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Does Donald Trump Have Adhd

Objections To The Solution

Donald Trump Falls Off The List Of Richest Americans | Forbes

Over the years, Ive detected three different rationales for why people avoid evaluation and treatment for ADHD. Because all of these people are aching, I categorize them as the not-awake group, the mistake group and the forsake group. Those not-awake remain unaware that they display ADHD symptoms or that ADHD is a serious and potentially treatable condition. Members of the mistake group, including their families, therapists, and doctors, confuse ADHD with other mental health problems and neglect to address the ADHD behaviors. Individuals of the forsake group know that they have ADHD but shun treatment out of fear of either stimulant medications or stigmatization for seeking mental health treatment.

Trump highlights how other conditions often overshadow or obscure ADHD. The media and mental health community emphasize his malignant narcissism, while perpetuating silence about his ADHD. However, his ADHD explains why someone so concerned with projecting power and competence acts so consistently to undermine this image with blatantly untrue statements, inconsistencies, temper tantrums, and lack of planning. When I have pointed out Trumps ADHD to many of my astute, seasoned, and thoughtful psychiatrist friends, so often I hear a version of, Oh my god, youre right! I was so distracted by all of his personality issues, I never saw the ADHD!

Good Jobs For People With Adhd

Many of these famous people with ADHD used their talent to help stay focused and to stay in control of their ADHD. Additude Magazines article on good jobs for people with ADHD says that:

creative, engaging, interactive professions on this list make the most of ADD attributes like empathy, energy, enthusiasm, and hyperfocus under pressure

A few of the top professions listed are artist, entrepreneur, chef, journalist and stage manager.

  • Artist
  • Journalist
  • Stage Manager

From what we can tell, these famous people with ADHD were right on track picking some of the best jobs for people with ADHD.

Do Trump Supporters Tend To Share Any Traits In Common

President Trump has cultivated a strong and dedicated base of supporters. This has prompted some psychologists to wonder if these voters Research suggests that support for President Trump may be associated with a preference for authoritarianism, a preference for group hierarchies in society, less contact with people outside of ones in-group, and feeling a sense of deprivation relative to others.

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Does Donald Trump Have Adhd

A very short attention span could present a problem in the White House.

A large number of people who know or knew Donald Trump well are saying he has a very short attention span, which could be a serious problem for an occupant of the Oval Office.

Quoting a long list of Trump’s associates, employees and acquaintances, Politico Magazine on Thursday about his difficulty concentrating on a subject for long periods of time which the Republican presidential nominee himself has admitted to many times.

None of the interviewees’ disclosures are particularly new. Many articles asking whether Trump has ADHD or a short attention span have appeared in the press since he began his presidential campaign. Professional and amateur psychologists have been weighing in on the question for well over a year, and the verdict seems to be a resounding yes.

I think hes definitely got attention deficit disorder, Trump biographer Michael DAntonio told Politico. He said he found himself frustrated trying to get him to concentrate on answers to questions about his parents, his childhood, just about anything. That doesnt mean he isnt really smart it just means hes not at his best when hes asked to dwell on a topic.

As Politico posits, perhaps Trump’s fingers are not his shortest attribute after all.

Does Trump Have Adhd My Professional Opinion

$63 Million and Counting: Anti

Clinical Psychologist | Founder Sachs Center

“He has the attention span of a 9 year-old with ADHD!”

Now that got my attention.

As a psychologist who specializes in working with children and adults with ADHD, I could not help but wonder if this assessment of Donald Trump — spoken almost off the cuff by a man who knows him well — actually helps explain the mystery behind much of Mr. Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail.

The words were spoken by Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter behind Donald Trump’s signature book, The Art of the Deal. They came during an interview earlier this summer on the Alan Colmes Show, and followed a longer piece in the New Yorker.

To be sure, both Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Drum are writers, rather than trained psychologists, and so there opinions on this matter should be taken with a grain of salt. However, as I hope to demonstrate, many of the behaviors they describe match those that are associated with ADHD in general and Adult ADHD in particular.

Before I put on my psychologist’s hat, I want to issue a very clear, and very strong disclaimer: I am not a political scientist and I am not here to endorse — or denounce — Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

Before we go on to list other symptoms, it may be useful to explore these symptoms as they may or may not apply to Donald Trump.

