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Why Trump Is A Bad President

Things Donald Trump Did As President You Might Have Missed

Biden To Trump: ‘You’re The Worst President America Has Ever Had’ | NBC News

Trumps presidency may be best remembered for its cataclysmic end. But his four years as president also changed real American policy in lasting ways, just more quietly. We asked POLITICOs best-in-class policy reporters to recap some of the ways Trump changed the country while in office, for better or worse.

01/18/2021 06:30 AM EST

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Many Americans will remember President Donald Trumps presidency as a four-yearlong storm of tweets, rallies and on-air rants that ended in a mob riot and historic second impeachment. But there was more to the Trump presidency than attention-hogging political drama and conflict often unnoticed, Trump and his administration actually did succeed in changing some of the ways Washington works.

From imposing a ban on Chinese-made drones to rolling back rules on sexual harassment, from cracking down on robocalls to letting states legalize marijuana, Trump changed some key areas of federal policy in ways that may have lasting impact well after hes gone.

But heres the thing between all the news coverage of the president himself, a global pandemic and various other upheavals, theres a good chance you missed a lot of them. So here is POLITICOs list of 30 important policy changes Trump made as president, how theyve affected our lives, families and businesses, and the prospects they will survive the incoming Biden administration.

When He Dismissed Russian Interference In The Election

The spectre of Russia has haunted Trump since the 2016 election that brought him to power. Post-election analysis of data by the likes of academics seems to suggest that yes, Russian interference played a part in it.

But Trump, funnily enough, has never been keen to examine the role Russia might have had in seeing him elected. Which means hes not only blocked every attempt to investigate it but also sacked multiple officials whove threatened to do so, like former FBI director James Comey. Trump even admitted that Russia was part of his reasoning for firing Comey, making him only the second American president to sack his FBI director. Historic.

2. When he appointed his unqualified family to top administration roles

Ah, the sweet smell of nepotism. As soon as Trump went to the White House, so did his family. But breaking with protocol, members of the extended Trump clan quickly received important high-ranking roles. Like daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared who are now special advisors, a role that is very vague but ensures theyre essentially part of running the country. Ivankas attempt to mingle with world leaders at the 2019 G20 summit was widely ridiculed.

Its not stopped her, or the other Trumps, ascending the power ladder though.

Trump Not ‘worst’ Us President In Rankings By Historians Obama Breaks Into Top 10

  • Despite being the only president in US history to get impeached twice, Trump entered the rankings at the 41st position, bettering three former presidents.

The twice-impeached former US President Donald Trump is not the worst president in American history, according to the fourth edition of C-SPANs historical presidential rankings. A cross-section of 142 historians and professional observers of the presidency ranked the 44 former presidents of the United States, results of which were published on Wednesday.

Trump entered the list for the first time after losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. Despite the mishandling of coronavirus disease and becoming the only president in US history to get impeached twice, the Republican entered the ranks at the 41st position, bettering three former presidents.

While Trumps highest rankings were in public persuasion and economic management , he was ranked last for moral authority and administrative skills.

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Former President Barack Obama, who released his memoir A Promised Land last year, moved to 10th place from his earlier 12th ranking in 2017. George W. Bush also continued his steady incline, from 36 in 2009 to 33 in 2017 and getting the best position of 29 since he entered the list. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, lost four places to 19 in the latest edition after rising to 15th place in 2009 from 21st in 2000.

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Opinion: Donald Trump Is The Worst President In Us History For Three Big Reasons

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The editorial board operates independently from the U-T newsroom but holds itself to similar ethical standards. We base our editorials and endorsements on reporting, interviews and rigorous debate, and strive for accuracy, fairness and civility in our section. Disagree? Let us know.

Donald Trump is the worst president in U.S. history for three huge reasons and tens of thousands of lesser ones. Only the reasons order is up for debate.

Trumps attacks on institutions the press, the judiciary, the intelligence community culminated in his war on voting. The Jan. 6 mayhem at the Capitol was a direct result and rightly led to a previously unimaginable second presidential impeachment.

The second huge reason is Trumps stunningly incompetent response to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of seeing the virus as a public health threat, he treated it as a threat to the economy and thus to his re-election downplaying it even after it hit in full force in April. He refused to use White House clout to obtain basic supplies and offer guidance to states, then pushed the view that wearing a mask was a political statement against him not an attempt to keep people safe. More than 400,000 Americans are dead at least partly as a result.

Maybe Trump Wasnt The Worst President Ever

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Mr. Updegrove, a historian and the author of Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency, is a participant in the 2021 C-SPAN Presidential Historian Survey.

