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Does Chick Fil A Donate To Trump

Lindsey Graham Will Go To War For Chick

Amid LGBTQ protests, Chick-fil-A changes donation policy, social media chimes in

After learning of an issue that involved him in no way at all Lindsey Graham decided this was the hill he wanted to die on, as he made clear in a flurry of tweets defending the controversial chicken chain.

I have always thought Notre Dame was one of the greatest universities in America, if not the world, he said.

Its disappointing to hear some ND students and faculty want to ban Chick-fil-A from doing business on campus because they disagree with the values held by the Chick-fil-A founders. What a dangerous precedent to set.

I want everyone in South Carolina and across America to know I have Chick fil-As back, he declared. I hope we dont have to, but I will go to war for the principles Chick fil-A stands for.

Great food. Great service. Great values. God bless Chick fil-A!

Lindsey Grahams rousing battle cry probably sounded a lot better in his head but either way it didnt elicit the reaction hed hoped for.

Lindsey Graham vows to go to war for Chick fil-A He wouldnt lift a finger to stop a violent insurrection, but he could kill for a chicken sandwich, one critic noted as the senators name began trending on Twitter.

Imagine being a grown ass man and simping for a large fast food chain so hard that you compare defending its chicken on a college campus to going to war. Quote from my daughter. Class of 2020

Viral Tweet Shows List Of Fast Food Chains That Are Reportedly Supporting Trumps Reelection

A tweet that lists companies supporting Trumps re-election went viral on Thursday, causing chatter among the anti-President Donald Trump crowd on the internet.

The list includes fast food stalwarts such as McDonalds, Wendys, In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A, as well as chain restaurants like Olive Garden.The call to shun restaurants came after talk of a mass boycott of SoulCycle and Equinox after it was revealed their owner, billionaire Stephen Ross, was hosting a fundraising event for Trump on Friday.

So heres a list of companies supporting Trumps re-election: Bang- IHOP- Carls Jr.


The netizen whose real name is Zuriel Sanders told Newsweek Friday, In my tracking down I noticed a lot of the companies are funding PACS which are directly helping Trumps re-election or have helped in the past. Its indirect but I still see it as them supporting his campaign even if its indirect you know?He continued: And consumers shopping at these places are indirectly supporting his campaign for re-election. Some people think Im trying to shame them but its more me pointing out hey, youre posting how you dont like what our admin is doing, but youre kind of supporting them.

The tweet was retweeted almost 400,000 times on Friday, including by prominent Trump-critic Chrissy Teigen, who joked that she too would be very skinny in the wake of this list.

Dammit! Imma have to learn to cook.


See Which Airports Lead The Nation In Flight Cancellations

New York Burger King is making a statement during pride month: It’s trying to get a leg up in the chicken sandwich wars by taking a not-so-subtle dig at rival Chick-fil-A’s fraught history with the LGBTQ+ community.

the #ChKing says LGBTQ+ rights!during #pride month your chicken sandwich craving can do good! we are making a donation* to for every Ch’King sold

Burger King

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There’s A Difference Between Ignorance And Stupidity

There is a tremendous difference between ignorance and stupidity. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant as it is a condition that can be corrected by education. All of us are ignorant regarding many things at different times in our lives hence the expression I was ignorant of the fact until. But once you learn the facts you are no longer ignorant and this education process goes on throughout our lifetime.

The impeachment hearings should have been such an educational moment for congressional Republicans. They, and the American people, heard damning testimony regarding Donald Trumps corrupt attempt to use Americas foreign policy for his personal political aims. Trumps actions set off alarms across the U.S. national security and foreign policy apparatus.

As Trumps lies continue to change, his congressional supporters are forced to update their defense of his corrupt and illegal behavior. In an article published in the Washington Post on Nov 22 titled The 24 defenses Trumps allies have floated on Ukraine and impeachment by JM Rieger, over the last two months Republican lawmakers and Trump allies have floated no fewer than 24 defenses of the president. It is amazing how some lawmakers have moved from the There was no quid pro quo defense to Even if there was a quid pro quo, it wasnt a corrupt quid pro quo to Trump is incapable of a quid pro quo among other excuses.

Michael E. Waters


What Campaign Donation Records Show


According to the Federal Election Commission, corporations themselves cannot donate directly to candidates, but they are able to make donations to and establish political action committees, and make donations to other outside groups.

Campaign donations tracked by OpenSecrets show fast-food chains donating millions of dollars in the 2020 election cycle.

These figures constitute all donations associated with an employer. That includes donations to PACs and outside groups from the corporation and from unions and donations to campaigns from individuals like owners and employees, along with those individuals’ immediate family members.

A previous fact check looked at this claim regarding Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell and found it to be false.


For the other restaurants, these are campaign donations associated with fast-food chains in the 2020 election cycle, as tracked by OpenSecrets, as of June 15:

In-N-Out: CEO Mark Taylor and his wife, Traci Taylor, have donated more than $15,000 to Trump and the Republican Party since 2016. Individuals affiliated with the company have donated a total of $11,584 to Republicans and Democrats in the 2020 election cycle, with $281 going to Trump.

