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Will Trump Lose In 2020

This Will Be A Very Tragic News For The Whole World A Blind Psychic Who Is World

‘Losing’: Why Trump Lost Every 2020 Election Plot – The Lessons For The U.S.

The predictions of Baba Vanga continue to come true.

Mad World News has previously reported on Baba Vanga, and even though shes long been dead, her predictions have surfaced once again. For those unaware, the psychic was once known as the Nostradamus from the Balkans and had developed a cult-like following after her predictions kept coming true.

With an eventual 85% success rate, Baba became trusted by the rich and famous. Heads of state and powerful politicians from around the world sought her opinions. However, her most shocking predictions have come true after she died 20 years ago.

According to Mail Online, Baba has successfully predicted that events such as the attack on 9/11, Barack Obamas election, and even the rise of ISIS but shes apparently not done yet. In fact, quite a bit of concern stems from her past prophesy that not only predicted that the 44th president would be black but the last one, meaning Donald Trump would never be sworn in.

She went on, saying that at the time of his stepping into office, there would be a spectacular economic crisis.

Everyone will put their hopes in him to end it, but the opposite will happen he will bring the country down and conflicts between north and south states will escalate, she said.

However, she also spoke of a Messianic personality, but left few clues to help recognize this peacemaker who in her words will sign the lasting peace.

The Economy And The Elderly Helped Trump Lose In 2020 And It Would Be A Mistake For The Gop If He Ran Again

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In the years since Donald Trumps presidential election victory, much has been written about how populists gain power. But what can Trumps 2020 presidential election loss tell us about how populists stay in or lose power? Using a survey of 1,200 Americans, Anja Neundorf and Sergi Pardos-Prado find that despite being a populist, Trump was assessed and held to account by voters like any other incumbent. They write that his handling of the economy hurt Trumps electoral prospects across all groups, and of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially among older Americans.

The Trump Presidency caught social scientists by surprise. How could a populist outsider challenging core principles of liberal democracy reach such a powerful office against the expectations of so many? Since his election, political scientists have done a great job trying to make sense of the Trump phenomenon. Trumps focus on immigration, ethnic and social identities, status threat, and economically vulnerable areas proved an electorally profitable strategy in 2016.

What May Be Ahead

Clashes over the judicial response to Trumps claims may be part of upcoming judicial elections, including efforts to seat more judges who would be receptive to fraud claims. An October 2021 Wall Street Journal editorial supporting a Republican candidate for an open Pennsylvania Supreme Court seat argued, After Pennsylvanias 2020 election mess, the state Supreme Court needs an injection of judicial restraint.

By a rough count, about half of the 43 state supreme court justices who considered Trumps post-election claims are slated to appear before voters by 2026years likely covering the next presidential election and post-election litigation. Candidates will be free, under a 2002 U.S. Supreme Court , to tell voters how they view judges roles in election disputes and their views of the 2020 litigation.

Election volitivity could be enhanced if Trump, unlike during the recent litigation cycle, injects himself into campaigns to unseat judges who rejected, or express skepticism about, election fraud claims.

In short, although Trump clearly lost the 2020 election litigation battle, he received more judicial support than generally realized. That and other factors may suggest rosier prospects for him in court battles over the 2024 election.

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A Closer Look At State Judges Votes Favoring Trumps Claims

Intermediate appellate courts

All six votes that state intermediate appellate court judges cast for Trump came from Republican-affiliated judges, five of them on Pennsylvanias Commonwealth Court, one of that states two intermediate appellate courts. Most were dissenting votes, but in one dispositive rulingTrump v. Boockvar, Nov. 12, 2020the then-president of that court, sitting alone, set aside a small number of votes based on flawed guidance regarding a deadline for verifying voter identification. This is apparently the one frequently cited Trump litigation victory.

State supreme courts

Twenty-one of the 27 Trump-favorable votes came from dissents on the seven-member supreme courts of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania10 cases in all. Trump lost all 10. All but one were split decisionsfive of the 10 were four-to-threelargely but not exclusively along party-affiliation lines. Democratic-identified justices cast 35 of the 49 votes against Trump, Republican-identified justices cast 20 of the 21 pro-Trump votes.

Agreed For The Moment The Economy Is In The Whatever The Media Tells Them It Is Range

Trump Lost 2020 Printed Protest Flag Trump Lost Poster 3x5
a booming economy, people can’t miss.a recession, people can’t miss.high unemployment, people notice that, too.anemic growth? highly concentrated wealth distribution? people are aware and concerned about such things if and only if the media covers such topics heavily.just watch the media talk about the ongoing trump boom, with economic numbers worse than obama’s economy, which they called anemic or stagnant.

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The Most Effective Solution

What would be the most successful fix is also the thing least likely to happen: for Trump and his allies to change their message.

