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Why Is Donald Trump Such An Idiot

‘he’s An Idiot’: Critics Say Trump Has Failed The Us In This Test Of Reassurance

‘If you Google the word idiot, a picture of Donald Trump comes up’ – BBC News

For Trump, who has spent years undermining experts, scientists, and trust in government, the pandemic has shown his weaknesses

It was just before 9am and the sky was overcast when a small group of reporters were suddenly ushered through the White Houses south portico. They gathered in the diplomatic reception room, once home to Franklin Roosevelts fireside chats, and stared at a desk with pen, documents and the presidential seal.

Donald Trump strode in, wearing a black bomber jacket and white shirt unbuttoned at the top, and settled down beneath a portrait of George Washington. He signed a congressional emergency spending bill to combat the coronavirus for $8.3bn more than three times what the president himself had requested and held it up to a chorus of clicking cameras.

Were doing very well, he insisted. But its an unforeseen problem. What a problem. Came out of nowhere, but were taking care of it. He gazed around the oval-shaped room, wallpapered romantic American landscapes, and took questions. Someone asked: How do you keep people from panicking? Trumps response in part: Calm. You have to be calm. Itll go away.

It has not gone away.

It is at such moments of peril that a nation looks to its leader for reassurance and direction. Trump, critics say, has failed the test in both words and deeds. Uniquely unqualified, he is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Top General Called Trump ‘an Idiot’ And Said Melania Was ‘inquisitive & Smarter’ Than Him: Report

One of the country’s top generals dismissed President Donald Trump as “an idiot” businessman with no “basic understanding of national security” at a 2017 dinner, according to another official’s notes from that night that were published by The Washington Post on Wednesday.

In the Post story about sexual assault allegations against Gen. John E. Hyten, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Col. Kathy Spletstoser shared notes she took from the October 2017 dinner where she annotated the general’s comments.

The Post story about Spletstoser details some strikingly candid thoughts Hyten once shared about the first couple.

Video: Gen. John Hyten denies sexual misconduct allegations

The president is an idiot, he told Spletstoser and others who attended a prior briefing on the dinner, the Post reported.

Spletstoser told the paper she turned over her transcripts to investigators looking into her allegations but claimed the notes were hidden to protect Hyten’s career.

He is just a businessman without the basic understanding of national security,” the general reportedly said about Trump. “Everything is a business transaction for him and making money is winning to him and the only thing that matters.

Hyten did not comment to the Post on the notes about what he said.

A White House official told the paper: We are unfamiliar with any conversation like this. Discussions like this would not be had casually around a dinner table.

Bannon: Donald Jr Was ‘treasonous’

” thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government inside Trump Tower in the conference room on the 25th floor with no lawyers Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately,” Bannon said.

‘Fire and Fury’: A look inside Donald Trump’s White House

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The Business Of The Presidency/the Presidency Of The Business

Historians reconstructing the Trump years will need to work long and deep to understand the unprecedented nature of a business presidency, said Jonathan Karp, chief executive officer of Simon & Schuster, who edited the memoirs of Senate legends Edward M. Kennedy and John McCain and oversaw publication of Bolton’s book.

Unfortunately, those writers will get less of a head start from daily journalism than ideally would be the case. Trump was elected president on the strength of his self-proclaimed business mastery. But he reneged on his 2016 pledge to release his taxes, as every presidential nominee in the modern era has done. The New York Times has done landmark projects on the Trump familys tax history, and the presidents long and complex relationship with Deutsche Bank.

But questions swirl about the exact size of Trumps fortune and whether the reality matches Trumps claims the nature of the familys past and current business dealings overseas the extent to which foreign interests seek to influence Trump through favorable dealings with his holdings or those of family members the degree to which his hotels and other business operations have reaped enhanced revenue because of Trumps presidency. For historical context, consider that Bill Clinton was investigated by an independent prosecutor for most of his presidency over comparatively small business dealings that took place a decade or more before he came to Washington.

What Is The Real State Of Trumps Health

Trump Legal Adviser Previously Called Him an Idiot and a ...

If Trumps health is more troubled than usually terse official statements are letting on, he would not be the first president for whom this is the case. The physical and cognitive condition of presidents has been a key avenue of inquiry for historians of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan.

What was that unscheduled trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center last November all about? What explains Trumps unsteady appearance drinking water or walking down a ramp at West Point earlier this month?

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Of Course We’re Not Surprised

Are you shocked? Don’t be.

The segment of America I chronicled “Trump Nation” once had a compelling story of a political world that did not serve them, of an economy that did not connect to their lives, of an education system that left them without guideposts and hope. Now far too many members of that clan seemed mired in an even deeper bitterness.