Carl’s Jr: Carl’s Jr. is owned by parent company CKE Restaurants. OpenSecrets records show that CKE and its affiliates have not made any direct contributions to federal candidates in the 2020 election cycle. They have donated $44,400 to the Republican National Committee.

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How Deceptive Campaign Fund

Older Americans, a critical source of political donations, often fall victim to aggressive and misleading digital practices. A broad Times analysis points to the scope of the problem.

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By Shane Goldmacher

William W. Vaughan Jr. was a senior atmospheric scientist at NASA during the space race and later an accomplished academic, but as with so many aging Americans, time and technology had sapped him of some of his savvy, especially online.

Computers made him feel like a duck out of water, his son Steve Vaughan said. So when Steve was sorting through the elder Mr. Vaughans papers after his death at 90 in December, he was unsettled by what he found on his fathers final credit card bill.

The first item was familiar: $11.82 at the local Chick-fil-A in Huntsville, Ala. But every other charge on the first page, and there were dozens of them, was to the firm that processes online Republican campaign contributions, WinRed. Over four months last year, Mr. Vaughan had made 400 donations totaling nearly $11,500 to Donald J. Trump, Mitch McConnell, Tim Scott, Steve Scalise and many others.

If it happened to him, he said, I have to figure it happened to other people.

It has.

I’m Happy To Boycott Chick

In the chicken sandwich wars Popeyes is the clear choice, but its a mistake to see it, or any corporation, as part of our movement

When you live in a racist society, even something as simple as a chicken sandwich may not be just a chicken sandwich.

The sandwich wars reignited on Sunday when Popeyes reintroduced their popular fried chicken sandwich, in direct competition with Chick-fil-A. The sandwich had been so popular earlier this year that Popeyes literally ran out of chicken.

Its a cultural moment and, for better or worse, it was impossible to ignore how black Twitter virtually exploded in debate over which sandwich was better. Like a lot of progressives, I can proudly say that Ive never had a Chick-fil-A sandwich. The summer launch of the Popeyes sandwich ran smack into my aggressive beach body goals, so I havent had one of those either.

This tension has turned the cultural moment into a political one. For many, that included casting Popeyes as the conquering hero and Chick-fil-A as the evil king in need of dethroning. Theres a clear reason for that: Chick-fil-A is a bad company with immoral politics. Boycotting them in favor of Popeyes is a choice Im happy to make.

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Keep Heart Of Love Present And Find Joy Within You

Taking this time to wish you a very merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy and happiness. May we bond together in love and caring and keep the stars adjoined in the glow of a peaceful outcome for the problems faced in this world.

The battle of life is difficult and peace hard to find, but each of us has the ability to take that moment to feel the joy of peace and love, if only in our hearts. Who knows one day we may all join together with the wisdom, strength and grace to be a part of a lasting and eternal peace.

I know that looking at the world as it is now it is hard to imagine. Keep the heart of love always present and find the joy that is there within you. Perhaps one day the hate and violence will be a thing of the past.

We must look forward to a future filled with beauty and love. If we do not do this we become the embittered remnants of all those who have been the catalysts for all things evil in this world.

Love is the promise, God is the gift, and we must be the answer.

God bless you all.

Lindsey Graham Backs Chick

Chick-fil-A To Stop Donating To Charities Associated With Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs

Lindsey Olin GrahamMcConnell backs Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate raceAfter 35 years, Congress should finally end the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaineMcCain blasts Graham for refuting funeral remark about Kushner, Ivanka TrumpMORE threw his support behind Chick-fil-A this week after reports emerged that some students at the University of Notre Dame voiced opposition to the school considering making the chain a part of its on-campus dining.

Students wrote a letter to the schools student-run newspaper published earlier this month, titled Keep Chick-fil-A away, that pushed back against the idea of the chain being offered on campus, citing serious ethical concerns.

The fast-food chain has come under fire in recent years for donations made by its charitable foundation to anti-LGBT groups.

The students wrote that they believe a variety of other restaurants would better fit Notre Dames mission and our student bodys needs, while also calling for student and faculty leaders to stop catering Chick-fil-A at campus events.

The letter in The Observer appears to only have two student signatures. But a second letter signed by students and faculty similarly voicing opposition to Chick-fil-A has racked up nearly 200 signatures, according to Fox News, and has been circulated by a number of conservative media outlets over the past several days.

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Lindsey Graham Willing To ‘go To War For Chick

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who spent much of the last four years defending Donald Trump, has taken up a new cause now that Trumps out of office: defending Chick-fil-A.

The Republican politician has sent a series of outraged tweets because some students and staff at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana dont want a Chick-fil-A located on campus. They object to the restaurant chains donations, through its foundation, to anti-LGBTQ+ groups as well as to the personal donations to such groups by its CEO, Dan Cathy.

Even though Chick-fil-A has halted the worst of its donations, patronizing Chick-fil-A means lining Cathys pockets, students Tilly Keeven-Glascock and Joey Jegier wrote in a letter published June 28 in The Observer, a Notre Dame student newspaper. They also noted that a fried chicken restaurant wouldnt add to the diversity of campus dining options or serve the needs of vegetarians and vegans.

