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Will Trump Be President Again

Trumps Role As Republican Party Leader Is Becoming Stronger

Bill Kristol: I Think Trump Wants To Be President Again

This weekends CPAC straw poll results showed that Trumps popularity along with DeSantis in the Republican Party has grown in the last six months, according to Forbes.

  • In February, only 55% of attendees of a similar CPAC event in Orlando, Florida, said they wanted Trump to lead the ticket in 2024, Forbes reported.
  • If Trump stayed in political retirement, or at least stayed off the presidential primary ballot in 2024, DeSantis lead the poll with 43% attending Republicans choosing him in Februarys hypothetical presidential primary.


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Trump Is A Big Fundraising Draw Among Republicans

In March, Trump attorneys sent cease-and-desist notices to the Republican National Committee and Republicans House and Senate campaign organizations, asking them to stop using Trumps name and likeness in their fundraising efforts. They did not stop.

Instead, Trump still shows up in digital ads, emails and merchandise sold by the party, like this Miss Me? shirt sold by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The midterms have become an important proving ground for would-be presidential contenders since they can raise money and campaign for congressional candidates and get in front of voters. Trumps already doing that without even trying. His name and likeness are helping fund his partys efforts to take back Congress in 2022, even though he asked them not to. It proves how much of a head start Trump might begin with if he campaigns in earnest for Republicans next year.

Will Trump Be Healthy Enough To Run In The 2024 Election

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman is doubtful that Trump will be healthy enough to run in the 2024 election. Trumps health has always been some sort of an enigma. Newman thinks that the former president needs to come clean to the American people about his health.

Trump was infected with the coronavirus and some reports suggest that it was a severe infection. It’s widely believed that his COVID-19 battle was worse than what was acknowledged at that time.

Nick Adams

Being the American president is a stressful job and the person needs to be physically and mentally fit for the job. Newmans views on Trump should be taken with a pinch of salt. They had a falling out after her book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House was published in 2018.

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The Claim: Donald Trump Will Be Reinstated As President In August

Supporters of Donald Trump are promoting a conspiracy theory on social media suggesting the former president will return to the White House in August, even though he lost the 2020 election eight months ago.

The theory gained traction after MyPillow CEO and founder Mike Lindell and Trumps former attorney Sidney Powell baselessly claimed in conservative media appearances that the Supreme Court would find evidence of voter fraud and a new inauguration date would be set.

Now, the claim has made its way to social media.

TRUMP REINSTATED! reads text over a fake newspaper cover that was on July 18. The image includes other debunked claims about arrests, election fraud and more.

The user captioned the image: SOON VERY SOON 08-05 2021.

The post has more than 500 reactions and more than 300 shares. Similarly, some users on YouTube have asserted Trump will be back in office by Aug. 13.

Trump himself has reportedly told allies that he thinks he will be reinstated in August, according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. A Politico/Morning Consult poll found 29% of Republican voters believe Trump will return to the White House this year.

Lindell claimed evidence of election fraud would be revealed at a “cyber symposium” event in August and the Supreme Court will overthrow the results of the 2020 election by a 9-0 vote, which would lead to Trump returning to office.

USA TODAY reached out to Powell and the Facebook user who shared the post for comment.

The Christian Prophets Who Say Trump Is Coming Again

President Trump again blasts John McCain, says he was ...

In the growing community of charismatic Christian prophecy, faith in Donald Trumps imminent return to the White House is a new dividing line.

Pastor Paula White-Cain and President Donald Trump remark at the “Evangelicals for Trump” coalition launch on January 3, 2020, in Miami, Florida. | Media Punch/AP

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Perched on a cream-colored armchair,Johnny Enlow, a 61-year-old, California-based Pentecostal pastor with short-cropped gray hair, a trim beard and Tom Selleck-style mustache, looked into the camera and prophesied that Donald Trump would become president again.

Not in 2024. In 2021.

The January 20 inauguration date doesnt really mean anything, Enlow said in the January 29 video, which has gotten north of 100,000 views on YouTube. According to Enlow, more than 100 other credible Christian prophets around the world had likewise declared that Trump, somehow, would be restored to power soon.

Enlow, Locke and Kerr are among dozens of Christian prophets in Americareligious leaders with followings among Pentecostal and charismatic Christians who claimthe ability to predict the future based on dreams, visions and other supernatural phenomena. Some prophets are church leaders, while others operate independently. There are no official requirements for prophet status, though followers generally expect prophets toget at least a few prophecies right.

But, lately, that standard has come under duressparticularly when it comes to Donald Trump.

James Goll | Facebook

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Donald Trump Odds To Win 2024 Presidential Election Improve Again

In the past month at London-based Smarkets betting exchange, Donald Trumps chances of winning the presidential election have improved from 10 percent to 18 percent.

The prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House is becoming more likely, according to Smarkets betting exchange.

Over the last month at the London-based exchange, the former presidents chances of winning the 2024 U.S. presidential election have improved from 10 percent to 18 percent .