Their hero is gone, voted out of office because of his failings, banned from Twitter and Facebook for his falsehoods and exiled to his Florida mansion as he plots a comeback or a court fight. Whats left for many is a narrative of self-proclaimed victimhood fueled by a litany of new hurts and self-perceived scars. As one wrote in trying to criticize Biden: How about the border crisis or making us energy dependent or kissing China’s butt or stifling free speech or destroying opportunities for female athletes or the lack of support for law and order? And lets not leave out race baiting.

For a few moments, Trump Nation seemed on the verge of actually focusing attention on something important. Now they seem to be angrily searching for something else.

The truth is that America hasnt left them behind.

I fear they have left America.

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Arizona Proves Again That Trump Is The Gops Useful Idiot

Donald Trump is the Republican Partys useful idiot. He was their useful idiot when he turned over the selection of federal judgeships to the Federalist Society. He was a useful idiot when he became the improbable candidate of the white evangelical movement. But, nowhere has his idiocy paid greater dividends for the Republican Party than in his contributions to voter suppression and undermining elections.

He was the GOPs useful idiot when he refused to concede an election that Republicans knew that he lost. By doing so, he deprived President Biden of the traditional transition and, more importantly, slowed the momentum a new administration needs to set the public agenda and move their people into agencies.

It is against this backdrop that Republicans conducted their farcical election review in Arizona. What too many in the media failed to recognize is that the Arizona Republicans created a partisan spectacle because Republicans wanted it to be a partisan spectacle. Republicans hired an outfit called Cyber Ninjas to rally their base when there was a risk it would be demoralized, not because they thought it would convince anyone that the election results were incorrect. In many respects, they succeeded. Far from being horrified, the base of the Republican Party passionately believes the lies underpinning the Arizona effort. That is why Republicans in other states, from Pennsylvania to Texas, are replicating this approach ahead of the midterm elections.

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The Eldest Son’s Frequently Inept Escapades Actually Serve An Important Purpose For The President

So there was Donald Trump, Jr., at Berkeley, getting screamed at by a crowd of 20-something protesters, albeit ones from a right-wing youth group angry about his unwillingness to take questions. If it wasn’t clear that things were getting out of hand when the chant shifted from “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” to “Q& A! Q& A!” it certainly was when Trump’s girlfriend, the former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, not so politely suggested that her audience was largely made up of members of a particularly reviled internet subculture.

This is not how it was supposed to go down. The president’s son and namesake was in California doing what right-wingers always do when they want to generate headlines, get attention on social media, and sell books going to a college campus in the hope of deliberately pissing off excitable young people. Instead of being applauded for his commitment to the cause, he was heckled off the stage by the people who ought to be his closest allies. Now everyone is making fun of him.

Unlike any of his siblings, Don Jr. appears comfortable with the circumstances that made his father’s election possible. He feels at home around ordinary right-wing activist types and genuinely seems to enjoy hunting and fishing and driving trucks and wearing camo and barking on about the Second Amendment.

So I say one cheer for Don Jr.

The Useful Idiot: Why We’re Not Done With Trump Yet

Fmr. Trump Advisor Who Called President Trump An Idiot Defends Remarks | All In | MSNBC

The president of the United States tried to stage a coup to remain in power.

Yes, seeing that in print is a bit jarring, to say the least. Yet that is, in fact, precisely what happened.

The president of the United States, after losing reelection by 7 million votes, riled up his cult-like followers for months with lies about massive voter fraud, culminating with a Stop the Steal rally near the White House urging them to march on the Capitol just as Congress set about to formally certify Joe Biden as the winner.

The plan was as simple as it was outrageous: His violent thugs would intimidate his own vice president into violating the Constitution and rejecting tens of millions of legitimate votes in states Biden had won, preventing him from reaching the required 270 electoral votes and throwing the election to the House of Representatives, where Donald Trump would win under the one-vote-per-state rule.

Yet within minutes of starting his remarks shortly before noon, Trump was yet again urging Pence to be strong and courageous and to reject Bidens states as if Pence were still mulling that possibility. Because if Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election, Trump told his crowd.

He is gone. At least for now.

Orange Man bad.

How many times did Trumps various apologists toss that one out as a rebuttal to any and all criticism? You wont acknowledge his good policies because Orange Man bad.

So it is for America.

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Trump Jr Reveals Email Exchange Claiming Kremlin Support For His Dad

If its what you say I love it, wrote Junior. As if the government of former KGB spymaster Vladimir Putin would do anything so clumsy.

Worse, he dragged brother-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign chief Paul Manafort into the meeting, which proved to be a bid by a Moscow fixer to undo a US law causing trouble for her clients.

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