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How Old Is Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump

Forums And Other Appearances

Senator Bernie Sanders Takes Donald Trump Tweet To Senate Floor | NBC News

On April 6, 2019, Sanders participated in a Fox News town hall that attracted more than 2.55 million viewers. His decision to appear on Fox was controversial given the Democratic National Committee‘s decision not to allow Fox to host any of its debates. His appearance saw an increase of Fox News viewers by 24% overall and 40% in the 25-to-54-year-old demographic, surpassing the ratings of all other Democratic presidential candidate town halls that year. As of September 2019, the town hall had received more than 1.5 million views on .

On August 6, Sanders appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Some praised Rogan for “hosting a pragmatic discussion” while others “seemed rather stunned by Sanders’s decision to appear on the show at all.” After the podcast, Rogan became a top-trending Twitter topic. After interviewing him, Rogan said, “I am not right-wing I’ve interviewed right-wing people. I am 100% left-wing Bernie Sanders made a ton of sense to me and I would 100% vote for him.” As of October 2019, the podcast had received more than ten million views on YouTube.

Donald Trump Is Younger Than Sanders & Biden


Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. Hes 73 years old, so hes younger than both Sanders and Biden. However, hes older than Warren.

What about Hillary Clinton? Clinton was born on October 26, 1947. That makes her 71 years old and younger than Trump, Biden, or Sanders. But shes one year older than Elizabeth Warren, who was born on June 22, 1949 and is 70 years old.

Polls And News Coverage

Some supporters raised concerns that publications such as The New York Times minimized coverage of the Sanders campaign in favor of other candidates, especially Trump and Clinton. The Timesombudsman reviewed her paper’s coverage of the Sanders campaign and found that as of September 2015 the Times “hasn’t always taken it very seriously. The tone of some stories is regrettably dismissive, even mocking at times. Some of that is focused on the candidate’s age, appearance and style, rather than what he has to say.” She also found that the Times’s coverage of Sanders’s campaign was much scanter than its coverage of Trump’s, though Trump’s was also initially considered a long shot at that time, with 63 articles covering the Trump campaign and 14 covering Sanders’s. A December 2015 report found that the three major networksCBS, NBC, and ABChad spent 234 minutes reporting on Trump and 10 minutes on Sanders, despite their similar polling results. The report noted that ABC World News Tonight had spent 81 minutes on Trump and less than one minute on Sanders during 2015.

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Donald Trump Bernie Sanders: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

  • Ben McKay | contributing writer

Former President Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders use populism to gain political power.

The increasing divide in American politics is a well-documented phenomenon. Stark polarities between Democrats and Republicans seems to have transcended traditional policy arguments.

Eight of 10 registered votersin the 2020 elections believed differences between their political counterparts were over core American values, according to recent polling data released by the Pew Research Center. Americans need to look no further than Joe Bidens inaugural address in which he uttered the words unity nine separate times to be reminded of the hostility currently felt toward one another.

The sharp division we see among Americans leads us to ask an important question: What phenomenon has fueled this divide?

American division is being accelerated by a wave of anti-neoliberalism, which is a reactionary ideology categorized by a dissatisfaction with free-market economic philosophy. America is experiencing an apolitical pushback against the global economic order thats manifested into increasingly partisan, populist movements.

The goal of this article isnt to provide a detailed history of the macro trends categorizing U.S. politics and economic policy, as entire books could be written on such a subject. Rather, its to provide an easily digestible theory that singles out the main source of division in modern American politics.

Democrats Feel The Bern In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump: This Guy Is A Fraud ...

Those fears among the Democratic establishment have been stoked by shifting polls and the particularly poor performance of former moderate frontrunner Joe Biden.

Survey averages ahead of tomorrow’s primary put the former vice-president fourth on about 12 per cent, while small-town mayor Pete Buttigieg is in second on about 20 per cent and Senator Sanders is in the lead on 26 per cent.

In recent days, the race’s two new leaders have come under sustained attack from other candidates desperate to claw back some ground.

Mr Buttigieg copped criticism for his lack of national political experience, Senator Sanders for the enormous cost of some of his sweeping policy proposals.

But the rise of the two relative outsiders seems to be further evidence of a broad desire for a change to the political status quo.

