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Chelsea Clinton Bluntly Said Her & Ivanka Trumps Close Friendship Ended When She Turned To The Dark Side

Desi Lydic Foxsplains: The Trump Documents Scandal | The Daily Show

Its hard to imagine a time when Bill Clintons daughter Chelsea Clinton and Donald Trumps daughter Ivanka Trump were buddies, but it happened, and it was a thing for a while. When they were both at red carpet events or a charity gala, youd see them chatting up a storm, laughing with one another. In

  • Cuban said his quotes about the in-season tournament were “old” and he has an idea for the prize for the winning team.

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  • Antigua and Barbuda’s prime minister said the country will vote on removing the British monarch as head of state, and it is “not an act of hostility.”


  • The model and TV host revealed she wasn’t thrilled with the title of her husband’s new song until she listened to it fully.

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  • Donald Trump Is Back On Twitter

    Former President Donald Trump is back on Twitter.

    His messages from his own operation, Truth Social, are now being posted under the new Twitter profile President Donald J. Trumps Truth Social Posts.

    The description for the account @PresTrumpTS adds: President Donald J. Trumps Truth Social Posts on Twitter Making sure President Trump is heard on Twitter while he and Devin Nunes focus on Truth Social.

    The tweets available Monday included 210 messages Trump has posted on Truth Social since February, which are now also tailored to Twitter. Each tweet pleads: Please Follow and Retweet.

    The new account is only for Trumps messages on Truth Social and others he has chosen to retruth.

    In tweets Monday, he bashed Rep. Liz Cheney and spoke up for beleaguered reelection candidate Rep. Madison Cawthorn

    Donald J Trumps Truth Social Posts May 16, 2022

    Trump was permanently banned from Twitter in 2021 for his role in last years attack on the U.S. Capitol. Potential new Twitter owner Elon Musk has indicated he would let Trump back on the platform, but its uncertain if Musk will finalize the purchase deal.

    Twitter has a policy prohibiting banned users from dodging restrictions by utilizing other profiles to post messages. But Trump routinely defies the policy by posting messages on the . Now there are two Twitter accounts with his posts.

    Twitter did not return a request for comment from HuffPost about the work-around.

    Truth Social could not be reached for comment.

    The Consequences Trump Could Face For Mishandling White House Records

    Update: On Monday, Aug. 8, 2022, the FBI executed a search warrant at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. Sources tell CBS News the search was related to a Justice Department investigation into Trump’s handling of presidential records.

    In the story below, first published on Feb. 10, 2022, shortly after the National Archives referred the matter to the Justice Department, legal experts told CBS News that Trump could face consequences for violating the Presidential Records Act or criminal statutes governing the handling of classified material.

    Washington Former President Donald Trump’s alleged improper handling of White House records while he was in office and after he decamped to Florida has prompted fresh scrutiny over whether he flouted federal law and, if he did, whether he can be held accountable for doing so.

    The law governing the records-keeping responsibilities of presidents is the Presidential Records Act, which was enacted in 1978 and requires any memos, letters, emails and other documents related to the president’s duties be preserved and given to the National Archives and Records Administration at the end of an administration.

    But “the real problem is there’s absolutely no enforcement mechanism in the Presidential Record Act and there’s no administrative enforcement provision,” she said.

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    Rep Scott Perry Suing To Block Doj Access To His Cell Phone

    The 16-page suit, filed last week in Washington D.C. federal court, was not publicly docketed until late Tuesday.

    Rep. Scott Perry indicated that after his phone was seized, he and his attorney conferred with DOJ about an alternative solution to litigation. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

    08/24/2022 09:22 AM EDT

    Rep. Scott Perry is suing to block the Justice Department from reviewing the contents of his cell phone, which was recently seized as part of an apparent investigation into the Pennsylvania Republicans connections to former President Donald Trumps effort to overturn the 2020 election.