They encouraged readers to sign their open letter opposing Chick-fil-A, which is among several restaurants Notre Dame Campus Dining is considering. About 180 people have signed so far, Fox News reported in a post reflecting its own outrage against those who dont like Chick-fil-A.

Graham shared the Fox News story on Twitter Wednesday and commented, I want everyone in South Carolina and across America to know I have Chick fil-As back. I hope we dont have to, but I will go to war for the principles Chick fil-A stands for.

‘fox & Friends’ Gives Audience Chick

Fox & Friends featured a live audience on the show for the first time ever and decided to treat these special viewers to a snack.

Toward the last third of Fox News morning talk show, hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean passed out sandwiches and other food from Chick-fil-A, telling viewers they were celebrating the opening of new locations in New York City, where the show is filmed.

But Doocy shouted another potential reason into the camera:

The president had fast food at the White House the other day, today weve got Chick-fil-A.

The host, of course, was referring to the infamous fast-food banquet President Donald Trump threw to honor Clemson Universitys championship football team on Monday.

Its particularly interesting that the show chose to give out Chick-fil-A, as the fast-food chain has long been embroiled in controversy. For a refresher, in 2012, Chick-fil-A executive Dan Cathy now the chains president proudly announced his opposition to same-sex marriage, saying: We are inviting Gods judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage, and I pray Gods mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.

. hosts are literally throwing Chick-fil-A sandwiches at their studio audience. Beyond parody.

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Hoda And Jenna Try Chick

Cathy also recalled in his statement some of Chick-fil-A’s “redevelopment” efforts in the West Side of Atlanta, a historically black neighborhood, according to local paper the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

His biggest call to action was to “wealthy families,” asking them to use their positions of privilege for good.

“Because I am among that demographic, I am calling on them us to use our power and influence,” he said.

Cathy also invoked teachings from the Bible in his post: “In the book of Nehemiah, found in the Old Testament, we read about the conviction of the cupbearer of the king, who became aware of the plight of his people in Jerusalem. His conviction moved him to action to be a catalyst for the renaissance in his homeland.”

The lengthy statement, which does not explicitly address the Black Lives Matter movement, follows widespread criticism the chicken chain faced this week following rumors that it had reportedly donated to President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. These claims have been debunked previously. Per data from the Center for Responsive Politics, the company itself has not donated to Trump only individuals have.

a list of brands/companies that you dont need to waste your money at anymore!!- wendys

Other fast-food franchises have drawn public outrage over their responses to the ongoing unrest across the country, as well.

Fight For 15

Fans Call Out Dababy For Supporting Chick

Sorry Liberals, Chick

DaBaby finds himself on the wrong end of fan criticism once again.

On Wednesday morning , the Charlotte, N.C. rapper posted a video to his Twitter account of himself lovably caressing and sniffing a bag of Chick-fil-A food. Shortly after, fans began bashing the rapper because of rumors the fast-food restaurant chain donated to President Donald Trump over the last few years.

For his part, DaBaby didnt appear to know why people were angry with his post. Upon recognizing the backlash, he followed up with this tweet: Damn I aint know niggas couldnt eat chic fila during the protests . He aslo tweeted, Yall be bored as hell on this bitch huh ?

Plenty of people on social media tweeted him claims that the chicken spot supports Trump. They gave millions to trumps campaign, wrote one Twitter user. Another wrote: Is that a Trump donation Mr. Baby?

While many put DaBaby on blast for not realizing Chick-fil-As supposed Trump connections, some just suggested that him posting the video was tone-deaf given the large-scale protests that have spread around the country after the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man who died after a police officer pressed their knee against his neck for over eight minutes on May 25.

Real talk, we dont want to see your chick fil a on the TL right now, wrote one Twitter user. Its a lot going on in the World right now if you didnt know.

See more tweets about DaBaby showing love for Chick-fil-A in his video for yourself below.

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Letters To The Editor: Chick

Editor’s note: Chick-fil-A recently announced that it is ending donations to three groups that oppose gay marriage – Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Salvation Army, and Paul Anderson Youth Homes. The company announced in November that starting next year they are focusing on giving to issues around hunger, homelessness and education.

Chick-fil-A has probably made a decision that won’t be good for the company.

The original founder, whether one agrees with his Christian-based decisions or not, at least made a decision and stuck to it. Surprisingly to many, when the protests started a few years ago, Mr. Cathy stuck to his principles and the company took off.

Now that the company started a restaurant in Canada and the protesters showed up in droves, the new CEO caved.

The LGBTQ community in the US, depending upon where one looks for statistics, is between 3-4.5% of the population. The LGBTQ community doesn’t eat there, just protests.

Looking at the comments online, support for the Salvation Army is widespread and having been through a disaster personally, these comments are accurate. It is probably the best support those in dire straits can obtain and they are consistent.

The left will never acknowledge that what Chick-fil-A has done is enough, no matter the decision, and by caving to their demands, most likely ticked off everyone else.

A stand may not be popular, but most normal folks respect one who takes a stand on principle. Those who don’t never garner respect.

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