However, there is one thing I do know: Whether he wins or loses, Donald Trump could very well benefit by having an ADHD specialist at his side.

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Serious Misconceptions About Narcissism

Some Say No

On the other hand, in February 2017, soon after Trump began his presidency, the psychiatrist who wrote the diagnostic criteria for personality disorders in the DSM-5 manual for mental health professionals, Allen Frances, said No. He points out that there are two threshold criteria for the diagnosis of all personality disorders, and that the president does not meet either one, so he does not even have narcissistic personality disorder itself, let alone the disorder of malignant narcissism:

I wrote the criteria that define this disorder, and Mr. Trump doesnt meet them. He may be a world-class narcissist, but this doesnt make him mentally ill, because he does not suffer from the distress and impairment required to diagnose a mental disorder.9

He went on to explain that he does not show the distress one typically has with this disorder and that he has been quite successful at making money and getting elected President, so you cant say that hes socially impaired.

This does not mean that he finds the presidents behavior to be okay. Psychiatric name-calling is a misguided way of countering Mr. Trumps attack on democracy. He can, and should, be appropriately denounced for his ignorance, incompetence, impulsivity, and pursuit of dictatorial powers.10 In other words, his behavior may be bad, but that does not mean that hes mentally ill.

What Can We Expect?

A Wannabe King?


3. Fromm, Heart of Man, 998.

4. Fromm, Heart of Man, 998-999.

Having A President Who Consistently Demonstrates Adhd Behaviors Yields A National Teachable Moment On This Misunderstood Condition

Maybe you are one of the almost 10 million American adults already receiving effective therapy for ADHD, or the countless others who remain undiagnosed and untreated. Or maybe youre among the tens of millions of family members, friends, and co-workers overwhelmed by the chaos, inconsistencies, and contradictions that come with living with someone with ADHD.

Even if you are not among those groups, we all live in a society that is growingmore ADHD-like, and that pushes us to react in ways that closely resemble ADHD-driven behaviors. We need to be able to recognize and understand these behaviors, as well as learn strategies for coping with them.

That addresses the ADHD part of the title.

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Donald Trump Adderall Conspiracy Theories

Drugs just shot out of Trump’s nose, live, on national TV.That’s it.

Fred Harding

Drugs just shot out of Trumps nose, live, on national TV, wrote user Fred Harding in a viral tweet that was favorited more than 13,000 times.

But while its not unprecedented for a president to pop pills, what proof did they have? Videos from his presser that, well, could be the Zapruder film for our age.

Heres one where something small and white flies across the screen like a dart.

Even Adderall wants nothing to do with Trump.

ken olin

Another shot shows an even heftier chunk of . something, going across the screen.

5/ This first image is from 32:06 in the above-attached video, just after Trump says the word, “but”. The debris could be from his right nostril or his mouth. This is not spittle. It’s a fairly large piece of debris.

Dr. Jack Brown

Others fell back on the cocaine theory, noting that this might be the first time weve seen presidential coke boogers on live TV.

I remember when we had presidents who didn’t have coke boogers flying out of their nose on multiple occasions.


Whatever it is, the internet truly wants to believe the family is frequently abusing some sort of substance. Because this isnt the first time a Trump has faced widespread speculation of stimulant use this summer. Last month, after Donald Trump Jr.s Republican National Convention speech, cocaine eyes trended on .

Can You Give An Example Of Someone With A Personality Disorder Anyone I Know

OTR: What does Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl get from Donald Trump endorsement?

There are several different categories that we use to describe personality disorders. While you may not know the specific diagnoses, you certainly will have come across some of the ways that someone with a personality disorder behaves . For example, Girl, Interrupted or Betty Blue both of which portray examples of Borderline Personality Disorder or We need to talk about Kevin, which is about someone with an example of an Antisocial Personality Disorder). However, given that 1-3% of people in the community actually do have a diagnosable personality disorder, you may well know someone with one of these sorts of conditions in your personal life.

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Good Supporters Bad Enemies

Our country has become increasingly tribal and chaotic under this president.

Trumps use of psychological splitting divides people into all good supporters vs. all bad enemies. He uses his loyal sycophants to enable his dishonesty and lawlessness. He is openly contemptuous and hostile to his perceived enemies.

