business.”

Earlier, Trump, 72, said that Biden and other 2020 candidates are “making me look very young, both in terms of age and I think in terms of energy.”

“Well, I think that I just feel like a young man. I’m so young. I can’t believe it. I’m the youngest person. I am a young, vibrant man,” the president said. “I look at Joe I don’t know about him. I don’t know.”

There Are Few Young People At The Top

In a nation with a median age of 38.4, the two presidential nominees are twice that at 74 and 77. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is 78, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is 80.

Pelosis lieutenant, James Clyburn, is also 80, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is 69. The median age of the Supreme Court is over 65. All of these leaders are past retirement age.

The only major Washington figures not included in this cohort are the House minority leader and whip, who are in their mid-50s. Everyone else likely would be a pensioner if they lived in the private sector.

This isnt an ageist argument heaven knows, Ill be there soon enough if Im lucky. But its not a great idea for a representative government to be dominated by a group thats three to four decades older than the average American.

We wish all of these people fine health and 100 more years. Yet it is concerning to see our democracy evolve into a gerontocracy. Our political culture would be more innovative, forward-thinking and problem-solving if a wide range of generations were represented at the top.

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