“Donald Trump, as somebody who knows how to bring a crowd, whenever he leans into some of this election conspiracy stuff, he is tapping into a very, very animated part of the Republican base,” explained Eli Yokley, a senior reporter at the data firm Morning Consult, which also tracks confidence in U.S. institutions.

Yokley said it will be “incumbent on policymakers not to lean into voters’ worst instincts” for trust to be restored.

Because Republicans are also generally more skeptical of mainstream media and traditional news sources, it’s going to be most impactful for those lacking faith in the system to hear it straight from the former president and his closest associates.

“Those kinds of authoritative voices for Trump’s followers have to be what’s going to deliver the message because other sources like the current president or the mainstream media or fact checkers just aren’t trusted in the same way,” Burden said.

But Trump, as recently as Oct. 1, at a rally in the battleground state of Michigan, continued to call the 2020 election “stolen” and said Democrats “cheat like dogs” to win.

“I don’t believe we’ll ever have a fair election again,” Trump said, prompting boos and shouts of agreement from his crowd. “I don’t believe it,” he repeated.

Trump Falls Short In Popular Electoral Votes Lawsuits Fail

Despite efforts to convince the country and the courts otherwise, Trump did not win reelection.

Trump broke President Barack Obamas popular vote record with over 74 million votes, but still fell short of Biden, who surpassed Trump and all previous presidential candidates by racking up a record-shattering 81 million votes. The Biden-Harris ticket gained roughly 51% of the popular vote to the Trump-Pence tickets 47%, according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

But as the 2000 and 2016 elections showed, the popular vote is not the sole determinant of presidential elections the Electoral College makes the final call.

Each state is allowed a number of electors, which is determined by adding its number of senators to its number of House representatives . Nationwide, there are 538 electoral votes to cast.

On Election Day, people vote for their preferred candidate’s electors, who are chosen by political parties or independent candidates before the election. Those individuals, collectively the Electoral College, then cast votes for president and vice president, usually representing the choice their state’s voters made.

Candidates have to win at least half of the country’s electoral votes to be elected president.

None has gotten very far just one case has been won and at least eight are pending.

More:Texas attorney general asks Supreme Court to block Biden victory in 4 states

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I Predict That Trump Will Not Just Lose In November But

..he will be the last reTHug President we’ll have possibly forever. The changing demographics of our nation make that a fait accompli, and since they’re unwilling to abandon white supremacy as a party, they will soon lack enough of a base to ever win the WH again in their present form. Sadly, the reTHugs will still retain at least some seats in the House and Senate because there are still places in our nation that are and will remain majority white. However, as our nation continues to diversify, these areas will continue to shrink until sometime before the year 2100, when they should all mercifully be gone. And bang….no more Republican majority anywhere, period. All of our Presidential candidates have promised to remove Dotard’s wall, eliminate ICE, and reopen our southern border to all refugees and provide them with humane treatment. Hopefully this will accelerate our nation’s diversification and spell and even quicker demise to the reTHUG party. The quicker we can make the rest of the American electorate resemble that of California’s the better for all of humanity.

Biden Team Already Working Toward Transition

How Trump reacted to losing the US election

Biden will be inaugurated as president on Jan. 20, whether Trump acknowledges his win as legitimate or not. Biden has already begun the process of transitioning to the countrys highest office.

Though Trump has not formally conceded, his administration has granted the new administration access to intelligence briefings, office space, secure computers and other government services, USA TODAY previously reported. Trump tweeted Nov. 23 that the move was made at his recommendation.

The announcement, made by Emily Murphy of the General Services Administration, allocated over $6 million to Bidens transition team for hiring and other transition-related expenses. Since then, Biden has made a number of Cabinet picks, including his chief of staff, Treasury secretary, director of national intelligence, head of the Department of Homeland Security, ambassador to the United Nations, climate change envoy, secretary of State, Defense secretary and Health and Human Services secretary.

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‘blue Wall’ Rebuilt With Suburban Votes

Trump suggested throughout his campaign that Biden would “destroy the beautiful suburbs,” but it turned out many suburbanites disagreed.

Biden won back a number of crucial Midwest states that Clinton lost to Trump in 2016 largely thanks to suburban voters. The cluster of historically Democrat-won states, dubbed the blue wall, include three of the five major battleground states this election cycle.

“We saw a consistent pattern across the country, in both close states and states that weren’t so close, that Biden made significant strides compared to Clinton’s performance four years ago in suburbs, predominantly affluent suburbs, of major metro areas,” Wasserman said.

In Wisconsin, the divide between the state’s rural and urban populations was defined, as 42 Wisconsin counties, many small and rural, cast more ballots for Trump than in 2016. Biden won Wisconsin by bolstering support in the populous suburbs of Milwaukee and Madison, despite average turnout in the cities themselves. Biden erased Trump’s entire 2016 margin in Wisconsin in just the counties surrounding Milwaukee, Wasserman said.