    FBI agents seized Perrys phone on Aug. 9 and transported it to the custody of DOJs inspector general, which has helped lead the inquiry into the push by Trump and his allies to replace department leadership as part of a broader drive to keep Trump in power. Investigators have cited Perry as a key participant in that effort given his help connecting Trump with Jeffrey Clark, a DOJ official whom Trump viewed as an ally in his push.

    But Perry indicated in his recent filing that DOJ has not yet accessed materials on his phone and is in the process of obtaining a second search warrant that would guide its review, including a process to screen out potentially privileged materials. Perry is objecting to that bid, demanding that the government be blocked from scouring his phone and that it return any data in its possession.

    Russian Nationalists Rage After Stunning Setback In Ukraine

    Donald Trump makes surprise appearance at Mar

    Russian nationalists called angrily on Sunday for President Vladimir Putin to make immediate changes to ensure ultimate victory in the Ukraine war, a day after Moscow was forced to abandon its main bastion in northeastern Ukraine. The swift fall of Izium in Kharkiv province was Russia’s worst military defeat since its troops were forced back from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in March. As Russian forces abandoned town after town on Saturday, Putin was opening Europe’s largest ferris wheel in a Moscow park, while fireworks lit up the sky over Red Square to celebrate the city’s founding in 1147.

  • The six-time coach also dished on the details of her new makeup line, GXVE by Gwen Stefani.


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    Christian Nationalism Is Getting Written Out Of The Story Of January 6

    Joyce Dalsheim, University of North Carolina Charlotte and Gregory Starrett, University of North Carolina Charlotte

    Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia State University

    Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia State University

    Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, The University of Edinburgh

    Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia State University

    Mathew Guest, Durham University

    Victor Menaldo, University of Washington James D. Long, University of Washington, and Morgan Wack, University of Washington

    Jordan Richard Schoenherr, Concordia University

    Karrin Vasby Anderson, Colorado State University

    Joseph Ferguson, Loyola University Chicago and Thomas A. Durkin, Loyola University Chicago

    Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia State University

    Jeffrey Fields, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

    Matthew Wilson, University of South Carolina

    Adrian Beaumont, The Conversation

    Homa Hosseinmardi, University of Pennsylvania

    Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia State University

    Former Us President Donald Trump Marked His 75th Birthday With A Dinner At The Trump National Golf Club In Bedminster New Jersey

    Reported By:| |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Jun 22, 2021, 01:12 PM IST

    Former US president Donald Trump celebrated his 75th birthday on Monday and the event was a low-key affair. Trump marked his 75th birthday with a dinner at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

    Donald Trump Jr, the son of former US president, took to his Instagram account to share some photos of the birthday party. The guests included Donald Jr.s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, former NFL star Herschel Walker, Indiana congressman Jim Banks and Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

    The most notable absentee was Donald Trump’s wife and former First Lady, Melania Trump.

    Ex-wife Ivana Trump once said in an interview that “Donald hates his birthdays”, and a source also told People magazine that Melania “keeps her own schedule and leads her own life” away from her husband.

    The absence of Melania has once again sparked the divorce rumors between the couple but writer Kristyn Burtt said that it is wrong to say that Melania has decided to part ways with Donald Trump.

    She said: “She did that at the start of his administration when she and son Barron remained in New York City so he could finish out the school year before they moved to Washington, D.C. The couple has very different hobbies and seems to prefer their independent activities, but no one should read too much into her absence. This shouldnt be seen as a sign that there is trouble in their marriage.”

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    La Times Column Ridicules Melania For Feeling ‘violated’ Over The Mar

    A Los Angeles Times columnist wrote Wednesday that Melania Trump deserved to feel ‘violated’ by the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago and ridiculed the former first lady’s sex life. ‘This is simply the price you pay when you are married to a sticky-handed former president who is unable to grasp the difference between things that belong to him and things that do not,’ wrote columnist Robin Abcarian .…read

    Trump Is In Trouble And He Knows It

    DJ Trump

    The two big stories of this week are more closely linked than meets the eye.

