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Is The Trump Marriage In Trouble

Former White House Staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman Claimed The First Lady Is Counting Every Minute Until He Is Out Of Office And She Can Divorce

Inside Donald and Melania Trumpâs Marriage: Trouble in Paradise?

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If you were a fly on the wall of the White House, where on Saturday would you have wanted to be?

Not watching Donald Trump as he returned home from his golf game: his fury and denial was all too predictable. Not watching Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump: their despondency and growing alarm was equally expected.

The prime spot was certainly wherever Melania Trump was, to watch how she took the news.

On the night of the 2016 election, we know how she felt.

“Melania was in tears – and not of joy,” wrote Michael Wolff in his book Fire and Fury, in an account backed up by other reporters.

A Former White House Aide Has Claimed That The Couple’s 15

US President incumbent Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump is planning to end their 15-year “transactional marriage” and is “counting the minutes until divorce” when Donald leaves the White House after losing to Joe Biden in US election 2020.

A former White House aide has claimed that the couple’s 15-year marriage is over and that Melania is “counting every minute until he is out of the office and she can divorce.”

The reason why she is not leaving while Donald Trump is still in office is because if Melania “were to try to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave while he’s in office, he would find a way to punish her,” alleged Omarosa Manigault Newman, former director of communications of the White House Office of Public Liaison, according to a report by London-based tabloid Daily Mail.

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Newman had resigned unexpectedly in December 2017 in a public falling out with Donald Trump.

One of Melania’s friends asserted that she burst into tears when her husband won the elections in 2016 as she “never expected him to win” and that she waited five months before moving from New York to Washington, allegedly because the couple’s son Barron “needed to finish school.”

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Melania And Donald Trump Have One Son Together

After he married Melania Trump, Donald Trump said he planned on having children with his new bride on an episode of Larry King Live. “I’m not going to be doing the diapers…she will be an unbelievable mother. I’ll be a good father, but I’ll be doing my deals.” Subsequently, the couple welcomed their only child, Barron Trump, in 2006. Once he was born, Donald changed his mind about the fatherly duties, telling People, “I love to feed the baby. Not because I have to, but just because I love it.”

Growing up in the penthouse of Trump Tower in New York City, Barron Trump enjoyed a lavish lifestyle he had not only a nursery, but also a kitchen, living room, and nanny’s quarters.

Donald and Melania make sure their son is protected from the media’s scrutiny. Once Donald was sworn into office, Barron had a motorcade accompany him to school in Manhattan . To help him to complete his school year, Melania stayed in New York with Barron for six months, and they moved to the White House over the summer .

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Donald Joked That Melania Wouldnt Cry If He Got Shot

At a private fundraising event Donald went a little off script. At first he was reminiscing, thinking about when Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise got shot. Then he said: “Scalise’s wife cried her eyes out when I met her at the hospital that fateful day… I mean not many wives would react that way to tragedy, I know mine wouldn’t.”

Melania And Donald Trump Don’t Sleep In The Same Bedroom

Donald Trump has a lot of problems

To say that Donald and Melania Trump give each other space is quite the understatement. In fact, in the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, author Michael Wolff revealed that Melania and Donald Trump don’t share a bed. He also explained that Donald has a habit of locking his wife out at night so he can indulge in cheeseburgers while watching television .

Former housekeepers for the couple confirmed this separation to journalist Mary Jordan for her book, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump. The women worked at Donald’s New Jersey golf course, and affirmed that the president’s residence was on the second floor, while Melania and Barron Trump slept in separate rooms on the same floor . “I never saw them like a normal family, sitting together at a table, eating together, talking,” one former employee told Jordan. “They spend time in the same place but they don’t interact.”

However, these arrangements don’t necessarily mean they are estranged. In an interview with Inside Edition, Jordan said, “By all accounts they do have a connection, they do have a relationship.”