Trump cannot unify the country because he is unable to perceive people as whole, nuanced and loving. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions went from all good loyal sycophant to all bad hated enemy right before our eyes.

Trump does not want to lead or govern. His leadership has been totally absent during this pandemic. If anything, he has stirred the pot with his divisive and accusatory rhetoric. He has not led on the aftermath of the George Floyd homicide and subsequent policing controversies. He has not led against racism. He has not led on the nationwide protests. What we got was a staged political prop with the Bible. Trumps primary interest is in being exalted and glorified, even if undeserved.

We have not had a real president in four years. The narcissism has not allowed him to lead and govern. He spends most of his time tweeting about his false and fake accomplishments or his dreaded enemies. His self-promotion and showmanship have failed. His proclamations, like Nobody has ever done for the black community what President Trump has done or We have the coronavirus contained, ring hollow. It is because they are hollow.

How Do Psychologists Describe President Trumps Personality

President Trumps personaoutlandish, brash, and belligerentcompels attention and analysis, especially since he occupied tremendous power. For psychologists, his persona also invites interpretation because it maps so well onto many well-known psychological constructs. Some mental health professionals have publicly stated their view that Trumps behavior aligns with the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and paranoid personality disorder, according to the DSM-5.

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Melania Trumps Son Barron Falls On Autism Spectrum Fidgety Socially Awkward Journalist Claims

  • Melania Trump’s son allegedly suffers from autism
  • Barron Trump is reportedly showing signs that he falls on the autism spectrum
  • Rosie O’Donnell thinks Barron Trump has autism

Melania Trumps son, Barron Trump, has been sparking speculations that he falls on the autism spectrum.

In an article he penned for the Santa Monica Observer, journalist Samuel Alioto described the 13-year-old as fidgety and socially awkward. He also observed how Barron refuses to speak or shake hands. This, according to Alioto, are obvious signs that the FLOTUS son may be autistic.

Studies have also shown that children who are born to much older parents are more likely to fall on the autism spectrum. The POTUS was already 60 years old when his youngest child was born.

In the past, President Trump has also shared his thoughts regarding the connection between vaccines and autism. Rumors swirled that the president was talking about his own son at that time.

Autism has become an epidemic. Twenty-five years ago, 35 years ago, you look at the statistics, not even close. It has gotten totally out of control. I am totally in favor of vaccines. But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time, he said.

Actress Rossie ODonnell previously wondered if Barron is autistic. On Twitter, she said that the teenagers diagnosis could bring attention to the autism epidemic.

Why Does Gaslighting Relate To The Trump Presidency

Donald Trump, Fonzie, and the Responsibility Imperative ...

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that leads someone to doubt their experience of reality. Through consistent lying, misdirection, and contradiction, the gaslighter attempts to delegitimize the victims beliefs by confusing and destabilizing them. This can lead the victim to doubt their memory, perception, and sometimes even sanity.

President Trump has lied brazenly to the public throughout his term. Early examples include alleging that he had the largest inauguration day audience despite photographic evidence and dismissing Russian interference in the 2016 election as fake news despite a consensus from U.S. intelligence agencies. Trumps frequent and bold lies, and his consistent effort to undermine peoples perception of truth, have led some to characterize Trumps behavior as gaslighting.

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What’s With Adhd In The South

Nationally, the rates of ADHD diagnoses and medical treatment are on the rise, but the CDCs map reveals dramatic differences between states, with a prevalence of ADHD diagnosis and drug treatment in the south.

Whats at work here? Thats what Stephen Hinshaw, PhD, vice chair of psychology in the department of psychiatry at the University of California in Berkeley wanted to know when he teamed with Berkeley health economist Richard M. Scheffler PhD, to drill down into the statistics. Heres what they found:

Policy Change They traced the bump in ADHD diagnosis and treatment to education policies implemented in the south and midwest in the 1990s and the whole country after No Child Left Behind was introduced in 2001. These policies punished schools, usually by cutting their funding, if they didnt raise their kids test scores. That meant there was a payoff if states with increased ADHD diagnoses, says Hinshaw, particularly among the poor where they rose an astonishing 60% between 2003 and 2007, compared to only 10% among kids from middle and upper class families. For one thing, a diagnosis can lead to treatment that could help underachieving students do better in the classroom and, as a result, increase mean test scores.

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