    The outrages Donald Trump perpetrated in the wake of the 2020 election, leading to the Jan. 6 violence at the Capitol, do not intersect with everyday life in the same intimate way as the abortion issue. | Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

    06/30/2022 04:30 AM EDT

    Altitude is a column by POLITICO founding editor John Harris, offering weekly perspective on politics in a moment of radical disruption.

    At first blush, the Supreme Courts decision striking down Roe v. Wade doesnt have much to do with the startling revelations produced by the Jan. 6 select committee.

    Thanks, then, to Donald Trump for helping us get quickly to second blush: The ex-president himself seems to understand that the two are linked in a profound way, going well beyond the coincidence that not one but two monumental stories came crashing down near-simultaneously.

    Both stories move the national debate into arenas in which tactics that Trump has used so often and so skillfully in the past are far less likely to be effective. These tactics include denial, distraction and counter-accusation all harnessed to the reality that modern political culture has trouble distinguishing big matters from small or staying focused on any matter for very long.

    This time seems different because both subjects are qualitatively different. Trumps own words suggest he knows it.

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    Barr: Trump Using ‘extortion’ To Control Gop

    Former Attorney General William Barr said in a wide-ranging interview about his ex-boss that former President Donald Trump was resorting to “extortion” to continue to exert influence over the Republican Party, and said he still hasn’t decided what to make of the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago and the recovery of hundreds of pages of classified documents.

    Donald Trumps Sketchy Playbook For Blowing Up A Pro Sports League

    Trump has thrown his support behind an upstart pro golf tour thats trying to dethrone the PGA. His record with insurgent leagues should make his new partners nervous.

    Illustration by Andrey Kasay

    Ian Ward is a contributing editor for POLITICO Magazine.

    In the past few months, a bitter civil war has engulfed the genteel world of professional golf, sparked by the arrival of a flashy upstart tour called LIV Golf. The new tour, whose chief financial backer is Saudi Arabias sovereign wealth fund, has successfully lured a handful of big-name golfers away from the PGA Tour with the promise of nine-figure salaries, more generous tournament purses, and glitzy amenities. The tour has responded by banning rebel golfers from its events, a move that has caught the attention of the U.S. Justice Department, which has reportedly begun investigating the tour for potential antitrust violations.

    Phil Mickelson makes a putt on the 14th green during day one of the LIV Golf Invitational at the Centurion Club on June 9, 2022 in St Albans, England.|Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

    Much has been made of the sheer Trumpiness of this weekends event, with its clear undertones of revenge, casual acceptance of Saudi blood money, and callous disregard for the grievances of 9/11 families, who have beseeched Trump to spurn the Saudis out of respect for the memories of their deceased family members and who are airing ads condemning the tournament.

    This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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    Prince Andrew To Everyones Surprise Except His Own Leads Royals In Mourning At Balmoral

    OWEN HUMPHREYS/AFP via Getty ImagesRoyalist is The Daily Beasts newsletter for all things royal and Royal Family. Subscribe here to get it in your inbox every Sunday.Prince Andrew, the queens disgraced second son, took a surprise central role in the familys public mourning rituals at Balmoral, Scotland, Saturday, telling mourners, Weve been allowed one day, now we start the process of handing her on.Did Prince Andrew Really Just Use Prince Philips Death to Sneak Back on TV?Andrew reported

  • Trump is at the center of several scandals, “so is there frustration that Donald Trump has not had one minute of accountability? Yes,” Glenn Kirschner said.


  • Kadyrov Expresses Shock Over Russian Army’s Retreat Near Kharkiv Threatens To Take Odesa

    Melania Trumps Fitted White Dress, Stilettos Look Chic for Mar

    Following the success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv Oblast, Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov called the situation “amazing” and demanded that the Russian Defense Ministry make changes to the so-called “special military operation, in an emotional appeal posted in his Telegram channel on Sept. 11.