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How Much Love Is In The Trump Marriage

America asks a lot of its first couples. Fairly or not, they become national marital role models. We don’t really care if they have separate bedrooms, but we do expect them to demonstrate a certain amount of mutual respect and fondness for each other.

We like it when they seem to be in love, like George and Laura Bush, or Barack and Michelle Obama. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton, for all their woes, seem to take pleasure in each other’s intellects and achievements. We also want them to be devoted parents.

We get no good vibes from the Trump marriage.

Trump, who demands adoration, would no doubt love for Melania to gaze upon him the way Nancy Reagan gazed upon her Ronnie. But Ronnie didn’t cheat on Nancy with porn stars and Playmates.

What’s distressing to many Americans is that Melania seems like a prop in her husband’s reality show. During his inauguration last year, when the new president turned around to say something to his wife, her face lit up for a second. As soon as he turned away, her happy mask fell away. Months later, she slapped away his hand as they walked on the tarmac in Israel.

Inside The Trump Marriage: Melanias Burden


Traditionally, presidents have at least made a show of having healthy,happy marriages. Even the Clintons, despite marital troubles, appearedto have moments of genuine affection, humor, and bonding. But fromalmost the first moments of Inauguration Day, during the ceremonialarrival at the White House, it seemed something was amiss with theTrumps. Perhaps youve seen the clip: Donald and Melanias black S.U.V.arrives at the White House, where Barack and Michelle Obama are waitingto greet them. Donald bolts from the car and marches up the stairs,leaving behind Melania, in her powder-blue, Jackie-esque suit, carryinga large Tiffany box. This snapshot of the Trump marriage wassoon followed by other odd moments. During Franklin Grahams blessing,Donald turned around to look at Melania. She smiled momentarily. Butonce his back was turned, her face fell into a miserable frown. Laterthat night, as the president and First Lady had their first dance,twice over, to My Way, she was often stiff and pulling away from hisface.

For a quick primer on some of Donald Trumps failed relationshipsprofessional and personaltake a look at the video below.

Left, Melania with fellow model Emma Eriksson during a 1995 photo shoot Right, at a party at Marquee, a New York nightclub, in 2004.

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This Photo Was Taken During The Trumps’ Appearance On The Today Show In 2016 While He Was On The Campaign Trail

According to Wood, this photo shows genuine enjoyment from both of them, especially Donald.

“He’s laughing very spontaneously,” Wood said. “It’s a very real laugh that goes all the way up through his body and lifts up his shoulders, lifts up his body, lifts up his cheeks, and he’s squinting. He’s in on it. He’s not offended.”

Why would he be offended? Perhaps because this photo was snapped just after his wife told a joke about him needing to get off Twitter.

Wood said that “it seems like they’re happy and laughing together,” even though “she’s just made fun of him.”

“She’s leaning away from him. To me, that makes him more the butt of the joke,” Wood said, adding that “it’s not a joke between the two of them” and “doesn’t draw them closer.”

However, that doesn’t mean Melania is unhappy here. Rather, she appears more relaxed than we’ve seen her since her husband became president.

“She’s voluntarily touching him,” Wood said, whereas these days, “she acquiesces to touching, she matches his touching sometimes, and sometimes she cringes from his touch, but here she’s reaching out to touch him.”

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Pastor In Trouble For Calling Melania Trump ‘Trophy Wife’

This type of hand-holding, Wood said, is quite common of Donald and Melania.

“He loves to hold hands. Sometimes he’s stepping in front of her and pulling,” Wood said.

She added: “We often see them holding hands. That need for connection with her, the need to have her by his side, is very, very strong.”

However, it was also clear to Wood that the two are not in sync.

“Typically, when you see couples holding hands, one or both of them is smiling, happy, lifted up, looking in the same direction as their partner,” Wood said. “But often when they’re holding hands, she’s a step behind.”

Their expressions are also a key indicator of what might actually be going on.

“The expressions on their faces are pressed lips, withholding their true feelings, pressed in, downward, at the corner of their mouths.”