That same divide made Michigan competitive. Biden made gains in counties like Kent, where Grand Rapids is located, and the Detroit metropolitan area, though he underperformed Clinton in the city of Detroit. Trump improved his margins statewide, but not enough to surpass Bidens lead.

Fact check:Biden won popular, Electoral College votes in several battleground states

Seven Reasons Why Trump Could Lose In 2020

The 2020 presidential election campaign received its official send-off with Trumps recent Orlando, Florida rally. The standing-room only rally was the usual inspiring, optimism-filled event to kick-off a Trump 2020 election campaign.

The rallies expectation of victory has been a common theme of conservative commentators, and even from some establishment media sources, that Donald Trumps 2020 re-election is almost guaranteed. Nothing could be further from the truth regarding these presumptive predictions. In reality, if all things stay the same, America could easily see a Trump loss in 2020. Good approval numbers and a robust economy is no match for an empowered and newly engaged Democratic Party who along with the Washington establishment will do anything to stop Donald Trump.

The ruling establishment and their deep state, who has been exposed by the Trump presidency, will not rest until he is defeated. America will see an unprecedented amount of Democratic funding and tireless efforts going toward their presidential candidate. In fact, it may not matter who the Democratic nominee becomes because their greater voting numbers, massive fundraising and energies will be at unforeseen levels.

The following is the political reality of the seven reasons why Trump could lose in 2020.








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Neither Party Are Exactly Geniuses Here

Frankly political junkies are the worst. The worst.They know so very very much that just is not true.And because their flawed knowledge is infused with the religious aspects of politics, their politics tends to imprint on their knowledge as to how things “should be” instead actually are.The true experts in corporate finance tend to be rather apolitical or they keep their politics close to the chest.

Why Trump Will Lose In 2020


With unemployment at a 50-year low and the stock market near record highs, President Trump should be a shoo-in for reelection. Hes not.

In fact, Trump could very plausibly lose in November. Perhaps by a wide margin. Here are 4 reasons why:

The economy isnt strong enough. There probably wont be a recession by Election Day in November, but there will still be plenty of discontent. Income inequality has worsened under Trump, with the wealthy benefiting much more from a booming stock market than working- and middle-class Americans. Evidence continues to mount that Trumps signature achievement, the 2017 tax-cut law, benefited businesses and the wealthy more than ordinary workers. Trump and other backers of the law insisted a boom in business spending would follow the tax cuts, but Moodys Analytics found recently that just 20% of the corporate tax savings went to investment. The other 80% went to stock buybacks and dividend hikes that mainly benefit the .

It’s also possible recession fears could return later in 2020, just as they materialized in the summer of 2019. And some traders expect stocks to flatline or drop in 2020, perhaps even entering a correction that ends an 11-year rally. Even small fluctuations in confidence could be enough to sink Trump.

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Would Trumps Support Change If He Were Charged With A Crime

The former president faces a handful of investigations, including from the Department of Justice and the U.S. House select committee on the origins of the Jan. 6 attack, a grand jury looking into potential election interference in Georgia and, most recently, an FBI probe into classified materials removed from the White House and kept at Trumps Florida estate. Some had been recovered or returned earlier this year. But when the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago last month, agents still found more than 100 classified documents and 43 empty folders with classified markings, among thousands of other official records, according to a Department of Justice list of items.

Support for Trumps candidacy in 2024 would not change much if any of these investigations result in Trump being charged with a crime, according to this poll. Sixty-five percent of Americans would oppose another run for the White House. More than six in 10 Republicans would still want to see him launch a campaign. Meanwhile, 73 percent of independents say he should not run again if he is charged.

WATCH:Legal implications of decision to appoint special master to review Trump documents

This poll is just a snapshot of the current political environment. With two months until the midterm elections and another two years until the 2024 presidential election, a lot can still change with the Republican primary field and the investigations.

Graphic by Megan McGrew

Biden Improved On Clintons Gains

Many Trump supporters have expressed disbelief that Biden won, and by such margins. But Bidens campaign won by persuading just enough swing voters, making gains in unexpected states and rebuilding the coveted blue wall that toppled in 2016.

According to CNNs national exit poll, 94% of self-described Democrats voted for Biden in 2020 compared to Hillary Clintons 89% of self-described Democrats in 2016, and 89% of self-described liberals, compared to Clintons 84%.

Bidens victory was really won on the basis of support from moderates and independents, though. He received 64% of votes cast by self-described moderates, 12 points ahead of Clinton, and won independents by 13 points a group that Clinton lost by 4 points.

Biden continued to build on the groundwork laid out by Clinton in historically red states like Arizona and Georgia. Clinton did not win Arizona or Georgia in 2016, but she did perform better than Obama in both. The swing toward Biden in those states was more than double his national swing, CNN reported.

Wasserman said he predicted prior to the election that Arizona and Georgia would flip, but the similar states of Texas and Florida would not due to their Hispanic electorate.

Fact check:Video claim that Dominion tech manipulated Georgia votes is false

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