At events across New Hampshire and indeed the rest of the country establishment figures don’t seem to be attracting the same crowds or getting the same raucous receptions.

At a rally in snowy Claremont, some Sanders supporters mutter darkly to us about the “mainstream media”, when we ask about their candidate’s electability.

The fans who will speak with us are uniformly scathing of any criticism from moderates.

“The moderates are the reason Donald Trump won,” Sanders supporter Ashley Andreas said.

“Bernie is our chance for change. He’s kind of the left, mirror image of Trump.

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Sanders Bows Biden Ready To Take On Trump In November

AMERICA By AFP| April 9th 2020

US Senator Bernie Sanders at a meeting for the Democratic primaries, in Keene, New Hampshire.

After a campaign shaken by twists and turns, Bernie Sanders abandoned the race for the White House on Wednesday, promising to work with Joe Biden, now the assured winner of the Democratic primary, who called for the rally to beat Donald Trump.

In announcing to his supporters that he was throwing in the towel, the independent senator greeted Joe Biden as a “very respectable man” and said that he would work with this more moderate candidate in order to advance his program firmly anchored on the left.

Noting the real tensions between the two camps, the former American vice-president, 77, reached out to supporters of 78-year-old Bernie Sanders.

“I know I have to win your votes. And I know it may take time. But I want you to know that I see you, that I hear you, that I understand the sense of urgency that drives you,” said wrote the man who will face Donald Trump on November 3.

In the evening, he further praised the “passionate voice for progress” of Bernie Sanders, who “inspired and motivated millions of supporters, especially young voters”.


Biden imposes new international travel vaccine rules, lifts existing restrictions

At the end of a campaign which had seen an unprecedented number of candidates, displaying record diversity, Joe Biden promised to choose a woman as co-listener.

Upset campaign

Biden, “most progressive” candidate?

Would Republican Attacks Knock The More Moderate Candidates Down To Sanderss Level

One concern about our findings is that Republicans who say they would vote for Biden or Buttigieg might not really do so in November, after the general election campaign has heated up. After months of sustained attacks from Trump and Republicans throughout the general election, would the more moderate candidates still be more electable than Sanders?

To examine this possibility, we first conducted an experiment to identify effective attacks against each of the Democratic candidates. For example, Bidens historical support for freezing Social Security benefits undermined his support, but hearing about Buttigiegs sexual orientation and the fact that he met his husband online did not decrease his support.

Then, to examine the resiliency of each Democrats support in the general election in the face of effective attacks, we showed some of our survey respondents the three attacks that were most effective against each Democrat before asking them who they would vote for in a contest between that Democrat and Trump.

After showing three attacks against each candidate, we find that Sanders would still need the same large youth turnout surge to overcome his deficit relative to the more moderate candidates against Trump. When we analyze the data using the same approach described above that disregards what voters say about whether they will vote, we find that, after being shown the attacks, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and Biden still do better against Trump than Sanders does.

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Who Are The Oldest And Youngest Presidents Ever

Donald Trump is currently the oldest US President to be sworn into office.

He was aged 70 years and 220 days on January 20, 2017 when he was inaugurated.

The previous record holder for the oldest President was Republican icon Ronald Reagan who was aged 69 years and 349 days when he was sworn into office in 1981.

The youngest US President in history is Theodore Roosevelt who was 42 years and 322 days when he assumed office in 1901.

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Another Trump Takes Up The Mantle

Bernie Sanders: ‘Donald Trump is a pathological liar…

There have been very few moments in his life when Donald Trump has not been willing to go on cable television to pontificate on the state of the real estate market. But it’s only been a week since Trump’s casino empire went bankrupt, so this might just be one of those moments . But what do you do if Donald won’t come on andDon Jr. isn’t available andIvanka Trump can’t even be bothered to throw on a cocktail dress and grace Fox Business’s classy barroom set with her presence? You turn to Eric Trump, naturally! Sure, he graduated college about 15 minutes ago and wasn’t even around for the boom market much less understand the causes of the current real estate crisis. But he’s been very well trained, clearly. Take a long, hard look, folks. We have a sinking feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of him over the next, oh, four decades or so.