She also emphasized the difference between interlacing your fingers when holding hands and going palm-to-palm, as these two do.

“Interlacing typically means more affection and intimacy, and being intertwined together,” Wood said.

She also said that a couple is forced to be in sync when interlacing fingers because otherwise it causes physical pain. Going palm-to-palm allows for one person to push or pull the other.

Wood concluded that this isn’t a one-time thing.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, we got one negative photo of them holding hands.’ It’s very indicative of their normal state,” she told INSIDER.

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Is Melania And Donald Trump’s Marriage Crumbling Before Our Eyes Body Language Expert Judi James Analyses First Lady’s ‘shudder’

After Melania Trump appeared to shudder when touched by her husband Donald Trump, Judi James takes a look back at the couples marriage since taking office in January

As a former model the ‘smile-and-wave’ role of First Lady should be a walk in the park for the very elegant Melania Trump but it’s her visual role as adoring wife that seems to be tripping her up in terms of her body language.

Thanks to the unrelentingly romantic poses of the Obamas, who knew a thing or two about couple’s choreography, the Donald and Melania duet appears increasingly awkward and distant.

There was that moment during the inauguration where Melania placed a seemingly protective gloved hand of ownership on the President’s torso but then there was also that monumental face drop during the service plus the agonising gift moment when the Trumps met the Obamas at the White House and poor Melania struggled alone.

Melania’s rally speech for her husband should have done a lot to boost her confidence as the crowd roared with approval when she took to the stage. You can seen her nerves beginning to evaporate as she raises one hand in recognition and greeting before performing a swift preening gesture with her hair.

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Vegas May Be Betting On A Post

Bookies started taking bets on Election Day as gamblers considered a question on many peoples minds: Will Melania Trump dump her husband when he is no longer president?

Soon after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election, Jimmy Kimmel even made a spoof of The Bachelorette. In it, a woman steps out of a limo to meet a roomful of nervous suitors. The camera pans from her stiletto heel, up her sparkly gown, to her familiar face its Melania Trump!

Is Melania Trump really looking forward to being rid of President Trump as much as tens of millions of Americans are? Or is it just another fantasy that Trump critics are projecting on a first lady who has succeeded in shrouding her true self in mystery?

Many who despise Donald Trump imagine that his wife does, too.They point to a few videos of her seeming to refuse to hold her husbands hand as proof. They also notice that Melania spends a lot of time apart from her husband, and shes not as publicly affectionate with him as, for instance, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama or Jill Biden are with their husbands.Some have baselessly claimed that Melania has a body double who stands in for her whenshe refuses tomake appearances ather husbands side.

Its easy to see where that idea came from. After a brutal election, many anti-Trumpers who are tired of the president calling others losers wouldnt mind seeing him humiliated by his 24-years-younger wife leaving him, especially when hes already down.

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Melania Trump Counting The Minutes To Divorce Claims Former Aide

Donald Trump has suffered a humiliating election loss and a former aide has made explosive claims things could be about to get a lot worse.

Bold tweet returns to haunt Trump fan

Donald Trump has suffered a humuliating loss in the US Presidential election, but if sources close to Americas first family are to be believed, things could be about to get a whole lot worse for him in the near future.

His wife Melania is said to have burst into tears when her husband was elected in 2016. One friend has said: She never expected him to win.

Since then a source close to the couple has spoken of their strange relationship, and she has claimed now that Joe Biden has defeated the President it is only a matter of time before Melania heads for the door.

President Trumps former aide and The Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault Newman claimed the 15-year marriage was coming to an end, adding: Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce, according to the Daily Mail.

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She has written an explosive book, Unhinged, offering a behind-the-scenes look into the Trump administration and the Presidents third marriage.

Speaking about the book on the British breakfast television program Lorraine last month, Ms Newman made several claims about the Trumpsvery strange relationship.

But I have known this couple since they were dating, they got married a year after The Apprentice aired.

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