In that same span, President Joe Bidens chances of re-election have dropped from 24 percent to 20 percent .

Speculation around Trump never goes away, and the latest Smarkets odds suggest we should be taking the prospect of a re-election bid seriously, Smarkets head of political markets Matthew Shaddick said in an email. Hes now the clear favorite to be the Republican nominee and is on the verge of overtaking President Biden as the most likely winner overall in 2024.

Vice President Kamala Harris chances of winning the 2024 election are 14 percent at Smarkets.

At the United Kingdom-based Betfair sportsbook, Biden remains the +333 favorite to win the 2024 election, and Trump and Harris are tied for the 5-1 second choice.

Contact reporter Todd Dewey at Follow on Twitter.

How Did Donald Trump Hint At A Return To The White House

After the news broke that for at least two years, he released a statement implying his return to the presidency.

He said: Next time Im in the White House there will be no more dinners, at his request, with and his wife. It will be all business!

On June 4, officially disclosed their decision to ban the former president from the social media platform for two years, extending his suspension following the insurrection on January 6.

Facebook said: At the end of this period, if we determine that there is still a serious risk to public safety, we will extend the restriction for a set period of time and continue to re-evaluate until that risk has receded.

After his loss in the 2020 presidential race, it was reported by several major outlets that Trump continued to believe that he would be reinstated as the Commander in Chief.

Read our Donald Trump live blog for the very latest news and updates…

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Joe Rogan: Trump Will ‘100%’ Run For President Again And Win If Pitted Against Biden Or Harris

Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience and a UFC commentator, suggested that former President Donald Trump will not only run for president in 2024 but that he will win.

Speaking with Amanda Knox, the woman who was acquitted in Italy’s Supreme Court after being accused of murder as an exchange student, on his podcast, Rogan said Trump would “100% try” after being asked if he thinks the 45th president will run in 2024.

“He’s probably going to win,” Rogan said following Knox’s comparison between former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Trump.

“How is Joe Biden going to win? How is it possible he’s going to beat anybody?” Rogan asked. “After you’ve seen him speak, after you’ve seen the decay and the decline, how is that possible? They’ve done a terrible job. The Democrats f***ed up royally by making that guy the president.”

Biden is “not very inspiring,” Knox said, but she suggested that Democrats would likely let someone else run, such as Vice President Kamala Harris.

“She would lose just as badly,” Rogan said. “She is the most hated vice president according to polls the least liked, I should say, vice president in 50 years.”

The podcast host told Knox that Harris had been exposed in her 2020 presidential campaign by former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat.

Returning to the idea of a rematch between Biden and Trump, Rogan was adamant in his belief of who would emerge as victorious.

Things In Politics: Trump Says He’ll Be President Again By August

These Trump supporters are convinced he will be president again on March 4

I hope you enjoyed your weekends and found some time to honor the incredible sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

One thing to look out for today: President Biden gives an update on the state of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign at 1:15 p.m. Eastern.

1. HERE WE GO AGAIN: Former President Trump doesn’t just believe in the false claim that he won the presidential election. He is now reportedly telling allies that he expects to return to office by August, a completely outlandish outcome that would be laughed out of any room … if not for the fact that the same voices whose lies fed the deadly Capitol riot have been pushing this claim for months.

How we got here, again: The lawyer Sidney Powell, who once represented Trump’s campaign, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell have both pushed the bizarre “reinstatement” claim that has no basis in the Constitution or reality. Former national security advisor Michael Flynn went even further over the weekend.

  • Flynn appeared to call for a violent coup: “It should happen here,” Flynn said in response to a question at a QAnon conference in Dallas on why a violent military-led coup like the one in Myanmar “can’t happen” in the US.
  • Here’s how a former Pence aide responded to the news:

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Trump Says It’s An ‘easy Question’ Whether He’ll Run Again

Donald Trump Trump urges GOP senators to vote against McConnell debt dealOn The Money Presented by NRHC Senate slowly walks back from debt disasterAdministration confirms it will restore national monuments to pre-Trump boundariesMORE said it is an easy question whether hell run for office again while declining to share his decision on launching a 2024 presidential bid.

Actually, for me, its an easy question. I know what Im going to do, Trump said Saturday in response to a question on if hell run again while visiting police officers in New York on the anniversary of 9/11.

I think youre going to be happy, he added, repeating a line hes used before.

It is not clear when the former president will announce whether he’ll seek a third White House bid, previously saying it could be after the 2022 midterm elections.

Trump visited officers at the New York City Police Department station but was not expected to attend 9/11 ceremonies at the memorial sites on Saturday. President BidenJoe BidenArkansas lawmakers advance bill prohibiting businesses from demanding workers’ vaccine statusSenate approves short-term debt ceiling increaseOn The Money Presented by NRHC Senate slowly walks back from debt disasterMORE, former President George W. Bush and others visited 9/11 memorials earlier in the day.

In a video shared earlier Saturday marking the 9/11 anniversary, Trump focused on condemning the Biden administration for its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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