  • The passengers and crew held a moment of silence over the Atlantic to honor Elizabeth II after being informed of her passing, E! News reported.

    Business Insider

  • “If there’s somebody out there abusing your daughter, don’t take off. Don’t let it go. Don’t take no for an answer,” Karina Castro’s father warned


  • Paulina Porizkova, 57, shows off her toned AF butt and legs in a leopard print thong bikini in a new Instagram photo. The model loves Pilates to stay strong.

    Women’s Health

  • “Sex can be so traumatic I think,” wrote the “Live With Kelly and Ryan” host.


  • The vice president said women should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies, but “this court took that constitutional right away.”


  • Conor McGregor had only praise for longtime rival and “bonafide superstar” Nate Diaz ahead of his likely octagon farewell bout at UFC 279.

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  • UK intelligence said Ukraine has made gains in Kharkiv and that Russian forces had appeared to retreat in the region.

    Business Insider

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    Geraldo Rivera Done With Shameful Trump

    NEW YORK Fox News veteran Geraldo Rivera tweeted that hes bummed out by election-deniers and done with his old pal Donald Trump, who keeps egging them on. The 79-year-old Brooklyn natives declaration was met with disdain by those who remain faithful to the former president and his 2020 election claims.

    Election Deniers depress me, Rivera tweeted Wednesday. I blame President Trump for his shameful campaign to slander and undermine American faith in our elections.

    Rivera noted there were things the 45th president did while in office that he supports, but added, I could never support him again.

    Rivera, a Brooklyn Law School alumni, concluded in his tweet that without fealty to the Constitution, America becomes a second-rate nation.

    Even after Trump lost his 2020 bid for reelection by 7 million votes, Rivera stood by his fellow former New Yorker and assured the public via social media that Trump would come to his senses.

    In November, Rivera said after a heartfelt phone call with his friend Donald Trump, that the defeated president assured him he is a realist wholl do whats right. He also suggested to Trump on Twitter that the time had come to move in with grace and dignity.

    Trump, however, went another direction and doubled down on his insistence that the election had been stolen from him in ways hes failed to explain by perpetrators who remain unclear.

    Geraldo is 2nd rate…maybe 3rd, tweeted one MAGA supporter.

    Trump Demands Either New Election Immediately Or Make Him Rightful President Now

    Former President Donald Trump on Monday took time off from melting down over the FBI executing a search warrant at his home to seize classified documents to demand that he be installed as commander-in-chief of the United States22 months after he decisively lost the 2020 race.

    The twice-impeached ex-president, though, did propose a minimal solution if he is not returned to the White House right away: Declare the 2020 vote irreparably compromised and hold a new one immediately.

    In recent days, conservativeshave latched onto remarks made by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg about his social platforms handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story just ahead of the 2020 election. Appearing on Joe Rogans podcast, Zuckerberg revealed that the Justice Department had warned Facebook to be vigilant about Russian propaganda in the waning days of the election season.

    While Zuckerberg specifically said the feds did not flag the laptop as disinformation, he told Rogan that Facebook did limit the reach of the New York Posts Hunter Biden story on news feeds for a few days as fact-checkers determined whether it was true. Unlike Twitter, however, Facebook users were free to share the article on their pages.

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    Moscow Officials Urge Putin To Gtfo: Everything Went Wrong

    GettyMore and more Russian officials are urging Vladimir Putin to get the hell out of the Kremlin as Moscow suffered another series of humiliating defeats in Ukraine this weekend.Just one day after several municipal deputies in Putins hometown of St. Petersburg called on the State Duma to try the Russian leader for treason, their colleagues in Moscow joined in and demanded he step down because his views are hopelessly outdated.The open letter to Putin from municipal deputies in the Russian ca

  • This was not the highest level of boxing, but a win’s a win.

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  • The Duchy of Lancaster estate generated revenues of $27 million last year for the Queen and the new king is now entitled to its income.

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