During his presidency, John F. Kennedy, perhaps with a wary eye on the future, met with David Herbert Donald, a biographer of Abraham Lincoln, and expressed his displeasure with historians presidential rankings.

No one has the right to grade a president, even poor James Buchanan, he told Donald, who has not sat in his chair, examined the mail and information that came across his desk, and learned from the decisions he made.

Historians have nonetheless persisted. On Wednesday, C-SPAN issued a report card of past presidents, its fourth since 2000 and the first to include Donald Trump. James Buchanan has held a lock on the bottom spot as the worst president. Would Mr. Trump change that?

No though he has very little to brag about. Historians deemed him the fourth worst of the 44 former presidents .

The scores, rendered by over 140 independent historians looking at 10 criteria like crisis leadership and performance within context of times, range from 897 for the top-rated president, Lincoln, to Buchanans 227. Mr. Trump got 312.

All things considered, its difficult to see Mr. Trump emerging from the ratings basement even when the forest of the Trump era can be seen for the trees.

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When He Nominated A Climate Change Sceptic To Chair The Committee Advising The White House On Environmental Policy

We cant say that Donald Trump doesnt take climate change seriously but we can say that he withdrew from global commitments to tackle the issue, once tweeted about needing a little of that good old fashioned Global Warming!, and nominated climate change sceptic Kathleen Hartnett White to be his top environmental advisor.

So, you do the math.

How Trump Embodies The Definition Of A Bad Leader

President Donald Trump announces a deal to temporarily reopen the government, in the Rose Garden of… the White House, Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, in Washington.


As candidates announce their intention to run for president in 2020, there is no better time for America to take stock, contemplate what constitutes a good leader, evaluate whether our current president embodies that definition and determine who among the candidates exemplifies it. One can not help but notice any time a leadership expert or scholar discusses the characteristics and habits of a good leader in any capacity, it brings the shortcomings of the current president into stark relief. Leadership experts in business and academia have discussed and debated the tenets, values and character of great leaders throughout history, and agree that the best among them possess a handful values and qualities that are imperative to outstanding leadershipand that the current president does not have any of them. Below are a list of integral leadership qualities Trump does not embody:

He Refuses To Accept Criticism

He Refuses To Evaluate Errors And Changes Course When Presented With New Information

He Does Not Do What Is Right In The Long Term, He Succumbs To Short Term Pressures

He Doesn’t Take Care Of His People

He Has No Empathy

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Research Suggests That The President Is More Intuitive Than Analytical

As Democrats gear up to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 election, the party should be thinking about the qualities that make him so popular with many Americans. While liberal pundits remain baffled by the president’s following, studies from the field of psychology continue to shed light on the phenomenon.

A study published in the journal Translational Issues in Psychological Science suggests that Donald Trump stands out amongst other politicians, including fellow Republicans and past presidents, as being exceptionally low in “analytic thinking.” By using intelligent text analysis software to interpret language data from speeches, debates, and written documents, the researchers estimated the point where Trump falls on an analytic-narrative continuum. This finding raises the interesting question of whether a low-analytic thinking style could be contributing to the president’s popularity.

The analytic-narrative continuum provides a way to objectively measure someones thinking style and whether it’s analytic, which is characterized by careful deliberation based on logic and reason, or narrative, which is characterized by more gut reactions grounded in intuition and personal experience. While an analytic thinking style is evidence-driven and statistical, rather than anecdotal and emotion-based like narrative thinkingthere is no doubt that the latter resonates with many people.

This article was originally published by Raw Story.

Opinion: Turns Out Donald Trump Wasn’t The Worst President In Us History Historians Say

Colbert: All The Other Reasons Trump Is A Bad President

On Wednesday, C-SPAN released its 2021 Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership, including for the first time former President Donald Trump. The survey organizers have assembled a broad ideological and demographic spectrum of 142 presidential historians and professional observers of the presidency invited to participate. I was one of them.

The results from my fellow historians are now in: Donald Trump is not our worst president. Instead, James Buchanan continues to hold the bottom spot. Trump ranks in 41st place, with three presidents beneath him.

As a historian who has studied James Buchanan, I can’t say I am surprised. The case for Buchanan as the worst president in American history is, after all, a very strong one. From unwise meddling into the affairs of the Supreme Court during the Dred Scott case — he allegedly influenced the court’s ruling that Black people are “not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word ‘citizens’ in the Constitution” — to his role in the struggles that split his own Democratic Party in two, Buchanan blundered badly when the nation needed a steady hand to guide the ship of state.

Whether right or wrong, Buchanan has as a result often been pinned with the full blame for the resulting Civil War.

For now, at least, James Buchanan remains our worst president. Whether Donald Trump will surpass him as our worst president in the long run, only time can tell.

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