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The Trumps Expand Mortgage Exec Takes A Loss

⢠It looks like Don Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa are spreading out a bit. A week after the couple paid $1.125 million for an 1,800-square-foot apartment on the 12th floor of The Sovereign on East 58th Street, they’ve now paid another $1.595 million for the apartment next door. ⢠Douglas Lebda, the founder of LendingTree, has gone into contract to sell his penthouse at the Legacy on East 84th Street. After more than nine months on the market, Lebda is taking a loss on the sale of the 5,175-square-foot apartment. Purchased for $8.6 million in 2007, the mortgage exec is reportedly selling it for “close to” its listing price of $7.5 million.

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In the case of Bernie Sanders, the evidence appears to be clear cut. Of the roughly 150 instances of populist rhetoric researchers identified,54% were in direct reference to economic issues, like class division, trade policies, unemployment, general economic distress and college affordability.

For Trump, a bit of digging gets us to a similar conclusion. Right off the bat, we see that purely economic issues, like general economic distress, class division, trade policies and unemployment constitute a plurality of 28% of his speech content.

What jumps off the page is Trumps significant attention toward undocumented immigration. Rhetoric such as theyre taking our jobs or theyre taking our money were repeated time and time again by Trump to mobilize middle-class Americans who feel threatened by job scarcity.

Rhetoric aimed at attracting Americans who feared that neoliberalism, free trade and the free movement of people was going to threaten their livelihood. Undocumented immigration is an economics issue, and when counted as such, Trumps economically related populist rhetoric jumps to 44%.

This tells us that a significant proportion of Americans on both sides of the political aisle are concerned that the U.S. economic system is no longer working for them. Where did we go wrong?

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The Issue With Trickle

Supply side-focused trickle-down economics may have been a semi-effective school of economics during the Reagan Era, but the philosophy has little positive impact today. Madison Business Review contributing writer Will PerDieu explains why.

Unfortunately, structural shifts in the global economy in the late 1960s and early 1970s fueled primarily by mounting international competition led to the end of post-war economic prosperity. From the ashes of the economic downturn birthed the rise of a new philosophy: neoliberalism.

From the mid-1970s up until now, neoliberalism has dominated the U.S. and international economic order. During this time, weve seen drastic increases in global trade, migration and wealth disparity. Such a system has produced disdain amongst a large coalition of lower-class to middle-class Americans.

For conservative voters, its manifested into a fear of job scarcity, either resulting from outsourcing or being replaced by the cheaper labor of undocumented immigrants here at home. For liberals, its a growing hatred of the rich and an utter loathing of a system that seemingly fails to protect the 99%.

The media has characterized American politics as increasingly divisive. Polarizing leaders such as Trump and Sanders have personified this trend.

But in closer review, its clear that the root of this division isnt purely partisan. The root of this division is an apolitical economic trend that continues to test the social fabric of this once civil union.

Trump Vs Bernie: Debate For America

Trump beats Sanders by 7 points, new Rasmussen poll shows

The debate special aired April 27, 2016. It is moderated by Paul F. Tompkins, Brianna Baker, and Rhea Butcher.Betsy Sodaro plays a protester who heckles Trump throughout the debate. When Sodaro storms the stage, Trump brandishes a gun and shoots her. The special ends with Bernie rushing to Sodaro and tackling Trump.

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Older Politicians Serve Everywhere In The Government

There are exceptional octogenarians like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg or the late Justice John Paul Stevens who could well have served productively into his nineties, but they are exceptions. A more typical problem of high-impact public service on the aging mind and body is 81 year-old Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who has been ineffective at his job and seems to spend much of his time currying favor with President Donald Trump. We obviously do not all age at the same pace, but it is more likely that our faculties will grow less acute as we age than it is for them to sharpen.

Take away from Mueller, impeachment:Robert Mueller testimony on Trump and Russia: Devastating facts that point to impeachment

Right now there are three men in their mid-to-late seventies under consideration for the 2020 presidential contest. The list is topped by the incumbent, 73-year-old President Trump and two Democratic rivals a few years older, Senator Bernie Sanders and former vice president Joe Biden.

A message to 2020 Democrats:Republican: I’m telling Democrats how to beat Trump in 2020. It’s Job One so get over it.

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